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DC Comics Proudly Presents: The New 52 hits 52!

Celebrating 52 issues of incredible storytelling, DC Entertainment’s May 2016 variant cover theme will pay homage to the #1 issues of eleven comics that debuted in 2011 when DC Entertainment rebooted their superhero publishing line and revitalized the comics industry as a whole. It was a momentous occasion then, and is an anniversary to celebrate now!

Inspired by Cliff Chiang’s Wonder Woman #1, Rags Morales and Brad Anderson’s Action Comics #1, Adam HughesBatgirl #1, and more, these brand-new “The New 52” variants will grace the covers of those same landmark titles that are hitting issue #52 in May. Illustrated by an all-star lineup of incredible talent, May’s lineup of variant covers are as remarkable as the industry-changing covers they’re based on.

Action Comics #52 variant cover by Ben Oliver
Aquaman #52 variant cover by Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund
Batgirl #52 variant cover by Babs Tarr
Batman #52 variant cover by Rafael Albuquerque
Catwoman #52 variant cover by Inaki Miranda
Detective Comics #52 variant cover by Francis Manapul
The Flash #52 variant cover by Jesus Merino
Green Arrow #52 variant cover by Szymon Kudranski
Green Lantern #52 variant cover by Billy Tan
Superman #52 variant cover by Mikel Janin
Wonder Woman #52 variant cover by David Finch and Matt Banning

“The New 52” variants are the latest in a variety of monthly themes.

Check out the original covers and the variants below and further below is the credits for the original covers.

The original covers credits:

Action Comics #1 cover by Rags Morales and Brad Anderson
Aquaman #1 cover by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado and Rod Reis
Batgirl #1 cover by Adam Hughes
Batman #1 cover by Greg Capullo and Alex Sinclair
Catwoman #1 cover by Guillem March
Detective Comics #1 cover by Tony Daniel and Tomeu Morey
The Flash #1 cover by Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato
Green Arrow #1 cover by Dave Wilkins
Green Lantern #1 cover by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado and Rod Reis
Superman #1 cover by George Perez and Brian Buccellato
Wonder Woman #1 cover by Cliff Chiang

On This Flash Appreciation Day, Be a Hero and Support the Hero Initiative

flash appreciation dayOn February 11, 2006 “Flash and Substance” debuted. It was the premiere episode of Justice League Unlimited and in it the Flash was honored for his heroism with a celebration dubbed “Flash Appreciation Day.” Every year since, fans of the Scarlet Speedster celebrate the day.

On the tenth anniversary of this episode, ourselves and eight other websites are paying honor not just to the Flash, but also helping raise awareness for his creators, and all of the comic creators in need of help. Today, we’re asking for you to help chip and help support The Hero Initiative.

Hero InitiativeFormed in 2000, the Hero Initiative is a nonprofit that helps as a “financial safety net” for comic creators. In 2001 it was officially a nonprofit and since then they’ve granted over $700,000 to over 50 comic vets helping with emergency medical aid, financial support, and an avenue back into paying work. As they say on their website, “it’s a chance for all of us to give back something to the people who have given us so much enjoyment.”

Created during the Golden Age of comics in January 1940, The Flash first appeared in Flash Comics #1 published at the time by All-American Publications. Writer Gardner Fox and artist Harry Lampert have the credit and their creation is still known today, not just by his superhero alter ego, but his regular name of Jay Garrick, a character that has a prominent role on today’s television series The Flash.

But, there’s been many iterations and people who have donned the mask. The one that might be most familiar to people is the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen. First appearing in Showcase #4 in October 1956, this second Flash was created by writer Robert Kanigher and artist Carmine Infantino.

Kanigher is a name many comic fans are probably are unfamiliar with. Not as well known as Siegel, Shuster, Kane, or Finger, Kanigher ushered in the Silver Age of Comics and rebooted characters such as The Flash and Wonder Woman, he also created the Batman villain Poison Ivy and also the character Ragman (along with creator Joe Kubert), as well as a major impact on classic “war comics.” In 2014 Kanigher was recognized with the Bill Finger Award, 12 years after he had passed.

the_flash_creditInfantino had a long career, not just as a penciler, but also as DC Comics editorial director in the late 60s and DC Comics’ publisher in the 1970s. Infantino would also create another Flash, Wally West, as well as a large part of his supporting cast including Iris West, Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Mirror Master, Gorilla Grodd, as well as Elongated Man and Batgirl. In 2004 he sued DC Comics and Time Warner for the rights of those characters, which he created while a freelancer. He withdrew the lawsuit shortly after as the case was settled out of court for an unknown sum.

