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Fashion Spotlight: Super Flashy Rivals, The Last Emperor, and Yokai’s Revenge

Ript Apparel has three new designs today Super Flashy Rivals, The Last Emperor, and Yokai’s Revenge from ArtbyJP, TeeNoEvil, and Cheddar Tees will be for sale on April 22, 2015 only!


Super Flashy Rivals by ArtbyJP

Super Flashy Rivals

The Last Emperor by TeeNoEvil

The Last Emperor

Yokai’s Revenge by Cheddar Tees

Yokai's Revenge




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TV Review: The Flash S1E19 Who Is Harrison Wells?

theflash_full_costumeJoe and Cisco visit Starling City and ask Captain Lance for help with their investigation into Dr. Wells; Laurel asks Cisco for a favor; Barry faces a new foe who can disguise himself into anyone he touches.

The Flash ramps it up with a very fun episode that sees the Flash and his team fight a metahuman that can shape-shift into anyone. It’s a fun villain in that you get to see many of the characters that we’ve come to love act in totally different ways. We Iris fighting Barry, an evil version of Barry, it’s an episode that’s completely expected and we’ve seen before, but it’s still a hell of a lot of fun.

But also, the episode focuses on the mystery that is Dr. Wells. Part of team Flash heads to Starling City to look into the accident that killed Wells’ wife. It leads to some revelations that helps them put the puzzle together.

What’s really kills is that finale which has Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin stumble upon some info that really opens their eyes. Fans of the comic series should be so excited to see all of this, and it’s setting up what should be one hell of a season finale.

The last couple of episodes have been ok, but this one slingshots right back into that awesome category. It’s a fun episode that moves the mythos along, but also provides us a fun villain too.

Overall rating: 8.5

TV Review: The Flash S1E18 All Star Team Up

theflash_full_costumeFelicity Smoak and Ray come to Central City seeking help with Ray’s suit; a meta-human releases deadly robotic bees; a group dinner does not go as planned.

The Flash is running full steam ahead as the series heads towards the season finale with seven episodes to go. There’s a bunch going on, but mostly Barry is dealing with the fact that Wells isn’t who he says he is.

The big bad of the episode is the Bug-Eyed Bandit, played by Emily Kinney (Beth of The Walking Dead proving actors now hop from comic property to comic property). She controls a whole bunch of mechanical bees, and as someone who doesn’t like bees, it caused me a hell of a lot of issues. I seriously dislike bees.

The episode has Ray Palmer upgrading his suit and joining team Flash to defeat the Bug-Eyed Bandit. Routh as Palmer is solid as usual, and I can’t wait until he gets his own show. But, why is The Atom more Iron Man than, well, the Atom!

The episode plays a lot in the campy aspect of things when it comes to the Bug-Eyed Bandit with numerous bee-related puns and Kinney even sports an outfit with a hive design. It’s pretty bad, and definitely a step down for the actress. We’re talking Batman ’66 level of camp.

The episode moves some plot-lines well, it also falls into the camp territory a bit too much. Not a bad episode, we’ve just seen much better.

Overall rating: 7.75

TV Review: The Flash S1E17 Tricksters

theflash_full_costumeA copy-cat-killer who goes by the name The Trickster starts setting off bombs in Central City. In order to stop the villain, Barry and Joe meet with the original Trickster, a criminal mastermind named James Jesse, who has been imprisoned for 20 years. Things quickly go from bad to worse when the Tricksters unite and take Henry prisoner. Meanwhile, Iris asks Eddie for help with a case, and flashbacks show how Harrison Wells came up with the idea for the particle accelerator.

The Flash had one hell of an episode tonight with return of Mark Hamill as James Jesse aka The Trickster a character he played in the 1990 television series The Flash. The history of two Tricksters, and Hamill’s return to the role is beyond awesome and brought back fond memories of me watching the original series.

The bigger of the things tonight is more of the truth about Harrison Wells and his connection to the Reverse Flash. Think it’s straight forward? Yeah, not so much, and all the reveals we’ve seen so far are just the tip of the iceberg. What’s the connection of Eobard Thawne and Harrison Wells? Here’s your answer.

New powers shown off by the Flash too? Check! An identity reveal? Check! There’s just so much there for fans tonight.

Tonight is back to awesome for The Flash which has been off a couple of episodes. But this one was just, fun. On top of that, it also had some amazing reveals and twists that I’m still trying to piece together. This

Overall rating: 9

The Arrow/Flash Spin-off Gets Two New Heroes

hawkgirl_keyartThere’s lots of buzz over the spin-off to The Flash/Arrow that’ll see new heroes be focused on. Already announced, the series will feature Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer, Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart, Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory, Victor Garber, and Caity Lotz.

Added to that is Ciara Renee, a Broadway actress, who will be playing Hawkgirl, one of three new comic characters on the show.

The character for the new spin-off show is described as a young woman that starts to learn she has been reincarnated over centuries and when she is provoked, the ancient warrior persona within her manifests itself, which includes wings growing out of her back.

Also joining the show is Doctor Who alumnus Arthur Darvill, who played Rory Williams in the series. Darvill will be playing Rip Hunter.

