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We Talk About Mary Jane Watson’s Dress with a Couple of Wedding Experts

dress001Marvel recently got inspired by all of the Secret Wars crossovers to release a tie-in with Spider-Man titled “Renew Your Vows” which features a poorer version of the hero as he struggles through married life as a superhero with his wife and daughter. The married life for Peter Parker has been something which has been a factor in the character’s recent history after having his first wedding special in the 1987, which set off a wave of other wedding specials in comics.

The Secret Wars series got a variant cover from J. Scott Campbell, which featured Mary Jane Watson on a presumably alternate universe wedding, in an intricate though maybe too improbable dress. We got together with Jennifer LaVie from Kiss The Bride and Fannie Vavoulis to discuss the dress and comic book weddings.
Graphic Policy: First of all, would you say yes to this dress?

Fannie Vavoulis: YES! If I had a body like that there is no question I would say YES!!

Jennifer LaVie: I’d have to say a big no to this dress.

GP: What are some things that are right about it?

JL: Well, exposed and dramatic backs are really trending and hot right now, so that is definitely something people have their eyes peeled for. The applique detail on the dress straps/sleeves is very nice and in my opinion would appeal to many people.

FV: It shapes her figure really well, very sexy yet still classic in my opinion.

dress002GP: And what did the artist get wrong?

FV: It may be a bit too revealing along the back.

JL: It’s over sexualized and would not appeal to all body types. A “normal” female probably won’t say “that could be me” but likely would be more apt to say “that could never be me”. It takes away from the fantasy when you cannot be a part of it. Plus as a female myself, I have to say it’s almost offensive.

GP: Are there any issues that you can think of that don’t make sense as far as dresses are depicted in art as opposed to the reality? In this case for instance, the dress is supposedly made with spider webs.

JL: I actually like the spider webs, to me that is something that relates to the bride and speaks to her personality, making the dress original and unique to her. The only thing I really can say is that in most cases as I mentioned above things are over sexualized and completely unrealistic to every day people, men and women. Perhaps that is the point of the art, I suppose it would depend.

FV: Well the sleeves in this dress don’t make any sense. I am not sure in reality how they are supposed to stay up around the shoulders. Also – no one could really wear this dress unless you’re Kate Upton. It is so fitting that it would show a LOT of flaws (can you say cottage cheese??) : )

GP: As a real life wedding expert, what are some things that fiction always seems to get wrong about weddings?

FV: I think the most common is the perfection of the day. Most brides will tell you that the day doesn’t always go as planned and hiccups are to be expected. But those minor details are never noticed by the guests – usually just the bride or the person planning it. A lot of things can go wrong – weather issues, time delays, vendors not arriving on time, etc. Stories and comics always depict the day as being perfect – not always the way.

dress003JL: That they are perfect. Nothing is ever perfect. Ever.

GP: It doesn’t happen very often but there are occasionally wedding specials in comics. Do these have any appeal outside of comic book fans?

JL: I think so, if you love weddings you are going to love them in all forms. Cartoons, comics, reality tv etc etc. Weddings appeal to a lot of people!

FV: Wedding specials? Meaning an entire comic book dedicated to a wedding theme?


Many thanks to our two contributors, they took time out of their busy summertime wedding planning schedules to talk with us. Also as an editorial note, it would seem that no one knows about comic book wedding specials other than comic book readers.

Sony and Marvel Find Their Spider-Man and Director

Tom HollandRemember when all those sites in the know said Asa Butterfield was cast as Spider-Man? Guess who ISN’T Spider-Man. That’d be Asa Butterfield.

Today, Marvel and Sony have announced they have cast Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man. The 19-year-old English Actor has mostly been in movies I’ve never heard of including The Impossible, How I Love Now, and the upcoming films Pilgrimage, In the Heart of the Sea, and Back Country, all out in 2015, as well as the television miniseries Wolf Hall.

In the release it said that producers Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal were impressed with his performances as well as his “complex screen tests.”

Also announced today is that Jon Watts will be directing the film. Watts is an interesting choice (continuing a string of interesting choices by Marvel) and his previous work involves numerous episodes of the televisions series Onion SportsDome and The Onion News Network, and the films Clown and Cop Car. Again, none of which I’ve seen.

