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Review: Inhuman # 3

inhuman 3 coverI must admit, I have a soft spot for Marvel‘s minority communities. I think they serve as an interesting metaphor for real world minority issues, and both their stories and complex histories offer an interesting juxtaposition between the real and fictional where oppression and integration is concerned. The new Inhumans volume puts that community in center stage following the ground breaking aftermath of the recent Infinity mega event.

Inhuman #3 follows the current  exploits of earth’s inhuman population, which has grown considerably following Black Bolt’s decision to release Terrigen into the global atmosphere. The lynchpin of this current volume, the revelation of the existence of multiple Inhuman tribes  (previously hidden among earths human population) offers a fresh and interesting status-quo for the Inhuman community, one that was previously monolithic , scarce, and reclusive.

This new tribal nuance to the inhuman state of affairs has already begun to reflect multiple and completing ideologies. Lash of Orollan appears to take a merit based view towards terrigenesis, holding to the view that only those who are “worthy” should be allowed to enjoy the benefits of terrigenesis. On the other hand, New Attilan currently ruled by Queen Medusa, holds to a more egalitarian ethos, where the free dispensing of terrigenesis has been a staple of their culture for centuries.

This is an interesting point to ponder, as it seems that the affordances of culture are directly tied to abundance of  given resources (or the lack thereof). In issue 3 we learn that Orollan only possessed 3 terrigen crystals. We know from past volumes that Attilan has always had an abundance of Terrigen. I have always wondered if Wakanda would have been as xenophobic and isolationist as it is if it didn’t enjoy all the economic and geopolitic clout that its vibranium deposits had blessed it with. We see here how history and circumstance  indelibly marks certain cultures in the Marvel U, Attilan and its emerging sister tribes appear to be no exception

Orrollan and Attilan’s forces come to a violent conflict in this issue,  a conflict  quickly  calmed by revelations of the former King Black Bolt’s overarching plan. This reveal has implications for every Inhuman on the globe and could potentially unite them all as a result.

This has been interesting series so far that as placed the inhumans on a bold new footing. It will be very interesting to see how all the Inhumans resolve their issues and their place amongst each other as well as the greater Marvel U. It will also be interesting to see where the power of balance falls between the various Inhuman tribes. There is a lot of dust to settle that should make for a very engaging series.

Story: Charles Soule Art: Joe Madureira
Story: 8.0 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.5  Recommendation: Read



Final Thoughts

The Infinity event mentioned six locales/tribes where hidden Inhumans reside, it would be interesting to see if more show up later on.

Medusa’s statement to the rest of the world and the new emerging Inhumans was very reminiscent of Cyclops’ during the founding of Utopia in Dark Avengers #8.

The multi-tribal status of the Inhumans is very similar to the post schism state of the X-men

The notion of “Inhuman sovereignty” will be a tricky one to unpackage, given the now global reach of the Inhuman population and the multitude of tribes available for them to identify with.

I just have to say Medusa is so badass….I love her especially when Black Bolt is not in the picture, she really takes to the throne well, and shines.

Memorable Quotes

“Not Everyone with potential deserves it” – Lash (Inhuman #1)

“There are other tribes..You have a choice ” – Lash (Inhuman #1)

“They’re scared & they’re a powerbase, people will try to use that power “- Captain America (Inhuman #2)

“My Enemies all have one thing in common Lash….they fall ” – Medusa  (Inhuman #3)

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Preview: Hyperion Takes Center Stage in Your First Look at Avengers #34.1!

This September, the supremely powerful Hyperion takes center stage in the oversized Avengers #34.1 – an exciting new solo story from critically acclaimed creators Al Ewing and Dale Keown! Last son of a dead utopia and sole survivor of a world decimated by Incursions. Father figure to a new species of life thriving in the Savage Land. He is an Avenger, and so much more. Now, the Man From Nowhere seeks justice upon an unhinged cop killer, the safe return of a kidnapped child – and perhaps answers to the questions that haunt him deep inside. Why was he brought here? What purpose does he serve in our universe? The answers can be found this September in the Hyperion-centric Avengers #34.1!

AVENGERS #34.1 (JUL140624)
Written by AL EWING
Art & Cover by DALE KEOWN
Variant Cover by CHRIS BACHALO (JUL140625)
FOC 8/18/14, ON-SALE 09/10/14


Explore the Origins of the Marvel Universe with Marvel Famous Firsts: 75th Anniversary Masterworks Slipcase Set

In celebration of Marvel Comics’ 75th Anniversary, Marvel proudly presents a deluxe collection of its 10 mightiest Masterworks hardcovers – plus the all-new, long-in-demand Not Brand Echh Vol. 1 and the Avengers 75th Anniversary by Alex Ross Poster signed by none other than Stan “The Man” Lee!

