Weekly Purchases

A nice mix of books this week.

Monthly Purchases

Avengers: The Initiative #17 – Continuing the Secret Invasion, the Shadow Initiative try to take back Camp Hammond.

Captain America #42 – Ed Brubaker ends his latest chapter of his brilliant Captain America saga.

Deadpool #2 – Deadpool takes on the Skrulls with his unique madness.

Fables #76 – Waiting to catch up with back issues before reading this one.

Fantastic Four #560 – So this is how the world ends… in one of an infinite amount of alternate worlds.

The Immortal Iron Fist: Orson Randall and the Death Queen of California – Waiting to catch up with back issues before reading this one.

The New Avengers #45 – Prophecy and God drive the Skrull invasion.  This issue looks at what occurred to the invasion during M-Day.

New Warriors #16 – We learn what Night Thrasher’s plan is.

Runaways #2 – Continuing a good mix of humor and action.  We learn why the Runaways got attacked.

Secret Invasion: the Amazing Spider-Man #2 – Jackpot and the Spider-Man supporting cast keep running from Skrulls, meh.

Thunderbolts #124 – The Thunderbolts fight to save DC.  I would of liked to see more of them cutting loose.  The new writing team seems to be missing the mark by a hair.

Wolverine Annual #2 – Decent story, Wolverine takes on a werewolf type thing.

X-Force #7 – It’s like a flashback to the 90’s all over again.  This issue deals with the first 6’s ramifications and sets up their next mission.  The series has gotten much better I think.

X-Men: Legacy #216 – Should god pay for his sins, or not because he’s god?  Professor Xavier trys to answer this question.