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More Marvel and DC LEGO News and Pics!

2015 looks to be another amazing year for fans of Marvel and DC Comics LEGO sets. We’ve got the already released sets based on DC Comics that gave us Darkseid, Sinestro, Hawkman, and more, but there’s even more hitting shelves or will be hitting shelves.

A new polybag, set #30303 features the Joker Bumper Car. It should be found at Toys R Us and sells for $3.99.

30303-joker-bumper-car-dc-comics-600x431Not to be outdone, the Winter Soldier will be getting a polybag as well. Details for the date of release aren’t out yet.

winter-soldier-polybag-600x395If you’re like me, and want to collect all the minifigs you can, you bought the Target exclusive box that contained Superboy among other figs. It looks like Garth Ranzz, aka Lightning Lad, will be getting the same treatment. It’s unknown when this will be hitting shelves or where.

Lightning Lad LegoNews coming out of Toy Fair gives us some news as to new sets from this summer for both Marvel and DC:

  • 76036 Sky Attack SHIELD’s CarnageMinifigs include Carnage, Miles Morales, the successor of Peter Parker in the costume of Spider-Man and a SHIELD agent. The three minifigs are accompanied by a mini jet. UK RRP: £ 11.99 (about € 15).
  • 76037 Rhino & Team Supervillain SandmanComes with the following minifigs: Spider-Man, Iron Spider, Sandman and Rhino. The minifig Rhino is partly a version of Rhino based on bricks. The scene takes place on a construction site. UK RRP: £ 44.99 (about € 58).
  • 76039 Marvel’s Ant-ManNo info. The set is not presented on the show. Possible presence but not confirmed Ant-Man version minifig AND microfig in the box. UK RRP: £ 19.99 (about € 26).
  • 76034 The Batboat Harbour PursuitComes with the following minifigs. Batman, Robin (New design) and Deathstroke. The Batboat has two cockpits and Deathstroke is riding a jetski that drags the safe he just stole. UK RRP: £ 29.99 (about € 39).
  • 76035 JokerlandAn improved version of the set  6857 The Dynamic Duo Funhouse Escape. Comes with minifigs Starfire, Beast Boy, Robin, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, The Penguin, The Joker and Batman. The set comes with rides tailored to each villain, a Batmobile in style from that of the 1989 Batman is included. UK RRP: £ 89.99 (about € 117).

Better pictures have been released of the upcoming LEGO Avengers: Age of Ultron sets. Check them out below!

76029-600-600x263 76029-box-600-600x529 76030-600-600x347 76030-box-600-600x499 76031-600x431 76031-box-600x729 76032-600-600x292 76032-box-600-600x429 76038-600-600x689 76038-box-600-600x600

So, out of all of the above, what are you most excited about?

(via BrickHeroes)

Graphic Policy Radio, LIVE This Monday

GP Radio pic MondayThis Monday Graphic Policy Radio returns! The show airs LIVE this Monday at 10pm ET.

On this episode:

  • We discuss the finale of All-New X-Factor. Issue #20 wraps up Peter David’s latest run of Marvel’s X-Factor. We discuss the series and those revelations at the end.
  • This summer Marvel’s universes smash together creating an All-New Marvel with Secret Wars. We chat what this means for the 616, Ultimate Universe, as well as the return of Marvel Zombies, Age of Ultron, Future Imperfect, World War Hulk and more.
  • DC Comics brings back the old and mixes it with the new when Convergence comes out for two months. We discuss what this all means for the DC Universe and what to expect after.

We’ll be discussing all of that and more! We also want to hear what you think. Call us at (619) 768-2952 and let us know your thoughts, or Tweet them to us @graphicpolicy.

Preview: Cindy Moon Swings Solo in Your First Look at Silk #1!

This February, straight from the pages of Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Verse comes a brand new ongoing series starring the newest heroine of the Marvel Universe. Marvel has released a first look at Silk #1, the new series writer Robbie Thompson and rising star artist Stacey Lee!

