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Exclusive Preview: Teen Titans #15

Teen Titans #15

Written by Scott Lobdell, Will Pfeifer
Pencils: Ian Churchill, Miguel Mendonca

A “Robin War” tie-in! With Tim Drake missing, the Teen Titans track him back to Gotham City, where the Robin War rages—but Professor Pyg stands between the team and their leader.


Preview: The Four Points #5


Scott Lobdell – Story / Jordan Gunderson – Art / Valentina Pinto – Colors

The end is here!

As, the group attempts to overcome the combined might of the four brothers and their path of destruction—the real shock may come when they discover that the team made up of the four elemental points is not all they are cracked up to be!

FOUR POINTS #5 is in stores October 28th, 2015!


Exclusive Preview: Red Hood/Arsenal #5

Red Hood/Arsenal #5

Art by: Denis Medri
Cover by: Howard Porter
Written by: Scott Lobdell

The brawl with Batman continues as Roy and Jason go head-to-head with both the new hero of Gotham City and the villainous Underbelly in the streets! Plus, a shocking revelation leads Jason to a secret rendezvous with an old friend…

Red Hood/Arsenal #5 is in stores 10/14.


Preview: The Four Points #4


Scott Lobdell – Story / Jordan Gunderson – Art / Valentina Pinto – Colors

Friend or Foe is the question posed as Ivana’s origin is brought to the forefront in dramatic fashion! Meanwhile the group is faced with the difficult task of defeating Famine’s infected plague as it spreads across the Atlantic City Boardwalk!

Aspen welcomes back acclaimed writer Scott Lobdell to introduce to you this years most exciting new series, FOUR POINTS!

FOUR POINTS #4 is in stores August 26th, 2015!


Preview: Four Points #3


Scott Lobdell – Story / Jordan Gunderson – Art / Valentina Pinto – Colors

Deadly secrets are exposed, as Gia’s origin finally comes to light and the true history of her “powers” are disclosed! Yet, the most shocking truth will reveal itself as the ladies investigate an international weapons manufacturer, and learn—perhaps too late—that they may be in far over their heads!

Aspen welcomes back acclaimed writer Scott Lobdell to introduce to you this years most exciting new series, FOUR POINTS!

FOUR POINTS #3 is in stores June 10th, 2015!


Review: Convergence #8

Convergence-8-coverAll the heroes of the DC Universe unite to face a crisis of infinite proportions – but when all is done, there can be only one reality. But will even that survive the battle?

Convergence #8 is on shelves, ending two months of mediocre storytelling, and giving us a clearer direction of the DC Universe to come. Written by Scott Lobdell and Jeff King, the issue continues much of what’s plagued previous issues, choppy storytelling and leaving out key moments and facts.

With Deimos defeated, the chronal energy is loose threatening to destroy the multiverse. What will the heroes do? Well somehow it involves Brainiac absorbing the energy, and sending folks back, expect none of this is really explained and just is kind of presented. But, there’s a problem, the original Crisis on Infinite Earths stands in the way!

And here’s the issue, as is the problem with much of this event. If you don’t know your DC Comics history, you’d have no idea what’s being referenced, and why it’s important. I haven’t read Crisis on Infinite Earths in decades, so the specifics aren’t exactly fresh in my mind, and I have WAY too much to read to go back and reread it all. So, some of the specifics as to what’s said went over my head, and I shrugged my shoulders for most. And even in the “correction” there’s lots of things that can be debated as far as the impact and how it mucks with DC Comic history.

But here’s the cool, the results, and this is a spoiler, but one that’s all over, it now opens up all of DC history for future stories. Everything is game, and that’s represented by a few double page spreads by Stephen Segovia and Carlo Pagulayan. It’s a who’s who of DC comic history, which is neat to see in its own way. Overall though, the art isn’t quite up to the standard we’ve seen elsewhere and even in other spin-offs.

Really, in the end, the comic is a read mainly due to its importance in shaping what’s to come, not due to actual quality. There’s some things spinning out of it, like Earth 2: Society, that I’m now even more excited about. But, the real good is DC has opened the vault, and the future is wide open.

Story: Scott Lobdell, Jeff King Art: Stephen Segovia, Carlo Pagulayan
Story: 6 Art: 6.75 Overall: 6.25 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Review: Convergence #7

CONV_Cv7_55410d7b0e3fd1.85141484Worlds live. Worlds die. And nothing will ever be the same.

The largest battle in the history of the Multiverse is here! Who will win and who will lose when Deimos battles the combined might of the Earth 2 survivors, the heroes from Kingdom Come, the Titans and Parallax? All this and more, as the heroes of The New 52 join the fight!

I feel like I missed something between the last issue of Convergence and this one. The heroes of the New 52 last I remember were staring at a planet making its way through a rift. There’s some being that clearly Superman knows, but I have no idea who he is, and Superman is rescuing members of Stormwatch? What happened between issues!? I’ll also overlook the switch of Guy Gardner back to a Green Lantern from Red.

