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Preview: The Sixth Gun #42


Written by Cullen Bunn
Drawn by Brian Hurtt
Colored by Bill Crabtree
Lettered by Crank!

The Six, when brought together under the right circumstances, can destroy the whole of the world. Now, the most vile of creatures–Griselda the Grey Mother–has claimed all of the weapons for herself. Using the guns, she’ll call down endless darkness and remake reality in her own monstrous image! The end of the world is nigh!

The Sixth Gun #42_Page_01

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Preview: Letter 44 #9

LETTER 44 #9

Written by Charles Soule
Drawn by Alberto Jiménez Alburquerque
Colored by Dan Jackson
Lettered by Crank!

Isobel Blades, First Lady, pays a visit to Congressman Chris Higgins, a former love interest rumored to be plotting Stephen’s impeachment. In the asteroid belt, the purpose of the Chandelier becomes clear, as it powers up for the first time. Earth’s solar system will never be the same.

Letter 44 #9_Page_01

Preview: Courtney Crumrin Vol. 6: The Final Spell


Written and Drawn by Ted Naifeh
Colored by Warren Wucinich

On the run from the Coven with her former teacher Calpurnia, Courtney Crumrin is quickly learning just how sinister the witches and warlocks of Hillsborough can be–but she never thought she’d see the day when Uncle Aloysius turned on her as well. It’s a lot harder to fight a battle when the only family you care about is against you, and Courtney’s only salvation may lie in the Twilight Kingdom–and away from the mortal world. But Aloysius won’t give up his niece so easily–even if he has to fight the night creatures to do it.

Courtney Crumrin V6_Page_001

Preview: The Life After #2


Written by Joshua Hale Fialkov
Drawn by Gabo
Cover by Nick Pitarra

The afterlife is just beginning for Jude and his new friend, ERNEST F’ING HEMINGWAY, but the powers that be come to realize that there’s something very wrong in Purgatory. From Joshua Hale Failkov, the critically-acclaimed egomaniac behind THE BUNKER, and the humble and handsome breakout artist Gabo.

The Life After #2_Page_01

Preview: Stumptown #1


Written by Greg Rucka
Drawn by Justin Greenwood
Colored by Ryan Hill
Lettered by Crank!

Greg Rucka’s fan favorite private eye is back in a new ONGOING series illustrated by Justin Greenwood (Image Comics’ THE FUSE)! Things never go according to plan for Dex Parios–it doesn’t matter whether it’s work or play. When a weekend of soccer fun (both playing and watching!) turns ugly, it’s up to Dex to get to the bottom of the violence before a heated rivalry transforms into an all out war!


Preview: The Auteur Book One: Presidents Day


Written by Rick Spears
Drawn by James Callahan
Colored by Luigi Anderson


Fresh off the biggest bomb in Hollywood history, producer Nathan T. Rex enters a downward spiral of drugs and depravity in a quest to resurrect his career and save his soul. Over budget and behind schedule on PRESIDENTS DAY, he is backed into a corner by bad publicity, a crap project, and studio politics. But enlisting serial-killer-turned-murder-consultant Darwin, his trusty assistant Igor, narcotics from Doctor Love, and the lovely actress Coconut, T. Rex will stop at nothing in his quest for cinematic fame and glory. God help us all.


Preview: The People Inside


Written and Drawn by Ray Fawkes

A new original graphic novel from the Eisner-nominated cartoonist of ONE SOUL! This ground-breaking new book looks at the lives and relationships of 24 individuals in a way only the medium of sequential art could. Relationships change, grow, and end but the one thing that always remains is the people inside who define both ourselves and our liaisons.


Preview: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Universe


Written and Drawn by Bryan Lee O’Malley
Colored by Nathan Fairbairn

The penultimate Scott Pilgrim full color hardcover edition is here! There are many questions in Scott Pilgrim’s terrible little life. First of all, why did he have to turn twenty-four? Secondly, why do robots keep trying to kill him? And why is Sex Bob-omb falling apart? Why is Ramona acting so weird? And finally, why won’t these brilliant and deadly Japanese twins leave him alone? Scott Pilgrim will find the answers to these questions… or die trying! Featuring exclusive bonus content and previously unpublished extras you won’t find anywhere else in the Universe!

Scott Pilgrim V5_Page_001

Preview: Princess Ugg #3


Written and Drawn by Ted Naifeh
Colored and Lettered by Warren Wucinich

The third issue of Ted Naifeh’s new series! Ülga is interrupted in her escape attempt by a curious teacher. Revealing why she came to the Academy in the first place, Ülga may have finally gained an ally–but she may also have gained another enemy.

Princess Ugg #3_Page_01

Review: The Bunker #5

THE BUNKER #5Battle lines are being drawn, as Grady begins his ascent, and truth of his actions hits the other friends. But, can they confront him and change his path?

For four issues into The Bunker, and I’ve wondered quite a few things, some of which begins to be answered here. And that’s part of what makes The Bunker so engrossing, that slow reveal that forces us to piece things together. But, writer Joshua Hale Fialkov knows that if you give too little, it leaves readers frustrated, so with each issue he drops just enough of a nugget to satisfy us. And those reveals often challenge our perceptions or what we thought of something.

Fialkov is joined by artist Joe Infurnari whose style fits the tone and vibe of the series, especially the gritty future, that we get to see a little bit more of in this issue. It’s a fantastic match of writer and artist.

The issue has future Grady sitting down to chat with his friends in the past, and at the same time we’re given some insight into the time travel device itself. Again though, the most interesting thing is all those interactions and how everyone deals with various situations and revelations. The time travel mechanism is just a device about the human story of it all. But, Fialkov has some fun with that mechanism too, playing with what knowledge folks would have, and some debate on the mechanics of time travel itself.

And even after you get through all of that, the end has a hell of a twist that again makes you rethink everyone’s motivation, and what’s really going on. Fialkov as usual pulls off a masterful issue that only makes you want to come back for more.

Story: Joshua Hale Fialkov Art: Joe Infurnari
Story: 9.25 Art: 9.25 Overall: 9.25 Recommendation: Buy

Oni Press provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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