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Marvel HeroClix: X-Men 2014 Monthly Organized Play Angel Preview

Marvel HeroClix X-Men 2014 Monthly Organized Play Angel CardWizkids has released a preview of the Angel miniature from the Marvel Heroclix: X-Men 2014 Monthly Organized Play kit. The kits feature 4 copies of 3 limited edition figures that you can’t find anywhere else and all three of the figures interact with the X-Men team base from the Marvel Heroclix: Wolverine and the X-Men set.

Angel features not just a new dial, but also a sculpt unique to this play kit. The other two figures will feature sculpts previously released, but will have new dials.

Angel is a cheap 65 points the figure can be used in the #T002 X-Men Gold Strike Force team base and when attached the figure may now use Energy Shield/Deflection.

Angel is a quick support/attack character, carrying teammates around or using his move and attack ability with Hypersonic Speed. He also comes with Force Blast for the first two clicks.

Angel has 3 clicks of damage for his first two clicks, and his

On the first two clicks of Angel’s damage slot he can dish out 3 clicks of damage to opposing characters. He also has Aerial Recon and Assault, which allows him use Close Combat Expert. Additionally, Aerial Recon and Assault lets the character help his teammates as well by by preventing opposing characters within 4 squares from using Stealth. Angel has the Toughness power to help him absorb some of the damage dealt to him.

Once he’s off his first two clicks Angel gains Charge and picks up Quake in his attack slot. Defensively, Angel switches from Toughness to Super Senses. Aerial Recon and Assault sticks around on Angel’s third click, then is replaced with Exploit Weakness on his last two clicks.

Basically Angel is a solid member of a team, especially an X-Men one since he has that team ability. Your force won’t be built around him, but he’s solid support acting as a taxi to get you to close the gap quicker or as a third attacker.


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“Smash Bros.” OST Offered to Buyers of Both Versions

If you buy both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U versions of the new Super Smash Bros. game, Club Nintendo will ship you a free CD of the game’s soundtrack. In other words, if you are a human being who likes to have fun, expect a disc full of quality tunes in your mailbox. Actually, two discs; there are a lot of tunes in “Smash Bros.” games.


This is cool, but hopefully it goes smoother than the Ocarina of Time 3D soundtrack CD deal Club Nintendo did back in 2011. Club Nintendo’s servers got wrecked with all of the traffic from excited nerds, making the whole process quite frustrating. Not frustrating enough to stop a certain Matt Petras from getting his gosh-darn disc of tunes, but frustrating nonetheless.

I am so excited for the new Super Smash Bros.! I’ll definitely be getting each versions on their respective release dates, and I suspect my eyes will bleed from all of the fun I’ll be having. I’ll opt for the $100 bundle of the Wii U version that includes a GameCube Controller converter, a special Smash Bros. GameCube Controller, and the game, because I’m no pansy. I also see myself splurging on all of the Amiib figures for the game despite not being much excited for that portion of the game at the moment; the figures just look freaking awesome.


Have you guys seen the supposedly leaked character roster for the game? It’s super impressive, but one aspect of it frustrate me. Why is there no Ice Clumbers, a staple for the series, but goofy Dr. Mario and Dark Pit are there? I can go without Wolf and Snake, because they’ve only been in one game so far and the former is just a clone, but no Ice Climbers? There is no way Nintendo wouldn’t sell Ice Climbers as DLC if not on the game from the get-go, but that would be pretty lame. It’s Ice Climbers! They seem to be a popular character choice in tournaments, even!


Along with that supposedly leaked roster is a rumor floating around that Snake, Chorus Men (from “Rhythm Heaven” I guess?), Wolf, Ice Climbers and Lucas will come as DLC. I’m cool with all of those but for Ice Climbers.

Why haven’t we heard anything about a campaign for the Wii U version yet? Are they cutting stage customization? It seems like they are! I loved stage customization! My friends and I would make so many stages and trade them around on SD cards. It was wonderful!

Guys! I’m so excited for this game. So, so, so excited for this game. I want it to be perfect, though.

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Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing Storyline Organized Play

DnD_TOD_AW1Wizkids‘ newest game, Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing will see its monthly Storyline Organized Play program begin October 29. The game itself launches on October 1. The minatures game uses similar mechanics to the Star Trek: Attack Wing game, but set in the fantasy world and features dragons among other units.

