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Review: Inhuman #10

Inhuman 010The latest issue of Inhumans is one of two stories, and it is two stories which are cleverly balanced against one another, despite not directly dealing with each other.  Since its relaunch Inhumans has been one of the most interesting series in Marvel.  It is a fairly common theme in comics to have a group of outsiders and to have them desire some kind of assembly to make them feel more comfortable amongst themselves.  This is the case with the X-Men but it is also the case with the Inhumans, though the approach here seems to be more that of a true diaspora.  Instead of people finding out that there are others like them and seeking some acceptance, the people here already knew that there were others like them, only they can’t figure out how to get back together.

So far in this series, Medusa has been undoubtedly the breakout star.  As she struggles to find acceptance for new Attilan, she takes center stage both inside and outside of the comic.  While she is central figure here, the role that Axis played upon her is also not used as a detraction, but rather as an attraction.  The past two issues could have turned into an all-out slugfest but it did not.  What this series really needs is a pull to keep the stories interesting, and it has that in the Reader and Xiaoyi, the only problem being that they are not enough of a draw to keep most fans coming back.  What is enough of a draw though is a battle of Medusa versus Spider-Man, and so this is where the balance comes in.  The battle between the two heroes is a bit artificial and out of place, but it still provides the draw for the reader to be introduced to the more compelling story behind the scenes.

This issue does what it must.  It provides a bit of fluff to draw in the reader but also keeps the main story going in the background.  This duplicitous approach is perhaps needed, but is also indicative of what some comics need to do to survive.  Evidently though, Marvel is very interested in the concept of the Inhumans, and they will be doing everything that they can to keep the idea alive and relevant.  This issue does that at the very least, providing both some mostly meaningless fun but also the necessary gravity for the series to keep going strong.

Story: Charles Soule Art: Ryan Stegman
Story: 8.1 Art: 8.1 Overall: 8.1 Recommendation: Read

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Hikari Friday Distressed Spider-Man and Gemini Collectibles Exclusive Infrared Astro Boy

It’s time for Hikari Friday! The LIMITED EDITION Distressed Spider-Man Hikari Premium Sofubi Figure is available for pre-order from Funko! The LIMITED EDITION Gemini Collectibles Exclusive Infrared Astro Boy Hikari Sofubi Figure is available for pre-order exclusively from Gemini Collectibles!

Distressed Spider-Man Hikari Premium Sofubi Figure

Distressed Spider-Man is limited to 750pcs worldwide

Distressed Spider-Man Hikari Premium Sofubi Figure

Gemini Collectibles Exclusive Infrared Astro Boy Hikari Sofubi Figure

You can pre-order Infrared Astro Boy exclusively through Gemini Collectibles.

Infrared Astro Boy is limited to 750 pieces. Visit www.geminicollectibles.net to pre-order now.

Gemini Collectibles Exclusive Infrared Astro Boy Hikari Sofubi Figure

Who Will Rule New York City’s Underworld? Find Out in Amazing Spider-Man: Spiral!

This March, experience a Spider-Man story like you’ve never seen before as Peter Parker takes on the criminal underworld in Amazing Spider-Man: Spiral, a brand new 5-issue series beginning in Amazing Spider-Man #16.1! Legendary Spidey writer Gerry Conway returns to the webhead along with blockbuster artist Carlo Barberi for an all-new tale of crime, corruption, and the dark corners of the Marvel Universe that will alter the landscape of the criminal underworld!

Spider-Verse may be over, but Peter Parker’s troubles are just beginning. A crime wave rips through New York City. The underworld is still in flux following the Kingpin’s removal from Shadowland. Gangs wage turf wars unchecked on the streets of Manhattan. The gang war is heating up and Spidey is going to do something about it!

Only he’s not alone! Police Captain Yuri Watanabe meters out her own justice both as a member of the NYPD and as the vigilante known as THE WRAITH! But do she and Spider-Man play by the same rules? How far is she willing to go to keep New York safe?

