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Snoopy Takes to the Skies in KaBOOM!’s Peanuts: Where Beagles Dare! Original Graphic Novel

KaBOOM!, the all-ages imprint of publisher BOOM! Studios, gets ready to send Snoopy off on a secret World War I mission this September in Peanuts: Where Beagles Dare!, a new, original graphic novel from writer Jason Cooper and artist Vicki Scott that serves as a great accompaniment to the upcoming The Peanuts Movie.

In Peanuts: Where Beagles Dare!, Snoopy, the World War I Flying Ace, is on holiday in France but his leave is cut short when he’s recruited for a top-secret mission. Snoopy must dodge his way through no-man’s land, go deep behind enemy territory, and battle the Red Baron in the blackened skies above. Will Snoopy ever return home to quaff a few root beers with Woodstock and have dinner with Charlie Brown? Find out in this new original graphic novel, which also features nine pages of behind-the-scenes sketches by artist Vicki Scott!

The Peanuts: Where Beagles Dare! original graphic novel arrives in comic shops on September 23rd with a cover by Vicki Scott, Paige Braddock, and Nina Kester for the price of $9.99 under Diamond order code JUL151096. It will arrive in bookstores on September 29th under ISBN 978-1-60886-711-0.

Peanuts Where Beagles Dare

Preview: Adventure Time #43

Adventure Time #43

Imprint: KaBOOM!

Writer: Christopher Hastings
Artist: Phil Murphy

Finn and Jake break into Party God’s yacht to try and clear their names!



Preview: Over the Garden Wall #1 (of 4)

Over the Garden Wall #1 (of 4)

Imprint: KaBOOM!

Writer: Pat McHale
Artist: Jim Campbell

Airing last November, Pat McHale’s Over the Garden Wall was Cartoon Network’s first-ever original animated miniseries. BOOM! loved the eerily sweet story of two half-brothers trying to find their way home so much we published a companion one-shot that was quickly snapped up by folks who just wanted more of this world to experience. Now, they’re expanding the world of Over the Garden Wall with McHale and returning artist Jim Campbell with four self-contained stories.

In this first of four issues, BOOM! presents a new Over the Garden Wall story set between episodes 3 and 4 of the animated series! Wirt and Greg are trying to hitch a ride out of schooltown but end up having to walk. Soon, they come upon two girls playing, and wind up having to keep them entertained so that they don’t wake their giant of a father!


Preview: Bravest Warriors Vol. 5 TP

Bravest Warriors Vol. 5 TP

Imprint: KaBOOM!
Authors: Jason Johnson & Breehn Burns
Artist: Mike Holmes

The Bravest Warriors have crashed! Shot down by a mysterious enemy, the gang is stranded on an uncharted planet with no way off or help in sight. While the rest of the team tries to find a way to survive (and pass the time), Chris struggles to accept his Emotion Lord abilities and begins to doubt whether or not he should even be a Bravest Warrior. Written by the showrunners of Bravest Warriors, Jason Johnson & Breehn Burns, and illustrated by Mike Holmes (True Story), this volume takes place during season 2 of the hit animated series. Collects issues #17-#20.


Preview: Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake: Card Wars #2 (of 6)

Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake: Card Wars #2 (of 6)

Imprint: KaBOOM!
Authors: Jen Wang
Artist: Britt Wilson

Lumpy Space Prince decides to train Cake to beat the Floop Master in the upcoming Card Wars tournament!


BOOM! Announces Three New Series for November

This week, BOOM! Studios announced three new titles that are coming out in November. While the new issue of PREVIEWS doesn’t come out until August 26, you can get the details below!

Last Sons of America #1 (of 4)

Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Artist: Matthew Dow Smith
Cover Artists:
Main Cover: Tonci Zonjic
BOOM! 10 Years Incentive Cover: Brian Stelfreeze
Incentive Cover: Matthew Dow Smith
Format: 32 pages, full color
Price: $3.99
On sale: November

What’s to Love: We were instantly taken with newcomer Phillip Kennedy Johnson’s inventive high-concept story and mature characterization. Throw in a crime thriller element and Matthew Dow Smith’s moody art and Last Sons of America can be the perfect answer to the question, “What if Elmore Leonard directed Children of Men?”

