Weekly Purchases

A small amount of books this week. But some interesting political context in many of them. “Choice Quotes” will be back this Wednesday!

Monthly Purchases

Captain America: White #0 – Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale continue their Marvel “color” series. A nice retro look at Captain America during World War II. There’s an excellent q&a at the end of the book with it’s creators.

Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #3 – Well, overall the series was not very good. However, this issue is the highlight, explaining the back story behind the Fantastic Four headquarters destruction and some great political commentary.

Thor #10 – We learn the secret about Thor’s brother.

Wolverine #67 – Mark Millar takes us further into a devastated Amerika as Hawkeye and Logan make their way to New Babylon.

X-Men: Odd Men Out – A retro look at the 1990’s X-Men with a second story involving the New Mutants. A great “old school” book.

Graphic Novels

Green Lantern: The Sinestro Corps War Volume 1 & 2 – I’ve read nothing but good things about this run by Geoff Johns. I finally get a chance to see what the fuss was about.