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Review: Convergence #2

convergence #2 coverAs Telos, the Planet Incarnate, easily defeats the survivors of Earth 2, Thomas Wayne and Dick Grayson set off to find help in the pre-Flashpoint Gotham City. The emotional implication of these worlds colliding comes crashing down when Thomas Wayne confronts this world’s Batman, as father meets son!

Plus, Alan Scott’s attempts to connect with The Green yield unexpected results, setting our team on a quest to escape the planet. And the cyborgs of Futures End engage in a battle to the death against the reimagined heroes of the Just Imagine Universe, while the city of Superman Red and Blue takes on the opposing forces from GENERATIONS!

The second issue of Convergence focuses in on the viewpoint of Dick Grayson and his views of what’s happened and what’s happening. This would be an interesting “everyman” point of view, but Grayson isn’t very likeable. After a brief intro to Grayson’s experience, we’re quickly pivoted to mostly a fight between the Earth 2 heroes and Telos. The fight is somewhat lame, and entire segment rather boring, but you need to get these heroes off on their mission. That involves exploring the world and trying to get some allies to help them.

The big emotional punch is supposed to be the meeting between Thomas Wayne and a version of Bruce Wayne. What should have been an incredible emotional punch comes off as cold, distant, and about as touching as a wet fart.

Convergence so far has a feel of a cheap event, thrown together from ideas we’ve seen before in previous comics and other media. The story so far is just not interesting or entertaining, it’s just rather bland and recycled. What has succeeded is some of the tie-ins, so it might be best for those interested to start there.

The second issue gets the comic moving, but it’s not enough to get me excited to see what happens next. Generally the characters aren’t likeable, and the villain is so detached, I just don’t care about him.

For a hyped event, Convergence has me waiting for it to be over to get back to our regularly scheduled program.

Story: Jeff King Art: Jason Paz, Carlo Pagulayan
Story: 6.5 Art: 7 Overall: 6.5 Recommendation: Pass

Preview: Divinity #3 (of 4)

DIVINITY #3 (of 4)

Written by MATT KINDT
Cover B by TOM MULLER (FEB151665)
Variant Cover by ROBERT GILL (FEB151666)
Variant Cover by LEWIS LAROSA (FEB151667)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | VALIANT PRESTIGE | On sale APRIL 22

The sci-fi saga of 2015 continues – from New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (RAI) and blockbuster artist Trevor Hairsine (X-Men: Deadly Genesis)!

A being with the power of a god roams free in the Australian Outback, bringing life to the barren wasteland and making him a hero to natives who live there and the visitors that have sought him out. But can the global superpowers of Earth rely on this long lost cosmonaut not to abuse his seemingly limitless power? The entity called DIVINITY will put that trust to the test when he discovers what became of the life he left behind…and the family he once knew…


Titan Comics Presents Best Of British Month All Through May!

Best Brit ComicsThis May, Titan Comics launch ‘Best Of British’ month, celebrating cutting edge talent and supporting bold new visions!

Titan Comics’ Best of British stars the cream of British comic creators like Si Spurrier, PJ Holden, Rob Williams, D’Israeli, Alan Martin, Montynero and many more!

The celebrations are book-ended with two new creator-owned launches: action espionage mini-series Scarlett Couture by Doctor Who cover artist Des Taylor on April 29, and on May 27 dive into post-apocalyptic eco-horror Surface Tension from hotly-tipped rising star writer/artist Jay Gunn!

May 2nd sees the release of Titan Comics’ Free Comic Book Day Doctor Who edition, featuring all-new original stories penned by British talents Eisner award-winning Nick Abadzis, George Mann, Rob Williams and Al Ewing, with art from Simon Fraser and colors from Gary Caldwell, as well as a glimpse into this year’s Doctor Who five-part weekly event from Paul Cornell and Neil Edwards.

The full list of graphic novels starring in ‘Best Of British’ month in May includes:

