Welcome to the World’s Reflection

I’ll put it out there, I’m a grown adult and I still read comic books. I grew up reading comic books exclusively. All the classics, yeah I read those in comic book form. The combination of the stories and the visuals just hooked me. And the stories were usually so over the top and grand they had me coming back gobbling up 20 or more different series week after week. But I took a break in college. My attention turned to tv, movies, and video games, but in the back of my mind I wondered what ever happened too (fill in the blank of whatever book I read).

Then a funny thing happened, I opened an issue of Entertainment Weekly and they had a review of an interesting new comic book series called DMZ. It followed a journalist caught in NYC covering the Second American Civil War. I went out and bought some issues, and I was hooked again. I quickly expanded my purchases and went back to reading some of the ones I loved as a kid.

So that brings us to this blog. What do comic books have to do with politics? Well, a funny thing I noticed, many of the stories I was reading and attracted to had deep political undertones. They were a reflection on today’s political issues. What comics allowed is for writers to reflect on current events in a timely fashion as it’s a monthly (usually) medium as opposed to other forms of entertainment that take many months or years to produce.

And that’s where we are. Each week I’ll go through my purchases and pull out the juicy themes and dissect them here on this blog. And in between those weekend posts I’ll go into the vaults to catch you up on stories or some great graphic novels for you the readers to check out.

Hope you enjoy.