Each titanic tome in this limited-edition boxed set features a newly designed cover treatment and interlocking spine artwork, and the slipcase itself is patterned after stately Avengers Mansion!

Marvel Famous Firsts: 75th Anniversary Masterworks Slipcase Set arrives in local comic book retailers September 3rd.


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Preview: New Attilan Under Siege – Your First Look at Inhuman #6!

This September, the residents of New Attilan face a new challenge in Inhuman #6 – from blockbuster writer Charles Soule and Marvel All-New Young Gun artist Ryan Stegman! Medusa has poured the blood, sweat and tears of her people into rebuilding her civilization and protecting her people. Residing in the waters of the Hudson River, New Attlian stands as a shining beacon of Inhuman reconstruction. And she will not see it taken from her so easily! The Unspoken, former ruler of the Inhumans, has invaded the sovereign Inhuman nation and taken it by force! With all the Inhuman royal family held captive, it’s up to the new Inhumans to test their mettle! Young and inexperienced with powers yet beyond their control, what hope do the NuHumans have against the Unspoken’s forces? Find out when the rookies cut loose this September in Inhuman #6!

INHUMAN #6 (JUL140644)
Art & Cover by RYAN STEGMAN
Variant by JOE MADURIERA (JUL140645)
FOC 9/01/14, ON-SALE 09/24/14


Preview: Introducing a Brand New Sci-Fi Spider-Man – a First Look at Edge of Spider-Verse #3!

The Spider-Verse inches ever closer as every Spider-Man from every universe prepares for multiversal war against a common foe. Marvel has released a first look at Edge of Spider-Verse #3 – the next chapter is the blockbuster 5-issue mini-series showcasing a new creative team and new spider character each issue! Rising star Dustin Weaver pulls triple duty as he writes, draws and colors a brand new creation – Dr. Aaron Aikman: Spider-Man!

As Aikman dons the helmet of his Spider-Man suit composed of bleeding-edge technology, he confronts the evil that plagues his New York City. As the villainous Red Eye and Naahmurah wreak havoc on his world, only Spider-Man stands capable of saving the day! But is he prepared for the onslaught of Spider-Verse and the coming of Morlun? Find out when the wildly imaginative sci-fi Spider-Man makes his debut in Edge of Spider-Verse #3 this September!

Plus, don’t miss out on these exciting Edge of Spider-Verse tie-in issues of your favorite ongoing series:

  • Superior Spider-Man #32 & #33
  • Amazing Spider-Man #7 & #8
  • Spider-Man 2099 #5

Art & Cover by DUSTIN WEAVER
Variant Cover by GREG LAND (JUL140619)
FOC 9/01/14, ON-SALE 09/24/14


Anderson Cooper Makes His Marvel Comics Debut in November’s Black Widow #12!

Black_Widow_12_CoverThis November, CNN’s own Anderson Cooper makes his Marvel Universe debut for a special, Marvel Comics only, investigative report that begs the question – is the Black Widow truly the Avenger we want? It all happens in Black Widow #12, as the world renowned journalist and news anchor exposes the tangled web of the Widow’s past discretions, courtesy of critically acclaimed creators Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto.

Though she now walks a righteous path in her quest for atonement, her past is paved with bloody memories. Though allegedly reformed, is a former KGB operative and assassin the right Avenger to protect the American people? Where do her allegiances truly lie? Those questions and more will be answered in November’s issue!

Currently the anchor on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360°, the Emmy Award winning Cooper has spent many years broadcasting from around the world, reporting on up-to-the-minute news and current events.

Once a resident of the shadows, the Black Widow’s operations have been brought into the light like never before. With the investigation into her actions underway, what will the Avengers do when they learn how she’s been spending her days off? Find out this November!

Art & Cover by PHIL NOTO


Two New All-Ages Comics from Marvel this November

This November, the most popular Super Heroes in the world leap off the screen and land on the page for two new ongoing series based on the all-new animated series’ premiering this fall on Disney XD! Marvel has announced two new all-ages comic titles as part of the Marvel Universe line – Marvel Universe Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors and Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble Season Two! Adapted by premiere all-ages writer Joe Caramagna and packed with bonus content, including brand new all-ages stories featuring The Avengers, Spider-Man, Nova and more, these two exciting new series are perfect jumping on points for new fans!

