Weekly Purchases

What a week for comics with some good releases, the opening of Iron Man and Free Comics Book Day on Saturday.  I was able to pick up a lot of free books to check out and some other goodies on top of my normal purchases.  All of the staff of the shop I go to were on hand and it was great to chat with them (I go to this store because the staff are normal folks that aren’t the stereotypical comic geek).

On a side note I was filmed a couple of months ago for something (still not sure what) about comic books and my collecting.  I should have a copy of it next week and will likely post it up on here (as long as it’s not too embarrasing).

Monthly Series

Avengers: The Initiative #12 – the fall out from the KIA story as a hearing is done and the first recruits graduate.

Black Summer #6 – what I thought was going to be an interesting political tale by Warren Ellis turns into a non-stop gun fight.  I’m still hoping it comes around to it’s original potential.

DC Universe #0 – an interesting comic that acts a jumping on point for the various DC stories that are upcoming.  Really, it’s a 50 cent teaser.

Ex Machina #36 – Mayor Hundred must decide if he wants to speak before the Republican convention to be held in NYC.

New Avengers #40 – a great background story of the Skrull infiltration.  There’s some good teasers as to some of the super heroes that may or may not be Skrulls.

New Warriors #11 – the New Warriors head into the field for a fight.

The Order #10 – the end of the series.  A good series that ended with a little let down.  It’ll be interesting to see how the team is used in the future.

Thor: Ages of Thunder – an interesting look at the early years of Thor.

X-Men: Legacy # 210 – it’s Professor X vs. Exodus.

Graphic Novels

Fables: Storybook Love

The Invincible Iron Man: Extremis

Free Stuff


Atomic Robo – read good reviews and looking forward to checking this series out.

Broken Trinity: Prelude – Top Cow’s new series

EC Comics Sampler – a great throw back to the golden era of comics.

Geekiga – indie series sampler.

Hellboy – love the first movie, and….

Hellboy: The Golden Army – hopefully it doesn’t spoil this summer’s movie.

Ignatz – preview of the upcoming indie series.

Maintenance – cover looked interesting.

Neotopia – also looked interesting.

Superman Allstar #1 – read some good reviews of the series and figured it’d be cool to check out.

Transformers Animated – saw the debut of the cartoon and wanted to vomit.

X-Men – free X-Men book, nuff said.  I wonder if it shows off the new team when they reform.

Clix – a great game by Wizkids that I recommend you check out


Halo Action Clix – starter pack

Iron Man


2 nice Iron Man movie posters