And that gets us back to the Hero Initiative. Looking at the latest issue of The Flash, or the television series, you wouldn’t know the names Gardner Fox, Harry Lampert, Robert Kanigher, or Carmine Infantino. While their names are listed in IMDB, they have never benefited from the cross media explosion of the characters they created. In other words, while DC and Time Warner have made millions from the Flash, the creators behind him have not and never will.

It’s unfortunate that something like the Hero Initiative has to exist, creators should be treated fairly, but we live in reality not fantasy and there is a need. The concepts of creators rights were foreign, with it being the late 70s and 80s before they become a movement, and the idea of those creations being on the big or small or computer screen were decades away for some. Many never benefited from their creations while their bosses did. That’s reality.

Be a hero like the Flash, there’s a lot you can do to help creators, the easiest being chip in $5 and help support them. It’s a small thanks for the enjoyment they’ve given us.

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TV Review: The Flash S2E13 Welcome to Earth-2

The Flash Season 2Barry, Wells and Cisco travel to Earth-2 to rescue Jesse from Zoom. They find Killer Frost and Deathstorm whom are Caitlin and Ronnie on Earth-1. Meanwhile Jay takes barry’s responsibility on defending central city from a meta human called Geomancer.

The Flash takes us to Earth-2 in an episode that in no way can meet the expectations of fans. The build up is exciting, and at first it looks like the episode might deliver as the trio heading to this new world are bombarded with some really cool images that’ll have folks pausing their televisions for quite some time. There was the 90s Flash, Supergirl (answering a question I have) and so much more, and then the rest of the episode happens.

The good is that we get to see some of the Earth-2 versions of characters that we’ve wondered about. There’s also cool in that there’s Deathstorm and Killer Frost. There’s some great humor concerning Deadshot. Some of the character’s new versions are interesting. But overall, the episode feels very blah. By the end, I had forgotten what the point of going to the different Earth was.

The bad is some of the special fx were rather poor with really odd moments especially when it comes to Deathstorm. The blasts don’t quite come out as they should. The story itself also doesn’t quite reach the excitement I was hoping for, and really felt like it was a normal Flash episode in a different setting.

The episode was definitely one for the serious fans, and I’m not sure if they will totally dig it. There was some nice “Mirror Mirror” moments in the episode, but it never quite nails things down and totally commits to nerdom.

But… there’s still more to come! And there’s an interesting mystery character. So maybe it’ll pay off in the end?

Overall Rating: 7.7

Fabrikations: Flash TV – Flash in March

Funko‘s latest Fabrikation is the fastest yet!

Flash comes just in-time for the mid-season premiere on The CW!

Fabrikations: Flash TV – Flash is out in March.

Fabrikations Flash TV - Flash

The Flash Runs to National City to Meet Supergirl

Rumors have persisted for quite some time, but CBS and The CW announced today that Barry Allen/The Flash will be heading to National City where he’ll meet Kara Danvers/Supergirl. Grant Gustin, who plays Barry Allen/The Flash will be fighting along Melissa Benoist‘s Supergirl on Monday, March 28 at 8/7c on CBS’ Supergirl.

In the release announcing the event episode Executive Producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg not only thanked CBS, The CW, and DC Comics, and Gustin for working this out, but also the fans (and even journalists) who were vocal in wanting to see this happen.

This isn’t the first channel crossover we’ve seen. Constantine‘s John Constantine, which aired on NBC before being cancelled, appeared on an episode of Arrow (a show which The Flash shares a “universe”) during the latest season. This crossover would mean all four shows share a universe/multiverse.

The Flash and Supergirl

TV Review: The Flash S2E12 Fast Lane

The Flash Season 2Barry and Wells work on a way to close the breaches but all of that is a side project as a new meta human named Tar-Pit arrives. Iris also confronts Wally about his drag racing and gets tied up in to that world, putting herself in danger.

