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Preview: High Crimes #9

High Crimes #9

Writer: Christopher Sebela
Artist: Ibrahim Moustafa
Price: $0.99
Pages: 22
Rating: 17

26,000 feet up Mount Everest, Zan has entered the Death Zone. Only a few thousand feet separate her from the body of Sullivan Mars and a lifelong dream of summiting. But as the weather turns and supplies dwindle and the Strange Agents scheme, staying alive becomes even harder than getting to the top.


Can You Hide a Secret… In Someone’s Mind?

The thrilling and complex tale of a town that discovers their own terrible reality becomes even more frightening when the Sheriff of Carpenter Cove discovers whose mind he and his neighbors now reside in.

From breakout creators Ryan K. Lindsay and Eric Zawadzki, Headspace delivers twists and turns that will make any fan of suspense squirm!

The series is the latest example of the partnership that brings digital publisher Monkeybrain‘s comics to print through IDW Publishing.headspace

Preview: Tally Marks #6

Tally Marks #6

Writer/Artist: Natalie Nourigat
Price: $0.99
Pages: 40
Rating: all ages

Travel sketches from Annecy, Paris, Granada, Madrid, and Barcelona. Don’t miss this issue’s environment studies of the Alhambra, Ménilmontant, and the banks of the Seine!


Preview: Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective #6

Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective #6

Writer: Matt D. Wilson
Artist: Kevin Warren
Letterer: Dylan Todd
Price: $0.99
Pages: 22
Rating: 15+

Copernicus pulls it all together and the Windstone case comes to a close, but things don’t wrap up quite the way he expected.


Preview: The Double Life of Miranda Turner #5

The Double Life of Miranda Turner #5

Writer: Jamie S. Rich
Artist: George Kambadais
Letterer: Crank!
Price: $0.99
Pages: 17
Rating: 9+

Miranda has been caught red-handed snooping around her dead sister’s apartment. Or at least that’s how it looks. Lindy Turner’s best friend, the teleporting superhero Portal, has been wondering where her pal the Cat has disappeared to, and so it doesn’t look good when a girl she’s never met shows up at the Cat’s lair wearing the missing crimefighter’s costume.


A Survival of the Fittest Amongst The Army of Dr. Moreau

the army of dr moreauOne of the most thought provoking and talked-about novels of the 19th century, The Island of Dr. Moreau challenged morals, science and identity. The groundbreaking science fiction tale has been the source for many adventures since, and this March IDW will release the print collection of the story that takes these ideas and conjoins them with the endless possibilities of the comic page: The Army of Dr. Moreau!

First appearing digitally from Monkeybrain Inc., The Army of Dr. Moreau introduced a frightening alternate take on the evils of the famed island. Trapped and abandoned with Nazis, Beast Folk, and terror, a small unit of Allied operatives find themselves up against threats like no other…

Written by award-winning journalist, filmmaker and author, David F. Walker and featuring the art of Carl Sciacchitano, the 7-issue series will join the previous Monkeybrain titles Amelia Cole, Edison Rex, Skybreaker, Artful Daggers, Knuckleheads, Red Light Properties and Mask Of The Red Panda in print!

Preview: Boo! Holiday Special #1

Boo! Holiday Special #1

Writers: Dylan Todd, RJ White, Matt Smigiel, Scott Faulkner, Jordan Witt, Karla Pacheco, Kelly Tindall, Jon Morris
Artists: Jon Morris, Manning Krull, Matt Smigiel, Scott Faulkner, Jordan Witt, Sean Poppe, Kelly Tindall
Colorist: Pete Toms
Price: $0.99
Pages: 40
Rating: 12+

It’s Halloween in December as the BOO! Regulars reunite to spread tales of holiday horror!


Preview: Amelia Cole #19: The Impossible Fate Part 1

Amelia Cole #19: The Impossible Fate Part 1

Writers: Adam P. Knave, D.J. Kirkbride
Artist: Nick Brokenshire
Letterer: Rachel Deering
Price: $0.99
Pages: 17
Rating: 12+

Amelia and Hector have been tossed into different worlds, leaving the remains of Omega Company and Lemmy have to battle The Council on their own! The fourth arc of the Amelia Cole adventures starts here!


Preview: Headspace #5

Headspace #5

Writer: Ryan K Lindsay
Artists: Eric Zawadzki, Sebastián Piriz
Colorists: Eric Zawadzki, Marissa Louise
Letterer: Eric Zawadzki
Price: $0.99
Pages: 24
Rating: 15

Imagine watching your child die. Max’s heart is a labyrinth of depravity and at the centre Shane will be crushed under its fractured weight. Also covered in this issue’s curriculum: can a duffel bag full of cash be used as a silencer?


Dark Horse Collects Sebela & Moustafa’s High Crimes

Debuting in print for the first time, High Crimes, a murder mystery written by Dead Letters scribe Christopher Sebela, is the premiere graphic novel illustrated by rising star Ibrahim Moustafa!

Dark Horse will publish a stunning hardcover that collects all twelve issues of the critically acclaimed, multiple Eisner Award–nominated, and Stumptown Comics Art Award–winning Monkeybrain digital comic by Sebela and Moustafa.

Disgraced Olympic snowboarder Zan Jensen has relocated to Kathmandu as a climbing guide, while running a sideline business as a high-altitude grave robber. When a body is found at the summit of Everest with a treasure of state secrets under its skin, Zan finds herself in the crosshairs of a government hit squad bent on bringing the body home. As she races to the roof of the world, Zan will navigate bullets and avalanches to find salvation in the deadliest place on earth.

The High Crimes hardcover goes on sale July 8, 2015!

High Crimes

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