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Rey: The Most Important Character of 2015?

rey 02Fair warning: There will be very minor spoilers for The Force Awakens within this post,  centered largely on the awesomeness of Rey – I will try my utmost to ensure that no plot points are revealed, but there may be some comments on dialogue and her ability and prowess in the movie. I’ll try to be as vague as I possibly can, however, as the movie has only been out for a relatively short time and there’s a chance that some people may not have had a chance to see the movie yet; although you really should, if you haven’t this post shouldn’t completely ruin the movie for you.

That being said, I genuinely feel that the most important thing about the movie isn’t that it’s the sequel that we should have received back when the Phantom Menace came out, and the sequel that millions of people have been hoping and waiting for since Return Of The Jedi (although those are certainly pretty note worthy), but rather the main character; Rey.

Final warning: minor spoilers will follow from here on out, but again, I’ll try and keep it vague.

Historically most action movies are lead primarily by male characters, or place women in a role that’s little better than a damsel in distress archetype; not all, granted, but more often than not that is the case.

Rey is a breath of fresh air. Played by the talented Daisy Ridley she is an extremely capable character that more than holds her own amidst some of the biggest names in the Star Wars universe throughout the movie.

rey 01It’s tough to talk about Rey too much wile keeping the spoilers to a minimum because a lot of what’s so great about her is highlighted so well; she is exactly the kind of character that needed to be seen on the silver screen. In an age when female led action movies don’t seem to garner the attention that others do – whether because of a lack of quality, star power, or interest – she shows little girls that they don’t have to rely on men to save them from peril; very early in the movie, Rey proves that she’s not going to be the stereotypical damsel in distress. Which is something that’s not unfamiliar to Star Wars fans; Leia wasn’t exactly useless in the original trilogy (I’ve only seen the Prequels once and I don’t remember much about them, or Amidala‘s role within them, and I couldn’t bring myself to rewatch them for this article).

Rey is already resonating with fans of all ages, as the image from Daisy Ridley‘s Instagram of a young fan in full Rey costume a week or so after the release of the movie below shows, and her popularity will only sky rocket from here. That’s an incredibly good thing.


That Disney, director J.J. Abrams, or whomever else had the final decision, did decide to have Rey be the ass kicking capable character that she is, is commendable. With all of the superhero, comic book or generally geek orientated movies released over the past few years, it’s about time young fans had a strong female lead to look up too, and what better place to have Daisy Ridley shine than in the biggest movie of the year?

But (and there is always one) there have been rumblings on line  wondering where is all the Rey merchandise? According to some reports and comment threads there is a distinct lack of Rey toys. While that was certainly the case (initially) for Black Widow and Scarlett Witch from Marvel’s Avengers: Age Of Ultron, it’s certainly not the case with Rey. Her toys are hard to find because they’re selling faster than the Millenium Falcon made the Kessel Run. Whether somebody was  either trying to stir the pot, or they just didn’t know that the toys were sold out, I’m not sure,  but the demand for her toys far, far out stripped the supply – and that just reinforces the importance of the character.

Indeed, this Tumblr post has a list of the numerous toys featuring the character that have been released (and may even be slightly outdated by now), and so while it is certainly true – for a time – that there were limited toys available for Black Widow and Scarlet Witch, the same cannot accurately be said for Rey. Somebody clearly learned from the outcry over the Age Of Ultron; indeed the same outcry is still happening now, and while it is depressingly easy to make the same assumptions based on recent history, this time there is at least a case to be made that there is an effort to get the Rey toys into the hands of those that want them.

Except the Force Awakens version of Monopoly (you can read more about that, and Hasbro’s response here).

Rey is a character that has the potential to change the way women are looked at in cinema, especially in science fiction action movies. The fact that Daisy Ridley‘s acting chops, and her ability to keep the audience’s attention on her when sharing the screen with some pretty big names, both play a massive part in bringing her character the attention of fans across the globe.

I think that this letter to Hasbro from an eight year old girl says it all (via Radio Times), don’t you?

Rey tweet.jpg

X-Men Apocalypse Official Trailer

Following the critically acclaimed global smash hit X-Men: Days of Future Past, director Bryan Singer returns with X-Men: Apocalypse. Since the dawn of civilization, he was worshipped as a god. Apocalypse, the first and most powerful mutant from Marvel’s X-Men universe, amassed the powers of many other mutants, becoming immortal and invincible. Upon awakening after thousands of years, he is disillusioned with the world as he finds it and recruits a team of powerful mutants, including a disheartened Magneto (Michael Fassbender), to cleanse mankind and create a new world order, over which he will reign. As the fate of the Earth hangs in the balance, Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) with the help of Professor X (James McAvoy) must lead a team of young X-Men to stop their greatest nemesis and save mankind from complete destruction.

