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New comic book day is tomorrow! What’s everyone looking forward to? If you’re undecided, we’ll have reviews and previews of the latest releases right here!

Around the Tubes

ICv2 – Mattel CEO Resigns – Interesting….

The Beat – 8,669,000 graphic novels were sold in bookstores in 2014 – That’s a lot of graphic novels.

Spinoff Online – Ryan Reynolds Says ‘Deadpool’ Is ‘Happening the Right Way’ – Ignoring Wolverine Origins?

CBR – Fox Network Confirms Plans for An “X-Men” TV Series – Old news revisited…

CBLDF – Humble Comics Bundles: A Resounding Success! – Give people! And get comics!


Around the Tubes Reviews

Talking Comics – Lumberjanes #10

Bleeding Cool – The Sculptor

The Outhousers – Transformers #37

Cable Turns 25

It was 25 years ago when Rob Liefeld‘s creation Cable debuted in New Mutants, with a teaser appearance in New Mutants #86 and the first full appearance in New Mutants #87. New Mutants #86 had a cover date of February 1990. Liefeld turned to Instagram to discuss the history and reminisce about the creation of the iconic character whose success would help Liefeld spawn dozens of more in the “X” universe.

Even cooler, Liefeld shared some of his early sketches for what Cable might have looked like.

Here’s hoping he continues this throughout the year to peel the curtains back for a few of his other well-known creations.

Fashion Spotlight: Legend of Minion, Terminion, and Giant-Size #1

Ript Apparel has three new designs that mix Minions with Legend of Zelda, The Terminator, and the X-Men. Legend of Minion, Terminion, and Giant-Size #1 from KindaCreative, Dooomcat, and cs3ink will be for sale on January 19, 2015 only!

Legend of Minion by KindaCreative

Legend of Minion

Terminion by Dooomcat


Giant-Size #1 by cs3ink

Giant-Size #1



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Check out the X-Men: Animated Series Theme, Acapella Style

Acapella group The Warp Zone take on the theme to the X-Men Animated Series in this cool video.

You can see how it compares to the original with the video below.

Around the Tubes

Lots of new comics yesterday in the first week of new comics for the year. What did folks get? Anything good?

Around the Tubes Reviews

Comic Vine – The Amazing Spider-Man #12

Comic Vine – Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #2

Bloody Disgusting – Ant-Man #1

Comics Alliance – Ant-Man #1

Comic Vine – Birthright #4

Comic Vine – Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #3

Comic Vine – Deadly Class #10

Comic Vine – Detective Comics #38

CBR – The Fade Out #4

The Beat – Feathers #1

Comic Vine – Green Arrow #38

Comic Vine – Green Lantern #38

Comic Vine – Hawkeye vs. Deadpool #4

Comic Vine – Hulk #10

Comic Vine – Lady Killer #1

Talking Comics – Operation S.I.N. #1

The Beat – Operation S.I.N. #1

Comic Vine – The Punisher #14

Comic Vine – Robocop #7

Comic Vine – Spider-Man 2099 #7

CBR – The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1

Comic Vine – Wolf Moon #2

Talking Comics – X-Men #23

The Internet Archive also brings us Superman, TMNT, Spider-Man, Rocketeer, Fantastic Four, and X-Men Games to Play

X-Men 2 - The Fall of the MutantsThe Internet Archive is becoming an amazing arcade, especially with its release of 2,400 MS-DOS games on top of the hundreds of Atari and arcade games it already hosted. Add on top of that a new browser-based emulator that’s still in beta, and you can experience some classic games that are still as fun to play today as they were twenty something years ago.

I went through the archive and pulled out the comic related video games from the 2,400. This is on top of the couple I reported about earlier today.

The Amazing Spider-Man – published in 1990 by Paragon Software Corporation for the Amiga, Atari ST, and Commodore 64, this game has Spider-Man rescuing Mary Jane who was kidnapped by Mysterio. Primarily a platformer the game also includes puzzles, mostly to deactivate Mysterio’s tricks.

Fantastic Four – published in 1986, this text adventure takes you through Latveria to battle Doctor Doom.

The Rocketeer – published in 1991 by Walt Disney Computer Software and developed by NovaLogic Inc., this game has you participate in several action sequences that mimic the same sequences in the Rocketeer movie, like racing a plane, a shootout in a warehouse, and hand-to-hand combat on top of a flying blimp. It’s based on the Dave Stevens’ original comic book series and the movie made by the Walt Disney Company.

Superman – The Man of Steel - published in 1989 by First Star Software and developed by Tynesoft Computer Software, you play as Superman on a mission to save a kidnapped Lois Lane from Darkseid and Lex Luthor. The gameplay consists of different action-oriented sections including 3D flying, overhead vertical scrolling and side scrolling. Sections are linked by comic book graphics which tell the story…. so that’s kind of cool.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Manhattan Missions - published by Konami and developed by Distinctive Software in 1991 this is a side-scroller where you battle Shredder. Players have 48 hours to complete the game, I mean really 48 hours… and you need to rest your characters to gain health! Luckily you can save the game to reload it later, so you don’t have to play for 48 hours straight.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II – The Arcade Game - also released in 1991, published by Image Works, and developed by Konami, the game is a 3rd-person perspective side scroller. Here, April is kidnapped by Bebop and Rocksteady and you must save her by facing familiar foes. I lost a lot of time and quarters playing this one.

