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Batman Cacophony #1 – Kevin Smith takes on Batman.  A good story so far, with the usual Smith crass humor.

Captain Britain and MI13 #7 – An ok issue, the series isn’t quite living up to it’s potential and definitely slowed down since it’s great start.

Fables #78 – An evil grows more powerful in the Fable kingdoms.

The Walking Dead #54 – A new leg of the journey begins.

Wolverine #69 – A little more of the dystopian future is revealed as we wait one more issue to find out what made Wolverine a pacifist.

X-Men: Magneto Testament #3 – What will easily be “the” comic book of the year, deserving of awards and accolades.  It brilliantly blends the real life horrors of the Holocaust and how it created one of the greatest villains in the Marvel Universe.

Graphic Novels

Gotham Central: Book One In the Line of Duty