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Fashion Spotlight: Big Boss, Aperture Bake Sale, and Samurai Wars

Ript Apparel has three new designs today. Big Boss, Aperture Bake Sale, and Samurai Wars from TeeNoEvil, pixeldesign, and KindaCreative will be for sale on March 23, 2015 only!


Big Boss by TeeNoEvil

Big Boss

Aperture Bake Sale by pixeldesign

Aperture Bake Sale

Samurai Wars by KindaCreative

Samurai Wars



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Marvel Announces Stuart Immonen as New Ongoing Star Wars Artist!

Marvel and Lucasfim Ltd. have announced the addition of blockbuster artist Stuart Immonen as the new series artist for Star Wars! Immonen joins series writer Jason Aaron to continue the chart-topping, record breaking series this July!

Beginning this July with Star Wars #8, Stuart Immonen journeys to a galaxy far, far away for the continuing adventures of some of fiction’s most beloved characters! For now, get a peek at what to expect with your very first look at Immonen’s early pencils for the Star Wars #8 cover.

Stay tuned for more info about incoming Star Wars artist Stuart Immonen as well as the announcement of Star Wars #7’s very special guest artist!

Written by JASON AARON
On Sale in July!


Toronto Comic Con 2015: Celebrity Q&A with Dickie Beer

dickiebeerDickie Beer has been in a lot of movies that you have seen, only you probably don’t recognize him.  He is a near legendary stuntman that has performed in some of the biggest series in movie history, most notably in the last two Indiana Jones movies and the Return of the Jedi.  The most recognizable of his role was as the stunt double for Boba Fett, but he has been in many other films including several James Bond, Total Recall and the second Transformers movie.

The question period started out with some technical difficulties with the microphone, so Dickie told a story while people waited.

Dickie Beer:  While we figure out these technical problems, I can tell a funny anecdote.  One day my daughter came home from school, and I could see that she is very excited.  She almost screamed to me “I didn’t know that you are so famous!  You are Boba Fett!”  And I asked “Who is that?” because I played so many characters in the Star Wars movies and forgot who they all were.   [microphone is fixed]

Question From the Floor:  What is the most dangerous stunt that you have done?

gamorDB:  When I was filming Return of the Jedi I was playing a Gamorrean guard.  We were filming in the Yuma Desert, which was very hot, and the costume was so hot and so heavy that I had to take it off every few minutes just to breathe and so that I would not overheat.  At one point there was a scene where Carrie Fisher had to knock me down, and every time that I fell down I needed three people to help me back up, because the suit was too cumbersome to stand up on my own.  During one scene, they called for lunch, and the three people that were supposed to pick me up ran off to lunch without remembering that I had fallen.  When everyone got to the food hall, Carrie noticed that I was not there and she ran back to help me up.  It might sound funny compared to other dangerous stunts, but when she came back, it really saved my life.

QFF:  What is your favourite Star Wars movie?

DB:  It may sound funny but I don’t like watching movies all that much.  I don’t enjoy them as much because I don’t look at a movie as a story being told, I look at it as a job.  I am the worst movie watcher ever because I always see where people make mistakes or when they have done something wrong. So I am afraid that I haven’t seen any of them all the way through.  Don’t tell anybody.

QFF:  Do you have any directors over the course of your career that were easier to work with or harder to work with?

angjolDB:  There are always good people and bad people and I prefer to talk about the good people.  There are three actors that I like to work with – Harrison Ford, Angelina Jolie and Geena Davis.  They are my three favourite actors because of who they are.  They don’t behave like stars, they treat you like a human being, with respect.  You treat people how you want to be treated and they are these kind of people.  I like to work with some directors, my favourite is Spielberg.  I like the way that Spielberg operates.  One of the things that I learned from Stephen Spielberg is to not ask him what is next because he will say “you have the call sheet, you have the script, and that’s about it. That should be enough information so don’t come to me asking what is next because you should know if you’ve done your homework.”  He has always been good to me and what I like about him is that he remembers each and everyone’s name, and I am very bad at names.

