Weekly Purchases

A decent mix of books this week.

Monthly Comics

Captain America Theater of War: America First! – Howard Chaykin looks at the 1950’s Captain America and his fight against the “evil” communists.  My only question is why they needed to use a fake Senator in McMurphy and not just use the real deal.

The Immortal Iron Fist #21 – I still haven’t caught up on my back issues of this series.  I need to sit down and get to it.

The New Avengers #48 – A new team is formed as the search for Luke Cage’s baby begins with a shocking ending.  What will a father do, what deals will he cut, to find his missing child?

New Warriors #19 – Trapped in the future the New Warriors team up with the “new” Night Thrasher to get to the only item that’ll get them back to the present.

Runaways #5 – The kids are on the run as they figure out a plan to take on their pursuers.

Secret Invasion: Requiem – Recounting the up and down history between Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne as told to Jacosta.  With the debut of Hank Pym’s newest hero persona….

Thor #12 – Loki’s plans continue to come together as she seeks out Hela.

The Umbrella Academy: Dallas #2 – A great series just like the first volume.  A great mix of humor, action, and mystery.  Now where’d I put my thin mints.

Unknown Soldier #3 – A non-typical superhero comic looking at geo-politics and religion in Uganda.  A fictional story set upon a very real situation.  This is what comics should strive to be.

X-Infernus #1 – Continuing the tale of Ilyanna Rasputin and a thread from New X-Men.

Graphic Novels

1602 – Gaiman, Kubert, how can you go wrong?