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Funko’s Pop! Television: Supernatural Crowley in December

After many, many, many, many…


MANY requests…

Funko has caved and we finally have a Crowley Pop!

Leave it to Funko to make the reigning King of Hell look absolutely adorable! Funko’s Pop! Television: Supernatural Crowley is out in December.

Pop! Television Supernatural Crowley

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Diamond Select This Week: The Joker, The Walking Dead, Godzilla, Spider-Man and Pulp Fiction!

It’s another New Toy Day, and Diamond Select Toys has a bunch of new items arriving at comic shops and specialty stores across North America. You can pick up a statue from Amazing Spider-Man 2, a bust from the Batman Classic TV Series, and new Minimates from Godzilla, Pulp Fiction and The Walking Dead! Plus, the final Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare action figure two-pack ships to stores!

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Spider-Man Resin Statue

A Diamond Select Toys Release! New movie, new suit, new statue! Spider-Man and his new movie costume get the full-figure treatment from DST, with this dynamic statue of the Web-slinger atop a New York City rooftop. Despicting SPider-Man in a dynamic battle pose, this statue measures approximately 7 inches tall with its base, and is the ultimate ASM2 collectible! Sculpted by Gentle Giant! (Item #APR141984, SRP: $125.00)

SpiderManStatue Spider-Man2StatuePkg_APR141985 Spider-Man2StatuePkg2_APR141985

Godzilla Classic Minimates Series 1 Box Set

A Diamond Select Toys Release! What’s the best way to stop a towering atomic monster? Put him in your pocket! Celebrating 60 years of Godzilla movies, this box set of classically-styled Minimates includes Godzilla and three of his most famous friends and foes: Mothra, Gigan and Titanosaurus! Each Minimate mini-figure stands approximately 2 inches tall and features a variety of interchangeable parts. Packaged on a blister card. Designed by Art Asylum! (Item #MAY142232, SRP: $19.99)

GodzillaMM1set GodzillaMMset1_pkgback_MAY142232 GodzillaMMset1_pkgfront_MAY142232

Batman Classic TV Series Joker Bust

A Diamond Select Toys Release! DST continues their line of busts based on the Batman Classic TV Show, and this one is no joke! Hot on the heels of Batman, it’s The Joker, as played by Cesar Romero, with his painted-over mustache and all! This bust measures approximately 6 inches tall, and is a must-have for any Classic Batman TV Show fan. Designed by Barry Bradfield! Sculpted by Jean St. Jean! (Item #MAR141944, SRP: $59.99)

JokerBust JokerBust_inPkg_MAR141944 JokerBust_inPkg2_MAR141944

Walking Dead Minimates Series 6 Asst.

A Diamond Select Toys Release! Welcome to the Community! The sixth series of Minimates mini-figures based on the best-selling Walking Dead comic book series brings the cast to the walled compound that would become their home following the fall of the prison. Two-packs include Constable Rick with Douglas, Carl with Burning Zombie, Constable Michonne with Winter Zombie and a rare, one-per-case variant set of Party Dress Michonne with Winter Zombie. Each Minimate mini-figure stands approximately 2 inches tall and features a variety of interchangeable parts and accessories. Designed by Art Asylum! (Item #MAY142230, SRP: $9.99/ea.)

TWDMM6 TWD6_MAY142230 TWD6Alt_MAY142230 TWD6d_MAY142230 TWD6c_MAY142230 TWD6b_MAY142230 TWD6a_MAY142230

Pulp Fiction 20th Ann. Minimates Vincent and Mia’s Night Out Box Set

A Diamond Select Toys release! The first Minimates box set for Quentin Tarantino’s groundbreaking film Pulp Fiction is here, and it’s headed to Jackrabbit Slim’s! This four-pack of 2-inch mini-figures re-creates Vince and Mia Wallace’s night out at the 1950s-themed diner and includes exclusive Minimates of Vince, Mia, Lance and Jodie! Each Minimate features 14 points of articulation and a variety of interchangeable parts and accessories.  (Item #JUN142093, SRP: $19.99)

PulpFictionMM PFVinceMiasNightOutPkg_front_JUN142093 PFVinceMiasNightOutPkg_back_JUN142093

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Foot Soldier Zombie & Camo Cactus 2-Pack Action Figure

A Diamond Select Toys Release! Can’t get enough of the acclaimed third-person shooter Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare? Stage your own battles using the brand-new assortment of action figures from Diamond Select Toys! Each two-pack includes a  5″ scale Zombie and an opponent Plant figure, each with multiple points of articulation. The Foot Soldier Zombie includes a bonus Commando head! Plus: A free Garden Warfare bonus content download code in every package! (Item #MAR141941,  SRP: $19.99)

PVZ_MAR141941 PVZBack_MAR141941 PvZSoldierCactusNEW1

Funko’s Pop! Television: Firefly in December

You can never have enough Firefly in your life!

