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Infinite Crisis Champion Profile: Nightmare Superman

The video game Infinite Crisis has released a new champion profile, Nightmare Superman! When hundreds of hungering shades poured from the Phantom Zone into Metropolis, Supermann sprang into action, but not without cost to himself. A ghastly Controller, Nightmare Superman wields Phantom Zone energies to lock down enemies and protect allies.

How Superman Led to Mortal Kombat & the ESRB

Some interesting Superman and video game history.

Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Comic Based Movies

It’s Monday and that means a brand new Facebook Fandom spotlight where I look at the statistic of Facebook users when it comes to some part of geek fandom. With so much buzz recently about comic book movies and casting, I thought it might be interesting to look at various comic-based movies and how they did individually and as a series when it comes to gender.

The first thing that stands out to me is that both Catwoman and Elektra have women as the majority of their “likes.” Men in Black as a franchise does well, but though it shows women as a majority, they are most likely just under 50% due to Facebook’s returning fuzzy results with large numbers such as this.

But, what also stands out is Superman Returns being split exactly 50/50 when it comes to men and women. Director Bryan Singer has spoken about how he wanted a movie that would appeal to women as well as men, and it looks like he achieved that according to these numbers.

Many movies on this list came out well before Facebook existed, but overall the results are interesting to me.

Constantine which will soon be a television series does shockingly well when it comes to gender, with 45% women, and the recently rumored Fantastic Four casting had me interested in those results, which was some of the worst when it came to women with 16.67% for the franchise.

comic movies



Batman and Superman Get The Lego Movie Posters

I’m looking forward to this movie. The trailers have been great and gotten me to laugh each time. The Lego Movie opens February 7, 2014. Lego Batman and Lego Superman get two posters to promote the movie.

lego-batman lego-superman

Review: Superman Unchained #5

Superman_Unchained_Vol_1_5Superman and Wraith form an alliance to rescue a hostage and strike at the heart of Ascension, but the mission goes awry when it becomes clear the Man of Tomorrow and the soldier from beyond the stars have very different methodologies—and objectives! Plus, secrets are revealed about Wraith’s people!

I haven’t been too keen about DC’s reboot of Superman, and I went into this series wondering how writer Scott Snyder would spin the character. In this fifth issue, a lot of the concerns I had are being addressed in interesting ways.

With Wraith, we get a Superman who really believes in that “American way” that was dropped from the Man of Steel’s motto some time ago. This issue really focuses on that while at the same time giving us details about Ascension and moving that storyline forward, with a good amount of reveals.

The Ascension reveals are interesting but for me, the debate towards the end between Wraith and Superman is what stands out. It puts Superman’s role in the world into perspective and for those who were interested in the change to his motto and global citizenship, it’s a good debate and fun read due to that context. Snyder has shown that he can take the writing talent he’s shown on Batman and bring it over to Superman as well.

Of course Jim Lee‘s art is fantastic, I’d expect nothing less than from him and he continues to show off why he’s earned such a reputation with each issue. The man is talented and Snyder seems to have a string of luck working with artists that are as strong as his writing.

Overall, Superman Unchained to me is the best solo Superman series DC has and is the tone I had hoped we’d have seen when the DC New-52 launched some time ago.

Story: Scott Snyder Art: Jim Lee
Story: 8.5 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Jerry Fine, Who Brought Siegel and Shuster Together, Passes Away

superman-75-years-logo-310513The world might have never had Superman if it wasn’t for Jerome Fine. Jerry Fine, passed away on December 25 in Cleveland Heights at the age of 97.

The story goes that at some point in the 1930s, Fine heard that his friend Joe Shuster was transferring the Glenville High School in Cleveland, Ohio. Fine had known Shuster from elementary school and even did a comic strip with him called Jerry The Journalist where Fine was depicted as a grasshopper.

Fine was also a cousin to Jerry Siegel, and encouraged Shuster to team up with Siegel when he arrived. The rest become history as the two would create an icon.

Fine’s brother, Irving, carries on the family legacy as a founding member of the Siegel and Shuster Society, a non-profit group formed to honor the two men and their creation.

Here is Fine’s obituary from the Cleveland Jewish News:

Jerome Fine, age 97, died Dec. 25, 2013. World War II Army Air Corps veteran.  Beloved husband of the late Gladys Fine (nee Dworkin); devoted father of Jeff (Sandie) Fine, Michael (Claire) Fine of Calif., and Karen (Michael) Weinberger of Akron, Ohio; loving grandfather of Chad (Andrea) Fine, Jason (Genelle) Denzin, Brandon (Edyta) Halprin, Evan (Brandy) Halprin, Troy, Kasey, Darcy and Daniel Fine, and Erin (Rabbi Matthew) Cohen; loving great grandfather of seven; dear brother of Irving (Gloria) Fine and the following deceased: Ruth Stein, Annabel Fine and Mildred Kaplan.

Services will be held at Berkowitz-Kumin-Bookatz Memorial Chapel, 1985 S. Taylor Rd., Cleveland Hts. Sunday, Dec. 29 at 1 p.m.  Interment Bet Olam Cemetery. Family will receive friends at the Jeff and Sandie Fine residence, 6801 Silkwood Ln., Solon Sunday following interment until 9 p.m. and Monday from 2-4 and 7-9 p.m.  Friends will be received at the Karen and Michael Weinberger residence in Akron Tuesday from 1-4 pm only.

Donations to charity of choice.

