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Science Fiction television has returned

the strain s2 imageSummer is usually the time of sunshine, beaches, barbecues, reality television and reruns. While science fiction shows may not get the attention they deserve, summer always seems to bring them back. Some shows like CBS‘s Under the Dome, FX‘s The Strain, Syfy‘s Defiance and Syfy’s Dominion have returned. While some of them have just began.

However the new shows are defiantly worth watching, from ABC Family’s Stitchers to USA’s Mr Robot.

Check out trailers for the new shows, and spend the summer in doors in the AC and enjoying some cool new sci-fi shows.

ABC Family’s Stitchers

AMC’s Humans

CBS’s Zoo

Syfy’s Dark Matter

Syfy’s Killjoys

USA’s Mr Robot

USA Network Picks Up Brooklyn Animal Control for Pilot

brooklyn animal controlUSA Network announced a pilot pick-up for Brooklyn Animal Control. The project is written and executive produced by JT Petty. David S. Goyer, Circle of Confusion’s Rick Jacobs and David Alpert, and IDW Entertainment’s David Ozer and Ted Adams, will also executive produce. Brooklyn Animal Control is based on the IDW Publishing comic book created by Petty and is a co-production with Universal Cable Productions and IDW Entertainment.

Brooklyn Animal Control follows the inner workings of a secret subdivision of the NYPD that functions as social services for some of the city’s most unique citizens — werewolves.  Delving into the lives of both the Case Officers, and the secretive, highly insular Kveld-Ulf, a community of werewolves living deep in the borough, Brooklyn Animal Control will examine city politics, immigrant communities, and families divided by ambition, secrecy, and tradition.

In addition, USA Network recently announced a pilot pick-up for Poor Richard’s Almanack, a co-production between Legendary Television and Universal Cable Productions, the project is from executive producer Jim Danger Gray and consulting producer Miguel Sapochnik.  Previously announced pick-ups also include the Universal Cable Production dramas Falling Water from executive producers Gale Anne Hurd of Valhalla Entertainment, Blake Masters and the late Emmy Award-winner Henry Bromell, and Paradise Pictures from executive producer Aaron Korsh and Rick Muirragui.

TV Review: The Strain: S2E3 Fort Defiance

the strain s2 imageThe third episode of the second season of The Strain continues to build and touches upon numerous different plot points, bouncing between the present and the past. This episode though suffers a bit for doing so.

This is an episode that shows some of the issues with the show as far as special fx and makeup on some of the characters. Ansel, the rocker from season one, is back, and his makeup just looks horrific at time. It’s weird as things bounce around when it comes to this. It’s not universal, but at times, things just look really off and rather cheep.

Lets go through the various storylines. The Mayor does a press conference that’s a bit shocking. Abraham reveals something that’s rather interesting and answers a question I have had for a while. Vasiliy and Dutch continue their messed up relationship. The Master doesn’t trust Eldritch, and the good vampires make a move. And Ephraim’s son goes all Carl from The Walking Dead. There’s a lot here, and while it might be needed to get things moving for the rest of the season, none of it gets the focus they all need.

None of it is bad, but it all feels rather short. It might have been more interesting to focus on fewer, but it’s hard to say until we see the rest of the season and what’s included.

The thing that’s really interesting is the subtle focus on the relationships between the characters. That’s a priority this year, they’re making an effort to flesh them all out, as opposed to just looking at the spread of the vampire menace.

The season is interesting, especially with the story of either denial or compliance of the New York City government. That to me is the most interesting aspect of the season so far.

Overall, not a strong episode, but it’ll likely be an important one.

Overall rating: 7

Supergirl’s Latest Video Tells Her Story

Don’t miss the premiere of Supergirl coming to CBS this fall. You can read our review of the pilot.

TV Review: The Strain: S2E2 By Any Means

the strain s2 imageThe second episode of the second season of The Strain continues to build and touches upon numerous different plot points, bouncing between the present and the past.

