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The Death of “Superman Lives”; What Happened? Final Trailer

The final trailer for The Death of “Superman Lives”; What Happened? has landed! The documentary will be in a Limited Theatrical Release on May 1st, and International Release July 9th on Streaming|DVD|Blu-ray|VOD. As a backer of the Kickstarter project, I can’t wait to finally see this film.

Furious 7 Crosses $1.1 billion and Remains in First

furious-7-poster1Three weeks in a row Furious 7 has held the top spot at the box-office. The film earned an estimated $29.1 million this past weekend bringing the film’s domestic gross to $294.4 million. The film has earned $1.15 billion so far world wide. That puts it in seventh in all-time earnings right now, and that’s just after three weeks. There’s a good chance it’ll move into fourth by the time the movie’s run is over, putting it behind the first Avengers film. The movie has two weeks until Avengers: Age of Ultron comes out and momentum is drained.

In other openings, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 came in second earning $24 million domestically. Unfriended was third with $16 million. Monkey Kingdom was seventh earning $4.7 million. True Story debuted in eleventh with $1.9 million, and Child 44 was in seventeenth earning $600,00.

In comic movie news, Kingsman: The Secret Service came in sixteenth earning an estimated $650,000. The film has earned $125.6 million domestically and worldwide the film has earned $396.4 million. It’ll likely cross the $400 million mark by the time its run is over.

Two Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Posters Released

Director Zack Snyder has Tweeted two posters for next year’s Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I kind of like them myself. Thoughts?

Fantastic Four, the Official Trailer

Fox has released the first full trailer for Fantastic Four. Based on the Marvel comic series, the movie is a a contemporary re-imagining of the original and longest-running superhero team. The movie centers on four young outsiders who teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe, which alters their physical form in shocking ways. Their lives irrevocably upended, the team must learn to harness their daunting new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy.

The movie hits theaters August 7, 2015.

I have to say, the trailer doesn’t look half bad. What do you all think?

Star Wars: Rogue One Teaser

At Star Wars Celebration a teaser trailer and details on Star Wars: Rogue One were released. The film will center around the formation of the elite team and their mission to steal the plans to the Death Star.

We’ll update this post when a better quality teaser is released.

A bit better video below.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Officially Released

After a pirated copy was released online, Warner Bros. has decided to up the release date of the first teaser trailer for next year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Originally it was to debut in theaters on Monday where individuals had to sign up to attend. Director Zack Snyder promises that those that do go will still see something special.

Movie Review: Paul Blart : Mall Cop 2


Synopsis – After six years of keeping our malls safe, Paul Blart has earned a well-deserved vacation. He heads to Vegas with his teenage daughter before she heads off to college. But safety never takes a holiday and when duty calls, Blart answers.

My Take – In early 2009, Kevin James starred in the family-friendly answer to Die Hard known as Paul Blart: Mall Cop! Set in a mall in New Jersey, the film was a major success hoovering about $146m in the U.S itself. Weirdly it has taken six years for the inevitable sequel to arrive. Frankly, I hated the the first installment, it was loud & overbearing, in other words just too Kevin James aka filled with just fat jokes! Another film that released the same here with a very similar concept Observe & Report (starring Seth Rogen) was a way better film in my opinion. However, after the genre trappings of the first film, it’s only logical that the sequel turns out to be a family-friendly Die Hard 2. That is to say, it’s basically the first one, all over again, in a different location and somehow better. The story follows six years after the event of the first film, as the over-zealous mall security guard Blart (Kevin James) is afraid that he has peaked personally – his wife (Jayma Mays) left him six days into the marriage and his mother (Shirley Knight) gets hit by a milk truck . An invite to a prestigious security convention in Las Vegas, all expenses paid, cheers him up a little, and he takes his long-suffering daughter Maya (Raini Rodriguez) along for the ride.