In follow up to Funko‘s ReAction Figures Firefly line… We bring you the beloved sci-fi gang as a Pop! series.

These Pop!’s are a darling take on the classic Serenity crew!


Pop! Television: Firefly is out in December. You can pre-order them now, just click the images below.

Pop! Television Firefly Hoban Washburne Pop! Television Firefly Jayne Cobb Pop! Television Firefly Kaylee Frye Pop! Television Firefly Malcolm Reynolds Pop! Television Firefly Zoe Washburne

Funko’s Pop! Television: Hannibal in December

NBC‘s INSANEly popular psychological thriller series, Hannibal, has gone Pop!

The Hannibal Pop! made his first appearance at San Diego Comic-Con in a bloody fashion. Now check out the entire Hannibal series!

Pre-order your Pop!’s now and embrace the madness! Funko’s Pop! Television: Hannibal will be available in December and can be pre-ordered now by clicking any of the images below. Season 3 of Hannibal is premiering this spring!

Pop! Television Hannibal Hannibal Lecter Pop! Television Hannibal Jack Crawford Pop! Television Hannibal Wendigo Pop! Television Hannibal Will Graham tied Pop! Television Hannibal Will Graham

Loot Crate Gets Battle Ready In November!

Loot Crate BATTLEThis month’s Loot Crate is a head-to-head, rough-and-tumble Battle for your senses! They’re celebrating the fighting heroes, battling rogues, 8-bit brawlers and other factions that we love from some of the geek and gaming favorites including EXCLUSIVE Mega-Man and Assassin’s Creed collectiblesHalo, Street Fighter and more surprises! They’ve also got another EXCLUSIVE T-shirt with a design you won’t find anywhere else!

There’s still time to sign up and get your crate now.

Nerd Black Classic Gets Batman

Nerd Block today announced that November’s Nerd Block Classic box will include a Batman item. Previously they announced an item having to do with Boba Fett would be in the box as well.

Nerd Block Classic Batman

Around the Tubes

It’s new comic book day tomorrow! What has you excited this week?

Around the Tubes

Kotaku – 3A Toys’ Doctor Doom Comes In Three Shades Of Evil – Looks interesting.

Harvard Politics – The Superhero Diversity Problem – A very good read.


Around the Tubes Reviews

CBR – She-Hulk #9

CBR – Starlight #6

ICv2 – World Trigger Vol. 1

Funko’s Pop! Games: Assassin’s Creed Unity

Assassin’s Creed Unity is coming to stores this November! Funko has a brand new Assassin’s Creed character straight from the game!

Assassin’s Creed Unity takes place during The French Revolution of 1789 in Paris. Join Arno as he sets out on an epic journey to expose the true powers behind the Revolution!

Look out for the Elise Pop!, joining the Assassin’s Creed Unity Series this February! Arno is out this December.

Pop! Games Assassin's Creed Unity Arno

Funko’s Pop! Games: LittleBigPlanet

Welcome to the imaginative LittleBigPlanet! LittleBigPlanet is a fantastical game filled with creativity and wonder! The game encourages users to generate content through creation and discovery. Sackboy serves as your adorable knitted guide throughout the game. He’s the cutest burlap boy there ever was!

Now, Funko is adding Sackboy to their Pop! Games line of figures with their Pop! Games: LittleBigPlanet – Sackboy.

Sackboy is available in November.

Pop! Games LittleBigPlanet Sackboy

Funko’s Pop! Games: World of Warcraft Series 2

Funko has revealed the figures of Pop! Games: World of Warcraft Series 2. Series 2 of the massively popular online role-playing game is here!

Four brand new magical characters have joined the World of Warcraft Pop! line. These characters come from the world of Azeroth, a land of swords and mythical creatures!

Inspired by mystical sorcery, these Pop!’s capture the spirit of World of Warcraft!

Pop! Games World of Warcraft Series 2 Deathwing Pop! Games World of Warcraft Series 2 Murloc Pop! Games World of Warcraft Series 2 Sylvanas Pop! Games World of Warcraft Series 2 Thrall

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