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Graphic Policy’s Top Comic Picks this Week!

Spread01_CoverWednesdays are new comic book day! Each week hundreds of comics are released, and that can be pretty daunting to go over and choose what to buy. That’s where we come in! Below are ten suggestions of comics, graphic novels, or trade paperbacks you should spend some extra time checking out and think about picking up.

Top Pick: Spread #1 (Image) – When humanity unleashed an ancient evil that nearly consumes the earth, one man (with a potential immunity to the mass) might hold the key to survival. Spread the word, this looks good, and is likely to be a sell-out hit.

Grayson #1 (DC) – If Dick Grayson in a new spy thriller series doesn’t grab you, their tag line HAS to: “You might think you know Nightwing – but you don’t know Dick.”

The Life After #1 (Oni Press) – Josh Fialkov’s trippy new series is an interesting look at the after life. As with Fialkov’s other work, this is one that’s not to be missed.

Lumberjanes #4 (BOOM! Studios/BOOM! Box) – Are you reading one the freshest series to come out in a LONG time? This female powered series revolves around mysteries at a summer camp. Fun, with a diverse cast, and empowering, this is the exact type of comic we should be seeing more of.

New Suicide Squad #1 (DC) – With new members (Joker’s Daughter, Deathstroke, and Black Manta) and new locations (Russia!), Task Force X just got a jolt of adrenaline.

Spider-Man 2099 #1 (Marvel) – I have mixed memories of comics in the 90s. A bright spot was some of Marvel’s 2099 line, especially Spider-Man. Because fans demanded it, Marvel is bringing it back, but with a twist. Miguel O’Hara is stuck in the present, and must deal with being a time-displaced Spider-Man.

Star Wars #19 (Dark Horse) – It will be a sad day when not only this series, but Dark Horse’s Star Wars license comes to an end. At least Dark Horse can hold their head high knowing they’ve done this intergalactic universe true justice.

The Strain Vol. 1 (Dark Horse) – Get the comic before the television series debuts this Sunday. I’m sure on Monday, everyone will be buzzing about this modern vampire tale.

The United States of Murder Inc. #3 (Marvel/Icon) – A mob tale with a twist. Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming’s series is so good, it’s right up there with some of my favorite movies about the mob.

The Walking Dead #129 (Skybound/Image Comics) – Writer Robert Kirkman has shaken up the story, and given us some new perspectives in the world of Rick Grimes and his people. This is the peace after the war, but is it easier to maintain than constant battle?

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Around the Tubes

It’s a new week, getting us closer to San Diego Comic Con! The news was quiet over the holiday weekend, but here’s some interesting stuff you might have missed.

Around the Tubes

CBR – ‘Star Wars Episode VII’ Adds Two New Cast Members – Still waiting to hear folks apologize for jumping the gun during the first round of casting.

Bleeding Cool – Stephen Amell Is Raffling Off Two Arrow Statues For Charity – Very nice!

Kotaku – The Exo Suit Ushers In A New Age Of LEGO Space Exploration – Digging the use of the original planet with ship symbol.

Previews – Round-Up

New news is good news!


Are you rich? Do you like expensive toys? Are you Bruce Wayne? Then this is the item for you! Hot Toys has released more detailed info on their 1/12th scale The Bat Collectible Sets. Available in two flavours, “normal” and Deluxe, The Bat comes loaded with some cool features and accessories all scaled to the 6 inch figures.

The normal set includes:

  • Six (6) front LED lights, Six (6) LED lights in the middle of aircraft, Two (2) LED light up back engines
  • Functional cockpit door, Two (2) seats
  • Moveable front dual rotors, Rotatable underside propellers, Articulated flaps at the back
  • Two (2) machine guns, Two (2) side panel rocket launchers
  • Remote control for LED light-up and propellers spinning functions
  • One (1) Batman Collectible Figure
  • One (1) set of collectible stands for The Bat









The Deluxe set includes:

  • Six (6) front LED lights, Six (6) LED lights in the middle of aircraft, Two (2) LED light up back engines
  • Functional cockpit door, Two (2) seats
  • Moveable front dual rotors, Rotatable underside propellers, Articulated flaps at the back
  • Two (2) machine guns, Two (2) side panel rocket launchers
  • Remote control for LED light-up and propellers spinning functions
  • One (1) Batman Collectible Figure
  • One (1) Selina Kyle (Catwoman) Collectible Figure
  • One (1) set of collectible stands for The Bat
  • One (1) fusion reactor









While I’m not the biggest fan of The Dark Knight Rises (easily the weakest of the 3), these sets are pretty cool. The regular set will run ya $690, while the Deluxe comes in at a cool $780. Start saving your pennies bat-fans! Pre-orders are up at Sideshow Collectibles.









