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Can you Read Fables to same way after seeing this The Wolf Among Us Bug?

Kotaku has found what they think is one of the best video game bugs of the year in The Wolf Among Us, the video game based on the Vertigo comic series Fables. I know I’ll never be able to see Bigby Wolf the same way after witnessing this. What the eyes can not un-see…. If the whole being a Fable/detective thing doesn’t work for Bigby, he’ll make a great addition to Magic Mike 2.



Harrison Ford Answers Who Shot First in a Very Han Way

Harrison Ford today held an Ask Me Anything where of course he was going to get some geeky questions. Someone asked him who shot first Han or Greedo, and he answered in a way that was channeling Han.

han_solo_greedo_shot_first #com

Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine: The Musical

Hugh Jackman performs Wolverine The Musical for The Matt Edmondson Show. The humorous segment takes Les Miserables ‘Who Am I’ and adds some new lyrics.

Marvel Vs. Seinfeld and Other Horrible Game Ideas

The Pete Holmes Show has put together some idea of horrible video game ideas such as Marvel Vs. Seinfeld and Middle-Age Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Poplitico: President Obama Announces an Iron Man Project

Each week for Poplitico we look at a “political” moment in comics or a “geeky” moment in politics. During a White House manufacturing innovation event, President Obama joked that it was really an announcement that we’re building Iron Man. Again, the President in Geek shows off his nerd cred. It’s a pretty funny moment and worth the watch.

Conan’s “The Walking Dead” Cold Open

Peacetime Megaman I: Couch Bits

The year is 20XX and everything is just fine. With no robot wars to fight, Megaman now battles unemployment, complacency, and possibly alcoholism!

Walking Dead Fan Nick Santonastasso Pranks Norman Reedus

FOX is the broadcaster of The Walking Dead in 125 countries outside the USA (who knew?). While promoting the show in Tokyo, the channel along with Special Effects guru Greg Nicotero and Andrew Lincoln, decided to prank Norman Reedus with help from The Walking Dead fan and Vine “Zombie Prankster” Nick Santonastasso.

17-year old Nick, was born with a rare syndrome called Hanhart and has only one arm and no legs.  His determination and infectious zest for life have enabled him to overcome countless obstacles and he has now become an inspiration for many kids and adults.

Don’t miss the global return of The Walking Dead across FOX channels outside of the USA on February 10th.

Ex-Men: Cyclops Outtakes

His sunglasses hide a lot more than just his laser eyes. Check out the outtakes from The Pete Holmes Show which airs weeknights after Conan on TBS.

Ex-Men: Nightcrawler Outtakes

The Pete Holmes Show follows Conan at midnight on TBS.


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