Cindy Moon exploded out of her bunker and into the Marvel Universe in the pages of Amazing Spideer-Man and she never looked back. Bit by the same radioactive spider that gave Peter Parker his powers on that fateful day, she’s spent her years locked away in a bunker, safe from the threat of Morlun and the Inheritors. Since then, she’s saved Peter Parker’s life (more than once), fought alongside Spider-Woman, braved the Spider-Verse and more!

In an interview with Marvel.com, Thompson said:

“Cindy fascinates me,” says series writer Robbie Thompson, in an interview with Marvel.com. “She gave up 10 years of her life and the world moved on without her. What does that do to a person?”

Now, Cindy is back in New York City, patrolling it’s rooftops as SILK! And she’s going to make up for lost time. Searching for her past, defining her own future, and webbing wrong-doers along the way. Now is your chance to hop on board one of the slickest new launches of 2015 as Silk #1 swings in to comic shops this February!

SILK #1 (DEC140837)
Variant Covers by STACEY LEE (DEC140838)
FOC – 1/26/15, On Sale – 02/18/15


Relive 50 Years Without Fear This April in Daredevil #15.1!

Experience the life and times of Matt Murdock as told by his Eisner-award winning creative team as well as a few guest creators in Daredevil #15.1 – an oversized special featuring superstar talents Mark Waid, Chris Samnee, Marc Guggenheim and Peter Krause!

Matt Murdock, now publically revealed as the man behind the Daredevil mask, has begun working on his highly anticipated autobiography! As the Man Without Fear begins to dust off the cobwebs of his past adventures, who knows what untold stories might shake loose!

What happens when Daredevil catches a murderer while out on patrol, only to have to defend him in court the very next day? Marc Guggenheim and Peter Krause have the answer as Matt’s double life leads to some hard choices!

Then, Daredevil artist extraordinaire Chris Samnee writes and illustrates his first hornheaded tale as the Man Without Fear of yesteryear comes face to El Diablo! Prepare for a devil vs. devil throwdown the likes of which you’ve never seen before!

Rounding out this oversized issue is new material from the monthly Daredevil team of Waid and Samnee that will have fans on the edge of their seat! This April, relive the greatest untold stories of Hell’s Kitchen’s greatest guardian with Daredevil #15.1!

On Sale April 2015!


Go Quackers For The First Ever Howard the Duck #1 Evolution of Howard Variant!

From the mad geniuses who brought you the Ant-Man #1 Shrinking Variant comes the one of a kind Howard the Duck #1 Evolution of Howard Variant! Howard the Duck writer Chip Zdarsky lends his inimitable style to this completely unique cover, showcasing Howard in different stages of life!

Be there for the birth of that fabulous fowl. Marvel at his rebellious teenage phase. Witness his sad and valiant end. Completely unique and individually numbered, each cover features one of seven different evolutionary stages, each rendered at a different and unique size – large, small and everything in between! Fans lucky enough to get their hands on this highly collectible variant cover will own a unique piece of Howard history as no two variants are alike!

The Marvel Universe’s most satirical sort returns to work this March in Howard the Duck #1, the new, in-continuity ongoing series from Chip Zdarsky and artist Joe Quinones! Be there when Howard ventures through the Marvel Universe, trapped in a world he’s grown accustomed to as he takes on She-Hulk, the Black Cat, and mysterious forces from outer space! Maybe even a Guardian of the Galaxy or two.

Be there for Howard’s triumphant return and don’t miss your chance to own this truly unique, one-of-a-kind variant before they’re gone for good! Run, walk, swim or flap your way to your comic shop this March for the Howard the Duck #1 Evolution of Howard Variant!