In another baffling move from Hasbro, another Walgreens exclusive has been announced. This time you’ll be heading to a pharmacy to buy a Star Wars Black Series Prototype Boba Fett. A repaint of the original release, this time deco’d in his white prototype armour. He’ll be avialble this fall and can be pre-ordered at SDCC if you live no where near a Walgreens. Both completely viable options for your’s truly, a dweller North beyond the boarder.












Sideshow has yet another piece of awesome up their sleeve, with the Dr. Doom Premium Format Figure. Measuring just under two feet tall on the base, and featuring interchangeable classic and modern versions of his mask, a fabric costume, and armored battle-suit. The Exclusive edition of includes an additional swap-out hand armed with a cosmic ray gun.

Both versions are priced at $389.99. Pre-orders start June 26th a Sideshow Collectibles.

doom01 doom02 doommask01 doommask02









And finally……”Get away from her you b@#%h!” and get onto my shelf! NECA has finally take the wraps of the long awaited Queen Alien, and it’s a doozy.

From NECA:

In honor of the 35th Anniversary of the Alien franchise, we’ve created our most massive and most ambitious Aliens figure ever! The terrifying Xenomorph Queen is based on her appearance in the 1986 Aliens film. She stands over 15″ tall and is over 30″ long, with over 30 points of articulation, including a spectacular poseable tail. Bring some of the movie’s most thrilling scenes to life in realistic detail, because the Queen is completely in scale with our current Alien action figure line. Includes a display stand and two different interchangeable inner mouths.

I. WANT. THIS. NOW. I have the old McFarlane Queen and this one blows it out of the water. The sculpt, the paint, articulation, and scale are leaps and bounds ahead of anything that has come before. I want to go and buy more Aliens so I can have a sufficient brood for their Queen arrives this fall.













Diamond Select Toys this week: Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, Marvel Select and The Walking Dead!

It’s another big week for Diamond Select Toys, with four items shipping to comic shops across North America! But while one of them is definitely a toy, three are items you’re gonna want in your kitchen! Check out the details below!

Star Wars Boba Fett Magnetic Metal Bottle Opener

Boba Fett? Where? On your brand-new bottle opener, that’s where! Make sure you always have a way to open tasty beverages with this solid metal bottle opener, depicting the portrait of Boba Fett, super-cool bounty hunter extraordinaire! It measures 4 inches long, has magnets on the back and removes bottle caps like Boba Fett captures a bounty — with style! Comes packaged in a collector’s slip case with a full-color wrap. (Item #JAN141922, Suggested Retail Price: $18.00)


Pulp Fiction Jack Rabbit Slim’s Pint Glass

The next movie to get the Reelware treatment from DST is Quentin Tarantino’s groundbreaking film Pulp Fiction! Celebrating the film’s 20th anniversary, DST is taking fans inside the world of the movie with a 16-oz. pint glass from the famous Jack Rabbit Slim’s restaurant. Whether you fill it with a five-dollar milkshake or another tasty beverage, the Jack Rabbit Slim’s logo will always remind you of the first time you watched Vince and Mia do the twist. Packaged in a window box. (Item #MAY142227, SRP: $10.99)


Walking Dead Zombie Heads Silicone Tray

Party like the Governor with this all-new Walking Dead silicone tray! Based on the comic book artwork of Charlie Adlard, this flexible tray can be used to cast up ice, gelatin and even chocolate in the shape of a half-dozen zombie heads, as well as the famous Walking Dead comic book logo! Fill up the fishtank and let the fun begin! (Item #JAN141924, SRP: $15.00)


Marvel Select What If? Captain America Figure

During the epic superhuman Civil War, rivals Captain America and Iron Man fought each other tooth and nail. But what if they had worked together? This 7-inch-scale Marvel Select figure depicts Captain America as he appears on the cover of What If? Civil War #1, wearing a suit of armor designed for him by Tony Stark himself. Cap features 16 points of articulation and includes his trademark shield, a deluxe “blast-off” display base, and a removable display stand. Figure comes packaged in display-ready Select packaging, with spine reference artwork. (Item #FEB142062, SRP $24.99)


Around the Tubes

It was new comic book day yesterday! What did you get? What was awesome?

