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Review: Wolfenstein The Old Blood

Wolfenstein The Old BloodA prequel to 2014’s The New Order brings us back to the dreaded Castle of Nazi Occult lore.The game has gone into the more sci-fi genre this time, rather than the supernatural horror genre Wolfenstein is known for, thru the first five chapters, the last three becomes a horror game again. In the new order the Nazi have won WW2 and its set in a cyber-techno steam punk 1960s. The Old blood is the prequel to that story. Set in 1946 and taking place just before the prologue of the New Blood. You play William BJ Blazkowicz (voiced by veteran voice actor Brian Bloom) who has been the series hero since Wolfenstein 3D in 1992. It’s your normal first person shooter combat and nothing new that you didn’t see in Wolfenstein the New Order. You never get tired of killing Nazi scum bags. It’s an 8 chapter game for 19.99 and available on the PS4, Steam, and Xbox One. Enemies are not the brightest groups you deal with. Having played Destiny you hope Bethesda games improves the enemy AI for the upcoming Doom 4 using the Id tech 5 software.

This game has very little in the way of story and you go from one mission to the next killing Nazis and progressing to get to Deaths head (not to be confused with the Marvel comic character of the same name). In the New Order BJ had a lot more inner monologue and gets to know the resistance and even gets to have sex with Anya the resistance fighter a few times in the game. The game is more like B movie camp and that’s not a bad thing but it’s not great when the action never slows down but for 19.99 it’s a long game with pacing staying the same thru out. It will lead you to the final mission that BJ hopes he can retire from. That’s where we pick up his story in The New Order. When you get a chance to take a nap as was in The New Order you can travel to the original game in a dream sequence and play Wolfenstein 3D.  Enemies have cyber back packs that if you shoot will explode. Giant Juggernauts that looks like a Nazi Iron Man Mach 1 armor and killer Cyber men guard Dogs. You can easily dispatch enemies with a lead pipe in stealth mode as to not alert more guards. A quick stab happy attack and back to stealth. Shamblers ugly bloody Nazi Zombies become a pyro technique foe to recon with in Chapters 6-8, after the more cyber steam punk techno Nazi enemies.

Mick Gordon composed the soundtrack for this and the New Order. You will notice through the game clues and nods to great WW2 era films like The Dirty Dozen and Where Eagles Dance and Inglorious Bastards. This game does not require you to buy the New Order to play it. It’s a stand-alone expansion which you can pick up the card at a local store containing a code or down load it by itself.

Originally posted on Radio of Horror and reposted with permission.

Review: Batman: Arkham Knight

Welcome Michael to the Graphic Policy team! Can’t wait for him to help flesh out our video game coverage and that starts now! – the Management

Batman Arkham Knight Cover ArtIt’s rare for people to pick up a superhero video game title, as a majority of the games are pretty terrible (Anyone remember how awful Superman 64 was? Blocked it out from your memory? I wouldn’t blame you). With how severe people have been burned in the past by spending $60 on a game that felt like it was made at the last-minute, a stigma was created with superheroes and video games. If there was a title released, not only was it awful, but you could bet there was usually a developer behind it trying to promote a TV show, toy line or movie to fit alongside it. On the off-chance that someone saw that title in your house, you usually had to rely on the excuse that a relative gave it to you for your birthday, and that you didn’t actually want it in the first place. Never has loving a superhero brought me as much shame as it did among video game fans…

Like Rocky after getting beaten several times, the developers at Rocksteady put on their walkmans, cranked up Survivor’s Eye of the Tiger and were determined to make a superhero title worthy of owning (I have no evidence of this, but this is how I like to imagine it). Needless to say, their conquest was successful! In 2009 Batman: Arkham Asylum was released, and not only was it amazing, but the bar for a Batman game was set so high that only Rocksteady themselves could surpass it! (Sorry WB Montreal) With an emphasis on stealth, hand-to-hand combat, and a wide variety of gadgets at your disposal, Batman: Arkham Asylum provided a true first-hand experience to what being Batman was really like.

553e34670056aLet’s fast-forward to 2015 with their latest and final installment in their trilogy, Batman: Arkham Knight. With an emphasis on making everything bigger and better than before, Rocksteady did their best to pull out all the stops to make this the best Batman title they could. With a much larger map, more gadgets to utilize, and new and bigger threats around every corner, Batman: Arkham Knight is no doubt the fullest Batman ever released.

