Weekly Purchases

A light week, but some decent books.

Monthly Comics

Cable #10 – Cable and Bishop both make their moves as we learn the name of Cable’s adopted daughter.

the Invincible Iron Man #9 – Stark takes steps to protect the data in his head from Osborn.

Punisher #1 – The Punisher takes on the Dark Reign as he attempts to assassinate Norman Osborn.  I liked the writing, nice to see the character play a much more integrated role in the Marvel Universe.

Secret Invasion: War of Kings – The Inhumans say enough and adopt their version of the “Bush Doctrine.”

Secret Six #5 – The battle in Vegas continues as we learn Junior’s identity.

The Walking Dead #57 – Rick and Abraham have a moment of bonding.

X-Men Noir #2 – The plot thickens as lines are drawn and blurred between good and evil.  Not quite sure what I think of the series so far.