Weekly Purchases

Some decent comics this week.  I look forward to reading the graphic novel the most out of everything as the first two written by Guy Delisle are fantastic.

Monthly Purchases

The Age of the Sentry #1 – An attempt at some retro stories.  Sadly they aren’t too fun, and a little sexist.  But it does have the Sentry’s origin.

Air #2 – The mystery continues.  Something about a secret country in India.

Captain Britain and MI13  #5 – The battle with the Skrulls was just a set up.  Now the battle with supernatural evil begins.  Blade joins the team.  Who knew he was British?

DC Universe Decisions #1 – The DC Universe goes political as superheros need to protect Presidential candidates marked for assassination.  And a superhero endorses a candidate.

Guardians of the Galaxy #5 – A comic with a talking dog and raccoon.  How can it not be awesome!?

Iron Man #33 – War Machine takes center stage.  Good set up to his on going series.

The Might Avengers #18 – After reading this issue I can’t wait for the Secret Warriors ongoing series.  Nick Fury better be a part of it!

Secret Invasion: Thor #2 – Humanity is explored as the Asgardians fight the Skrulls.

Uncanny X-Men #502 – The X-Men take on the Hellfire Cult.

The Walking Dead #52 – The story of a zombie plagued world continues.

X-Factor #35 – What seemed like a horrible tie-in to Secret Invasion was actually a set up for a bigger story.  Still don’t like the art.

Young X-Men #6 – Definite improvement.  A better direction as the team gets focused.

Graphic Novels

Burma Chronicles – Guy Delisle’s latest “travel” book covering the year he spent in Burma with his wife and child.  This is the third such book.  The first two covered his time in Pyongyang and Shenzhen.  I highly recommend the first two and imagine this third one will be the same quality and excellence.