Weekly Purchases

A nice mix of books this week.

Monthly Comics

Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #2 – Race and politics is explored in this interesting look at a “forgotten” Marvel super hero.

Astonishing X-Men: Ghost Boxes #2 – Not sure why these two issues couldn’t of been part of the regular series.  This issue has two stories about the Ghost Boxes.  Both have similar themes and have to say both are excellent.

Captain Britain and MI13 #8 – The quirky series following the magic’s of the Marvel Universe.  A great twist at the end.

DMZ #37 – For 36 issues Brian Wood commented upon the state of global politics in his tale of a second U.S. civil war and it’s impact on the NYC DMZ.  In his Delgado Nation arc his focus changed in a commentary on the current election.  With his current arc Brian Wood takes a biting criticism at the idea that maybe the man the people elected and pinned their hopes on might not be the person they envisioned.  This isn’t a liberal or conservative series, this is modern day political commetnary and introspection at it’s best.

Final Crisis #5 – The remaining heroes get into place as Darkseid rises.

Secret Invasion: Dark Reign – The spoils of victory of the post Secret Invasion are laid out as Norman Osborn brings together his Dark Illuminati and the new Marvel Universe status quo is set.

Secret Six #4 – It’s a “Get Out of Hell Free” card and everyone wants it.

Wolverine: Manifest Destiny #2 – Wolverine’s past plays catch up to him in San Francisco’s Chinatown.

Graphic Novels

Green Lantern: Secret Origin