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A Look at Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk

Marvel and Netflix have released a look at actor Vincent D’Onofrio who stars as Wilson Fisk in the Netflix original series, Marvel’s Daredevil.

What do you think of D’Onofrio’s look?

Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk(via USA Today)

Battleworld’s Brightest Teens Are Now – Runaways!

This June, a cult-favorite comes to Battleworld in Runaways #1 – a brand new Secret Wars series! Rising comic stars Noelle Stevenson and Sanford Greene bring you a new twist on a modern Marvel classic that’s sure to appeal to Runaways fans old and new!

The best and brightest teens from all corners of Battleworld are hand-picked to attend the most prestigious academy on the planet’s capital. Yet not all is as it seems within these hallowed halls. This esteemed educational establishment may just be grooming the next generation of super villains!

What happens when the new class learns they’re on the fast track to evil and their headmaster is a diabolical super villain? RUN AWAY!

Now, teenagers Molly Hayes, Jubilee, Bucky Barnes, Cloak & Dagger, Amadeus Cho, Skaar and a few new faces are striking out on their own — taking on Battleworld, learning to deal with each other, and learning to deal with themselves. Enter the world of a Secret Wars story unlike any other when Stevenson and Greene bring you a new spin on the Runaways this June!

Variant Cover by PHIL NOTO
On Sale in JUNE!

Runaways_1_Cover Runaways_1_Noto_Variant

Your New Look at Six What the Duck?! Variant Covers For April!

Spider-Gwen_3_Aragones_WTD_VariantThe highly anticipated  release of Howard the Duck #1 is just over a week away. Can’t wait till then? Marvel is keeping the celebration going all the way into April with special What the Duck?! Variant Covers to some of your favorite Marvel titles. Today, Marvel has released 6 new variant covers from some of the hottest artist in the industry – each with a unique spin on that magnificent mallard!

  • Ant-Man #4 – WTD Variant Cover by Dave Rapoza
  • Daredevil #15 – WTD Variant Cover by Marguerite Sauvage
  • Deadpool #45 a.k.a. Deadpool Number 250 – WTD Variant Cover by Sanford Greene
  • Hulk #14 – WTD Variant by Rafael Albuquerque
  • Legendary Star-Lord #11 – WTD Variant Cover by James Stokoe
  • Spider-Gwen #3 – WTD Variant Cover by Sergio Aragones

Look for these additional WHAT THE DUCK?! Variants to grace the covers of these exciting Marvel comics throughout the month of April:

  • All-New Captain America #6
  • All-New Hawkeye #2
  • All-New X-Men #41
  • Amazing Spider-Man #17
  • Guardians of the Galaxy #26
  • Inhuman #14
  • Legendary Star-Lord #11
  • Ms. Marvel #14
  • Rocket Raccoon #10
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. #5
  • Silk #3
  • Spider-Gwen #3
  • Superior Iron Man #7
  • Thor #7
  • Uncanny Avengers #4
  • Uncanny Inhumans #0

Preview: Spiral Begins Here – a Look at Amazing Spider-Man #16.1!

Peter Parker may be back from Spider-Verse, but his troubles are far from over! Marvel has released a first look inside Amazing Spider-Man #16.1, the first chapter of SPIRAL! One of the most celebrated Spider-Man writers of all-time, Gerry Conway returns to the webhead alongside blockbuster artist Carlo Barberi for an all-new tale of crime and corruption in the dark corners of the Marvel Universe. That’s right, the man who brought you some of the most shocking and iconic Spidey stories in history returns for a new story that’s sure to be no exception!

The underworld is in flux ever since the Kingpin got taken out of Shadowland. That war is heating up and now that Spidey is back on the seen he’s going to do something about it! But he’s not the only one out for justice – Police Captain Yuri Watanabe is trying to curtail the madness both in her day job and as the vigilante known as THE WRAITH! But do she and Spidey play by the same rules?

Hammerhead, Tombstone, the Circus of Crime, Black Cat and Mr. Negative. Only one can rule the underworld. And they’ll stop at nothing to eliminate their competition. Who will be left standing when the dust settles? Find out when the epic Amazing Spider-Man: Spiral kicks off this March!

Cover by ART ADAMS
Variant Cover by SIMONE BIANCHI (JAN150782)
FOC – 02/23/15, On Sale – 3/18/15


Fashion Spotlight: Spider: The Animated Series, Wile E. Symbiote, and THE BUNNYSHER

Ript Apparel has three new designs for Marvel fans, and two for Looney Tunes. Spider: The Animated Series, Wile E. Symbiote, and THE BUNNYSHER from JozVoz, Barbadifuoco, and Fernando_Sala will be for sale on February 28, 2015 only!

Spider: The Animated Series by JozVoz

Spider The Animated Series

Wile E. Symbiote by Barbadifuoco

Wile E. Symbiote

THE BUNNYSHER by Fernando_Sala




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Review: Spider-Gwen #1

sg001Marvel found itself in a strange place in the recent wave of young adult titles focused on female characters.  The House of Ideas was uncharacteristically not at the crest of the new wave, but rather trying to catch up.  Spider-Gwen represents one of the first of the new Marvel trying put out with the intent of catching the new-found popularity, which gives young female superheroes a voice and an attitude similar to what they might actually be like in real life.