The game spans over 3 large islands within Gotham City, with criminals running wild as the rest of Gotham is evacuated for fear of Scarecrows attempt at terrorism. While Batman tries to save his city, there is another menace who appears to teams up with Scarecrow, referring to himself as The Arkham Knight. With a powerful army at their disposal, it’s up to Batman to save the city with his trusty Batmobile/Bat-tank and a few of his allies.

The story, as with most of the Rocksteady’s titles, starts out promising and then slowly gets convoluted as there is simply way too much going on. Each and every super villain has the need to try to take over Gotham to prove that they deserve to stand on top, except for the Riddler (Everyone knows he’s too cool for teamwork). What honestly shocks me is that none of these villains seem to care about Scarecrow’s threat to plunge Gotham City into a living hell with his new toxin, so much as run their crooked businesses normally. While the main story focuses mostly on the Arkham Knight and Scarecrow teaming up to overtake your city, fans may forget that Scarecrow is even in the game, because you only see him a handful of times. The story generally focuses on the Arkham Knight and his feud with Batman, and it’s pretty obvious who the Knight is if you’re familiar with Batman at all. I did enjoy the sections with the special guest of the game (no spoilers!). With a somewhat tired ending that just feels forced, fans really get the impression that this is Rocksteady’s final installment with the series, and that they’re officially done with Batman. With how difficult it was to actually get the PC version established, I don’t blame them. (Sorry PC players!) With a super secret ending for completing 100% of the game, fans are shown that there will be no more Batman, from this developer at least…

With every new installment to a series, the one thing people really hope for is improvements on graphics, especially when a series crosses over to a newer and better platform. This title doesn’t fail to impress as Rocksteady truly gives everything a major upgrade in the fashion department, making it truly breathtaking game to look at. Arkham Knight‘s environment is the largest of the three titles, spanning over 3 islands that each stand larger than Arkham City. With the ability to either glide or drive through the city, there’s a lot for players to take in.

54e504c0956d7I would have loved to have given this a solid 9 or 10 because of how amazing these Batman titles usually play, but the one thing that stands as the bane of your existence is the highly anticipated Batmobile… With shaky controls (at best) and several missions actually focusing on you driving your car around Gotham or mazes, I’ve more often crashed into walls, flipped my car over or blown up than I’ve actually stopped crime. With Rocksteady allowing the Batmobile to crash through most objects and building corners, it’s a wonder there was even a Gotham left to save after all was said and done. While it was difficult to learn at first, I did find it enjoyable once I got used to the controls. Though it did take a while.

The tank mode in the game is also another necessity as you have to fight several other tanks in the game. The targeting system is only subpar, so often times I would actually miss when I would think otherwise, resulting in my death. I made the mistake of upgrading my suit and gadgets before my car, thinking that I would go through the majority of the game as Batman, not the Bat-tank. Never have I been more wrong…

The times fighting as Batman are the reason this section received the positive score it has. With a heavy focus on combat and stealth, and a great mixture of gadget use and new kinds of takedown attacks, Rocksteady really outdid themselves with the physical combat. The newest feature, and by far my favorite, that’s provided with the new armor is the Fear-Multi Takedown. What this does is it allows Batman to get a surprise attack on a group, and causes the whole area to slow down and panic, so you can control your camera and attack your next victim at super high speeds. This feature gives fans real insight into how Batman fights using fear as an element, and it’s the best thing the game has going for it. The only downside to this is that it’s not easy to pull off when you want to, so much as when the game wants you to.

The other new feature that Rocksteady added into this game was Co-op fighting. While it’s not multiplayer (which would have been amazing), the feature allows players to fight like a true dynamic duo, but unfortunately it didn’t actually happen very often. This serves as somewhat of a letdown considering how high they were trying to sell it during advertisements. So unless you’re interested in only playing the one VR Mission that features this, you won’t be seeing much of Batman teaming up. We all know Batman prefers to be a lone wolf anyways.