In an interview with Marvel.com Conway said:

Hammerhead; Tombstone; the Circus of Crime; Black Cat and Mr. Negative – they’re all at each other’s throats because there’s no single overlord of crime currently running things in New York. Things only escalated, especially after the Goblin King fell out of the scene and Doc Ock is no longer operating as the Superior Spider-Man – keeping a lid on everything.

Only one criminal can rule the underworld. But that won’t stop them from waging war in order to claim the throne. Who will come out on top? And who will be left standing when it’s over? Find out when the epic Amazing Spider-Man: Spiral kicks off in Amazing Spider-Man #16.1! this March!

Cover by ART ADAMS
On Sale March 2015!


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Diamond Select This Week: Spider-Man Busts, Walking Dead Bank, and Mechagodzilla Opener!

This week is a very good week if you’re a fan of busts, bust banks, and the severed noggins of robotic monsters! Not only is Diamond Select Toys shipping their Spider-Man and Green Goblin resin busts from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, they’re also shipping their vinyl bust bank of The Walking Dead‘s Michonne, and their neck-up metal bottle opener of Godzilla foe Mechagodzilla!

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Spider-Man Resin Bust

A Diamond Select Toys Release! Thwip! The new Spider-Man movie had fans buzzing like flies in a web, and now the web-slinger is getting a brand-new bust from DST! Depicting Spider-Man in his trademark crossed-arms web-shooting pose, this bust measures approximately 6 inches tall with its web-festooned base, and is a great addition to any fan’s shelf! Sculpted by Gentle Giant! (Item #MAY142220, SRP: $59.99)

ASM2_spider-manbustpkgfront Spider-ManBust1

Amazing Spider-Man 2 Movie Green Goblin Resin Bust

A Diamond Select Toys Release! The new movie Green Goblin is one creepy customer! Spider-Man’s most famous foe recently got a cinematic makeover, and now DST is capturing the new look in this collectible bust! Measuring approximately 6 inches tall atop its base, this bust of the classic Spidey villain is a must-have for any fan of the franchise. Sculpted by Gentle Giant! (Item #MAY142221, SRP: $59.99)

GreenGoblinBust_pkgfront GreenGoblinBust1

Godzilla Mechagodzilla Metal Bottle Opener

A Diamond Select Toys release! Constructed of Space Titanium, Mechagodzilla battled the real Godzilla to a standstill on more than one occasion, and was only defeated when his head was torn completely from his body. Now his head lives on as the newest Godzilla bottle opener from DST! Made of solid metal, this 4″ tall rendering of Mechagodzilla’s noggin can hang on your refrigerator or slip into your pocket, ready at a moment’s notice to open a bottle, or possibly destroy Tokyo. Comes packaged in a collector case with a full-color slipcover. (Item #JUN142091, SRP: $18.00)


Walking Dead Michonne Vinyl Bust Bank

A Diamond Select Toys release! Zombie banks beware, there’s a new, more deadly bank in town! Joining Rick in his battle against the undead, Michonne is the next 8-inch bank in DST’s Walking Dead line. The perfect companion to our two Pet Zombie banks, this bank of Michonne has a coin slot in the back and an access door in the base, but has the sculpting and detail of a collectible bust.  (Item #JUN142081, SRP: $22.99)


Marvel HeroClix: 2015 Spider-Man Symbiotes Monthly Organized Play Kit

heroclix_marvel_spiderman_symbiotesThe Marvel HeroClix: 2015 Spider-Man Symbiotes Monthly Organized Play Kit (OP) contains everything a retailer needs to bring HeroClix players into their store for weekly events – including new limited edition figures not found anywhere else!

Each Monthly OP Kit ships the last week of the month for use in the following month or anytime thereafter.

Each OP Kit includes prizes to run multiple events, with each event giving away prizes for 1st, a fellowship drawing and a flex prize. A suggested schedule and format guide makes it easy for stores to run HeroClix organized play for the first time.

