Weekly Purchases

Monthly Purchases

Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1 – What happens in 1962 if one of America’s greatest super heros is black?  This series looks at race relations focusing on this “forgotten” Marvel hero.

Avengers: The Initiative Special – Two stories, one wrapping up Hardball and his connection to Hydra which was decent and could lead to some cool stories down the road.  The second story about Trauma is actually very touching about what happens when your powers puts a wall between you and your family.

Cables #8  – The series picks up much like the other new X-books have.  Debates on torture occur asking how far you would go to prevent genocide?

Final Crisis: Resist – Not a fan, the book was hard to understand since I’m not familiar with Checkmate and their DC history.

the Invincible Iron Man #7 – A little over seven years since 9/11, Matt Fraction digs in a related story to reflect on what was, what is, and what will be.

Iron Man: The End – Tony Stark looks towards his legacy as Tony Stark and Iron Man.

Secret Six #3 – We learn a little bit more about the Secret Six’s mission and what their package is.  One of the most entertaining team books out there.

Graphic Novels

Joker- A comics sequel in a sense to the Dark Knight.  This story examines the Joker as he’s released from Arkham Asylum and attempts to regain his empower.  A look at madness.  One of the best Joker stories ever.