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Avengers: The Initiative #13 – A very good issue looking at some of the new recruits at Camp Hammond.

Captain America #38 – Ed Brubaker’s brilliant series mixes a modern day super hero with a mix of an all to real political and social background. There’ll be a further post on this amazing series on Monday.

Fantastic Four #557
– Continuing their fight against the CAP robot. I felt the issue seemed rushed and the ending was kind of cheesy after the epic battle off panel in the previous issue. It’s clear goal was to set up future story lines. But it includes a nice cameo by President Bush and Condoleeza Rice.

Iron Man #29 – A nice issue focusing on good ‘ole nuclear terrorism.

The Mighty Avengers #14 – This issue got slammed by a lot of reviews but I have to say I enjoyed it. It’s focus on the Sentry added some nice layers to a very interesting character.

X-Factor #31 – The conclusion to their fight with Arcade. Like Fantastic Four the issue felt rushed and a filler.

X-Men: Divided We Stand #2 – The second compilation of stories looking at some of the X-Men characters post their Messiah Complex crossover.

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Fables: The Mean Seasons