Weekly Purchases

A good week in comics. A bunch of good issues and lots to cover. This week we’ll see posts looking at Ed Brubaker’s work on Captain America as well as the political alternative reality game to promote the upcoming movie the Dark Knight.

Monthly Series

Avengers: The Initiative #11 – part 3 of the KIA story as he rampages through those that wronged him.

Captain America #37 – brilliant story telling by Ed Brubaker focuses on the new Captain America’s impact on those close to Steve Rogers.

Captain Marvel #5 – wrapping up the mini-series exploring the return of Captain Marvel.

DMZ #30 – Roth must decide if he backs Delgado’s run for office.

Iron Man #28 – Iron Man vs. the Mandarin.

X-Factor #30 – X-Factor takes on Arcade and his backer.

X-Men: Divided We Stand – a series of short stories looking at some of the fall out of Messiah Complex.

Graphic Novels

Fables: Animal Farm

Y The Last Man Volume 7