The past focuses on a young Abraham as he searches for more information about the vampires and at the same time hunting for Nazis. To me, this is one of the more fascinating aspects of the television show, in that the flashbacks shows how intertwined the history of some of the characters is. It’s a very cool aspect, that’s rather entertaining.

In the present so much is going on, it’s almost too much to go over. Ephraim and Nora continue to search for a cure, and debate about the ethics of what they’re doing. Vasiliy and Dutch get closer and go on some vampire hunting. And what I think is some of the most unique and best aspects of the show, Eldritch makes his move for control by using the chaos to provide needed services.

It’s that failure of services and government that I personally enjoy about the show. We actually see the argument happening within the government as to the response and lack there of. We see a private corporation stand in for the government, gain control, and then abuse their position. It’s an aspect we don’t see too often in these types of stories. Being a political nerd, it’s not too much of a shock this is something I’ve focused on. It makes me want to see an entire show focused just on the government response in this sort of situation.

The second episode builds nicely from the first, and continues what so far is a solid second season, much better than the first. The Strain stands out in a summer that’s been rather slow for television.

Overall rating: 8

Fox Releases first Teaser for The X-Files

Mulder and Scully return to The X-Files in January 2016 on Fox.

Will Heroes Truly Be Reborn?

bennetIt may be hard to believe now, but at one time Heroes was the best thing on television.

The first season of Heroes was phenomenal. When the first episode hit in 2006, two years before the Marvel Cinematic Universe launched with Iron Man, there was nothing else like it on television. It was ahead of its time, and it thrived because of that. The first season was one of the best seasons of any show on television at the time, and it still holds up to this day – even if the special effects may be nearing ten years old. But as the seasons passed the ratings fell, which given the quality of the third season was entirely understandable. Season four wasn’t as bad as season three, but it was a far cry from the show’s high of the first season.

Heroes wasn’t renewed for a fifth season, and while many fans who longed for a return to the quality of season one were disappointed the show wouldn’t get a chance to redeem itself, nobody was really surprised the show was cancelled.

Until, that is, the announcement of Heroes Reborn.

Much like the cheerleader from the first four seasons, Heroes has returned for a thirteen episode miniseries. To say the newly resurrected show has an uphill climb would, perhaps, be a bit of an understatement. News of the show was met with a large question of either derision or raised eyebrows as people wondered why. Why bother bringing back a show that died a slow death in its final two seasons five long years ago? Well, with the current superhero friendly climate on the big and small screen one could argue that if you’re going to launch a television show, whether an original or a relaunch, that now would be the ideal time to do so.

But therein lies the second hurdle for Heroes Reborn. With the plethora of television shows originating from DC, Marvel, and other comic book publishers already on the airwaves (and still holding strong) such as The Walking Dead, Arrow, Flash, Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Gotham to name a handful, coupled with the new series launching this fall as well (the Flash/Arrow spin-off Legends Of Tomorrow), and one has to wonder if there’s room to bring Heroes back. Last year also saw one of the best new series in Constantine fail to garner the audience it deserved, and needed, to get a second season – although part of that was undoubtedly due to the time lot it had, there is still only so many hours a week one can dedicate to television.

If the trailer (which you can find below) for the season is any indication, then Heroes Reborn looks like it will be worth watching. With several of the original cast returning, it looks like it isn’t the network doing a quick reboot to capitalize on the superhero craze, and I’m genuinely hopeful that Heroes Reborn will return to the heights of the first season.


Heroes Reborn begins on the 24th of September on NBC.

Heroes Reborn Trailer

Heroes Reborn premieres Thursday September 24 8/7c on NBC!

SDCC 2015: Outcast Season 1 Trailer

From the creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman presents Outcast. Coming to Cinemax in 2016.

DC Reveals a New Logo Treatment for TV

DC Entertainment has revealed the SEVEN new WB/DCE activated logos, which will appear with each episode of Arrow, Gotham, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Supergirl, The Flash, iZombie and Lucifer, respectively.

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