Weekly Purchases

It’s been two weeks and a nice pile of books awaited me at the shop.  I’ll be posting up reviews as I make my way through the pile.

Monthly Comics

Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #4 – The series takes a reflective look asking what makes a hero and why some are hated and others celebrated.

Agents of Atlas #1 – I dug the first issue.  It’s nice to see a series that’s not totally against Osborn and his Dark Reign.  The second issue I think will be the key as to how good this will be.

Astonishing Tales #1 – 4 good stories with one poking a lot of fun at Hollywood.  A nice addition to the Marvel line.

Bang! Tango #1 – The new Vertigo series sees a tango teacher with a mysterious past.

Black Panther #1 – A nice start to the series.  I’ve never been a huge Black Panther fan but this series has me very intrigued.  A nice mix of action, mystery and political underpinnings.

Cable #11 – Hope and Cable hop around the time stream, nothing really happens.

Captain Britain and MI13 #10 – Much improved over the last issue.  I’m digging Dracula’s attempt to take Britain and the political deals that must be cut.

Deadpool #7 – Deadpool doing lines from Die Hard, gotta love it.

DMZ #39 – Wood’s fantastic deconstruction of failed hopes in our elected leaders continues.

Fables #81 – Mr. Dark makes the rounds in search of the Fables.

G.I. Joe #1 – Not a bad start the series, definitely laying the ground work for the character’s personalities.  I’d of preferred an opening much in line with issue 0 though.

the Immortal Iron Fist #22 – I still need to catch up on back issues.

Incognito #2 – Brubaker can not do wrong.  This is shaping up to be as good as his series Criminal.

the Invincible Iron Man #10 – Osborn brings the H.A.M.M.E.R. down on Stark.

New Warriors #20 – Really the final issue just wraps up a troubled series.  It held promise but never lived up to it.  The series could of been a great look at standing up against government oppression but turned into a horrible team book.

Punisher #2 – The Punisher kicks up his war on terror as Osborn decides to call in someone to help deal with his newest problem.

Secret Six #6 – The team continues their trip to deliver the package.

Secret Warriors #1 – Nick Fury visits President Obama and drops a bomb on Marvel history.  Very cool start to a series.

Thor #600 – Thor, meet you grandfather Bor.  J. Michael Straczynski continues to write one of the best comic books out there (and this is from someone who has never enjoyed Thor).

the Walking Dead #58 – We learn the horrors some have committed and the albatrosses they wear.

War of Kings: Darkhawk #1 – Darkhawk was never a character I really got into (though I may have his first issue some where), but this War of Kings tie-in definitely has me intrigued.

X-Infernus #2 and #3 – Definitely digging this series and looking forward to the new New Mutants series that’ll eventually spin out of it.

X-Men: Life & Times of Lucas Bishop #1 – I’ll first say I hate the art.  The story is interesting so far and not horrible like so many other reviews have said.  I would of liked to see some of the events expanded upon and the series be a couple more issues, but we will see how it progresses.

X-Men: Magneto Testament #5 – A touching ending to a very emotional series.  Even having purchased all the issues I still plan on purchasing the collected trade when it is released.  This is not just the best “X” book to be published in a while but one of the best comic books in the last year.

X-Men: Noir #3 – I tried reading it, but had to stop a little past half way.  The series just isn’t very good.  Once less series to purchase.

Graphic Novels

Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe – Volume 5 of the Bryan Lee O’Malley series following Scott, his band, and his trials and tribulations.