X-Men: Apocalypse comes to theaters May 27, 2016.

Supermegafest 2015: Interview with Michelan Sisti


At Supermegafest held in Framingham, MA I had a very rare opportunity to meet and eat (yes we had pizza) with the man behind the turtle in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, Michaelangelo himself: Michelan Sisti. Mich was very cool to give me some insight behind the movie magic and how it all came to be the great film most of us remember it as.

Graphic Policy: Ok so first off I’d like to state what an honor it is to be speaking to someone who had such an impact through a particular time in my childhood and gave me such great memories.

Michelan Sisti: Oh well thank you very much. That’s very kind of you to say.

Graphic Policy: So I wanted to talk to you and keep it Turtle-centric if at all possible?

Michelan Sisti: Sure, go ahead.

Graphic Policy: How hard was it, without giving a voice performance to portray the character of Michaelangelo in a way that was both memorable and at the same time, your own?

Michelan Sisti: Well that’s an excellent question. The way we did it, is that when we performed in the scene while we were filming, I would be speaking all the lines. My puppeteer Mac Wilson, who is the finest puppeteer in the world, he would also be speaking the lines. That way in my ears, in one ear I would hear him and in the other I would hear the director and what they call the “common feed” of the abient sound on set, but we would literally be saying the lines together. As an actor I have to say the lines. I mean it’s ok to mime the lines as they are going on, but it doesn’t have the same energy or the same intention unless you actually speak it. So that’s how we did it.

Graphic Policy: Sure, it becomes a silent movie at that point and I would think it would be harder to get the level of the performance across in a meaningful fashion.

Michelan Sisti: Exactly.

Graphic Policy: I was wondering what type of preparation physically you did to prepare for the role?

Michelan Sisti: Specifically after they hired all of us to be the Turtles, we were required to take 6 months of intensive martial arts training. That included us having special training with our weapons as well. We trained all the way through the filming of the first movie, and when they brought us for the second movie, that Leif (Tilden and myself. They then gave us another month of intensive training prior to shooting and then we trained all the way through. So all in all about 11 months of very intensive training.

Graphic Policy: Wow, that’s quite involving. I appreciate you sharing that. How do you feel about being directly involved with a franchise that has gone from such humble beginnings right here, in New England to over 25 years later now a worldwide phenomenon?

Michelan Sisti: It’s been an incredible and remarkable journey. The whole thing that had happened when the movie first came out, none of us expected. Maybe only Kevin (Eastman)and Peter (Laird) had an idea what it might turn into but we didn’t. We didn’t really know about the Turtles that much, and in fact when my agent called me with the audition in New York, we laughed because we have never really heard of it before. However as soon as the movie came out, everything changed. The attention and the amount of attention we got was just way over the top, I thought. Back then I started to get involved with conversations from the fans, and I realized at that point we were more than just actors in a movie. This was having a positive effect on people, especially young folks and I thought that was really cool. So all the way through the years, this kind of thing we are at now, this convention I had refused to do them. I had never wanted to sell my autograph, I would just give my autograph. I had it explained to me that these conventions were not about me, it is about the fans. So I said “Okay I’ll try one.”Let me tell you, that one experience was just like the beginning with all these people telling me that when they ten years old that I helped them get through a really tough time in their life is amazing. Those type of things, sorry… I’m getting a little emotional now. Those things touch my heart so much that I have to do more of this. I have to. So that’s why I do this. I’m squeezing this one in because right now I’m working on the new Muppet Show right now..

Graphic Policy: Oh wow, I had no idea!

Michelan Sisti: Yeah it’s great! So I haven’t had the time to do these as much as I’d like, but I already agreed to do this one and I wasn’t going to miss it. No way.

Graphic Policy: That’s great and glad you made it.

Michelan Sisti: Same here.