This Monthly Organized Play Kit includes four copies each of three different Limited Edition figures: Spider-Man, Venom and Agent Venom! The Marvel HeroClix: Venom is an all-new sculpt and dial, while both the Marvel HeroClix: Spider-Man and Agent Venom figures are alternate paint versions with new dials.

Spider-Man Beats the Avengers, Batman, and Superman

When it comes to dollars, it isn’t the comics that pays the bills for DC Comics or Marvel (or their parent companies), it’s the licensing of the 1000s of characters each character controls.

In May, License Global ranked Marvel parent company Disney at the top of a list of licensors with sales of around $41 billion in 2013. In contrast, DC’s parent company Warner Bros. was in seventh earning $6 billion. That’s not bad, but that’s a huge gap between the two.

Surprisingly though (or maybe not so much) Spider-Man is the strongest property according to the Licensing Letter. Spidey’s global retail sales is about $1.3 billion with the Avengers earning $325 million in 2013. DC’s Batman earned $494 million, while Superman earned $277 million.

What’s fascinating in the chart below are those earnings in the U.S. and Canada versus globally. Spider-Man and Batman are actually close for the former, and it’s the latter where the webhead takes off.

It’ll be interesting to see future reports, especially with Guardians of the Galaxy exploding this year at the box office.

licensing earningsPhoto credit: AP Images

New Dimension Spider-Man Hikari Premium Sofubi Figure

The LIMITED EDITION New Dimension Spider-Man Hikari Premium Sofubi Figure is available for pre-order for the FIRST TIME TODAY!

New Dimension Spider-Man is a SUPER SIZED Hikari Premium Sofubi Figure! He stands over 10″ tall!

This figure is limited to 1500pcs worldwide.

New Dimension Spider-Man Hikari Premium Sofubi Figure

Spider-Man Swings Into the New MarvelKids.com

Marvel is expanding the ways its young fans can interact with the Marvel Universe in fun-filled new ways as it launches the enhanced MarvelKids.com. The refreshed site, designed to captivate the next generation of Marvel fans with digital products and destinations that younger fans will love, will be headlined by an all-new Spider-Man kids destination featuring games and immersive activities starring Marvel’s legendary webslinger.

At spiderman.marvelkids.com, younger Marvel fans can take on the role of Spider-Man in a variety of interactive and amazing games including:

  • Spider-Man Web Shooter – Take on the role of Spider-Man and use your Web Shooters to help defeat some of his all-time greatest rivals – Rhino, Lizard, The Green Goblin and more!
  • Spider-Man Wall Crawler – Help Spider-Man race to the top of the Manhattan skyline to defeat Vulture, Electro and Doc Ock and save the day!
  • Spider-Man Web-Slinger – Use your spider-skills to web-swing, slide and jump to avoid danger and collect coins to try to get the highest score you can!

Fans will also find an exciting web of activities including Spider-Man downloadable coloring pages, mazes, word searches and Sudoku.

In addition to the exciting games that MarvelKids.com offers, fans will also be able to watch Marvel’s Ultimate-Spider-Man video clips – including sneak peeks at upcoming episodes of the hit series Marvel’s Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors, airing inside the Marvel Universe on Disney XD.

Over the next several months MarvelKids.com will be expanding even more with a marvelous Avengers kids destination with new Avengers and Spider-Man games, a digital comics section, and more digital features featuring everyone’s favorite Marvel Super Heroes – Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, and more!

MarvelKids_01 MarvelKids_USMWWCharacterGuide

Fashion Spotlight: World Tour 1991, Vitruvian Symbiote, and Weapon X-Pendable

Ript Apparel has three awesome designs for Marvel fans! World Tour 1991, Vitruvian Symbiote, and Weapon X-Pendable from rbucchioni, Samiel, and nikholmes will be for sale on November 3, 2014 only!

World Tour 1991 by rbucchioni

World Tour 1991

Vitruvian Symbiote by Samiel

Vitruvian Symbiote

Weapon X-Pendable by nikholmes

Weapon X-Pendable

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