The film will be financed and released by Sony and they will “collaborate” with Marvel on a “new creative direction for the Web-Slinger.”

The next Spider-Man film hits theaters July 28, 2017, though the character is rumored to first appear in a Marvel film beforehand.

Miles Morales, Sony, Marvel, and Spider-Man Films

Spider-Man Miles MoralesThis weekend it was announced that Miles Morales would be taking over as “the” Spider-Man in comics when the new Marvel Universe gels after Marvel‘s Secret Wars event wraps up. Part of the reason cited for the change was the lobbying by fans to get Morales to be the big screen Spider-Man in the Marvel/Sony movie reboot.

Some sites have attempted to generate controversy by mining the leaked Sony documents currently hosted by Wikileaks. There are various documents that have Peter Parker remaining Caucasian, straight, and having gotten his powers in high school or college. You know, like he is in the comics. In other words, Sony couldn’t go and change the character without Marvel’s permission. Also mentioned was he was male, doesn’t torture, doesn’t kill unless in self-defense or defending others, doesn’t smoke, does not swear beyond PG-13, doesn’t sell illegal drugs, doesn’t abuse alcohol, and doesn’t have sex before the age of 16 or with anyone younger than 16.

That’s not too controversial in my mind. Is the rest of the list a problem too? I surely hope not. But some websites like clickbait and don’t present all the pertinent information in their articles, especially during their attempts drum up controversy. I’m not going to link to the original article that started it all, but it’s a site that does this a lot, and unfortunately other sites regurgitated what the original site wrote unchallenged.

I decided to see what I could turn up about Sony’s interest in Miles Morales. The character made his debut in 2011, and in late 2011 there’s a memo written by Jim Underwood currently the Global Head of Entertainment Strategy for Facebook, but from 2010 to 2012 he was the Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, that specifically mentions the character as part of the discussion between Marvel and Sony about characters.

The initial document from August 2011 lays out the discussion between Sony and Marvel over some of Marvel’s characters, and who could do what with each, and what could be done with them. It goes over various an impressive roster of characters even the most die-hard fans might not know about. It also give insight into some of what Sony was looking at for their movies like Venom, The Jury, and Kraven.

In the document entitled “Spider-Man Disputed Characters List” the first bullet point discusses Miles Morales, even adding the characters to something called the “‘Alternative Spider-Man’ schedule.” It is specifically mentioned that Morales isn’t “Caucasian” getting around Marvel’s requirement for Spider-Man as far as that characteristic. This indicates that as far back as 2011 Sony was thinking about diversity in its Spider-Man films. That’s completely opposite of what many sites would lead you to believe. Also of interest is the mention of rumors that Morales was to be gay and Sony would like the right to portray him as so.

Spider-Man_2099_1_Cover_BianchiThere’s also the mention of lots of other IP include various diverse Spider-Man characters. There’s Miguel O’Hara, Spider-Man 2099, and Paviitr Prabhakar who is the Spider-Man of India. Yes, diversity was on people’s minds. Also was Spider-Man as a member of the Fantastic Four, that was to be discussed as well.

While there were some articles that said Sony wasn’t interested in a movie with Morales or O’Hara, the documents say otherwise. They were on their mind to use at some point.

There’s also a list of characters/organizations that were no-go, some of which dealt with Daredevil. One of the non-exclusive characters was Jessica Drew, also known as Spider-Woman, a character that has been rumored to show up as a member of S.H.I.E.L.D. Marvel wouldn’t be able to call her Spider-Woman.

Some of the characters and locations discussed as having to do with Daredevil include The Arranger, Brainwasher, Flint, the Kingpin, Vanessa Fisk, Julius, Fisk Tower, Gloom Room A-Go-Go. Kingpin looks to be shared between the companies with Marvel’s use being specific to Daredevil and other characters Fisk interacted with previously.

Interesting characters, groups, and locations that are mentioned as reserved by Marvel include Bullseye, Cloak and Dagger, Elektra, Jigsaw, The Owl, Moses Magnum, The Punisher, Werewolf by Night, Speedball, A.I.M., Hydra, High Evolutionary, Roxxon, and a whole lot more.

The final document was from September 2011, and who knows when/if it was signed. It’s unknown how these documents were adopted, but it’s interesting that Sony was very interested in Miles Morales, especially for those things that make him a character for the new generation.