The character is described as:

The former Doctor’s Companion will play DC comic book character Rip Hunter, a roguish time traveler who hides the strains of being responsible for history itself behind a facade of charm and wit.


So what are folks’ thoughts on this proposed show?



Pop! Television: The Flash in May

His name is Barry Allen and he’s the fastest man alive! Central City’s favorite speedster is making his debut! And you can’t forget Captain Cold either! What’s a speedster without his rogues?

Funko‘s Pop! Television: The Flash is out this May.

Pop! Television: The Flash

Fashion Spotlight: Great Shot, Kid!, Limbo Hearts, and Super Suits

Ript Apparel has three new designs today. Great Shot, Kid! and Limbo Hearts, and Super Suits from mikehandyart, TonyCenteno, and Matty Rogers will be for sale on March 26, 2015 only!


Great Shot, Kid! by mikehandyart

Great Shot, Kid!

Limbo Hearts by TonyCenteno

Limbo Hearts

Super Suits by Matty Rogers

Super Suits




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Patty Spivot’s Over/Under Reaction to the Future Flash

Patty Spivot received a new life with DC ComicsNew 52. Part of the gimmickry with the New 52 was to add a bit of “will they or won’t they?” to their titles by separating old romantic couples in the DC universe and replacing them with others. This is one of the easiest tricks of the gimmick, as there is a certain amount of tension as previous couples are kept close but still necessarily separate. Thus Lois Lane was replaced with Wonder Woman and Iris West was replaced with Patty Spivot. Previously she had been an assistant in Barry Allen’s crime lab and had played a relatively small role in his history, with fewer than 100 appearances in comics compared to nearly 600 for Iris, but of all of a sudden she was one of the two main leading female characters in this title.

theflashThe last story arc before the Convergence company wide crossover dealt with the replacement of the present day Flash with a future version of the character. The present day Flash was thrown into an alternate dimension influenced by the Speed Force, and the Future Flash was brought to the present day. This other Flash was much more brutal, eager to fix the errors of his past with a utilitarian outlook, reasoning that killing or maiming one in the present was better than if hundreds or thousands died in the future. Patty and Iris eventually become aware of his actions and confront him over it. When the present day Flash returns from the alternate dimension he is able to put most of the harm back to normal before settling back into regular life.

Except that his regular life is thrown off when Patty reveals that she cannot be with him anymore because he reminds her of the murderer. This is an over reaction based on the character that had been established, one that had been deeply in love with Barry, and it seems as though it was thrown in so that there was an easy avenue to wrap up loose ends before the hiatus. While this is an over reaction, there is an under reaction which is not really explored at all in any of the issue, and probably because it was mostly overlooked.

theflashAs was previously mentioned, the Future Flash, though still Barry, acted and behaved very differently, and was in effect a completely different person. Although intimacy is not explored in the mainstream comics as much, as two adults in an adult relationship it is reasonable to think that they would have had sexual relations with each other at some point, especially as they share the same bed. Although there is obviously no precedent in real world law for time travel, this would easily fall under the overall umbrella of sexual assault or sexual violence. If a person posed as another in order to have sex with anyone, then that would be considered rape. That it is two different versions of the same person is not really relevant, and in reality Patty would be aware of this violation more so than Barry might be, especially upon his return.

Thus the over reaction to Barry as having the face of a murderer makes little sense, but having the same face as a person that raped her would be much harder to live with.

Review: The Flash #40

theflash040That Convergence is coming is perhaps the most ironic for the Flash of all DC characters.  It was after all Flashpoint, the company wide crossover, that took the old DC into the new 52.  This crossover focused somewhat on Barry Allen and his attempt to stop the effects of the Reverse-Flash on destroying the continuity of the DC Universe, which had left millions dead and Earth without its true heroes.  The move left many series somewhat hanging as the abrupt cutoff forced some stories to be condensed and versions of characters to be erased.  It is now Convergence’s turn to exact this fate on this series, even if its effects are not as drastic.

This issue picks up where the story arc had left off.  Future Barry was on the verge of becoming a homicidal maniac by killing or maiming every villain that he had ever failed to catch, while present Barry was still stuck in the land of the Speed Force.  With the end coming, at least until June, it was time to wrap up this story and to move on, and this was done in this final issue before the break, only perhaps in an overly efficient way.  As with many stories condensed into such time frames, it feels as though the series would have done better with a couple more issues to deal with the heavier issues involved, but here they were disregarded in order to wrap up the plot.  The plot serves as a way to introduce a major villain as well as to reintroduce another, and even yet another that might be back at some point (though might simply be forgotten.)  In the process the two Flashes resolve their dispute in a spectacular way, and there is even some closure for present Barry.

If that seems like a bit much for one issue, its because it kind of is.  The series is not really well done by with this wrap-up, especially as this story arc started off with such an interesting concept, even if that concept was an abandonment of the focus put on science throughout the first three years of this series.  This is a wrap up but it leaves the character a bit too contained, with no stories to directly follow.  Two months of Convergence will dominate and it is likely that the Flash will figure in prominently, but for now this is left on a bit of a mediocre low.

Story: Robert Venditti and Van Jensen Art: Brett Booth
Story: 7.7 Art: 7.7 Overall: 7.7 Recommendation: Read

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