Choice Quotes

This blog is dedicated to the political themes that run through modern day comics.  Today, we’re debuting a new feature looking at some of the top political quotes from the weeks past comics.  Hopefully, this will be a weekly feature for Wednesdays as long as there is material to merit it, and I was able to pick up the comics for the week.  Hope you enjoy:

Black Summer #7:

Frank Blacksmith – “Law is what governments do!  One man wearing a #@!$% bucket on his head does not get to decide what the laws are!”

DMZ #33:

Radio announcer – “It’s election day in the ‘DMZ,’ and if you’re just joining us, we’ll be providing all-day coverage of this historic event …. What is at stake is nothing less than the title of provisional governor of the city of New York, and the responsibility of shepherding this beleaguered city into a new era of peace …. The eyes of the world are on us today.  Let’s show them how the greatest democracy this world has ever seen does an election free and fair for the people.”

Thunderbolts #122:

Norman Osborn – “And here I thought the bees were dying off.  More tree-hugging hyperbole from Al Gore, I suppose.”