Weekly Purchases

It was a busy week in books for Marvel’s merry mutants.  Overall some good stuff.

Monthly Comics

Deadpool #4 – A fun read, entertaining and great blend of action and humor.

Ex Machina #39 – It’s 2004 and Bush is cruising to reelection.  The President makes Mayor Hundred and interesting offer.

Fantastic Four #561 – Pretty good.  I think the issue was a little rushed and maybe more could of happened over 2 issues.  I nice tie in to the previous arc.

Iron Man #35 – A bridge to the new War Machine series beginning next month.

Thunderbolts #126 – This series leads the way with the post Secret Invasion status quo.  I’m guessing part of the team becomes the Dark Avengers and this issue show why Osborn rocks.

Uncanny X-Men #504 – Dr. Nemesis, really?  Well at least we move forward with the whole no new mutants and Purifiers thing.

X-Factor #37 – Much improved artwork over the last few issues helps up the story and issue.

X-Men: Legacy #218 – Didn’t catch the previous part of the arc in Wolverine: Origins and honestly don’t care.  Kind of intrigued by Sinister’s daughter though.

Young X-Men #8 – Wow, much improved from when the series originally started, it’s like night and day.  Right now the best of the X team books I think.

Graphic Novels

Gotham Central: Volume 3: Unresolved Targets

Gotham Central: Volume 4: the Quick and the Dead