The rest of the issue is pretty much a giant fight scene as forces battle each other to survive and eventually everyone then focuses on Deimos, just like the whole good guys fight each other when meeting before teaming up storyline trope.

While all of that is pretty blah, the one thing I did like of who deals the killing blow to Deimos. There’s an interesting aspect of redemption in it, and as this character’s storyline is one I grew up with, it was something I particularly liked. There’s also the interesting argument and aspect of heroes killing.

Next week sees the conclusion of this event, which puts everything back on the table for the DC Universe. We know the series that will be coming out, but how the DC Universe/Multiverse will fit together is the bigger question I just don’t quite know the answer to.

The issue, like the previous ones, is just ok. This event is a rarity in that the tie-ins are much stronger than the main series, the opposite of the usual. The big thing though is how DC sticks the landing with the next issue, and what comes next. That in the end is how this event will be judged for the better or worse.

Story: Jeff King, Scott Lobdel Art: Aaron Lopresti
Story: 6.5 Art: 6.75 Overall: 6.5 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Preview: Four Points #2


Scott Lobdell – Story / Jordan Gunderson – Art / Valentina Pinto – Colors

Something dark is coming…

Tensions rise as Gia attempts to enlist the most powerful potential recruit to the group’s cause, however early talks lead to a much more “physical” confrontation than they were hoping for. Meanwhile, a much more pressing matter threatens not only the group’s existence, but that of mankind as well.

Aspen welcomes back acclaimed writer Scott Lobdell to introduce to you this years most exciting new series, FOUR POINTS!

FOUR POINTS #2 is in stores May 13th, 2015!


Review: Convergence #1

Convergence #1 CoverDC Comics‘ big event brings the entire DC Universe, from the dawn of time through The New 52, together. They must fight to survive against a threat that bends the Multiverse to its will. Brainiac has collected cities of doomed and forgotten worlds, who must battle each other – and the losers will be destroyed! But why is he forcing this conflict? Join the refugees from Earth-2 as they unlock the truth behind this world that exists outside time and space and is very much alive! Is Brainiac really in control – or is this planet named Telos an unparalleled force of evil?

In the lead up to Convergence I personally have been back and forth as to my interest in the series. Having read Convergence #0 last week, my interest turned towards the positive, as the set-up was intriguing at least.

Convergence #1 quickly got rid of that interest presenting a comic that felt more like a choppy set of ideas as opposed to a coherent narrative. The comic is especially cumbersome for those who might not have been reading DC’s weekly comic Earth 2: Worlds End. The issue kicks off with the heroes of the Injustice pocket of the Multiverse dealing with an unknown assailant, and it would seem getting a quick beatdown. It’s a setup that’s supposed to show that anything can happen, and that there’s actually high stakes here. Instead, without any interest or connection to the characters, and really no introduction as to what is happening and how it connects to the bigger narrative, I found myself not caring about their fate. It was a cheap move for shock that failed to deliver an impact.

The majority of the issue is the heroes of Earth 2 attempting to figure out what happened and the Brainiac of Telos attempting to figure out why they have no city attached to them. It’s then declared a battle of heroes will commence and that they will actually have to fight. It’s a cool concept, if it were a video game, but feels like a bad cut-scene before I get to battle it out myself. Also for those who might not have read Earth 2: Worlds End, I feel like a lot of what is said by that group of heroes would be lost or just not understood. There’s just a weird disconnect.

The art for the issue is just ok. It feels like it was a “B” team a bit, not featuring a DC heavy hitting artist as you’d hope for a big event such as this. Much like the story and concept as a whole, it just doesn’t feel like DC is bringing its “A” game here.

Convergence rests in nostalgia from those who have followed DC Comics throughout the decades. As I’m not one of those people, it needs more to bring me in. While the zero issue had my interest perked up, this first issue quickly drained all of that. Here’s hoping the tie-in series will bring more excitement.

Story: Scott Lobdell and Jeff King Art: Jason Paz and Carlo Pagulayan
Story: 5 Art: 6.75 Overall: 5 Recommendation: Pass

Preview: The Four Points #1


Scott Lobdell – Story / Jordan Gunderson – Art / Valentina Pinto – Colors

Something dark is coming…

Throughout history, oddities have remained hidden away within the fabric of societies across the planet. However, in recent years these unexplained phenomena have begun to emerge with a vengeance…Enter Gia Sorentino. They thought she was crazy, and locked her away from the rest of the world. Yet, following a family tragedy, she has inherited an empire—-and with it, the keys to unlocking some of the most unimaginable secrets of mankind.

Together, with three other women who possess abilities of inhuman nature, Sorentino embarks on a journey to discover the full potential of their collective powers. But, along with the amazing comes the sinister, and some things that should have remained hidden–including those that can threaten not only their existence, but the rest of the world as well!

Aspen welcomes back acclaimed writer Scott Lobdell to introduce to you this years most exciting new series, THE FOUR POINTS!

THE FOUR POINTS #1 is in stores April 8th, 2015!


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