What It Is: When a biological terrorist attack makes it impossible for anyone in America to conceive children, adoption of kids from other countries explodes. Brothers Jackie and Julian are adoption agents based in Nicaragua. They usually do all their options through legal means, but they’re facing increasing competition from straight-up kidnappers. One desperate move from Jackie could put them in the cross-hairs of some very dangerous people.

Last Sons of America #1 Main Cover by Tonci Zonjic

The Amazing World of Gumball Vol. 1: Fairy Tale Trouble

Original Graphic Novel
Publisher: KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writers: Megan Brennan, Jeremy Lawson
Artists: Katy Farina, Jeremy Lawson
Cover Artist: Katy Farina
Format: 6″ x 9″, 160 pages, full color, softcover
Price: $14.99
On sale: November

What’s to Love: The mixed-media look of The Amazing World of Gumball lends itself perfectly to comics, but now, we get to tell a full-length story, much like what it’d be like if you were watching a super-sized episode of the animated series!

What It Is: It’s a beautiful day for a Renaissance Faire, and the Watterson family is having a blast taking in ye olde fun and games…until a magician’s illusion turns into a real spell, and all of Elmore is cast into a fairy-tale world of quests, danger, and magical adventures! Can Wizard Darwin, Knight Anais, and Jester Gumball save Richard from his everlasting, turkey-leg-induced sleep, or will the citizens of Elmore remain trapped in the Middle Ages forever?

The Amazing World of Gumball Vol. 1 Fairy Tale Trouble OGN Cover by Katy Farina

Peanuts: The Snoopy Special

Writers: Jason Cooper, Charles M. Schulz
Artists: Vicki Scott, Charles M. Schulz
Main: Charles M. Schulz
Incentive: Charles M. Schulz
Format: 48 pages, full color
Price: $4.99
On sale: November

What’s to Love: With The Peanuts Movie set to debut in November, it’s the perfect time to recognize everyone’s favorite beagle in this Snoopy-centric special, featuring a new, original story.

What It Is: Celebrate the release of the new film with this one-shot Snoopy Special. Follow Snoopy, the World Famous Sergeant-Major of the Foreign Legion, on the mission of a lifetime to save his dear brother Spike, encountering adventure at every which corner of the neighborhood—from Lucy’s Psychiatric Booth to Schroeder’s piano.

Peanuts The Snoopy Special Main Cover by Charles M. Schulz

Preview: Clarence #3 (of 4)

Clarence #3 (of 4)

Imprint: KaBOOM!
Writer: Liz Prince
Artist: Evan Palmer

After a show-and-tell gone wrong, Clarence, Sumo, and Jeff get jobs to replace Kimby’s dollhouse.


Preview: Bravest Warriors #35

Bravest Warriors #35

Imprint: KaBOOM!
Writer: Kate Leth
Artist: Ian McGinty

Penultimate issue! It’s the Bravest Warriors biggest adventure yet, and it’ll take all of them working together to make it through this one!


Preview: Regular Show Vol. 2: Noir Means Noir, Buddy OGN

Regular Show Vol. 2: Noir Means Noir, Buddy OGN

Imprint: KaBOOM!

Writers: Rachel Connor and Robert Luckett
Artist: Wook Jin Clark

Oh, heavens! A cold front is moving in, mysterious earthquakes shake the Park, and worst of all, someone has stolen Pops’s socks! Springing into action, Mordecai and Rigby look to the best role models they have—movies, duh—to crack the case. With the combined powers of noir and ’90s action flicks behind them, these two sleuths should be unstoppable…but this time, they may be up against a bigger foe than they can match. Follow the slime!


Preview: Regular Show #26

Regular Show #26

Imprint: KaBOOM!

Writer: Mad Rupert
Artist: Wook Jin Clark

New story arc! Muscle Man and Starla write the ultimate supernatural romance epic, and no one’s a bigger fan than Mordecai and Rigby.


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