Weekly Purchases

We’ve been offline for a little bit due to illness, but we’re back!  A nice pile of books has built up with some great stuff coming out in the past few weeks.

Monthly Comics

Agents of Atlas #2 – A nice mix of quirky characters and an interesting dynamic with the new Marvel universe status quo.  A series I’ll definitely be interested in seeing where it goes.

Avengers: The Initiative #22 – The Avengers and the original New Warriors take on Clor.

Batman: Cacophony #3 – What started out as a great series between Batman and a new rogue devolves into yet another look at the Joker/Batman dynamic.  Been done before and been done better.  Entertaining but just not as great as it could and should of been.

Black Panther #2 – The series has started out well as a new Black Panther is chosen and the threat of Dr. Doom looms.  A nice mix of action and political intrigue.

Cable #12 – Hope looks to save Cable.

Captain America #47 – The Winter Soldier heads further into China as the plan for the original Human Torch is revealed.

the Dark Avengers #2 – The team heads out to help Dr. Doom.

Deadpool #8 – A great series mixing humor and action.  Deadpool decides to go see Osborn to get his money that’s due.

Fantastic Four #564 – The FF go on vacation, a mystery is set up, and I yawn.  Mark Millar, I love a lot of the other stuff you write.  Dropped!

Fantastic Four: Dark Reign #1 – Why this needed to come out is beyond me.  It should of been part of the regular series.  The FF has disappointed me a lot lately.  Dropped!

G.I. Joe: Origins #1 – I’ve liked this G.I. Joe reboot.  This particular series looks at how the team came together.

Green Lantern #38 – Blackest Night creeps closer as we learn the bad ass nature of the Blue Lanterns.

Guardians of the Galaxy #10 – Such a fun series as the team heads to Facility 41 and battles to protect Earth from the Negative Zone inhabitants.

Marvels: Eye of the Camera #4 – The evolution of the Marvel universe through the eyes of the every day man and camera lens.  It’s a good series that really makes you think over the evolution of the Marvel universe and the “hero” from the 40’s to modern times.

the Mighty Avengers #22 – The team heads to Wundagore to take on the cause of the problems.

the New Avengers #50 – The New Avengers try to pick a fight with the Dark Avengers.  It doesn’t go quite as planned.

New Avengers: The Reunion #1 – Marvel’s “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” get back together to unravel a mystery.

NYX: No Way Home #6 – The mini-series ended, I really should of dropped it.

Runaways #7 – I just haven’t enjoyed this volume of the series.  I think this is winding up in the drop pile.

Secret Six #7 – Such a fun series.  The first arc winds down as the team gets to the Gotham line.

Secret Warriors # 2 – Hydra begins to make their move.  So far one of my favorite new books to be released.

Thunderbolts #129 – Thunderbolts is back to the awesomeness it was.  The first two issues of it’s new creative team has been fantastic.  You can count this as the comic featuring Barack Obama that doesn’t have the buzz it should.

the Umbrella Academy #4 – I’ve loved the second volume of Umbrella Academy but some times the series seems disjointed in it’s writing, like you’re missing something.  The first volume suffered from this, and for some reason I’m left with the same impression from this issue.  But still well worth the read.

Uncanny X-men #506 – Matt Fraction’s work is usually fantastic but I still feel he’s finding his footing in the x-universe.  All his issues seem like build up, and I sure hope it leads to something good.

Unknown Soldier #5 – Moses heads back to IDP camp and kicks ass as more of his past is shown.

War Machine #3 – War Machine vs. Ares.  Not sure what I think so far of the series.  I was expecting Unknown Soldier in an Iron Man suit.

War of Kings #1 – While I’m disappointed that this issue came out before the final issue of X-Men: Kingbreaker it’s a great start to what I am sure will be another fantastic Marvel space opera.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #3 – I need to still read the first two issues.

X-Factor #40 – I think Peter David is writing the best x-series out there right now.  He asked not to divulge spoilers and I’ll do it.  Just an excellent last two issues.

X-Force #12 – Bastion’s plan begins to roll out as the Leper Queen makes a move.

X-Men: Kingbreaker #3 – It’s jail break time as the battle between Havok and Vulcan is set up.

X-Men: Legacy #221 – Professor X and Gambit continue their trek through Australia.  Can’t wait until this ties back into the regular x-series.  Right now it’s good but seems disconnected.

Young X-Men #11 – This series has gotten pretty good.  Dust must make her decision to help Donald Pierce or not.  With yet another look at a possible X-future.