Weekly Purchases

We took a week off due to the craziness of DC surrounding the inauguration.  We’re back on track this week and will have a lot of new articles coming up.  So we have two weeks worth of books to cover.

Monthly Comics

Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel # 3 – The Blue Marvel learns the truth about his life and marriage.

Astonishing X-Men #28 – The mystery of ghost boxes gets dragged out for another issue.

Captain Britain and MI13 #9 – The Plotka arc comes to an end in a much more coherent way than the last few issues.  Still on the fence about this series.  We’ll see how the upcoming Dracula arc goes.

Captain America: Theater of War America the Beautiful – Two stories of soldiers that Captain America came across in World War II.   I’ve been enjoying these one shots and this one keeps up the high quality.

Dark Avengers #1 – Osborn goes about putting together is version of a twisted Avengers.  I can’t wait to see the eventual showdown with the real deal.  Looking forward to seeing where this series goes.

Deadpool #6 – A great mix of action and humor as Deadpool takes on Tiger Shark with the return of Bob!

DMZ #38 – Delgado makes a play for the gold as an interesting alliance is revealed.

Fables #80 – Fabletown collapses and the inhabitants must decide what to do next.

Final Crisis #6 – I wish I could say this issue made sense but Final Crisis seems to fall into one of two categories, a easy understood and fun story, and a jumbled mess.  This issue falls into the latter.

Green Lantern #37 – The battle against the Red Lanterns continues as more of the prophesy is hinted at.

Guardians of the Galaxy #9 – Blastaar battles to take over the prison 42.

The Mighty Avengers #21 – Released the same week as Dark Avengers there’s no doubt the series were released to contrast each other.  Something makes me smile when I read those two words…. Avengers Assemble!!!!

Ruins – Warren Ellis brings us a Marvel universe gone wrong.

Thunderbolts #128 – Obama and Osborn sitting in Air Force One… wait the nursery rhyme doesn’t quite work very well that way.  The new Thunderbolts take action as Osborn’s plan slowly begins.

Uncanny X-Men Annual #2 – The history between the White Queen and Namor is revealed in a very good story with long standing implications for mutantkind.

War Machine #2 – War Machine goes on the attack to save Glenda.

X-Factor #39 – The writer of the series Peter David asked that we don’t give away spoilers and, well, I’m going to grant that request.  I’m just going to say there’s a great twist that made my jaw drop.

X-Men: Kingbreaker #2 – Jail break time.

X-Men: Legacy #220- Xavier and Gambit head to see Rogue.