The Flash is a bit of a mixed episode with some of it being really good, and some of it being so so. I can’t tell if some issues stem from the budget constraints, but the drag racing scenes in particular this season feel more like a cheap version of other shows or movies that have focused just on that.

This episode’s villain is also a bit meh in ability as well as his look. Especially how he’s defeated feels a bit like of a rush in the resolution.

I think the big thing about the episode is how it moves Wells’ story along, especially how he’s playing both sides. That’s finally moving along and there’s a big twist in this episode where the cards are laid out on the table.

We’re getting focused again on Zoom, and this episode shakes things up a bunch as far as that.

This definitely isn’t the best episode, but it’s not bad either. It’s perfectly adequate and entertaining. It’s just not nearly as good as what’s come before.

Overall Rating: 7.4

TV Review: The Flash S2E11 The Reverse-Flash Returns

The Flash Season 2Cisco gets a vibe of Eobard Thawne, but Barry and the team don’t believe it. But after an attack at Mercury Labs, Christina McGee confirms that Reverse Flash is back.

The Flash dives deep in time travel in a way I’m sure will make a lot of folks’ heads spin. The episode focuses on the Reverse Flash who has mysteriously come back to Barry’s time line, but there’s a twist, this is a Thawne who has yet to travel back in last season. Get that? Yeah, it’s a bit confusing.

What the episode really is about is the rest of the characters. Cisco gets a lot of the spotlight as he uses his powers a bunch. There’s Francine who isn’t doing well. And then there’s also Barry and Patty’s relationship.

Cisco using his power is pretty cool as we learn what sets it off, and hopefully we see more and more of him using his powers.

It’s the relationships as usual that are the key. Iris and Wally dealing with their dying mother is a touching moment, but really the biggest thing is Patty and Barry. Patty figures out Barry’s secret, and that leads to a heart wrenching moment as Barry has to decide if she should know the truth. His fear is putting her in danger.

But, the episode has its geekiest moment when we learn who the Earth Prime version of Jay Garrick is. That’s not his name, but it’s a very familiar one to fans of the Flash comics. It sets up a potentially amazing season down the road.

Overall Rating: 8.6

DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League Dishes Details

On last night’s DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice League Geoff Johns and Kevin Smith dished on who we can expect in the upcoming Justice League film as well as revealing the logos we can expect. Plus debuting actual footage of Wonder Woman! The lineup includes Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg, and…. not just the Green Lantern but the Green Lantern Corps will be a part of this universe!

Some interesting tidbits.

Aquaman was described as a man between two worlds and it sounds like whatever his foe will be, it’ll be something from the deep. There was a lot of comic art in his debut, but some new art with the movie version present.

There was a lot of emphasis on The Flash and time, even stating this is a character who is really tied in to time, past, present, and future. There was also some new concept art.

Cyborg will be dealing with trying to not to succumb to technology and is fighting to stay human. We also get this interesting art for the character.

The Green Lantern images they showed not only included Hal Jordan, but John Stewart

The Dawn of the Justice League Wonder Woman Movie Logo Aquaman Cyborg Green_Lantern_Corps The_Flash

TV Review: The Flash S2E10 Potential Energy

The Flash Season 2Barry and the Star Labs team hunt down The Turtle who can slow down time especially anyone with speed. Barry faces a choice to whatever or not Patty should learn his secret identity especially after Zoom returns to Earth 1 to kidnap her.

The Flash is back after a bit of a break bringing an entertaining new episode that has the scarlet speedster taking on a classic foe the Turtle. The episode is fun in that it has a villain directly impacting the Flash’s speed which is entertaining and a classic way villains have attacked him in the past.

The bigger part of the episode is Barry’s debate as to whether he should tell Patty that he’s the Flash. That brings us to the classic issue of letting those close to you know who you are and then putting them at risk. Is that worth it? It’s a classic debate, and here it feels genuine.

The episode does a lot with family, especially when it comes to the Wests, a nice build up of what’s to come. The show is really solid when it comes to its “heart” focusing on the relationships of the characters and the family aspect.

But the episode is all about that ending which has Wells being all weird and the return of a bad guy, which is pretty awesome!

Nice to see the series back, it has energy and fun that’s rare when it comes to comic superheroes.

Overall Rating: 8.4

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