Miles Morales is Spider-Man Post Secret Wars

It’s not a shock that Miles Morales is “a” Spider-Man after Marvel’s current world shaking event Secret Wars. The character was featured in Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day release All-New, All-Different Avengers which took place after Secret Wars wraps up.

In an exclusive to the Daily News (I thought we weren’t going to have to scour the web to get all these announcements!?) Marvel has revealed that there will be a new series entitled Spider-Man that will feature Miles Morales under the mask.

Miles Morales will the “the” Spider-Man in the new Marvel universe continuing his role that began in 2011 in Marvel’s Ultimate Universe, which was destroyed in the event currently running through Marvel’s comics. The teen character is part African-American and part Puerto Rican bringing some diversity to the line, and continuing a character today’s generation relates to. Morales will be joined by a grownup Peter Parker who will act as a mentor to the character.

Part of the reason for the change was the lobbying by fans when Marvel and Sony were deciding what to do with the Spider-Man movie franchise. Morales won’t be on the screen any time soon, and we’ll have more about that tomorrow.

The series will be written by the creator of the character Brian Michael Bendis who will be joined by Sarah Pichelli on art.

Bendis in the exclusive article emphasized that this is “the” Spider-Man, not one with an asterisk. It’ll be interesting to see how the publisher gels everything together to make this happen when their event wraps up.

Spider-Man Miles Morales

Marvel Madness in Pop!, Pocket Pop! & Wacky Wobblers

HYDRA beware! Agent Carter is enlisting in Pop!

Throughout the Agent Carter series, and her cameos throughout Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, it becomes clear that Agent Carter is incredibly tenacious!

Add her to your collection while you wait for the next season of Agent Carter!

Pop! Marvel: Agent Carter is out in August from Funko.

Pop! Marvel Agent Carter

Funko is proud to introduce the newest members of Marvel’s Pop! Keychain family!

Deadpool, the Merc with a mouth, and the classic Spider-Man are now the perfect travel size!

The Pocket Pop! Keychains: Marvel are out in July.

Pocket Pop! Keychains Marvel Deadpool Pocket Pop! Keychains Marvel Spiderman

We knew they were coming, now take a look at the goods!

The Wacky Wobbler: Marvel – Ant-Man & Yellowjacket are out in July.

Wacky Wobbler Marvel - Ant-Man Wacky Wobbler Marvel Yellowjacket


Fashion Spotlight: GreenPool, Team Redpuff Boys, and Merc with No Bunghole

Ript Apparel has three designs for Marvel fans. GreenPool, Team Redpuff Boys, and Merc with No Bunghole from hugohugo, PrimePremne, and mud will be for sale on June 13, 2015 only!

GreenPool by hugohugo


Team Redpuff Boys by PrimePremne

Team Redpuff Boys

Merc with No Bunghole by mud

Merc with No Bunghole



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Review: Silk #5

silk005Although she is not exactly the poster child for the new wave of series led by young female superheroes, Silk very well could be.  Until this point her story has been simple but engaging, as the series has taken on a more female-centric outlook in its storytelling, all the while maintaining that being female does not equate to being weaker but rather that a female approach to crime fighting can be just as effective as a male one.  This was the case not only in Silk, but also recently in another title from the spider ladies (Spider-Woman) as both Spider-Woman and Silk have looked at the deeper problems surrounding the actions of supervillains and decided to let them go on their own recognizance so that they can deal with the bigger issues.

In the case with Silk, she did this with Dragonclaw who had been forced into actions that he did not want to undertake, only because the Black Cat was controlling him.  This formed the backbone of what was the first story arc for the character.  While Cindy Moon continues to search for her family, she is also drawn back into the same scheme as Black Cat is not yet done with the young heroine.  This time though she brings in backup as both Dragonclaw and Spider-Man show up to provide assistance in order to take down the menace that is Black Cat.  Things don’t exactly go as planned though as Cindy makes a sacrifice and ends up in an unexpected situation.

