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HIV Takes Center Stage in New Comic Out This Week

Out this week from Bluewater Productions is a 4-issue comic book series about a man dealing with the trails and tribulations about being HIV positive.  Loosely based off writer, Darren G. Davis’ journal entrees this fiction graphic novel tells the story about being HIV positive from a different perspective.

The 4-issue mini series, Lost Raven, is drawn by Renato Arlem, Keu Cha and Sean Murphy.

After learning that he has contracted the HIV virus, attorney Zak Raven leaves his practice behind to set forth on a mission of relaxation-– until his peaceful trip goes wildly astray, leaving Zak shipwrecked on what he thinks is a deserted island with only the words in his own journal to keep him company.

Unknown to Zak, four miles below the surface secretly hides a government experimentation center where scientists are playing God by trying to artificially evolve a human based species that can survive evacuation missions in deep space. Within 900 years, earth will be dealt a deathblow by a mountain-size asteroid. However, so far they have only achieved creating living abominations. Zak and these creatures are on a collision course, and he must rise to the challenge!

Writer Davis, who has been HIV positive for the last 14 years, discussed some of the motivation behind the new comic:

I wrote the series because I wanted to make a difference in the HIV world and most of the movies and books were about people dying.  I wanted to tell it from the other side, the person that manages it from a living perspective. It’s not touchy-feely,” he adds. “It’s basically raw emotion. Plus, it has a lot of cool monsters in it.

It is based on my journal entries from when I was diagnosed being HIV positive. The book is almost like HIV 101 for the mental state. When I first found out about my condition I didn’t have any information and what wás out there was confusing even with help from doctors. This is no longer just a gay disease, so I also wrote the book so anyone can identify with it. I was even fired from a job after they found out I was HIV positive. Coming out about this subject is to help reduce the stigma of it… which has its challenges in itself.

Also being released by Bluewater is a biography on famed HIV artist Keith Haring called “Milestones of Art: Keith Haring: Next Stop Art”.


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CDC Turning to Comic Books to Fight HIV

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has awarded a contract to Terminus Media to create a digital motion comic to raise awareness about HIV in people ages 15 to 24.  According to the Politico the CDC wrote in their bid announcement:

There are few health education communication interventions designed specifically for this group.  Technological advances in computerized graphics have provided new ways of presenting comics and their applications for HIV/STI prevention.

This will be the first time motion comics have been used in an HIV education program.  The CDC contract requires delivery of a 66-page hard copy comic that will be translated into three, seven-minute motion comics with original characters.

As a whole comics are being used more and more in healthcare education and care.

Sharing HIV Stigma Through Comics

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AIDS Ribbon40 children born to HIV positive parents have shared the stigma the comes with being in that position in India through comic strips.  Some of these strips are being shared and displayed by the Red Ribbon Express (RRE).  The comics were created at a workshop by World Comics India and was supported by Unicef, the workshop was held at the Nehru Yuva Kendra.

Parents are often thrown out of their villages forcing hardship on the families and children and children who themselves are HIV positive are driven from their jobs.

The project not only creates awareness but also allowed the children to escape from their harsh reality.


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