Weekly Purchases

A great week with some very solid books.

Monthly Comics

Batman #681 – I decided to check out the hype and the “death” of Bruce Wayne/Batman.  I think he’s about as dead as Superman was.  Tempted me enough to get the R.I.P. trade when it eventually comes out.

Captain America #44 – I’m a big fan of a Captain America with baggage instead of just being a man out of his time.  Ed Brubaker fills in some of the past history of the new Captain America.

DMZ #36 – The thin line between brothers and enemies is looked at as the DMZ looks at torture in the DMZ.

Guardians of the Galaxy #7 – One of the best team books out there.

New Warriors #18 – Well it’s the millionth dystopian future in the Marvel Universe, but this one has some interesting twists.

Runaways #4 – As always a fun read and a good series.  The pacing of the dialogue is excellent with some great back and forth.

Secret Invasion: Inhumans #4 – A new doctrine of preventative intervention begins and leads in to the War of Kings.

Secret Invasion: X-Men #4 – When is biological warfare and genocide an acceptable solution to end a war?

Thor: Man of War – Matt Fraction proves again he’s a hell of a writer.  A great Thor story.

Umbrella Academy: Dallas #1 – Just like the first volume, an entertaining read and nice start.  Looking forward to this chapter.

Unknown Soldier #1 and #2 – Wow, the hype around this series is well deserved.  DC takes a rare look at real geo-political issues with the war in Uganda.  This series takes place in 2002 Acholiland but even the writer admits he will “inevitably end of fictionalizing the world.”

The Walking Dead #55 – As always an amazing series, one of the best ongoing out there, with the usual shocking moments.

X-Force #9 – One of the best X books out there.  A great turnaround.