Dark Knight’s Political ARG

With the release in a few weeks of Warner Bros. newest Batman movie, The Dark Knight, I felt it was a good time to look at their political themed Alternative Reality Game. Taking place over months this promotion has followed the election of the character Harvey Dent for Gotham’s District Attorney. This online promotion has bled into the real world leading to “Dent Mobile’s” traveling the US handing out campaign signs for the faux candidate (I’ll get a photo of one this weekend).

The side story has included a campaign website for Dent as well as election board site for the city of Gotham. Since March I’ve received 8 emails laying out the election ups and downs for the fake candidate. Honestly the layout, tone, subject line, “from”, and graphics of the emails have often surpassed actual real world candidates. The asks, tone, and length of the emails are very realistic and focused and makes me long to hire this imaginary campaign team for a real world go.

Below you can find the latest email I received and if you’d like I’d be happy to post up the rest.

It’s been an incredible last few weeks. Ever since the vicious smear campaign collapsed and Harvey Dent’s remarkable courage at the hostage crisis at Rossi’s Deli, our campaign has ridden a wave of support I have never seen in all my political life.
Our Headquarters reopened and thousands of volunteers show up here every day, every night, fighting for change. Fundraising has reached incredible heights, with over 100,000 Gotham citizens contributing their hard-earned money in support of Harvey Dent’s vow to take back Gotham.
We’ve expanded our reach, opening branches in neighborhoods that haven’t seen political campaigns take them seriously for decades. And we’ve harnessed the incredible grassroots support by sending volunteers to knock on doors throughout the city. Amazingly, we will achieve our two millionth door knock sometime in between now and Election Day.
Harvey Dent has committed himself to lead the charge to take back our city, face down the criminal and corrupt and restore hope for our future.
Now, we need your help. We need to get out the vote!. And we need you to vote yourself. If you can’t make it to the polls, go to www.gothamelectionboard.com and find out how you can vote online. Working together, we will take back Gotham!
Allan Cypes
Media Manager
General DC