Weekly Purchases

A lot of books this week, a nice mix of everything.

Monthly Comics

The Amazing Spider-Man #583 – It took 3 printings for me to finally get a hold of the book that’s been reported on everywhere.  All that noise over a 5 page extra story!?  Cute, but not worth the hype.

Avengers: The Initiative #21 – Clor’s on the loose and there’s one team on warriors to stop him.

Captain America #46 – Brubaker as usual mixes an excellent amount of ret-conned history with modern story telling.  Artfully weaving the past and the present.

Fantastic Four #563 – A nice story as Ben celebrates his engagement and Dr. Doom awaits some guests.

Final Crisis #7 – The series started out a convoluted mess and ended in a similar fashion.  I expected nothing less, DC shows how NOT to do a big event.

Marvels: Eye of the Camera #3 – Is the super hero phenomenon helping society or hurting?

The New Avengers #49 – What deal will Cage cut with the devil to get his child back, and we learn babies don’t smell….

NYX: No Way Home #5 – It looked like these characters would be folded into the greater X-Men universe, now not so sure.

Runaways #6 – The Runaways continue the fight.

The Umbrella Academy #3 – Who would think a rock band lead singer would write such a great series.  We learn Number 5’s story and his goal.  And I have to say Cha Cha and Hazel are straight out of a Tarantino flick – “Who needs drugs when you have cookies and guns?”.  Such a fun read.

Unknown Soldier #4 – Moses works to get the children safe.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #1 and #2 – I’ve read wonderful reviews of this Marvel series, I thought I’d give it a shot.

X-Force #11 – Who is Eli Bard?

Young X-Men #10 – The mystery of Cipher is explained.

Graphic Novels

Criminal: Bad Night – If you’re a fan of crime/noir stories Ed Brubaker has been putting out this wonderful series.  I highly recommend it.

08: A Graphic Diary of the Campaign Trail – Michael Crowley and Dan Goldman tell the tale of Crowley’s experience on the campaign trail of this historic election.