Graphic Policy: See I think the general direction of movies that we’ve moved into today since they are heavily based in CGI, we’ve lost the authenticity that someone like yourself and Leif gave to the role and because of that fact there hasn’t been a Turtle interpretation since then, that to me have captured what the Turtles are all about…

Michelan Sisti: Thank you. Thank you for saying that. I have also done motion capture work in the last ten years or so. So I know what effort goes into that. I agree with you though one hundred percent. Guys in suits, sweating and dying in front of the camera as it happens, for me have so much more of an effect than guys who are wearing motion capture suits where the CG is later tweaked, enhanced and played with isn’t the same. What we did, is what you saw. What they are doing, and I give full marks to the actors because they are working their asses off too. What they are doing though is being manipulated by three other people at least. It’s a different thing all together, as far I’m concerned.

Graphic Policy: I’d have to agree. To me what you guys did was more than just a 90’s action movie. It was a great movie that for decades now has stood the test of time. I watch it frequently so I know what I’m talking about. (laughs)

Michelan Sisti:(laughs) Well thank you so much.

Graphic Policy: So for me this has been an absolute joy to talk to you and hear the story behind the story. I thank you.


Michelan Sisti: Well it’s been a pleasure here too.

Graphic Policy: My final question would have to be, do you have any advice for someone who might want to follow in your footsteps?

Michelan Sisti: Follow your dream. As they say in this line of work, live your bliss. All those cliches, but what it comes down to is don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away or the way you want it to. I found, I came in the backdoor on Muppets and things like that, things happen in the strangest way. So keep at it. Find any way to perform and keep that fire burning and eventually Lord willing and the creek don’t rise it will happen for you too.

Graphic Policy: This has been fantastic. Thank you for your time sir.

Michelan Sisti: You’re welcome. Thank you for yours.

*This interview was an absolute blast. We talked about football and that week my team (Patriots) and his team (Bills) were going head to head so we had an exchange. (Sorry that one didn’t work out so well for you sir lol) Also of note, Leif Tilden (Donetello) was away from the table at the time this interview took place but I got to speak with him as well when he returned and we all  (including April O’Neil: Mrs. Judith Hoag!) bonded over pizza. Leif is a New Englander like myself so it was a good time. They were both two of the nicest people you’d ever meet in this field. What they did for the time they did it in, still is as good as anything you see in comic book or action movies today. They molded an absolute classic. The pizza was great too!




‘Captain America: Civil War’ actor Chris Evans would love to be in ‘Iron Man 4’


Spider-Man will also be in Captain America: Civil War.

In just a few months we are going to see Captain America: Civil War hit theatres and it has quite the line-up of actors including Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Olsen, Sebastian Stan, Emily VanCamp, Chadwick Boseman, Paul Rudd, Anthony Mackie, Jeremy Renner, Paul Bettany and others.

As Civil War trailer just dropped a week ago, it has already set records in terms of views, seeing a 60+ million views in the first 24 hours of the release.

Captain America’s role has always been prominent in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is everything has been building up to his showoff with Tony Stark. Now, with the signed multi-year contracts, it is hard to feel worried either of them won’t survive Captain America: Civil War, but there are some good news about that.

Recently, Entertainment Weekly visited the set and had a chat with actor Chris Evans and as it turns out, he is eager to make an appearance in Iron Man 4 should it happen.

“It just hit me yesterday, now that we’re six weeks in, that they were actually over his shoulder coming out of the elevator, not over my shoulder watching him come out of the elevator,” Downey says during EW’s set visit.

“I was like, oh, that’s right, it’s his point of view.” Evans says he’ll happily return the favor if there’s ever an Iron Man 4: “I’d be happy to be in an Iron Man movie. We’ve been in so many movies together, the titles are almost, at this point, inconsequential. We all win!”

For me, personally, it would be great to see Chris Evans opposite of Downey Jr in Iron Man 4 because I tend to like the dynamic relationship between the two. What’s more, I would be 100% for Iron Man 4 to actually happen as the third instalment was enjoyable for me.

What do you think? Would you like to see another run between Cap and Iron Man?

New Japanese Star Wars Trailer Provides New Footage

A new Japanese trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has hit the web and the almost 2 minute trailer provides more new footage and possible hints as to what we can expect.

Who’s Rey’s family that she’s waiting for?

Kylo Ren is talking about “our destiny.” Is it the Empires? Or could it have to do with the Skywalkers?

“Hope is not lost today, it is found.” Could “hope” be the search for Luke, a reference to Episode IV?

We have a little over a month, and we’ll finally find out!

The Martian Takes the Top Spot

The MartianThe Martian took the top spot at the box-office, earning $55 million. That’s just shy of the record for October which was $55.7 million. The film also earned an “A” CinemaScore, which means the film should do well for some time.