QFF:  What do you think about the new Star Wars movies?

DB:  I haven’t seen them (laughs).  You mean the new ones coming out?  I hear all kinds of stories, but I don’t know.  Lucas is still involved but it is not produced by Lucas anymore it is Disney.

QFF:  Have you heard anything about them?

DB:  The only thing that I know is that Harrison is in it, Mark Hamill is in it, Carrie Fisher is in it, Peter Mayhew is in it and C3P-0, Anthony Daniels.

QFF:  What is the biggest freefall that you have done?

double impactDB:  The highest one was 150 feet, and I didn’t know that it was 150.  It was for a movie called Double Impact, with Jean-Claude Van Damme which was shot in Hong Kong.  There was a fall off of one of the cranes which picks up the containers off of the ships.  I estimated that it was around 110.  We set the air bag up and got everything set and then at night we had to shoot it.  What happened was that there were two lights, really bright lights, to the side of the air bag which were shining straight up into my face.  I looked down and couldn’t see the air bag because of the light were blinding me.  I asked the director “Do we need those lights?” and he said “Of course we need them otherwise I can’t see you.”  So I said “OK, can you turn them off for a split second to let me get in my position.  You say action and then I will do the fall.”  They turned off the lights and I spotted the air bag so I knew where it was and I knew exactly what I had to do.  Then I told them to turn the lights back on and when they turned them on I closed my eyes and kept them shut until they said action.  I did the fall with my eyes closed and counted off two seconds and knew that I should be through the beam of light.  That is when I opened my eyes Because my eyes were closed I had pushed off too hard and I went over the center of the airbag, which is the ideal place to hit the air bag.  What happens when you are too far forward is that the back side is shot into the air, and I was thrown off into the ground

QFF:  Have you ever looked at a stunt and said “this one is not for me”?

DB:  Not really because when it comes to doing something that looks like it is impossible, I always say “nothing is impossible as long as you give me enough time and money to figure it out.”  I always say that I can do it, but that it will cost a certain amount and will take a certain amount of time, and if they are willing to pay for that, then I can make it happen.  So far I have never said no, but other have turned me down and said that it is too expensive.  I figured out a system where I can crash an airplane for real and walk away from it but nobody has come up with the money to do it yet.

bridgeQFF:  Have you ever been injured in a stunt?

DB:  The only injuries that I have had is a torn ligament in my collarbone and a twisted ankle.  That’s it.

QFF:  Were you involved with the bridge scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?

DB:  Yes, I was one of the idiots that fall off of there.  Actually, remember when they end up against the wall when they are climbing the broken bridge?  Every time that you see someone fall it was me, because I was the only one for some reason that was capable of staying close to the actors instead of … when falling you travel both out and down.

QFF:  Harrison was there too?

Film Title: Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines.DB:  Yes, he was there hanging on, and so was the actor that played the bad guy.  If Harrison was not an actor, he would be a stuntman.  The stunt coordinator sometimes had to tell Harrison not to take part in stunts because they were too dangerous or too tricky for him.

QFF:  What is the stunt that took the longest preparation on your part?

DB:  The longest that I had was about two to three months.  A lot of rehearsals.  A lot of crashing of cars to get that it was going to happen the right way.  That was for Terminator 3.  That scene where the crane is operated by the T-X.  That took months and months of rehearsals and trying thing out.

QFF:  How many movies have you made?

DB:  On IMDB I have about 110 listed, but in reality I have done about 150.  Some of the movies that were on IMDB, I had to take them off because they were so bad and I didn’t want my name associated with them.

Review: Princess Leia #2

princessleia002Fans of Star Wars have gone through a few ups and downs as of late.  First they were told that there would be new Star Wars films, but then they were told that the Expanded Universe was no longer canon.  Then they were told that there would be new Star Wars comics from Marvel which would be in continuity, but then they discovered that the comics would be set between episodes IV and V.  This followed with mostly acceptance of the decision to set the stories there, as it was apparently a fertile time for stories to be told, as the first issue of the ongoing Star Wars series was well received.  This carried forward into the Princess Leia series, but for the first time fans met it with neither a high nor a low.  It was neither amazing nor disappointing, and while it was of a high enough quality, it seemed as though fans expected more.