Arkham Knight is also the first game to allow you to utilize gadgets in your combos. You build up a combo meter through flawless execution and then use that combo meter to unleash gadget attacks to takedown enemies. While this sounds like an excellent feature in the game, and everyone knows this is what Batman does, I often found myself being unable to use it. With the combo meter instantly getting taken down the moment you suffer any type of attack, it was a rare occasion to use one of these gadget attacks successfully. With Batman constantly fighting hordes of enemies, it’s rather difficult to do anything other than punch or counter, so inputting other button commands would often result in taking a hit and losing the chance.

The sidequests in the game were considerably more exciting than the actual campaign. They allow you to feel like the Dark Knight as you take down some of Gotham’s fiercest foes. While some of these stories are shorter than others, they give players a chance to explore through Gotham, learn some of its history, and solve crimes. The only downside to all of this, is that if you’re doing these alongside the main scenario, you’re often cut off from being able to continue until you progress further through the main campaign.

The Riddler missions in this game are also more exciting as they go beyond just finding trophies like in the previous titles. The challenges come in the format of solving riddles, puzzles, finding easter eggs, scanning your surroundings for question mark shaped footprints, and even race tracks. Rocksteady really outdid themselves this time around with how much there is to find in the game. For a title at nearly 50GB, you can expect quite a few Easter Eggs to find through riddle hunting. The motivation to finish the Riddler segment is strong too, because once you complete the main scenario, Riddler bugs you about finishing his riddles every 5 minutes or so. Never has punching someone in the face been so fantastic…

As with every Batman title from the trilogy, the game is very story heavy, so while the game is amazing to play the first time around, the re-playability factor isn’t high. I’d prefer to take a long break before diving into the game again, even if the difficulty is increased with New Game Plus. With nothing extra besides a slightly altered intro cutscene, there isn’t anything new to the game that we wouldn’t have seen before.

Nothing would have pleased me more than to give this game a 10/10 solely on the fact that I’m a huge Batman fan, but the game has a lot that stands against it. With several of the new features seeming like more of a hassle than exciting, or just overall lacking, this game just feels like it could have been so much better. That’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it, I just know it could have been better. At least it’s Kevin Conroy voicing Batman. That man could narrate my life. I would definitely avoid the DLC Season Pass bundle at the moment as it’s an additional $40 with only one segment, and a few extra costumes. That money could be used towards another title or several comics with better stories.

Story: 6 Graphics: 9 Gameplay: 7.5 Sidequests: 8 Re-playability: 5 Overall Score: 7.5

Played on the Playstation 4

Video Games Live Announces New Content and 45 Shows!

Video Games LiveVideo Games Live, the largest, most successful and longest running video game concert in the world continues its 13 year history of solidifying the game industry as a legitimate art form by proudly announcing 45 new performances across the globe. Through its record-breaking chart topping album sales and continuous SOLD OUT shows around the world, Video Games Live continues to set Guinness World Records for the longest running symphony show of its kind.

Having already performed 21 shows in 2015, Video Games Live will be performing 16 shows on 4 continents over the next month including the historic Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado with the Colorado Symphony as well as teaming up with Gamescom (the biggest video game convention in the world) for 4 shows in Cologne, Germany. Aside from its normal shows, Video Games Live will also be taking part in Valve’s Dota 2 Championship – “The International” opening ceremony in the KeyArena in Seattle as well as providing the on stage entertainment for the nationally televised Panoramic Game Awards in Shanghai, China.

A big key to the success of Video Games Live is the ever changing setlist and new material that is constantly being worked on and added to the show. 2015 has been no exception with the introduction of new segments and World Premieres from game franchises such as Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch, Hearthstone, World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor and Heroes of the Storm, Capcom’s Phoenix Wright and Devil May Cry, Doublefine’s Grim Fandango and Broken Age as well as other well known franchises including ICO, Syberia, NEIR, The Banner Saga and many more on the way.  The audience can help decide the setlist for each show by going to the Video Games Live Facebook Events page for the performance in their area and listing the songs and games they would like to hear.