The Martian also opened in 49 international markets. There it earned $45.2 million, and that brings its total to $100.2 million. The film’s full international schedule doesn’t have it opening up in all markets until February 2016.

The other big opening was The Walk which earned $1.55 million. but that was in IMAX theaters and other premium large screens. This hasn’t really been done before, so… I guess it was good?

Last week’s box-office champ Hotel Transylvania 2 came in second and earned $33 million. Sicario came in third in its third week adding $12.1 million to its domestic total.

In other geeky movie news, Minions came in 17th and added $310,000; Jurassic World added $281,000; Inside Out added $240,000; Ant-Man added $132,000 to their totals.

Here’s the 2015 top five grosses for the year so far:


  1. Jurassic World – $650.82 million
  2. Avengers: Age of Ultron – $458.95 million
  3. Inside Out – $353.85 million
  4. Furious 7 – $351.03 million
  5. Minions – $333.91 million


  1. Jurassic World – $1.6638 billion
  2. Furious 7 – $1.5117 billion
  3. Avengers: Age of Ultron – $1.4028 billion
  4. Minions – $1.1453 billion
  5. Inside Out – $792.3 million

Attack on Titan Movie Stills

With Attack on Titan opening September 30 in the US, FUNimation has released a bunch of stills from the movie. Check them out below and the movie opens this coming Wednesday.

Sunday Roundtable: DC Comics, Should it Be One Cinematic Universe?

JLA Roundtabledc movie and tvWelcome back for our second Sunday Roundtable where the Graphic Policy team take on a topic and discuss it throughout the week. On tap?

Though we’ve only had hints so far, DC Comics has split their television and movie universes (there’s two Flash for example). Should it have all been integrated? Discuss!

Monique: I would have preferred it if everything was integrated as it would feel a lot more real. It’s nice when things are connected and fun when audiences can spot things that link the DC universe together. However it’s nice to have a TV show to look forward to every week.

Alex: I think in many ways splitting them up gives each show more creative freedom (but if rumours are true, then Arrow had to drop Deadshot because of the Suicide Squad movie – not 100% sure on that, though).

batman v s uperman dawn of justiceMr. H: I like it split. We all know Batman V Superman is going to be epic, but I like the feel of shows like Arrow and Flash which have done beyond what I’ve ever expected. DC owns the small screen for sure! I am looking forward to Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl as well. It like in wrestling, you have the main eventers and the mid carders. The tv shows are the midcarders and let you appreciate it more because they work harder. Personally I want an Aquaman show. It’s well over due and the time is right. I hope they don’t integrate because they give us different flavors. Like on a tv show we might get underutilized characters like Ralph Dibney. Where we wouldn’t on a movie. For everyone that likes chocolate chip. There’s always someone that likes Butter Pecan. Good quote (Identity Crisis)

Brett: But is it really split? DC is all about the multiverse. There’s no reason we can’t see some giant Crisis film and the multiple same characters come together. I actually think DC has an advantage over Marvel due to that.

Alex: You know what? I had never thought of that until you mentioned it, Brett. That being said, will it actually happen? It’d be awesome if it did, but I suspect we are at least five to ten years away from that possibility.

Monique: That is a very interesting point, never thought of it like that Brett.

Alex wouldn’t it be relative to their budget though? If we’re talking about Marvel, Samuel Jackson was in the movies Iron Man, Avengers, Captain America but made an appearance Agents of Shield.

arrowBrett: Yeah, it’s interesting that DC is dominating the small screen too with this strategy and it’s allowed them to do such diverse programming. Agents of Shield had been so hit and miss. It really just feels like I watch the season to get to the movie tie in. DC I watch because it’s good television that also has geeky easter eggs.

And adding to DC too is their web content. They launched the Vixen animated series which is set in the Arrow/Flash universe.

Monique: Yeah, I’ve been watching it, it’s fantastic. I agree, they’re definitely dominating in all aspects and I think they always have done really, in terms of shows movies and cartoons

Alex: I think that’s the advantage to Shield; because it has the movie tie ins, more people are willing to stick it out on the lows. DC’s TV shows have to be consistently good (which is only a good thing for fans).

Elana: The vixen launch was not adequately promoted. I didn’t find out it already started in fact! As for the division I just really resent them turning Green Arrow into Batman. Admittedly I never watch the show because it so obviously had nothing at all to do with the character that I actually love. But it’s just aargh.