In terms of the character though, she is perhaps the blankest slate of all of them.  She has a rich background thanks to her parents as revealed in episodes I-III, but while she had a prominent role in an action/adventure movie by the standards of the 1970s, by this point in popular culture, she fits a lot more into the princess stereotype than action star.  The first issue of the series sought to break down some of these perceptions of the character, notably that there was always a lot going on in the background of the character that the viewers did not know about.  The problem with the first issue was that it was first necessary to break these perceptions before moving into a place where she could shine on her own.  As in the movies she mostly either tagged along with Han or with Luke on the various plots to overthrow the empire, it was uncommon to see her venture off on her own without reason, but after having been established the action and the fun starts, as Leia tracks down a group of Alderaanians on Naboo and ventures into her back story first to explain more of her own inspirations.

After the relatively flat introduction, this series might have seemed to be heading into the direction of mediocrity, but this second issue evidently does what it needs to do to establish something more for the character.  It may not be exactly the character that the fans are used to, but it doesn’t matter as the character is taken out of the grey zone between those two episodes and thrown into the modern day by doing so.  There are some fun action sequences here but there are also some deeper moments.  It may not be a masterpiece, but the way that this is heading, it will at least serve as an effective modern update for a beloved character.

Story: Mark Waid Art: Terry Dodson
Story: 8.6 Art: 8.6 Overall: 8.6 Recommendation: Buy



Fashion Spotlight: Archery Club, SELFETT, and Sesame Hold´em

Ript Apparel has three new designs today. One for Marvel and Hawkeye fans, one for Star Wars fans, and one for Sesame Street fans. Archery Club, SELFETT, and Sesame Hold´em from AtomicRocket, Fernando_Sala, and 2mz will be for sale on March 18, 2015 only!


Archery Club by AtomicRocket

Archery Club

SELFETT by Fernando_Sala


Sesame Hold´em by 2mz

Sesame Hold´em




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Fashion Spotlight: Shield Crest, Thats How You Get Idjits, and A New Holiday

Ript Apparel has three new designs today. Shield Crest, Thats How You Get Idjits, and A New Holiday from AutoSave, fanboy30, and AtomicRocket will be for sale on March 15, 2015 only!


Shield Crest by AutoSave

Shield Crest

Thats How You Get Idjits by fanboy30

Thats How You Get Idjits

A New Holiday by AtomicRocket

A New Holiday



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Fashion Spotlight: Attack on Endor, Steel-Skin Gym, and Frozen Love

Ript Apparel has three new designs for folks. One for Star Wars fans. One for X-Men fans. And the final mashes up Frozen and Mortal Kombat. Attack on Endor and Steel-Skin Gym and Frozen Love from AtomicRocket and Fernando_Sala and JayHai will be for sale on March 13, 2015 only!


Attack on Endor by AtomicRocket

Attack on Endor

Steel-Skin Gym by Fernando_Sala

Steel-Skin Gym

Frozen Love by JayHai

Frozen Love



This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links and make a purchase, we’ll receive a percentage of the sale. Graphic Policy does purchase items from this site. Making purchases through these links helps support the site.

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Star Wars Rogue One in December 2016

star wars featuredStar Wars fans have a lot to look forward to over the next few years. At Disney‘s annual shareholder meeting which took place today in San Francisco, details have emerged as to what we can expect for the future of the franchise and was announced by Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger.

Announced at the meeting, Star Wars Episode VIII will be released May 26, 2017 and be written and directed by Rian Johnson. That release date is forty years and one day after Star Wars: A New Hope was released in 1977.

The bigger news is that the first standalone film will be released December 16, 2016. The film will be called Rogue One, and is based on an idea by a visual effects supervisor, John Knoll, and written by Chris Weitz. There’s also another standalone film in development. The film will be directed by Gareth Edwards, and so far Felicity Jones has been cast to star. The film will begin shooting this summer.

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