Once again Silk proves to be the best of the new wave of Spider-Women (though Spider-Woman and Spider-Gwen are not really lacking).  She combines a youthful charm into the same superheroics that is common throughout the remainder of the Marvel Universe.  So many years ago, Spider-Man re-established the comic book universe by being a wise cracking young superhero, and now Silk is doing the same thing, only with a female voice.  Perhaps no other series better captures this new wave of young female superheroes than does this series, even if it is among the less popular of these series.  This issue captured what is special about this character both in terms of plot and in terms of characterization, and proves that Cindy should be here to stay.

Story: Robbie Thompson  Art: Stacey Lee
Story: 8.8 Art: 8.8 Overall: 8.8 Recommendation: Buy

Fashion Spotlight: Free Buffet, Bloodlust, and An Amazing Sand Castle

Ript Apparel has three new designs today. Free Buffet, Bloodlust, and An Amazing Sand Castle from Legendary Phoenix, cumix47, and Obvian will be for sale on June 5, 2015 only!

Free Buffet by Legendary Phoenix

Free Buffet

Bloodlust by cumix47


An Amazing Sand Castle by Obvian

An Amazing Sand Castle



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J. Scott Campbell and Rupp’s Comics Team Up for Marvel Exclusive Covers

Artist J. Scott Campbell and Rupp’s Comics promises to make Campbell’s comic book artwork a bit more accessible to his collector fans. That team-up includes numerous opportunities in the future for hot new exclusive covers, including a new series of Marvel comics.

The first book in the series is sure to knock the socks off any Campbell fan. Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1 JScottCampbell.com exclusive features Mary Jane Soon-to-Be Parker on the most beautiful day of her life: her wedding day. Enrobed in spiderweb lace, MJ makes a sweet blushing bride– a treat for the eyes and hearts of Campbell fans everywhere. This first offering will be available through RuppsWorld.com’s Campbell portal at a special pre-order offer. Both color and black and white limited editions, and also a signed edition, will be available.

J. Scott Campbell and Chris Rupp of Rupp’s Comics have been working together for years on many other projects to give the fans exclusive comic art from their favorite artist. This new partnership will also allow fans easier access to their favorite back-stock books as well as brand-new exclusives that they could have only dreamed of before now. For the first time, comic book fans can shop through over 10,000 of Campbell’s back-stock comic books. The collection spans from the last twenty years, signed by Campbell and packaged with a Certificate of Authenticity.

JSC RenewYourVows Reg JSC RenewYourVows BW

Game Review: Legendary Paint The Town Red Expansion

legendaryThe “Paint the Town Red” expansion for Legendary is the third expansion in the series, and the second in a row with a stronger thematic concept.  Although the second expansion came right out and declared itself the Fantastic Four expansion, this is definitely the Spider-Man expansion even though it doesn’t really identify itself as such except for the box art.  As an overall analysis of this game series reveals, it is the street level characters that are the bigger push in terms of popularity, but it is also these characters, their villains and these villains’ schemes which make for a much easier game play experience.  The Dark City expansion helped a bit to counter this trend of the street level scenarios being that much easier to play, but this expansion goes much closer to the original trend.  As opposed to the grand schemes of certain villains, this expansion plays out a lot more like a Spider-Man comic, fun at times but never in any real danger that the characters (or in this case the players) are in much danger.

The focus here is all Spider-Man, meaning that anyone expecting more variety will be disappointed.  Instead this sticks close to the Spider-Man story lines with Black Cat, Moon Knight, Scarlet Spider, Symbiote Spider-Man and Spider-Woman.  The schemes are equally related, focusing on Carnage and Mysterio and various spider-related problems, although one does strive for a bit more by trying to take on the Clone Saga.  As with the Fantastic Four expansion, this does little to expand any of the more disappointing mechanics of the game, as the S.H.I.E.L.D. draw pile and the bystanders are once again left untouched.  This is an expansion on the same scale as the Fantastic Four expansion, incorporating in fewer cards while also adding to the refinement of the game play experience.

At this point the “street vs. skies” divide in this game might almost be moot anyway.  At the very least the base game is required to play Paint the Town Red, but by incorporating in the other expansions the imbalance between the two character types is less evident.  While heavy hitters like the Fantastic Four might have no trouble in a street level scenario, at least in this way one can face Black Cat against Galactus and see what happens.  That is the fun of these expansions, is that their price is not outlandish, and that they therefore help to build the game easily and inexpensively, even if the individual expansion offers little else new, the sum ends up being greater the parts.

Score: 8.2 

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