Art & Cover by JOE QUINONES
Shrinking Variant by CHIP ZDARSKY
FOC – 02/09/15, On Sale – 03/04/15


Cable Turns 25

It was 25 years ago when Rob Liefeld‘s creation Cable debuted in New Mutants, with a teaser appearance in New Mutants #86 and the first full appearance in New Mutants #87. New Mutants #86 had a cover date of February 1990. Liefeld turned to Instagram to discuss the history and reminisce about the creation of the iconic character whose success would help Liefeld spawn dozens of more in the “X” universe.

Even cooler, Liefeld shared some of his early sketches for what Cable might have looked like.

Here’s hoping he continues this throughout the year to peel the curtains back for a few of his other well-known creations.

January Loot Crate “REWIND”: Unboxing, With Detail

January’s Loot Crate theme was REWIND: “A Look Back At Geek & Gaming Past”. As the prior announced themes of Star Wars and Voltron indicated, we’re going on a trip down memory lane for people my age. So, let’s get started.

Spoilers start HERE, so if you don’t want to know what’s in this Loot Crate yet, I’d STOP now! Read more

Free Comic Book Day 2015 Unleashes Secret Wars #0 & All-New, All-Different Avengers!

The biggest heroes, the biggest creators and the biggest stories in comics today are coming to Free Comic Book Day this year!

Marvel has officially unveiled its two stellar, can’t-miss Free Comic Book Day offerings for 2015! This May, prepare yourself for the kickoff of the biggest comic event in Marvel history, and a special preview of Marvel’s future in Secret Wars #0 and All-New, All-Different Avengers FCBD!

First, Secret Wars #0 brings you a prologue to the most important comic series of 2015! From the all-star creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Paul Renaud, get caught up with the perfect primer for the mega-event of the year, just in time for Secret Wars #1 to hit comic shops the very next Wednesday!

As a bonus, Secret Wars #0 will also contain a special presentation of “Attack on Avengers”, the sought after 8-page Avengers and Attack on Titan crossover, never-before-released in the United States by Attack on Titan creator Hajime Isayama with art by Gerardo Sandoval!

Then, get ready for a look into the world that’s coming with All-New, All-Different Avengers FCBD! It’s your first taste of the all-new Marvel Universe as a blockbuster top secret Avengers creative team sets out on a new adventure that will have fans begging for more! Who will be Earth’s Mightiest Heroes when the dust settles from SECRET WARS?  Find out here! This special issue also includes a brand new bonus story by blockbuster writer Charles Soule that previews one of the biggest new titles of 2015 – Uncanny Inhumans!

This May, the opening salvo of Secret Wars is fired and the Avengers of tomorrow take shape. No fan can afford to miss this year’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY – May 2nd at participating comic shops nationwide!


Cover by ALEX ROSS
Coming Free Comic Book Day!


Art & Cover by TOP SECRET
Coming Free Comic Book Day!

All-New_All-Different_Avengers_FCBD_NOT_FINAL Secret_Wars_0_Cover

Marvel Unveils Secret Wars’ Warzones!

The future begins here! When everything ends, there is only Secret Wars. Today, Marvel has announced Warzones!, the final umbrella of titles launching during Secret Wars! Warzones! joins Last Days and Battleworld as the three different categories of titles launching throughout Secret Wars, each with their own unique type of story to tell!

In a release Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso said:

If you want a glimpse of what the future holds, you’ll find it in the Warzones titles. Our creators let their imaginations run wild as they lay down the foundations for the future.  Whether we’re revisiting the most popular events from Marvel’s past or telling completely new stories, you won’t believe what we’ve got in store for you.

All that remains in the cosmos is Battleworld, the strange, patchwork realm playing host to countless realities, all existing side-by-side, fused into a single planet! Titles carrying the Warzones! banner tell stories of the individual dominions of Battleworld. What happens within their borders? What heroes guard their skies? What villains conspire within? How does over 75 years of Marvel’s epic history play out now that Battleworld is all there is?

While the Secret Wars rage on, the foundation of a new Marvel Universe take shape within the war-torn domains across Battleworld. The future of Marvel begins in the Warzones!


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