Weekly Purchases

Another stint in the hospital leads to the discovery of a very solid two weeks worth of books waiting for me at the store.

Monthly Books

Air #3 – Holy crap what a horrible series.  It barely makes sense and what could have been an amazing series about terrorism in modern times turns into some mystical jumble mess.

Captain America #43 – Brubaker begins his next arc of the new Captain America.  So far so good.

Captain Britain and MI13 #6 – Not sure what to think of the series.  Makes me miss the good ole horror grouping of comics from back in the day like Nightstalkers.  I’m also still having issues with Blade being British, damn Wesley Snipes…

DC Universe: Decisions #3 – What could have been an important statement on civic responsibility to take their vote serious the series has devolved into idiotic statements and bad plot twists.

DMZ #35 – The series gets away from election politics and back to the war between the U.S. and Free States as Matty heads to Staten Island.

Fables #77 – Resettlement of the homelands begin.

Final Crisis #4 – Like Submit, at times the issue comes off as jilted with stilted dialogue.  And the idea that the end of the world comes from a math equation sent through the internet is idiotic.

Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge #3 –  The one good book to come out of Final Crisis.  I’d love to see an ongoing with this crew like DC’s recent series Secret Six.

Final Crisis: Submit – A disjointed, unneeded one-shot.  The story made no sense at times and the dialogue was stilted.

G.I. Joe #0 – The $1 price tag and cool cover got me to pick up this preview issue of the three new series starting from IDW.  It was a nice modern update to the rich in history property.  Got me interested enough to check out the new series when it comes out in January.

Guardians of the Galaxy #6 – One of the best team books out there.  A really good Secret Invasion tie-in that ties the comic story more so to the current political climate and war on terror.

Iron Man #34 – Winding down the series as it focuses on War Machine, setting up his ongoing series.

the Mighty Avengers #19 – Mar-Vell meet Noh-Varr.

the New Avengers #46 – A fantastic Secret Invasion tie-in focused on the Hood and his gang of villains.  I hope this is a taste of post Secret Invasion and Dark Reign.

New Warriors #17 – A fascist future is shown as Iron Man spreads super hero registration across the world.

NYX: No Way Home #3 – Not a bad mini-series so far.  It’d be nice to see the characters folded into the greater X-Men universe.  But focusing on the forgotten mutants is a nice change from spandex and bad super villains.

Presidential Material: Barack Obama

Presidential Material: John McCain

Runaways #3 – Another good team book being put out by Marvel.  Great read with a good does of humor.

Secret Invasion #7 – A great pick up of the series leading to the final issue.  Lots of scenes gave me chills and made this fanboy smile.  Bendis’ brilliant plan seems to all begin to wrap up as scenes years old and scenes from recent tie ins come together to create the bigger picture and greater story.

Secret Invasion: the Amazing Spider-Man #3 – An meh Secret Invasion tie-in, but unfortunately spoils the fight in Central Park.

Secret Invasion: Frontline #4 – The second two issues were rather blah but this one picks up and points to a nice regular joe’s perspective to the Secret Invasion.

Thor: The Truth of History – Thor and his crew travel to Egypt.  Just doesn’t hold up to the amazing ongoing series or previous one shots.

Thunderbolts #125 – An ok addition to the ongoing Secret Invasion series.  A bridge to next issues new creative team.

Uncanny X-Men #503 – Pixie grows up and an old enemy returns.

Wolverine: Manifest Destiny #1 – Looks to be a cool mini-series chronicling Wolverine’s past in San Francisco.  I really dig the art for some reason.

X-Factor #36 – Picked up from the last horrible issues.  Not digging the art work though.

X-Men: Legacy #217 – An interesting book, wish it was more focused on Xavier’s first dealings with Wolverine.

X-Men: Magneto Testament #2 – Showing the history behind the world’s greatest villain, set in the real world events of World War II Germany.

X-Men: Manifest Destiny #2 – Three short stories, not bad, and I assume setting up a lot of groundwork for future stories.

Young X-Men #7 – Glad I gave this series a chance.  A great issue and much improved from the previous six.