The theme of the first organized play is Tyranny of Dragons which is the first major event for Wizard of the Coast‘s Dungeons & Dragons.

Retailers will be order monthly kits that contain limited edition competitive and participation prizes as well as rules to use in the monthly events. Each kit supports up to 10 players. The first kit features a Large White Dragon, 10 limited edition participation prizes, and an organized play addendum/instruction sheet. Subsequent months include limited edition versions of the Large Brass Dragon, Large Bronze Dragon, Large Hieracosphinx, Large Solar Angel, and Large Chimera.

Stores will also have the option of purchasing limited edition blind D&D: Attack Wing Tyranny of Dragons boosters, which will contain exclusive content for sealed booster play and are not for resale, beginning in month two.

Stores who participate will also have the option to purchase the limited edition Attack Wing: Tiamat figure, which comes with cards, movement dials, a Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing base and token sheets. For each Month Six OP kit a store orders, the store can order up to two of the figure, which is not tied directly to the OP Program, and can be sold to the public, or used as grand prize figures for the tournament. The figures will release just before the Month Six kit arrives.

There have been two waves of expansions for the game already announced. You can expect to start to see that in November.

DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War

29544DC HC Trinity War Gravity Feed_LGOn January 14th, WizkidsHeroclix sees a new set released with DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War. The new set features three SKUs including a 24 count gravity feed, booster packs, and a fast force pack. The booster packs and fast force will be released on February 4 which also will be the launch of the organized play.

The gravity feed retails for the usual $2.99 and has 10 figures with a flat rarity. Some characters that will be included are Aquaman, Firestorm, and Parademons. I’d also guess Lex Luthor and Mera based on the image released that you can see on the left.

29544DC HC Trinity Booster Brick_LGThe booster packs will retail for $12.99. The set includes 73 figures. There will be “Seven Deadly Sins 3D Special Objects” which will interact with the Rock of Eternity and Pandora’s Bo brick incentive resource dials. There’ll be some sub-themes for the set including the Justlice League of America, Justice League Dark, Crime Syndicate and more. The set includes 17 common figures (plus one prime figure), 16 uncommon figures (plus on prime), 16 rare figures (plus one prime figure), 12 super rare figures (plus one prime), 7 thematic chase figures, and 1 ultra-chase figures.

29544DC HC Trinity War Fast Force_LGDC HeroClix: Justice League–Trinity War “Crime Syndicate” Fast Forces Pack will include the 6 super villain counterparts to the Justice League of America. The pack will also include two exclusive maps. It’ll retail for around $16.99.

The Release Day Organized Play Kit will include 3 limited edition HeroClix figures (three copies of one figure), five 2-sides maps, and an instruction sheet. Stores are limited in the number of OP Kits they may order from their distributor based on cumulative cases of product ordered, with no more than 3 OP Kits per retail store.

Fantasy Flight Opens up X-Wing Mission Control

mission control screenFantasy Flight allows anyone to recreate the dramatic space battles in Star Wars with their X-Wing miniatures game. You’re able to control squads of Rebel or Imperial ships and the game allows for tons of customization and a wide range of options.

That individual customization is now going community wide with the announced beta release of X-Wing Mission Control. The free online community resource allows individuals to design and share their own missions for X-Wing.

Coordinate a daring assault run along the Death Star trench, confront the Rebel fleet outside of Endor, or dodge asteroids in pursuit of the Millennium Falcon. X-Wing Mission Control’s custom editor allows you to easily create any play scenario you can imagine, whether it’s drawn from the Star Wars trilogy or completely unique.

Simply select the size of your play area and define the ships you wish to permit. You can create mission-specific squad-building rules, or you can identify any number of specific ships and upgrades. If you use Mission Control to track your collection, it will even identify any mission components not included in your X-Wing collection.

mission control map editorThe editor also allows individuals to select components from all of the available X-Wing products. You’re also able to quickly create maps, define terrain elements, add deployment zones, and any mission-specific rules.

After you’ve created your scenario you’re able to share it with others by publishing them to the site. Other individuals are then able to download the missions, play them, and then vote for their favorites.

The center is in beta, and does not work on mobile devices. It is compatible with Safari, Chrome, and Firefox, and Fantasy Flight is looking for feedback, including technical issues via their forums.

