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Wizkids’ 2015 Convention Exclusives include Spider-Ham, Loki, Adam Strange, Animal Man and more!

Wizkids has announced their Marvel and DC Comics Heroclix 2015 Convention Exclusive figures.

As prize figures, the Marvel figures that will be released include Spider-Ham (as Spider-Man), Loki, Agent of Asgard, and a new Ghost Rider.

Group1They will also be selling two new Marvel Heroclix exclusives on top of the three figures above which are just prizes. The two figures include the Supreme Intelligence, and a new Doctor Strange. The Supreme Intelligence will cost $50 and Strange will be $15.

group21DC Heroclix players aren’t left out of the awesomeness. For their three prize figures, they’ll see an Adam Strange, The Weird, and Animal Man figures.

group51For their two convention exclusives that’ll be on sale, DC fans are getting a Brainiac Skull Ship and Felix Faust.

group3 group4

Brainiac will cost $70 and Faust will cost $15.

The figures will first be offered at the Wizkids U.S. Nationals Event in Maryland this April.

Also, Wizkids has released a new ATA for the Squadron Supreme that will allow you to use these figures as a team. Since they’re Primes, you should only be able to use one per force, This ATA helps you get around that.


Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Comic Based Movies

It’s Monday and that means a brand new Facebook Fandom spotlight where I look at the statistic of Facebook users when it comes to some part of geek fandom. With so much buzz recently about comic book movies and casting, I thought it might be interesting to look at various comic-based movies and how they did individually and as a series when it comes to gender.

The first thing that stands out to me is that both Catwoman and Elektra have women as the majority of their “likes.” Men in Black as a franchise does well, but though it shows women as a majority, they are most likely just under 50% due to Facebook’s returning fuzzy results with large numbers such as this.

But, what also stands out is Superman Returns being split exactly 50/50 when it comes to men and women. Director Bryan Singer has spoken about how he wanted a movie that would appeal to women as well as men, and it looks like he achieved that according to these numbers.

Many movies on this list came out well before Facebook existed, but overall the results are interesting to me.

Constantine which will soon be a television series does shockingly well when it comes to gender, with 45% women, and the recently rumored Fantastic Four casting had me interested in those results, which was some of the worst when it came to women with 16.67% for the franchise.

comic movies



NYCC 2013: More Marvel! Miracleman, Iron Patriot, Ghost Rider, Silver Surfer & More!

Saturday saw a good chunk of announcements at New York Comic Con from Marvel, including some long rumored or wondered about series and characters. Numerous teasers that have hinted as to what we can expect were revealed!

  • Avengers A.I.” #8.NOW – The series heads to the 130th century with the Uncanny Avengers and a new division of S.H.I.E.L.D. called the “Robot Hunter Squad”

avegners ai

  • Ghost Rider rides in 2014! – Looks like Ghost Rider is getting some focus again. Not only will the Spirit of Vengeance get his own series written by Felipe Smith and drawn by Tradd Moore but he’ll also join Charles Soule‘s Thunderbolts. However…. from reports, it looks like Thunderbolts will have Johnny Blaze while the solo series will be someone new!

ghost rider thunderbolts

  • Silver Surfer! – Dan Slott and artist Mike Allred take on the classic character and say they’ll introduce a new female character to go along with him.


  • Iron Patriot - Ales Kot with art by Garry Brown take on James Rhodes in his own series who attempts to forge his own path (as opposed to the other series where he tried the same thing).


  • Miracleman – We’ve wondered when he’d return, but Marvel has finally announced their plans for the legal limbo creation. Starting in 2014 we’ll be seeing more including the never before been seen Miracleman #25 by Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham. The series will kick off with an all new material and a #1 in January!

miracleman-buckingham miracleman-davis miracleman-quesada



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Ghost Rider and Green Goblin Ride Again! Two Old Marvel Selects Return in New Packaging!

The Marvel Select line has put out a lot of great figures in the 11 years it’s been around, and not all of them are easy to find nowadays! Luckily, Diamond Select Toys regularly goes back and re-issues some of the more popular figures to make sure everyone who wants to start a Marvel Select collection has the ability to get the characters they want. This year, DST has brought back the Classic Green Goblin figure as well as the original Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze! Blaze stands atop a base depicting a particularly unpleasant section of Hell, and Goblin re-creates the famous cover of Amazing Spider-Man #39, with glider and tied-up Peter Parker. Check out the redesigned packaging below, and look for both figures to return to comic shop shelves (and online store databases) this summer!

MS_GhostRider1 MSGhostRider_pkg1 MSGhostRider_pkg2a OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA MSGrGoblinClassicpkg1 MSGrGoblinClassicpkg2a

Marvel Minimates Series 50 Fan Poll Results Revealed!

Diamond Select Toys teamed up with Marvel to allow fans to vote on the characters they wanted to see in the Marvel Minimates 50th consecutive assortment.

The characters in each poll were based on fan wish lists, so it was anybody’s guess who would win, and now that the results are final the line-up may shock you! (Note: Spider-Man villain Shocker was not a winner.) This series will only be available at comic shops and specialty stores in summer 2013, so be sure to pre-order with your local comic shop (or your favorite online retailer) when the time comes!

The first poll dealt with the superstars of the Marvel Universe, the A-list heroes everybody knows and loves. The clear winner, with 2,516 votes, was Ghost Rider, in his most recent look as Danny Ketch, complete with blue flame. Second place went to Cyborg Spider-Man, with 1,723 votes, and both characters will be made in Series 50.