Spider-Gwen picks up in the aftermath of Spider-Verse, the Spider wide crossover which incidentally gave birth to this iteration of the character.  It follows her life in the wake of those events as well as the regular events of her life.  As she exists in her own universe, there are a few changes.  Matt Murdock does not seem to be a hero, while Frank Castle seems to be less of an anti-hero and she has her own public opinion campaign just like Spider-Man does.

While there are some changes to the familiar, there is also a lot of what is just familiar.  What has been characteristic of the new wave is that it has taken a new approach to these characters with new ideas, but Spider-Gwen for the time being seems to be more about recycled ideas with a new character.  It is thus the weakest of the titles thus far, arguably not as good even as Silk.  The series is not bad, only that it does not seem to be aiming as high as the others that have preceded it.  Ironically due to the popularity of the character, it is also the one that is likely to survive the longest, and it would be nice therefore if the creative team tried something a little more.

Story: Jason Latour  Art: Robbi Rodriguez 
Story: 8.1 Art: 8.1 Overall: 8.1 Recommendation: Read

GroupOn Comics. 25 comics worth $100, or 50 worth $250?

groupon_comics_1GroupOn has a deal where you can purchase comic bundles through their site at a pretty impressive discount. For $24.99 you can purchase 25 Marvel or DC comics. $1 a comic isn’t too bad. For $39.99 you can get 50 comics, 25 from Marvel and 25 from DC (plus tax). All of this sounds wonderful, but when you start to actually look at claims, things get a bit…. odd and confusing.

The Marvel and DC 25 comic bundles say the comics are worth $100. If you buy the 50 comic bundle, the value is claimed to be $250. If the 50 comic bundle is just one of each of the Marvel or DC bundle, then where does the extra $50 value come from? Pretty sure that’s not how math works. I can maybe forgive the oddness thinking maybe they throw in some more valuable comics in that bundle.

Moving on, the package claims the comics are from the 1980s on from the publisher. That should give us pause even on the $100 value claim. The package contains 25 comics and the value is $99.99. So, according to this, the average value of the comics are $4 a piece. Retail cost of comics weren’t $4 until recently. So, if the package includes comics from the 1980s, how does the value come close to $100? It’s clearly not the cover value they’re going by.

The FAQ doesn’t really answer the questions above. So, I decided to role the dice to see what this package actually gets you, and if it’s as advertised. Stay tuned true believer!

Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here! What’s everyone doing to enjoy it?

Around the Tubes

The New York Times – ‘Brooklynite,’ a Superhero Musical With Matt Doyle and Nicolette Robinson – I kind of want to see this.

The New York Times – Hey, the Hulk’s in Central Park! Marvel Comics Covers Highlight New York – Nice.


Around the Tubes Reviews

Bleeding Cool – Curb Stomp #1

CBR – Darth Vader #2

CBR – Fantastic Four #643

CBR – Gotham Academy #5

Bleeding Cool – They’re Not Like Us #3

Comics Beat – Thor Annual #1

Marvel Zombies #1 Shambles Across Battleworld This June!

This June, a lone soldier ventures deep into unknown territory on a mission of personal discovery – and of blood-soaked survival! Today, Marvel has announced Marvel Zombies #1 – a brand-new Secret Wars series from writer Simon Spurrier and artist Kev Walker!

She is Elsa Bloodstone, one of the fiercest monster-hunters Battleworld has ever seen. Burdened with the task of keeping the zombie hordes to the south from rampaging through Battleworld, she patrols the borders from high atop the Shield. Day in and day out she fights and claws to keep the world safe, knowing that setting one foot into that hellish landscape means certain death. That is, until she spots a human girl among the corpses.

Knowing what untold horrors await her on the other side, she flings herself into the shambling hordes. But once she’s in, she’ll have to fight her way out…

In the announcement release Spurrier said:

If you want an awesome book about an incredible woman digging deep into her own crumbling reserves to smash, blast and sneak her way through legions of your favorite Marvel personalities, corrupted into gurgling cackling brain-hungry insaniacs – then this is the book for you.

Can one woman stand against an endless army of the living dead? Clearly, you’ve never met Elsa Bloodstone. Be there when zombie-blasting, high-octane action kicks off this June!

On Sale in JUNE!


All’s Fair in Love & Battleworld in Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #1!

War rages across the patchwork planet of Battleworld. Domains far and wide clash in an unending conflict for territory. Yet amid the fury and the fire of battle, there is love to be found as well. This June, one of the Marvel Universe’s burgeoning romances will be put through the Secret Wars wringer in Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #1 – an all-new Secret Wars series! Writer Sam Humphries and Marvel newcomer Alti Firmansyah ask the question – can love really conquer all?

In an interview with Marvel.com, Humphries said:

Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde is an action romantic comedy. It is the emotional and spiritual continuation of the great Peter Quill/Kitty Pryde romance that has been developing in Legendary Star-Lord. It’s going to be funny, and fun – but also heartbreaking and thrilling.

The events of Secret Wars have brought these two together once more. Yet, hailing from entirely different realities, can these two-star crossed lovers reconcile their feelings for one another – even though they are not the ones they know?! Sure – if they don’t kill each other first! The Kitty Pryde from the Age of Apocalpyse domain learned a long time ago not to trust anyone. Especially strangers from other realities who claim to be her boyfriend!

Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde are finally together in their own series! But are they TOGETHER together? The burgeoning romance of these two fan-favorite characters will be tested like never before on the surface of Battleworld. Will their love triumph across space and time? Or will the events of Secret Wars prove too much? The answers lie within True Believer!

On Sale in JUNE!


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