Weekly Purchases

Monthly Series

Cable #2 – continuing from Messiah Complex, Cable is on the run with the last mutant born.

Kick-Ass #2 – what if superheroes existed in the real world?

Logan #2 – exploring Wolverine’s past in a little town called Hiroshima during World War II.

Secret Invasion #1 – Marvel’s summer event, the world has been infiltrated by sleeper cells of Skrulls.

The Twelve # 4 – frozen during World War II, twelve superheroes attempt to adjust to the modern world.

Young X-Men #1 – the last generation of X-Men are formed.

Graphic Novels

Secret War – with the threat of a terrorist act looming, a group of heroes is banded together to overthrow a foreign power

Y The Last Man Standing: Volume 6 – continuing the brilliant series of the last man in a woman controlled world after a mysterious illness kills all the other men