The second poll was entirely composed of the supporting heroes of the Marvel Universe, those who may occasionally headline a mini-series but are primarily team players. The surprising winner of this poll with 1,719 votes was Thunderbolts member Songbird — one of the few female characters in any of the polls. She will be the sole Support Team member made in Series 50.

The all-villains poll gave us the largest portion of the assortment, with crossover villain and Heroes Reborn instigator Onslaught coming in first place with 1,535 votes. Additionally, the second-place winner was longtime Avengers foe Baron Zemo II, with 1,337 votes. Both will receive figures in the assortment, and Zemo will also receive the rare variant figure in the wave — his father, Baron Zemo I.

The final poll was dedicated to army-builder characters who may not have individual names, but are known to fans for their roles in some of Marvel’s most epic battles. The winner, with 935 votes, was the classic Nova Corps Centurion, who recently played a key role in the War of Kings. A Corpsman will be packaged with Zemo I AND Zemo II, and will include alternate head and hair pieces to represent different characters and races.

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Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Goes Down in Flames

Ghost RiderWas anyone expecting a different result?  The first comic book movie to debut this year has gone down in flames it’s opening weekend.  Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance opened up in third place with an estimated $22 million.

Even with higher ticket prices the movie debuted 52% lower than the first Ghost Rider’s $45.4 million opening in 2007.  The movie had a budget of $57 million, so there’s a good chance Sony will make it’s money back.

The demographics of the movie audience was 68% male and 48% under 25 and it received a C+ CinemaScore.  The movie currently has a 15% rating on Rottentomatoes.

Marvel, Ghost Rider and Their Tone Deaf Attitude

It’s been a hell of a week when it comes to creator rights and shit hitting the fan online.  What started the storm was the lawsuit by Gary Friedrich against Marvel over his credits and rights to Ghost Rider.  Not surprisingly, Friedrich lost the case, but it wasn’t his loss that cause the shitstorm, it’s the decision that Friedrich now owes Marvel $17,000 according to a decision involving a counter-suit by Marvel.  They 68 year old Friedrich doesn’t have that type of money, showing how poorly creators are paid, no matter how iconic and popular their creations.  This was all on the heels of Marvel’s fight with the Kirby estate.  Things were ready to explode.

First up is the idiocy of the counter-suit.  Basically, Marvel is suing Friedrich for selling drawings he did of Ghost Rider at shows.  This is a common practice and usually you can get most artists to draw most characters.  It’s an unwritten rule that companies allow this to happen as it’s good promotion for them, generates good will within the community and as a whole is a bit difficult to police.  Well, Marvel just took a dump on that.

Now, all creators need to think twice about what they draw for fans, who knows how many years down the road they may be sued and asked for that money gained.  Not to mention the massive amount of unauthorized art on sites like DeviantArt and Etsy.  Really, I’m shocked Marvel was rewarded any monetary amount concerning they haven’t enforced their intellectual property anywhere similar and have gained WAY more than they might have lost.

Congrats Marvel for ruining the fun.  What’s more disturbing is Marvel’s very apparent shift publicly and their pissing on fandom.  The Kirby fight is over tens of millions of dollars, I get that, but there’s an amicable solution out there for all parties.  This lawsuit with Friedrich is just kicking a man when he’s down.  Marvel won, leave the man be now.  Allow him to call himself grandpooba if he wants, as long as he doesn’t license items, create toys, whatever, he should be allowed to draw whatever he’d like.  This is the way it’s been done for everyone else and should continue to be so.  On top of that Marvel and their parent company Disney supported the Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act.  Both are very anti-consumer and fans.  That legislation took the might of hundreds of websites to defeat and luckily we did.


But what can we do?  Talks of boycotts abound and as they continue to trample on fandom and creativity as a whole.  My enthusiasm to support them has been diminished and this is from a Marvel fanboy and I’m less inclined to give them my dollars and devote my time to promote their products.  Vote with your dollars and support creator friendly companies and indie comics.

But even more disturbing is their lack of response to all of the furor.  There’s nothing.  No interviews, no comments, no acts to show they care.  Instead we get silence.  It’s a court case and many times you can’t, but that doesn’t limit them from engaging the community as a whole.  Marvel comics has a black eye and they need to address this before things really gain steam.


Steve Niles has set up a PayPal account where you can chip in what you can to help Friedrich with his debt.  I know it’s difficult financially for so many, but $5 goes a long way if enough of us give.  So skip the $10 you were going to spend seeing a Marvel movie this summer, instead give it to Friedrich in protest.

Gary Friedrich went to Facebook to give his thoughts on the subject:

Since the various news agencies and websites have reported the ruling against me on my claims against Marvel in the Ghost Rider lawsuit, and the assesment of a $17,000 judgment against me and my company instead, I have read an amazing amount of comments in my support on the internet, and have received many messages of support directly. Although the reports of my employment situation and financial difficulties as well as problems with my health are unfortunately true, I want to let everyone in the comic book world, especially my supporters and fans of the Ghost Rider character which I invented, created, and wrote, that I am going to appeal the Court’s ruling and continue to fight this as long as I am able and that your support of me means more than you will ever know. I have heard your voices. I thank you with alll my heart, and I appreciate your thoughts and best wishes as I soldier on.

It’s sad that it’s gone this far and a multi-million dollar company thinks it seriously needs $17,000 from a man they’ve shown little gratitude towards for making them millions.

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