Kevin JamesHowever, dastardly high roller Vincent (Neal McDonough) is planning to put Vegas’ world-famous security to the test by robbing the hotel where the convention is being held. Though racked by his own ego, Blart stumbles upon their plot and teams up with fellow convention delegates to save the day. Having started on awkward form, the film sets itself into old school physical humor, which Kevin James is actually good at –  Repeated auto-accidents, running into clear glass windows and getting beat up by a peacock are just par for the course. Aside from all the “fat man fall down” jokes that persist throughout James’ filmography, the sequel also reprises the previous film’s running joke, about Blart’s hypoglycemia. Yes, Paul Blart is an idiot. He’s also gluttonous, clumsy, overbearing, self-deluded, and obnoxious. He’s a veritable personification of the seven dullest sins, which the movie celebrates, inviting us to laugh at Blart as he stuffs his face, trips over things, and generally behaves like a buffoon. Blart is the protagonist as punching bag. No, wait, he’s the protagonist as misunderstood everyman: Lonely. Hard-working. Just trying to do his best in an unfriendly world. All he does is to earn the love in order to avoid being lonely. Like from his daughter, Maya, who is willing to sacrifice everything for him and forgo acceptance at UCLA because she cannot bear to leave her childlike father alone. Like from the hotel manager (Daniella Alonso) and head of security (Eduardo Verástegui), whose rightful disdain for Blart as he blunders onto their turf and acts like an entitled moron will inevitably morph into literal adoration.

1202635 - Paul Blart 2If director Andy Fickman initially cannot decide if he wants us to laugh at Blart or cheer him on, he eventually comes down on the side of Blart Is Awesome! While the film may receive some harsh comments about the humor, I beg to say what do you expect from a film produced by Adam Sandler? It is going to find ways to make you laugh with its ridiculous gags, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea! In the original 2009 film, Kevin James stepped out of Adam Sandler’s shadow for the role of a lifetime, something which he is clearly good at! Neal McDonough as the film’s villain has some funny moments as well! Especially his conversations with Blart on who is more crazier! James, who again co-writes the sequel with Nick Bakay, clearly has aimed at an audience even lower than producer Adam Sandler does in his own movies – the kids! On the whole, Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 may not be the best comedy out there, nor is it the worst! For people who enjoy physical comedies and don’t mind films from Happy Madision (Adam Sandler films), will surely be entertained by this sequel, while the rest can avoid!

Overall Rating: 6.5

Director – Andy Fickman
Starring – Kevin James, Raini Rodriguez, Eduardo Verástegui
Rated – PG
Run Time – 94 minutes

A new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

New footage and a better idea of what to expect when Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters this December.

Justice League: Gods & Monsters Coming July 28

1000563530BRDBEAUTY_c81d1a96Witness a divergent reality where the Justice League protects the planet – but answers to no one but themselves. Employing methods of intimidation and fear, this Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman deal brute force in the name of justice. From the creative genius of executive producer Bruce Timm and co-producer Alan Burnett comes an original story where the world’s greatest triumvirate of super heroes has distinctly different origins. Superman was not raised by the Kents in Smallville, the Caped Crusader is not Bruce Wayne, and Wonder Woman is not an Amazon warrior of Themyscira. They are as likely the world’s saviors as Earth’s despotic rulers. When a group of famed scientists experience untimely “accidents,” a government task force follows the trail of clues to the Justice League – but is there a more powerful player operating from the shadows? It’s a high stakes game of intrigue, mystery and action that asks the question: How do you serve justice to those above the law?

With a twist on your favorite Justice League characters, this film is full of thrilling new adventures and jam-packed with a celebrity voice cast which includes Michael C. Hall (Dexter) as Batman, Benjamin Bratt (Law & Order, 24) as Superman, Tamara Taylor (Bones) as Wonder Woman, Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds) as Lois Lane, Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter films, Dig) as Lex Luthor and C. Thomas Howell (E.T., Southland) as Dr. Will Magnus.

Sam Liu (Batman: Year One) directed Justice League: Gods & Monsters from an original story by Bruce Timm (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns) and Co-Producer Alan Burnett (The Batman), who also wrote the screenplay. Executive Producers are Sam Register and Bruce Timm. Benjamin Melniker and Michael Uslan are Co-Executive Producers.

Justice League: Gods & Monsters is out July 28 on video and digitally.

Olivia Munn Cast as Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse

Director Bryan Singer announced via Twitter and Instagram that actress Olivia Munn will be joining the cast of X-Men: Apocalypse as Betsy Braddock/Psylocke.

It’s interesting she’s been cast since the character was an English women and was changed into an Asian assassin only after an event called the Siege Perilous. Munn is of mixed background, and more resembles the changed version of the character.

Excited to welcome @oliviamunn as Betsy Braddock! #Psylocke #XmenApocalypse #XMEN

A photo posted by Bryan Singer (@bryanjaysinger) on

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