Around the Tubes

ICv2 – Amicus Briefs for Kirby Mounting – This should be interesting.

Kotaku – Star Wars: Episode VII’s Cast, Now In Lego Form – Awesome.

GamePolitics – DFC Predicts $100 Billion in Video Game Software Sales by 2018 – That’s an impressive number.


Around the Tubes Reviews

Comic Vine – The Amazing Spider-Man #3

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Comic Vine – Batman #32

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The Fandom Post – Fell Vol. 1: Feral City

Comic Vine – Ghostbusters #17

Comic Vine – New Avengers Annual #1

Comic Vine – Outcast #1

CBR – Superman #32

Comic Vine – X-O Manowar #26

Preview: Toy News Round-Up

Wow, lots of stuff popped up lately. Had some things going on in life and I got a little behind. Hell of a week for that to happen. So here’s the round-up.









Mattel showed off the first ever Star Wars themed Hot Wheels vehicle. This toy will be at SDCC in July. The roadster is designed to look like Darth Vader and comes packaged inside his own lightsaber. The package features red glowing lights, lightsaber sounds and Vader’s trademark heavy breathing.











NECA reveals the next 18″ Jager from Pacific Rim…….Battle-Damaged Gipsy Danger. Gipsy comes ready for battle with the famous Plasma Cannon that lights up AND swivels. The LED lights in the chest and head from the original version make a return. This behemoth is ready to defend the world this September for about $100.









Bandai has taken the wraps off a great new addition to the S.H. Figuarts series……….Star Wars! The first figures out of the gate in 2015 look to be a Stormtrooper and Dath Vader himself. It’s pretty apparent, from my other posts, just how much I love the S.H Figuarts line, and getting Star Wars figures now makes me extremely happy. I can’t wait for a side-by-side review with the Black Series Stormtrooper and Vader. Based on these early pictures, I’ve got a feeling who the winner will be, do you?











In more S.H. Figuarts news, Bandai gives a first look at the Mega Man Zero star, Zero. Loaded with weapons from the series, Zero comes with; Z-Saber, the laser pistol Buster Shot, and the Triple Rod. Zero also gets a shield accessory and the traditional interchangeable expressions and hands. Zero hits in November for around $50.










At the Tokyo Toy Show, Takara displayed the first painted version of the latest Masterpiece Transformer, Ultra Magnus. The quality of the figure looks great, as does the scale. He does look a little bulky at the shoulders and legs. More looks are needed at this figure before judgment is passed. But wow, Ultra Magnus!

To close things off, an entry into the WTF?!?! category.








Factory Entertainment announced this piece for SDCC: Archer – Sterling Archer Tuxedo Action Figure. No words, I have no words. This is a variant of the regular Archer figure that will be released and it looks like THIS?!?! Were they going for a retro style here or trying to mimic the look of the show? Either way, they appear to have missed the mark. I was worried about these when they debuted, but they were early, and I assumed they would improve, they have not. This is a big dissapointment to Archer fans who were looking forward to great figures from a great show. Thankfully, there’s only 1500 of these and if you want to toss away $25 they’ll be available at SDCC in July.




Diamond Select Toys Announces Exclusive Products for SDCC 2014!

It’s almost time for Comic-Con International in San Diego, and Diamond Select Toys will be hanging out at Booth 2607, showing off some cool new products and selling some amazingly cool toys! Check out the exclusives Diamond Select Toys, Diamond Comic Distributors, and various retailers around the show floor will be offering at SDCC!

Godzilla Burning Godzilla SDCC Exclusive Vinyl Bust Bank

A Diamond Select Toys Release! Godzilla is more than just a giant lizard – he’s also a walking nuclear reactor! This new, limited-edition vinyl bank of the King of All Monsters depicts him as he appeared in 1995′s Godzilla vs. Destoroyah, when his atomic heart began to overheat. With an all-new black-and-orange color scheme, this 8-inch bust bank features collectible-quailty paint applications, as well as a coin slot on his back and an access door in the base. Limited to 1000 pieces. Packaged in a clear polybag. Sculpted by Gentle Giant! (Item #FEB148247, $30.00