X-Men 2 – The Fall of the Mutants - released in 1991 by Paragon Software, players must assemble a team of five X-Men from a selection of fifteen, and eliminate the evil mutants while playing in a top-down RPG-style environment. When battles commence the player has two choices for how the combat takes place: either side-scrolling action, or turn-based RPG-style combat. In the side-scrolling action fights, the player can use each of the team members’ powers to kill the foes.

So, any favorites or fond memories of these?

You Can Play X-Men, Batman Returns, and more video games for free! Thanks Internet Archive!

X-Men_-_Madness_in_Murderworld_CoverartThanks to the Internet Archive you can now play X-Men: Madness in Murderworld, the Batman Arcade Game, and Batman Returns right in your browser whenever you’d like…. for free!

Founded in 1996, the Internet Archive is dedicated to open access of information including websites, books, movies, music and more! The non-profit is supported by many, including the Library of Congress

They’ve made news lately as people have discovered the vast amount of DOS games now available. Two comic related are X-Men: Madness in Murderworld and Batman Returns.

BATMANCreated by Paragon Software Corporation X-Men: Madness in Murderworld features the X-Men and their mission in the Murderworld amusement arcade. Magneto and Arcade have kidnapped Professor X, and the loyal X-Men must rescue him. If the X-Men are to save the day, the player must combine action and adventuring skills.

Created by Sega, the Genesis title based on Batman Returns is a platform game in which the Dark Knight must traverse five action-filled levels on his way to confront the Penguin. Areas include the msdos_Batman_Returns_1993rooftops of Gotham City, Max Shreck’s department store, the Red Triangle Circus and the sewers. Besides run-and-jump action, there’s also a lot of combat in the game, as many of the Penguin’s henchmen stand in Batman’s way. He can knock them out with punches and kicks and a number of extra weapons stored in his utility belt. These include batarangs, which come in standard and self-seeking varieties, and smoke bombs that stun enemies for a while. In addition, Batman can shoot from his grappling gun and unleash a deadly swarm of bats towards enemies. All of these weapons have limited ammo, however, that must be collected. Other special tools Batman can use include the grappling hook to reach high places or swing across chasms, and his cape, which can be used to slow falls. Each of the five levels features several boss battles against Catwoman, the Penguin and others.

There’s 1000s of games available to play for free. And, when you’ve got through them all, the site also has classic comics and graphic novels for you to read too.

Fashion Spotlight: Logan and Victor, Inevitable Steampunk Version and Death of Logan

Ript Apparel has three designs for fans of the X-Men, especially Wolverine, Sabretooth, Deadpool, and Jean Grey. Logan and Victor, Inevitable Steampunk Version, and Death of Logan from DJKopet, Valentinaocchiblu, and AtomicRocket will be for sale on December 19, 2014 only!

Logan and Victor by DJKopet

Logan and Victor

Inevitable Steampunk Version by Valentinaocchiblu

Inevitable Steampunk Version

Death of Logan by AtomicRocket

Death of Logan




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Check Out this Army of X-Men Cosplay from DragonCon

Distractotron put together this video at DragonCon 2014, getting as many X-Men (and their villains) together in one place. Very cool stuff, and fantastic cosplay!

(via Kotaku)

Review: Nightcrawler #9

Nightcrawler 009Due to the nature of the medium, and specifically as it related to superheroes, there are often going to be single issues of comics that focus mostly on a long drawn out battle.  In this latest issue of Nichtcrawler, this is what the reader gets to see as Nightcrawler has gone to the aid of Bloody Bess only to find himself soon ambushed by his own teammates, themselves under the influence of the Shadow King.  In terms of plot there is not much more going on here, but this issue still succeeds despite its focus only on the action.

Often through a battle between a pair of iconic characters, it seems as though the conflict is set up to satiate a demand by readers to see the outcome of a particular matchup.  There are obviously a number of such famous cases, but a smaller focus on this is when a character must face those that they trust the most, the members of their own team.  Although this issue had the potential to be set up as simply a slugfest between Nightcrawler and his teammates, it comes off very much differently.  While some fans of continuity would be disappointed in this because Nightcrawler is able to almost dominate a number of teammates who are likely more powerful individually than he is, but those that get hung up on the technicalities are actually missing a good story.  The fight is told not so much in the present, but rather in the past, through reminiscences of Nightcrawler’s time in the Danger Room with his teammates, learning how they operate as fighters but also as people.

In so doing, this issue becomes a nice ode not only to Nightcrawler, but also the other members of the team.  Although this is his series, this still shines a light on some of the other characters that have impacted him so much, and while some might think that the battle takes some shortcuts, it is still well-paced and fun.  The end result is an issue which is probably the best so far in this series, and a good sign that the stories here are finding surer footing.

Story: Chris Claremont  Art: Todd Nauck
Story:  8.5 Art: 8.7  Overall: 8.5  Recommendation: Read

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