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SDCC 2014: You Can Now Pilot a Pacific Rim Jaeger Courtesy of Occulus VR

Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot is the next evolution of the thrilling universe Legendary is creating with director Guillermo del Toro. Created by the leading pioneers of virtual reality, Oculus VR, the attraction delivers a new benchmark in virtual reality experiences as fans will step into a fully-realized Jaeger Combat Simulator and experience what it feels like to pilot a 250-foot robot. Created with original film assets from Industrial Light & Magic and developed within Unreal Engine 4, Pacific Rim: Jaeger Pilot provides a thrilling first-person battle between Gipsy Danger and the kaiju codenamed Knifehead.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Comes to Disney Infinity Playset

It shouldn’t be a surprise, but the Guardians of the Galaxy will be coming to the next version of Disney Infinity 2.0, the video game/toy hybrid. The game’s launch has been heavy on the Marvel with numerous figures popping up in the lead up and push before its release.

I can hear the cash being printed now…

guardians disney infinity

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It’s new comic book day, and it’s also the first day of San Diego Comic-Con! Check us out throughout the day as we’ll be bringing you all the big breaking news!

Around the Tubes

ICv2 – Skybound to Distribute ‘Superfight’ – Interesting.

Kotaku – Hulk Hates Being Timed Playstation Exclusive – Holy crap is that expensive.

Kotaku – Angry Birds Transformers Toys Do Transform, Basically – Wow do these look bad.


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NC Gamer – Dragon Age Library Edition

Talking Comics – Harbinger #25

Comic Vine – Injustice: Year Two #16

Magic 2015 available today on Steam, Xbox 360, Android, and Kindle!

Magic 2015 - campaign logoFollowing last week’s launch on iPad, Magic 2015 – Duels of the Planeswalkers is available today on PC (via Steam), Xbox 360, Android (via Google Play), and Kindle Fire!  Additionally, the game will launch on Xbox One later this summer.

Magic 2015 – Duels of the Planeswalkers challenges players to “Hunt Bigger Game” and confront the deadliest hunter in the Magic Multiverse – Garruk Wildspeaker. Players must attempt to stop Garruk as he turns his instincts away from beasts of the wild to a new quarry – you, his fellow Planeswalker. New this year to the latest installment of Duels of the Planeswalkers is the introduction of a full deck-building experience, allowing fans to customize their style of play like never before.

The release of the paper Magic 2015 Core Set is set for this Friday, July 18. The Magic 2015 set contains 14 cards developed by some of the most brilliant, creative minds behind popular games, including George Fan (Plants vs. Zombies), Notch (Minecraft), and Rob Pardo (World of Warcraft), along with a card designed by the Magic fan community. Magic 2015 – Duels of the Planeswalkers will feature eight of the designer cards.

D15_Collection-V3_2014-07-15_1712 D15_DeckBuild_V3_2014-07-15_1718 D15-Duel4_V3_2014-07-15_1741

LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham to Feature Lego Pre-Order Bonuses Like a Plastic Man minifig

Lego Batman 3 Beyond GothamWe’ve been waiting to see what the pre-order bonus would be for this November’s video game LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. Via Game Informer, the bonus isn’t just one, but many, and varied depending on where you pre-order your game.

Here’s what you can get and where to get it:

  • Amazon – LEGO Batgirl Keychain
  • Best Buy – LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Digital Comic Book by Comixology
  • GameStop – LEGO Plastic Man Minifigure
  • Target – LEGO Batwing Miniset
  • Toys “R” Us – LEGO The Joker Keychain
  • Walmart – LEGO Tumbler Miniset

Some of the items can be purchased on their own like the keychains or minisets. I myself will be making sure to ge tthe Plastic Man minifigure. Check out images below of what you can expect.

Around the Tubes

It’s new comic book day tomorrow! There’s some high profile things being released too. We’ve got a review at least one of them today, so stick around!

Around the Tubes

iO9 – 10 Villains You’ve Never Heard Of (Who Are Smarter Than Lex Luthor) – I think there’d be a lot of them actually.

Kotaku – Actually, Batman: Arkham Origins Was Awesome – I still haven’t played it. What say you?


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