Alex: I’m enjoying Arrow so far, but I also agree with you Elana. It feels far too Batman like at times (I know Green Arrow was at one time very imitative of Bats, but I’m pretty sure that was long ago). I’ve never read any Green Arrow, though, so I don’t really have much expectation of what he should be.

Brett: I also find it interesting that DC has really played with the tone of each television series, and wonder if we’ll see that carry over to the movies.

Alex: Do DC have a similar structure governing their television/cinematic output that Marvel had up until recently? I ask because I wonder whether the tonality has been a conscious choice of a group, or simply the creative freedom allowed by DC’s approach.

theflash_full_costumeBrett: As far as how it tv ties to movies? Nope. Everything stands on its own so far. There’s the Arrow/Flash/Vixen/Constantine universe, there’s the Man of Steel/upcoming movies, and there’s Supergirl and Lucifer (not counting iZombie). Each has their own tone/style even within their own grouping.

Shield‘s style mimics the films I think, and that seems to also hamper it a bunch. Agent Carter wasn’t vital to the film narrative and felt a bit free to me.

People give DC a lot of crap, but when it comes to TV they’re knocking out of the park (plus their animated stuff). And the movies are set up, it looks like, for similar freedom.

Alex: It’s true. Last year Constantine was one of the best shows on air before it was cancelled. And whilst I keep hearing great things about Gotham I stopped watching after the first four or five episodes. Why? Because it was competing for my time with Shield (yes, I know they air on different nights, but I DVR most things and watch them later), and Shield has the benefit of being part of the MCU.

If Fox can pull off an X-Men TV show, do you think it’ll be odd essentially having two Marvel TV universes or not?

Brett: No different than it is now, right? The big difference is DC controls all of its output (or parts of their parent company does), unlike Marvel.

Here’s something that’d fit the discussion, is there too much when it comes to television shows. We have to be near saturation in film, but how many shows is too many shows? If there even is such a thing.

Alex: Honestly, for me, we’re dangerously close to over saturation. My wife isn’t as big a comic fan as I am, and really only wants to watch a few shows (Flash, Arrow and maybe Heroes or Supergirl), which leaves me a lot to squeeze at other times; and obviously things fall by the wayside, and I end up not watching half of what I want to watch.

Do any of you have a list of shows you’re willing to drop s the season goes on?

Brett: I review them, hard to drop them! The one good thing is that some won’t be out in the Fall and will be out in the Winter, but there’s still about a half dozen this fall?

Melissa Benoist Supergirl 2Add on top of it, some are going head to head. It’s Gotham vs Supergirl Mondays!

Alex: Yeah, I suppose you’re slightly more obligated to watch them than I am, eh?

Brett: But, beyond splitting the DC universe, do they risk hurting the movies because people love the shows too much? Will people who like the Flash tv show brush off a Flash tv movie? I can’t figure out if folks will let each stand on their own. Hints of reactions may be similar to reactions with the Batman and Spider-Man reboots.

Alex: I think the problem we’re closing in on isn’t that there’s simply not enough time in the day for most people to watch all the comic book TV shows and other TV shows. Laugh all you like, but next week there’s two programs starting up that I’m super excited for; the two hour Heroes Reborn premiere and, uh, Grey’s Anatomy. I’m sure that won’t be the only conflict.

Brett: I’ll admit I watch Grey‘s. I’ve dedicated all this time, I want to see how it ends. Yeah, I haven’t even thought of Heroes as a comic show, but it’s similar in subject.

Alex: To your last comment: I’m more willing to skip the Flash movie because of the TV show. Which I’m sure isn’t their intent at all.

At the end of the day, there is a lot of great TV happening this year, both comic book and not. I think there’s going to be some great shows cancelled that shouldn’t have been (like Constantine last year – I still am not over that).

We Talk About Indie Movie Kooperman With Dylan Miller

kooperposterKooperman is a smart, character-driven comedy bro-mance that blends rich visuals with a driving laugh-out-loud plot-line, while commenting on society’s obsession with superheroes in an age of apathy. Kooperman was shot on beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada, by first time feature director Harmony Wagner. It was written by Harmony Wagner and Jason Rogerson.

Griffin Kooperman is a small town zero, the owner of a struggling comic book store, and he has a paralyzing fear of confrontation. When he faces eviction from his stores premises, he must snap out of his fantasy world in order to save his comic book store, his friendship, himself, and become his own hero in the process.