This site has a connection to this story, as Chad Fine, mentioned above is a cousin of mine. My, and our, thoughts go out to him and his family.

(via Cleveland.com)

It’s Superman Vs. the Hulk in CGI

Check out the impressive movie done up by Michael Habjan in CGI that features a match between Superman and the Hulk. The movie was started a while ago, but the third most recent part was posted a few days ago.

2013 Wastebook Includes Man of Steel, Superheroes, Toy Museums & Video Games

Each year, Senator Coburn (R-OK) releases his Wastebook which highlights what he thinks is some of the most wasteful spending by our government. In total, the 2013 edition has 100 examples of “wasteful and low-priority spending” (his opinion of what that is) which totals more than $28 billion. This year, a bunch of “geeky” things wound up on the list. He’s all over the place this year including a PBS documentary on superheroes, the military’s co-branding with the movie Man of Steel, two toy museums, and a video game to help children learn. Last year, the Senator decided to take jabs at the 501st Legion’s charitable actions.

Check out below for what irritated the Senator and made the list this year.

  • It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s Superman! – (National Guard) $10 million – Coming in at number two on the list, the Senator had issues with the National Guard’s co-branding of advertisements with this year’s movie Man of Steel. The “Soldier of Steel” campaign was to “increase awareness and consideration of service opportunities in the National Guard.” The Senator seems to have an issue that the money could have been better spent supporting the actual National Guard troops and that the film and theaters, which eventually did quite well, could have been more charitable as far as costs. I guess the Republican only likes handouts when the government isn’t doing them?
  • Comic Book Superheroes Documentary – (NEH) $125,000 – At number 19 on the list, the Senator didn’t enjoy the PBS documentary Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle as much as the rest of us. While the documentary boasted it was a first of its kind, the Senator shows some examples that’s just not the case. All together the documentary and project has received $825,000 and though funded by us, we still need to buy the DVD. The Senator does leave out how much the documentary might have brought in for revenue, offsetting the cost. Small details matter.
  • Playing Games with Taxpayer Money – (IMLS) $225,000 – The National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY has made the list. The Senator doesn’t seem to like the museum which provides a hands on experience for kids. The money is geared towards a play zone that encourages just that and looks at the history of it. With more kids faces buried in front of electronic devices, is this a bad thing? This one ranks at number 50 on the list.
  • The Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys – (CO) $40,810 – At number 55, I can’t disagree about those creepy dolls shown in his report. This money is going towards a staffer to log the contents of the museum. That’s a small amount of money for a lot of work. I guess the Senator just doesn’t like people getting paid, and wants everyone to volunteer or rely on charity.
  • Need Brains! Fighting Zombies with Pluses and Minuses – (NC) $150,000 – Clocking in at 63 on the list, the Senator hates education as well. The money is meant to go to develop a “web-based, action-adventure, narrative-based, role-playing game where the player defends against zombies in an effort to save the human race.” And while doing that, they learn. The Senator seems to be less bothered by his math of this hiring 5 teachers in South Carolina. That’s really poor pay for hard work. He does have a point that many educational games like this already exists. Though, for schools to use them, they’d cost how much?
  • Four Score and Seven Clicks From Now: historical multi-player computer games – (NEH) $300,000 – At 88 on the list, I think the Senator just hates education through video games. He could use some of that education, because there’s a spelling error in this entry.
  • NSF Spending Millions on Ineffective Educational Games – (NSF) $4.4 million – See he hates education through video games! Taking up the 91st spot, this attempt at an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) by the National Science Foundation is to “attract teenage girls and underrepresented groups to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) careers, as well as educate these students in deep-time sciences, astrobiology, astrophysics, interplanetary space travel, and Earth sciences.” His reasoning goes into the fact some things says these don’t work. Can’t find all of that out if you don’t try! Maybe that fact that this is geared towards women and minorities is the real issue?

You can head to the full report and find out the other things the Senator thinks are a waste, and in fairness many of them are. But, many of the above have more to them the Senator ignores and conveniently leaves out, like if they generate revenue. But, that’d mean looking at all the facts, and we can’t ask our politicians to do that…. can we?

Well, no matter your political persuasion we can all agree there’s some irony in the cover riffing from Action Comics #1 right? How much did that cost to draw and color Senator?




Around the Tubes

So, for those who got this week’s new comics, what’s everyone think? Any good ones? Any duds?

Around the Tubes

iO9 – 10 Superman Villains Who Really Aren’t in the Man of Steel’s League – Pretty fun.

Kotaku – DC Universe Online‘s next DLC means nothing without playable cats – Amen.

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Batman vs. Superman Casts Its Wonder Woman

DC Comics has announced their Wonder Woman has been cast! After months of rumors, it has been confirmed (including casting) that Wonder Woman/Diana Prince will make her big screen debut in Zack Snyder’s upcoming and as yet untitled Superman and Batman film.  She had been mentioned on some short lists, but Israeli actress Gal Gadot has been confirmed for the role. You might know her from the Fast & Furious movies. She’ll be joining Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent and Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne.

Zack Snyder said in a release:

Wonder Woman is arguably one of the most powerful female characters of all time and a fan favorite in the DC Universe. Not only is Gal an amazing actress, but she also has that magical quality that makes her perfect for the role. We look forward to audiences discovering Gal in the first feature film incarnation of this beloved character.

The film also reunites Man of Steel’s Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Laurence Fishburne as Perry White, and Diane Lane as Martha Kent.

The film begins principal photography early next year and opens in theaters on July 17, 2015.



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