It all starts in Marvel Universe: Avengers Assemble Season Two #1! Twice the action, twice the danger! Earth’s Mightiest Heroes including Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow and more return for another season of smashing evil! When the Red Skull seeks refuge on Earth from an even greater villain, the Avengers must face their greatest foe yet – Thanos of Titan! A new chapter in the story of the Avengers begins here – don’t miss it, true believers!

Then, swing in to an all-new era of adventure, as Spider-Man teams up with some of the Marvel Universes’ greatest heroes in Marvel Universe: Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors #1! Spidey joins the one-and-only Captain America for a daring raid on the impenetrable fortress of Dr. Doom! Their mission: recover Cap’s shield! What could go wrong?

The biggest Super Heroes, the biggest action and the biggest stories you can imagine all collide in all ages excitement when the extra-sized Marvel Universe: Avengers Assemble Season Two #1 and Marvel Universe: Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors #1 burst on to the scene with can’t miss first issues this November!

Extra Content/All-Ages
On-Sale This November!


Extra Content/All-Ages
On-Sale This November!

Marvel_Universe_Avengers_Assemble_Season_2_1_Cover Marvel_Universe_Ultimate_Spider-Man_Web_Warriors_1_Cover

Preview: Meet Gwen Stacy – Spider-Woman! A First Look at Edge of Spider-Verse #2!

As spider-powered heroes from across all universes unite to battle back the threat of Morlun, meet a young girl from Midtown High who learned that with great power, comes great responsibility. Marvel has released a first look at September’s Edge of Spider-Verse #2, from critically acclaimed writer Jason Latour and rising-star artist Robbi Rodriguez! She’s smart, she’s tough, she’s charming and she can lift a car – she’s Gwen Stacy! Patrolling the New York City of her universe, she keeps the streets safe as the vigilante known as Spider-Woman! Just don’t tell her father, NYPD Police Chief George Stacy!

As the growing threat of Spider-Verse looms on the not-so-distant-horizon, meet one of its breakout stars early as Gwen Stacy swings headlong into the biggest Spider-Man event of all time. Don’t miss one moment of the action as Gwen Stacy: Spider-Woman makes her bombastic debut in Edge of Spider-Verse #2!

Plus, don’t miss out on these exciting Edge of Spider-Verse tie-in issues of your favorite ongoing series:

  • Superior Spider-Man #32 & #33
  • Amazing Spider-Man #7 & #8
  • Spider-Man 2099 #5

Variant Cover by GREG LAND (JUL140617)
FOC 8/25/14, ON-SALE 09/17/14


Preview: Loki: Agent of Asgard #6 Begins the ‘March to AXIS’ in September!

The biggest comic event of the fall is just around the corner. But first, prepare yourself for Avengers & X-Men: AXIS as the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe set the stage for an epic clash between the Red Skull’s armies and the united front of Avengers and X-Men. Marvel has released a first look at Loki: Agent of Asgard #6 as the ‘March to AXIS’ continues! The creative team of writer Al Ewing and special guest artist Jorge Coelho bring the God of Mischief into the AXIS fold as Loki returns from his adventures in the Tenth Realm to face…Doctor Doom?! With his charge Valeria Richards at his side, he’ll stop at nothing to put an end to the God of Mischief! But why? What does this have to do with the Red Skull’s plot in the pages of Avengers & X-Men: AXIS? Find out as the fan-favorite series returns this September in Loki: Agent of Asgard!

Written by AL EWING
FOC 9/01/14, ON-SALE 09/24/14


Preview: Time Runs Out! A First Look at New Avengers #24!

Witness the beginning of the end and the rise of a new Cabal as the Marvel Universe reaches the end of the line in the oversized New Avengers #24! Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman and Marvel All-New Young Gun artist Valerio Schiti fast forward 8 months into the future as the battle-worn Marvel Universe faces judgment day, and the Avengers and Illuminati wage war against each other.

The Incursions by parallel Earths from other dimensions have increased in number! To save both universes, one Earth must be destroyed each time! As the Avengers & Illuminati battle over what must be done – Namor has taken matters into his own hands! Forming his new Cabal composed of Thanos, Maximus, Black Swan, Terrax, Proxima Midnight and Corvius Glaive, they’ll stop at nothing to ensure their Earth survives, including the destruction of worlds!

As this epic, oversized issue jumps forward 8 months, witness the staggering future that awaits the Marvel Universe and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? With the war between the Avengers and the Illuminati at its peak, the Final Incursion is upon us The clock is ticking and your questions will be answered this September in New Avengers #24!

NEW AVENGERS #24 (JUL140620)
Time Runs Out Variant by AGUSTIN ALESSIO (JUL140621)
FOC – 09/01/14, On-Sale – 09/24/14


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