Walking Dead Minimates Days Gone Bye B&W SDCC Exclusive Box Set

A Diamond Select Toys Release! The Walking Dead has reached its 125th issue, and is still one of the top-selling comic books in America! DST is commemorating the anniversary with a four-pack of key characters and zombies as they appeared in the very first story arc, “Days Gone Bye.” Rick, Shane, Glenn and a zombie all appear for the first time in glorious black-and-white, just like the comic book! Each fully poseable Minimate mini-figure stands 2 inches tall and features interchangeable parts and accessories. Limited to 3,000 pieces. Packaged on a full-color blister card. Designed by Art Asylum! (Item #FEB148244, SRP: $20.00)


Marvel Minimates X-Men Days of Future Past Comic SDCC Exclusive Box Set

A Diamond Select Toys Release! The newest X-Men movie is blowing minds and setting records with its time-travel storyline, and now DST is going back in time to 1981! That’s when the original Days of Future Past story line came out in Uncanny X-Men, and this 4-pack of Minimates captures four of the storyline’s most important characters! Future Wolverine, Future Kitty Pryde, Mystique and a Future Sentinel each stand 2 inches tall and feature interchangeable parts and accessories. Limited to 3,000 pieces. Packaged in a full-color window box. Designed by Art Asylum! (Item #FEB148243, SRP: $20.00)


X-Men #23 “Days of Future Past” Minimates Cover

To celebrate Diamond Select Toys’ exclusive Minimates box set, Minimates are taking over the cover to Marvel Comics’ X-Men #23! This variant cover features Wolverine and Kitty Pryde drawn in the Minimates style, a tribute to John Byrne’s classic cover to Uncanny X-Men #141. Artwork by Barry Bradfield! (Available through various retailers, Item #APR148247, SRP: $3.99)


Sin City Select Bloody Marv SDCC Exclusive Action Figure

A Diamond Select Toys Release! With a new line of figures based on the groundbreaking film hitting stores soon, DST is pleased to present their limited-edition exclusive Sin City figure for SDCC: Bloody Marv! This version of Marv features a unique paint scheme, with a bright red spatter of blood standing out against his black-and-white face and clothes. Marv also comes packaged with a sculpted diorama display base and a variety of deadly accessories he’ll need on the streets of Sin City, all packaged in the famous Select display packaging, complete with spine reference artwork. Limited to 1300 pieces. Sculpted by Jean St. Jean! (Item #FEB148221, SRP: $25.00


Star Wars Spirit Yoda SDCC Exclusive Quarter Scale Vinyl Bank

A Diamond Select Toys Release! Toys, exclusives… a Jedi craves these things! DST’s 7-inch Yoda bank returns in spirit form, as a translucent blue vinyl figure exclusively available at SDCC! In scale to previously released Ultimate Quarter Scale action figures and banks, this new limited edition of the original Yoda bank includes a separate cane accessory, and has a coin slot on the back as well as an access door in the base.  Limited to 1000 pieces. Packaged in a clear polybag. Sculpted by Oluf Hartvigson! (Item #FEB148245, SRP: $23.00


Star Trek Battle Damaged USS Excelsior SDCC Exclusive Electronic Starship

A Diamond Select Toys Release! All hands brace for impact! The U.S. S. Excelsior has engaged the enemy, and it shows in this new battle-damaged edition of the original Excelsior-class starship! With new paint applications showing damage from the Battle of Khitomer, this limited edition of 100 ships will only be available at Comic-Con! Push a button to light up the bridge, deflector dish, impulse engines and warp nacelles, and trigger dialogue by George Takei as Captain Hikaru Sulu!  Limited to 100 pieces. Packaged in a window box with try-me feature. Designed and sculpted by Art Asylum! (Only available at Booth 2607, $70.00)


World Debut: Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back Cocknocker Retro Action Figure

A Diamond Select Toys Release! Rescued from the DST warehouse and being sold for the first time anywhere, Cock-Knocker is making his debut at SDCC! Originally made in 2001 for the release of the Bluntman & Chronic movie, this 8-inch, cloth-costumed figure of Cock-Knocker was believed lost forever… until now! In scale to the other two releases in the line, Bluntman and Chronic themselves, Cock-Knocker has one giant fist and his energy sword, and is the missing piece in any Bluntfan’s retro-style figure collection! Packaged in resealable clamshell packaging with full color artwork. Designed and sculpted by EMCE Toys! (Item #FEB148248, SRP: $20.00)


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