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Preview: Tally Marks #5

Tally Marks #5

Writer/Artist: Natalie Nourigat
Price: $0.99
Pages: 35
Rating: all ages

Travel sketches from Paris, Strasbourg, London, and Amiens. This issue features scenes of Paris in the springtime, a thylacine, and stuffed-animal sneakers.


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Preview: The Remains #4

The Remains #4

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: A.C. Zamudio
Colorist: Carlos Nicolas Zamudio
Price: $0.99
Pages: 29
Rating: 15+

It started with dead rats… dancing. It ends with a terrifying confrontation between Birdie and the vile “hired man” who has haunted the family farm for weeks. What dark desires drive Cole Jensen? What terrible horror is he fleeing? And what price will Birdie and her family ultimately pay for bringing the devil into their home?


D4VE’S Mid-Life. Crisis. Is Coming to Print at IDW Publishing

The partnership between IDW Publishing and Monkeybrain has brought some of the most critically acclaimed digital comic-book series to an entirely new readership, and both are pleased to welcome another to the printed page: D4VE.

A war for Earth was fought and the robots have won but the results are far less “brave new world” and more of the “same old, same old.” Starting February 2015, fans of print comics will get the opportunity to meet D4VE, a great robot war hero who now is trapped behind a desk at a soul-sucking day job.

D4VE is the brainchild of series writer Ryan Ferrier and artist Valentin Ramon. In the five-issue series, D4VE battles traffic, mortgage payments, and the mundane when all he wants to do is battle monsters like in his glory days. But those days are gone…right? Little does D4VE know that something big is going to help snap him out of this mid-life: crisis.

Come early 2015, you can check out the five-issue miniseries that Bloody Disgusting calls “a master class in robotic mid-life crisis… ripe with laughs” and featuring a first-issue cover by Fiona Staples.

d4ve a d4ve b

Preview: The Red Panda #9: Night of the Red Panda Part 6

The Red Panda #9: Night of the Red Panda Part 6

Writer: Gregg Taylor
Artist: Dean Kotz
Price: $0.99
Pages: 27
Rating: 12+

The all-new, two-fisted pulp adventures Terrific Twosome of Toronto! This issue: “Dance of the Dead pt 2 of 2” August Fenwick is trapped by the villainous Professor Zombie, who waits to kill the city’s masked champions. Will he be forced to choose between his secrets and the safety of the citizens he is sworn to protect? Not if the Flying Squirrel has anything to say about it! Plus two more serialized chapters of the prose pulp novel “Tales of the Red Panda: Pyramid of Peril”, and a behind the scenes “agent file” with the skinny on the Red Panda’s youngest agent, “Eagle Eyes” Kelly!


Preview: Strange Nation #8

Strange Nation #8

Writer/Letterer: Paul Allor
Artist/Colorist: Juan Romera
Price: $0.99
Pages: 22
Rating: 15+

“It’s a big world out there. You never know who might be paying attention.”


Preview: High Crimes #8

High Crimes #8

Writer: Christopher Sebela
Artist: Ibrahim Moustafa
Price: $0.99
Pages: 22
Rating: 17

Reeling from the thinning atmosphere and the aftermath of a friend’s death, Zan Jensen is closer than she’s ever been to her dream summit of Everest. As she tries to figure out how to save Haskell, herself and the treasure map of secrets buried in Sullivan Mars’ body, her race against the Strange Agents takes an even deadlier turn into nightmare territory.


Preview: Street Angel #5

Street Angel #5

Writers: Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca
Artist: Jim Rugg
Price: $1.99
Pages: 22
Rating: 12+

Orphaned by the world, raised by the streets, Jesse Sanchez is a dangerous martial artist, and the world’s greatest homeless skateboarder. In Wilkesborough, Angel City’s worst ghetto, she fights ninjas, drugs, nepotism, and pre-algebra as Street Angel! The only thing standing between an army of heavily-armed racists and the 1970s-era blaxploitation superhero, Afrodisiac, is Jesse “Street Angel” Sanchez. It’s “Hero Time!”


Preview: Kinski #6

Kinski #6

Writer/Artist: Gabriel Hardman
Price: $0.99
Pages: 27
Rating: 12+

Is Kinski lost forever? Joe finds a glimmer of hope from an unexpected source. The exciting conclusion of the KINSKI saga!


Preview: Wander: Olive Hopkins and the Ninth Kingdom #4

Wander: Olive Hopkins and the Ninth Kingdom #4

Writer: Kevin Church
Artist/Colorist: Grace Allison
Letterer: Josh Krach
Price: $0.99
Pages: 20
Rating: 15+

Olive takes a bath, Longfellow’s origin is revealed, and the Boy King strikes. Lance is an idiot, but for good reason.


Preview: Tally Marks #4

Tally Marks #4

Writer/Artist: Natalie Nourigat
Price: $0.99
Pages: 39
Rating: all ages

Travel sketches from Paris, Valberg, Amiens, Lyon, Nice, and Angoulême. This issue features public displays of affection, the house of Jules Verne, and fashionable Parisian joggers!


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