Current Tour Dates

July 24, 2015              Melbourne, Australia
July 30, 2015              Sydney, Australia
July 31, 2015              Shanghai, China (Panoramic Game Awards)
August 1, 2015           Amarillo, TX
August 2, 2015           Cedar Park, TX
August 3, 2015           Seattle, WA (Dota 2 – “The International” Opening Ceremony)
August 5, 2015           Morrison, CO
August 7, 2015           Cologne, Germany
August 8, 2015           Cologne, Germany
August 8, 2015           Cologne, Germany
August 9, 2015           Cologne, Germany
August 13, 2015         Beijing, China
August 14, 2015         Beijing, China
August 16, 2015         Shanghai, China
August 20, 2015         Shenzhen, China
August 29, 2015         Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
September 12, 2015   Dubai, UAE
October                      Brazil
October                      Chile
October                      Taiwan
October                      Hong Kong
November 6, 2015      Madrid, Spain
November 7, 2015      Madrid, Spain
November 14, 2015    Frankfurt, Germany
November 15, 2015    Hamburg, Germany
November 16, 2015    Katowice, Poland
January 2, 2016          Newark, NJ
January 17, 2016        Orlando, FL
January 23, 2016        Richmond, VA
January 29, 2016        Toledo, OH
January 30, 2016        Lorain, OH
February 12, 2016      Monterrey, Mexico
February 13, 2016      Mexico City, Mexico
March 4, 2016            Doha, Qatar
March 10, 2016          Richmond, KY
March 19, 2016          Birmingham, England
March 20, 2016          London, England
March 20, 2016          London, England
March 21, 2016          Zurich, Switzerland
March 22, 2016          Zurich, Switzerland
March 23, 2016          Munich, Germany
March 24, 2016          Vienna, Austria
March 26, 2016          Stuttgart, Germany
April 6, 2016              Calgary, AB
May 1, 2016               Dublin, Ireland

For ticketing and venue information, and there’s Special V.I.P. Backstage Experience Packages.

Around the Tubes

It was new comic book day yesterday! What got you excited? What did you enjoy reading? What do you look forward to reading?

While you think about that, here’s some news and reviews from around the web you might enjoy.

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The Washington Post – ‘Ant-Man’ continues Marvel’s war on capitalism – Definitely something I’ve been noticing.

The Verge – Comic Conman – This is a crazy read.

Kotaku – Arkham Knight’s Hiding A Fun Easter Egg…In The Future – This is cool.

Comics Alliance – Hot Toys Announces a New Iron Man MK XLV Figure, Sun Rises, Sky is Blue – Such impressive figures.


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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Animated Short by F. Gary Gray

Ubisoft debuted its animated short inspired by Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, directed by F. Gary Gray, at San Diego Comic-Con. The animated short was released during the Assassin’s Creed Syndicate panel in which Gray participated.

There’s also a behind the scenes video.

Greg Rucka-Penned Adventure Game AR-K: The Great Escape Now Available

AR-K: The Great Esacpealicia_sola, the third chapter of AR-K launched today on Steam. The witty 3D point-and-click adventure, written by critically acclaimed comic book writer Greg Rucka, follows the adventures of Alicia, a former cop and current journalism student, as she investigates the origin of the strange Golden Sphere that has turned her life upside down.

While Episode 3 may be enjoyed on its own without having experienced the previous chapters, players can get caught up on Alicia’s story in the first two installments on PC, iOS or Android.

AR-K is a classical point and click adventure with an updated twist. Alicia Van Volish is a former cop and current journalism student who awakens after a one-night stand with a terrible hangover and a lot of questions: How much did she drink? Did she really take that guy home with her? What was his name? And what, exactly, is the Golden Sphere, the mysterious object that seems the source of all Alicia’s woes?

alicia_blaineDevelopment of AR-K was made possible via a highly successfully crowdfunding effort on Kickstarter, which raised over $100,000 for the project.

Alicia is brought to life through the voice talents of Ash Sroka, widely known for her role as Tali Zorah in the Mass Effect Trilogy. Episode 3 and the upcoming final installment of AR-K are written by Greg Rucka, known for his work on such comics as Action Comics, Batwoman, Detective Comics, Wolverine and the miniseries Superman: World of New Krypton. Greg’s ability to write smart female characters makes him the perfect candidate to convey Alicia’s caustic wit and edginess.

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Yesterday was new comic book day. Did folks read anything they really enjoyed? While you decide on that, here’s some news and reviews to keep you entertained.