Wizkids Moves Its World Championship to Origins Starting in 2015

road-to-worlds-logo-2015-300x246At Gen Con, Wizkids held the 2014 Heroclix World Championship and first ever Heroclix Team-Up World Championship which saw Patrick Yapojoco and “Team Majestix Apex Predators” crowned champions. “Team Majestix” was made up of Kevin Afrooz, Patrick Yapjoco, and Justino Jimenez. This tournament saw officially sanctioned international events feeding into the World Championship Final event at Gen Con for the very first time.

But, things are changing for 2015. As announced today on their blog, starting in 2015, all of Wizkids’ World Championship events will be held at Origins Game Game Fair which takes place June 3-7, 2015 in Columbus Ohio. This consolidates the championship events for Heroclix, Attack Wing, and Dice Masters all in to one location.

This move provides the company with more space to spread out and host larger sized events. The company has also announced they are moving to a ticketing system (or something close to it) to manage the lines at their booth. The specifics of that have not been finalized.

The company has promised more news to come, but this changes the time frame for individuals to prepare and plan.

Warmachine: Tactics Early Access Beta Now Available in Standard Edition on Steam!

warmachine tacticsPrivateer Press Interactive has announced that the Standard Edition of Warmachine: Tactics is now available on Steam Early Access for $39.99.

Based on the award-winning Warmachine tabletop miniatures game, Warmachine: Tactics is a turn-based, squad-level strategy game for PC and Mac developed in cooperation with WhiteMoon Dreams and published by Privateer Press Interactive. The multiplayer beta pits two forces against each other in a deadly close-quarters encounter featuring a variety of steam-powered robots and spell-slinging warriors. Funded through Kickstarter a year ago, the campaign reached nearly 300% of the project’s goal and remains one of the top 40 funded Kickstarters of all time. Pre-release versions of Warmachine: Tactics were demonstrated at PAX East, E3, and San Diego Comic-Con, and the game will be at the Privateer Press booth at PAX Prime.

The Beta Standard Edition of Warmachine: Tactics includes beta access and all the features and content of the Standard Edition, including all updates as they become available. Also currently available is the $64.99 Deluxe Edition, which includes the same content as the Standard Edition plus additional downloadable content to be released over the upcoming months.

warmachine tactics screen shotCheck out below the jump to see what you get with each edition.

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Magic: The Gathering Makes Major Release Changes

magic the gathering logoWizards of the Coast has some big changes coming for Magic: The Gathering beginning in the fall of 2015. The game’s releases will be shifting, moving from a three block set to a two block, twice-a-year format.

This change will be due to perceived limitations and concerns with the current plan, including how to keep interest up as blocks progress, the needs of new players and experienced vets, and the overall story among other things.

This change means the elimination of the core set, and the rotation of Standard format cards every 18 months instead of 24. This change will affect the Khans of Tarkir release, which will be the last of the three set blocks. This changes how long cards from that set will be legal for the Standard format.

The yearly format will now include a large fall expansion and small winter expansion in “World 1,” and then a large spring expansion and small summer expansion set in “World 2.”

Standard will be changing a lot, so this’ll be interesting how it all shakes out in tournaments. In 2016 the format will play three two-set blocks instead of two three-set blocks.

Can’t wait to see where this goes!

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Amazon Purchases Twitch.tv

After long rumors of a buy-out by Google, Twitch has been purchased by Amazon for $970 million. The service which allows live video streaming of video games started a little over 3 years ago. According to reports, Twitch will be “keeping most everything the same,” and that the company will remain independent from Amazon. The acquisition will close in the second half of the year.

Twitch is the latest company to be purchased by the giant. Earlier this year Amazon acquired comiXology, the leader in digital comics.

Now, to dream up what Twitch might bring to the table for comiXology…..


Gold Ahoy! Courtesy of Mayfair Games

MFG3504-cxThe Treasure Hunt is on! Gold Ahoy! is a two person game hitting shelves on September 11 from Mayfair Games.

Today is the day: Pirate Golden Hook’s legendary gold treasure has appeared.  Only when the tide occurs at exactly the time of death of the pirate, the fabled treasures can be found.  Get the majority of paths to the sandbanks and water channels to claim the most treasure chests!

Gold Ahoy! contains

  • 36 Big Treasure-tiles
  • 1 linen bag
  • 1 rule book.

Get more details below the jump!

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