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A new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

New footage and a better idea of what to expect when Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters this December.

Marvel Launches the First Trailer for Ant-Man

The first full trailer for Marvel‘s Ant-Man has hit the web. The movie comes to theaters July 17.

After seeing this, I have to say, I’m much more excited for this. It looks like a great mix of humor and action, but how this ties into the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe will be an interesting one.

Death Sentence: London is Back and Gets a Trailer

Titan ComicsDeath Sentence returns this June 10 with Death Sentence: London by writer MontyNero and art by Martin Simmonds.

The cataclysmic effects of Monty’s G-positive super-rampage through London are still being felt…but where are series icons Weasel and Verity?! And what happens when the Americans – and special agent Jeb Mulgrew – get involved?!

From Comics to Film: The Chair Teaser Trailer Unveiled

Based on the Alterna Comics graphic novel of the same name, The Chair follows the story of Richard Sullivan, an innocent man struggling to escape execution on death row. Witnessing the savage killings of his fellow inmates at the hand of the prison’s sadistic and psychotic Warden, Sullivan decides that the only way to survive is to fight back. But as he matches the brutality occurring in the prison, Sullivan is forced to come face to face with his sanity and his own horrifying past.

A successful crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter helped to provide pre-production and development costs. Another campaign, this time on Indiegogo, has been planned for late-April as funds will be raised for post-production costs. An “all or nothing” fund-raising model will be used as opposed to Indiegogo’s traditional method of real-time funding. More details to come as the launch date draws near.

Directed by Chad Ferrin
Starring Bill Oberst Jr., Tim Muskatell, Noah Hathaway, Zach Galligan, Naomi Grossman, Derrick Damions, Kyle Hester, Ezra Buzzington, Susan Eisenberg, Kin Shriner, Jacob Banser, Tomas Boykin, Robert “Corpsy” Rhine, Christian Hutcherson, John Siciliano, Michael Berthold, Joe “ANIMAL” Laurinaitis, Joseph Pilato, Andrew Marheineke, Brent Anthony, Jack deLyra, and Roddy Piper

Black Mask Releases a Trailer for We Can Never Go Home

A well worn mixtape, a stolen convertible, a duffel bag full of cash, a fully loaded .45, and super-powers. 17 and on the run is the only way to see America right.

Written by Matthew Rosenberg and Patrick Kindlon with art by Joshua Hood, We Can Never Go Home is a love letter to types of story almost no one seems to tell anymore- Crime Road movies like Badlands and True Romance, outcast against the world tales like Pump Up The Volume and Heathers, and character driven adventure comics like Love & Rockets and Stray Bullets.


Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Gets a New TV Spot. And it’s the best yet!

We’re still a little over a month until Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters on May 1, but Marvel is upping the excitement with a new television spot that might be the best trailer/ad yet. It’s kind of hard to watch this and not count down the days until this can all be watched on the big screen.

Protect the Earth with Krypto in Infinite Crisis

Get an early look at Krypto, the Superdog, and the latest champion from Infinite Crisis – the free-to-play MOBA from Turbine based in the DC Universe! On Wednesday, April 1, players can be the top dog when Krypto goes live in the game!

Soon after the birth of his son, Jor-El genetically altered a Kryptonian hound to increase its intelligence and loyalty so that it would serve as a companion and guardian for his son. Later, as the planet Krypton neared its destruction, Jor-El tried to save his family by escaping into the Phantom Zone.

The prisoners trapped within the Zone saw this as an opportunity to escape but Krypto fiercely defended his family and threw himself at the Phantom Zone portal, driving the prisoners back. Unfortunately, his attack damaged the portal and he was trapped within the Zone.

Thanks to the unusual qualities of the Phantom Zone, Krypto was able to follow Kal-El to Earth and kept watch over him. When the prisoners of the Zone once again tried to escape, Krypto came to Kal-El’s aid and the two drove back the invasion.  Now, finally reunited with his beloved master, Krypto fights alongside Superman as he protects the Earth.

Infinite Crisis will officially launch on March 26 on Steam.

A trailer for the Brand-New Ninth Doctor Comic Series By Titan Comics

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #1 will be out April 1 from writer Cavan Scott, artist Blair Shedd, and Titan Comics.

Check out the new trailer for Daredevil

It’s time to let the devil out. Marvel’s Daredevil is here to clean up the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, New York. Lawyer by day, street-level hero by night, Matt Murdock is on a mission to make his city a better place against an underground terror within the city. All episodes arrive only on Netflix, April 10.


A Trailer for Peter Snejbjerg’s World War X! New Alien-apocalypse Horror!

The year 2017… On the moon and across the Earth, warnings from a long forgotten civilization have been discovered deep underground…

These strange and ancient cubes awaken monstrous creatures in preparation to annihilate all life that stands in their way. It is clear that humanity is not ready for this new type of world war…

This alien-apocalypse horror is by Jerry Frissen, writer of Lucha Libre, with stunning art by Peter Snejbjerg.

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