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Kotaku – Arkham Knight’s Batgirl DLC Just Isn’t Good Enough – Anyone play this yet?


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Fashion Spotlight: Legacy, Guardians of the Stars, and Speeding Skull

Ript Apparel has three new designs today. Legacy, Guardians of the Stars, and Speeding Skull from Melee_Ninja, DiJay, and BSTGRAPH will be for sale on July 15, 2015 only!

Legacy by Melee_Ninja


Guardians of the Stars by DiJay

Guardians of the Stars

Speeding Skull by BSTGRAPH

Speeding Skull



This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, we’ll receive a percentage of the sale. Graphic Policy does purchase items from this site. Making purchases through these links helps support the site.

The Brothers Behind Riverman Media

A large pizza rolls down a snowy hill, smashing evil skeletons as it gets closer and closer to its destination. Wings flap as a flying man straight out of Greek mythology tries his best to traverse as much as he can. The weight of a large silver-mining company on his shoulders, an executive fights werewolves to defend his livelihood.

These are just a few of the games from Riverman Media, a game development company made up of just two people: brothers Jacob and Paul Stevens.

“Until we became adults, we played every game together. Actually, we still do, for the most part!” said Jacob via Skype interview.

Jacob (Left) and Paul (Right) Stevens. Taken from Riverman Studio Website.

Jacob (Left) and Paul (Right) Stevens. Taken from Riverman Media Website.

After Jacob and Paul finished schooling from Northern Arizona University and Arizona University (CORRRECTION: UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA) respectively, both with degrees in computer science, they got to work on game development full-time. Over the last decade, the duo have been releasing games on mostly iPhones and iPads, with one release on the Wii’s old online store for digital games, “WiiWare,” and some for Windows computers. Jacob does the art and music for the games, while Paul does the programming.

Their first games were first Cash Cow and then Primate Panic, both released for Windows. Cash Cow, a puzzle-game based on familiar mechanics of matching shapes together, is probably their most mass-market game, Jacob explained.

“A lot of people, including our relatives, still play [Cash Cow] all the time,” Jacob said.

The two then developed a game called Madstone for WiiWare, which released in 2008. The game was another shape-matching puzzler, which received some negative reception. IGN critic of the time Mark Bozon gave the game a 4/10, writing “it’s a title that isn’t worth your cash, your Wii storage space, or or [sic] attention.” He criticized the game for overly simplistic gameplay, lack of pointer-controls and widescreen presentation, and a dearth of game mode variety.

“Ultimately I think [the review] drove us to make better and better stuff, even though I don’t quite agree with their review,” Jacob said with a laugh. “I do think that it’s intelligent critiques that push you forward.”

Reception was not entirely negative, however. Nintendo Life critic Spencer McIlvaine gave the game a 7/10, writing “Madstone provides just enough new ideas to make it worth checking out.” The review praised the retro aesthetics and simple-to-play mechanics.

Madstone. Image from Riverman Media Website.

Madstone. Image from Riverman Media Website.

The two were invited to a “Developers Summit” hosted by Nintendo of America in April of 2008, before the release of Madstone. The two said they loved the event, focused on interaction with fellow indie developers as well as guidance given by Nintendo employees. This was one of Paul’s favorite moments of his tenure with Riverman Media, he explained.

“We grew up on Nintendo. It’s what we love,” said Paul.

In 2009, the brothers released a port of Cash Cow for iOS, published by Chillingo, the publisher behind smash-hit Angry Birds. In 2011, IKAROS, a procedurally-generated endless runner, Space Frak, a shoot-em-up, and Deathfall, an arcade-style game, released on iOS, all games made and released quickly as experiments in iOS game development, Jacob explained.

Space Frak was originally released as an ad-supported game, but the team didn’t like that model for game development, leading to that version being replaced with the $2, ad-free version available now. Deathfall, a $3 game, is very similar, in terms of gameplay, to another game released by Riverman Media during that time, called Fat Roll Santa, released for the holidays. Because Deathfall was the more popular game and Fat Roll Santa was so tied to a certain time of year, the two decided to cease support of Fat Roll Santa, which is no longer available to download, according to Paul.

Noticing a trend? Riverman Media is not prone to releasing games with micro-transactions or ads, both models popular to implement into mobile games.