Graphic Policy sat down with the man who plays Griffin Kooperman, Dylan Miller, to have a brief chat about the movie, and the character he plays.

Graphic Policy: So, Kooperman; what can you tell us about the movie?

Dylan Miller: It’s a story about fear and friendship and funny stuff.  Basically it focuses on the trials and tribulations of an ‘invisible’ person who is disconnected from real life and has his little oasis of personal reality disrupted and is forced into action.

GP: How did you end up involved with the project? At what point did you come on board?

DM: I was approached by Harmony Wagner and Jason Rogerson to talk about a film project they were in the early stages of writing that was based loosely on myself and a friend of mine Taylor Carver and our unique way of interacting with each other and the rest of the world.  Helped out on some tweaks to early scripts and supplied some anecdotes from my real life as a comic book shop owner.  Then they got Taylor and I to appear in a ‘trailer’ that was to be submitted to Telefilm Canada.  After some hard work Harmony and Jason secured some funding from Telefilm and the project jumped into production!

GP: How did the experience of making the movie differ from your stage work?

DM: I had very little experience in acting for film  Or acting for anything really.  Mostly I was comfortable on stage doing Improv comedy and that is an entirely different skill set than acting for film.  Luckily there were some great talents involved in the film and they helped me fell comfortable and nurtured me along.

GP: How personal (or not) was the role for you?

DM: I mean it’s weird. The character is like the worst version of me in some ways.  But in the same token outside the superficial similarities (Comic Store owner, Frisbee enthusiast, jerk) the character is not close to what my real life is.  Which was good and bad.  It forced me to act more than I initially thought I would have to.  At first I thought it wouldn’t be that hard to be a reflection of myself but I found that finding the truth of the character and reacting from his center was difficult.  Once I surrendered myself to the character and stopped fighting with my own real personality I felt like it became real on it’s own terms.

GP: Even though Kooperman is set, in part, within a (pretty fantastic) comic shop the synopsis on the website sounds like the movie will appeal to more than just comic book fans.  I’m guessing that was intentional?

DM: Not unlike comics themselves the trappings are important and fun but at the heart what is interesting is the people.  I think anyone can identify with the feelings of helplessness and invisibility that are part of Kooperman.  We’ve all had ourselves be our own worst enemy.

GP: Any chance of a sequel, or another collaboration with the creators down the road?

DM: I don’t know if there is much more to tell about Griffin Kooperman but if there is interest I’d be willing to grow out my hair and not wash it again…. I guess.  And certainly I would be interested in working on future film projects.  The family that is formed in the crucible of making a movie is a unique experience and has it’s rewards.

GP: How’s the reception been for the movie so far?

DM: Have only really seen it with friends and families of the cast and crew so the reception was very positive!  My Mom thinks I’m cool!!  But I think that it will surprise the audience with the heart and soul that exist under the skin of this fun and funny film.

Kooperman premiers Saturday September 19th during the Atlantic Film Festival.

The Perfect Guy Takes the Box Office

perfect-guy-posterTwo new films took the top two spots this weekend. The Perfect Guy was the top of the box-office with $26.7 million, and The Visit was in second with $25.9 million. Last week’s top spot, War Room, dropped to third with $7.4 million.

Some other recent notables, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation was in fifth place with $4.15 million, and Straight Outta Compton dropped a bunch to sixth with $4.1 million.

For geeky films, Ant-Man was in twelfth place with $1.6 million, and Jurassic World added $1.2 million to its total as well. Minions was thirteenth with $1.56 million and Inside Out was fourteenth with $1.464 million.

Other comic book films, Fantastic Four added $430,000 to its total, where it stands at $160.8 million total worldwide. The Diary of a Teenage Girl added $57,835 to its total to bring its grand total to $1.39 million.

Here’s the 2015 top five grosses for the year so far. Inside Out has passed Furious 7 to move into third for the domestic total.


  1. Jurassic World – $648.9 million
  2. Avengers: Age of Ultron – $458.4 million
  3. Inside Out – $351.5 million
  4. Furious 7 – $351 million
  5. Minions – $331.6 million


  1. Jurassic World – $1.6559 billion
  2. Furious 7 – $1.5117 billion
  3. Avengers: Age of Ultron – $1.4022 billion
  4. Minions – $1.0801 billion
  5. Inside Out – $747.4 million
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