“We don’t really understand ad-supported or freemium games because it’s not what we grew up with,” said Paul via Skype interview.

Jacob said similar things, offering more comments about these practices.

“I really don’t have any principal against in-app purchases, but in practice I think it makes games less fun,” said Jacob.

Games including in-app purchases have been widely criticized by players and pundits alike, one of the loudest critics being former Reviews Editor for Destructoid and The Escapist and current independent games critic Jim Sterling. In a half-star out of five review for The Escapist, Sterling described free-to-play mobile game Dungeon Keeper Mobile, published by Electronic Arts, thusly:

“A cynically motivated skeleton of a non-game, a scam that will take your cash and offer nothing in return. A perversion of a respected series, twisted by some of the most soulless, selfish, and nauseating human beings to ever blight the game industry.”

Sterling recently reviewed Riverman Media’s latest game, The Executive, for his website The Jimquisition, and awarded it a 9.5/10. He praised the game highly as “brilliant,” and pointed to the lack of micro-transactions as its best feature.

“No bullshit premium currencies, no insidious paywalls. It’s sad that such a thing should even be worthy of praise, but that’s the world we live in now,” his review states.

The Executive. Image from Riverman Media.

The Executive. Image from Riverman Media.

The Executive is widely loved by not just iOS-focused websites but also general video game enthusiast sites, in fact. Kotaku writer Mike Fahey wrote that it’s “a brilliant amalgamation of classic concepts that’s dressed to impress – and it certainly does.” App Spy and Touch Arcade both gave the game a 5/5, and Pocket Gamer gave it a 9/10.

The Executive, a $3, soon-to-be $5 (after the launch sale) beat-em-up game with elements of platforming about an executive of a silver-mining company fighting off werewolves, went through a three-year development cycle and was made with a myriad of influences, Paul explained. He recounted a story about driving home from a video store, thinking about the blisteringly fast and action-packed Jackie Chan movies, and how they’ve barely been properly represented in games. Mad Men’s suited characters also found themselves in Paul’s (CORRECTION: JACOB’S) brain when brainstorming for The Executive, which was originally called “Linear Ninja” behind the scenes, he said.

On the subject of the abnormal enemy designs in the game, Jacob told me a funny yet accurate comment he said he has said on multiple occasions.

“I was trying really hard to make a game that wasn’t as strange as Pizza vs. Skeletons, but I guess I failed,” said Jacob with a laugh.

Pizza vs. Skeletons. Image from Riverman Media Website.

Pizza vs. Skeletons. Image from Riverman Media Website.

Pizza vs. Skeletons was their game previous to The Executive, released in 2012 to similar acclaim, brandishing a 90% score on the review aggregate site Metacritic. The game is hard to describe, the best genre descriptor being a platformer, but with lots of other elements. It took 9 months to finish, according to Jacob.

Riverman Media focuses mainly on developing games for iOS devices, finding Apple easy to work with, Jacob explained. He also sees the marketplace as both advantageous and disadvantage for them to release games in.

“The App Store is oddly more competitive and less competitive. It’s more competitive because there are a hundred games being released a day… it’s less competitive because the scopes of those games is usually small compared to a console game,” said Jacob.

The team would like to get more games on home consoles in the future, because of the additions of a controller and a television, Paul explained.

Riverman Media also offers consulting services to other designers, and have helped small, college-enrolled indie game developers as well as big, non-game companies on general design. Fees are sometimes charged for these services, but small, local jobs to little guys tend to be free, Jacob explained.

The two developers have been passionate their whole lives together. Jacob had been doing art and music since a young age, learning through self-teaching and various lessons.

“Video games are really the perfect melding of [technology, art and music] for me,” said Jacob.

Programming is something a lot of people probably see as dull, but it’s far from that for Paul.

“To me, programming is like playing with Lego’s, except rather than a physical creation it’s on the screen,” said Paul. The process of building something others can interact with is still present, he explained.

Their passion doesn’t seem to be dying any time soon, either.

“We both hope to do this as long as we can,” said Paul.

505 Games, Pipeworks, and Skybound Entertainment Reveal Superfight trailer

A sneak peek at Superfight, the game — coming this holiday!

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