  • British Comic Award nominated rural horror The Absence by Martin Stiff;
  • Nazis and Dinosaurs adventure Chronos Commandos by Stuart Jennett (Marvel);
  • Sell-out morality tale of sex, drugs and superpowers Death Sentence by Montynero (X-Men) and Mike Dowling (2000AD), nominated for a True Believers award;
  •  B-movie love letter IT CAME! by Dan Boultwood;
  • British classic neo-noir The Complete Johnny Nemo by industry legends Pete Milligan (Justice League Dark) and the late, great Brett Ewins (2000AD);
  • Genre-bending, definition-denying Numbercruncher by Si Spurrier (X-Men Legacy), PJ Holden (2000AD) and Jordie Bellaire (Manhattan Projects), who won Best Colorist at the 2014 Eisner Awards​;
  • Fan favourite alternative superpower thriller Ordinary, by Rob Williams (2000AD, Martian Manhunter) and D’Israeli (Scarlett Traces), which was nominated for a Broken Frontier Award in 2014;
  • Eagle award-winning Gothic horror Springheeled Jack by David Hitchcock​;
  • Riotous return of the punk princess in Solid State Tank Girl by Alan Martin and British Comic Award nominated Warwick Johnson Cadwell
  • Martin Eden’s Spandex – the UK’s first all-gay superhero team
  • Epic fantasy parody Thrud The Barbarian by Carl Critchlow (2000AD).

Releases also include the following digital exclusives: epic super-soap saga, The O Men by Spandex creator Martin Eden and surrealist slapstick comedy Psycho Gran by David Leech.



All titles included in Titan Comics’ Best of British May event are available in stores now and digitally at all major retailers and for all major devices: iBooks, Amazon, Google, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Gardners and many more – just search on your preferred store.


Preview: The Life After #9

The Life After #9

Writer: Joshua Fialkov
Artist: Gabo

The Consultant brings Essie, Nettie, and the kid army into Hell to save Jude and Hemingway. However, the Consultant’s new love-and-flowers attitude melts quickly in the hellish heat, and Essie soon has a fight on her hands. It’s up to Ometochtli, the last of the Old Gods, to tip the scales in their favor… but they might also be tipping their hand.


Review: Nutmeg #1

NUTMEG1_CVRPoppy Pepper just wants to survive junior high and avoid her rich rival, Saffron Longfellow, and her brownie-baking minions, The Lady Rangers. But when mysterious new girl Cassia Caraway arrives, she teams up with Poppy and together they plot to bring Saffron and crew down.

Nutmeg is the latest in the line of comics featuring young women focusing on their everyday lives. Written by James F. Wright with art by Jackie Crofts. This one has a new girl quickly make a friend and learn all about the cliques in her school. It’s a simple story and something we can all relate to growing up. That’s the brilliance of the comic, it really is just a slice of life. It’s a relatable comic, and no matter if you’re a man or women, you’ve probably experienced at least one thing in the comic directly and if you haven’t you probably know someone who has. All of this is helped with Wright’s writing which sounds real and what teenagers sound like. It doesn’t come off as forced or trying to be hip, it’s just real.

The fantastic and fun writing is helped by Crofts’ art which is absolutely beautiful to look at. I fully expect Crofts to be snatched up by one of the big two rather soon as the style is perfect for the broadened demographic they’re now going after. Absolutely fun and fantastic work.

Nutmeg is exactly what we need more of in the comic industry, and hopefully this series becomes the hit it deserves to be. One of the most fun comics released this week.

Story: James F. Wright Art: Jackie Crofts
Story: 8.5 Art: 9 Overall: 8.5 Recommendation: Buy

Action Lab Entertainment provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Preview: Fathom: Kiani Vol. 4 #3


Vince Hernandez – Story / Giuseppe Cafaro – Art

Kiani has finally reunited with her sister, Anika, and the Fathom Universe will never be the same again!

Kiani and Anika finally understand that the only way to end the conflict with the US Navy is to take the pre-emptive advantage and strike first—and that means calling on the talents of a menacing figure from the pages of the Fathom Universe! Meanwhile, Admiral Hoover is desperate and on the verge of a dangerous plot that could end with a catastrophe of unthinkable terror!

FATHOM: KIANI vol 4 #3 is in stores April 22nd, 2015!


Preview: Ivar, Timewalker #4


Cover A by RAUL ALLEN (FEB151668)
Cover B by DAVID MESSINA (FEB151669)
Variant Cover by RAMON VILLALOBOS (FEB151670)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On sale APRIL 22

Time is almost up!

Ivar has been keeping a secret from his partner-in-time, Neela, this whole time, and once she learns the truth their relationship will be history! Literally! Join New York Times best-selling creators Fred Van Lente & Clayton Henry for the epoch shattering conclusion of our first (time)arc!


Preview: Mono Pacific #2.1


WRITER: Brian Wood
ARTISTS: Sergio Sandoval & Diego Rodriguez
COVER BY: Sergio Sandoval & Diego Rodriguez
PUBLISHER: Titan Comics/Madefire
RELEASE DATE: Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Mono undertakes a deadly mission at the behest of Britain’s American allies…but what secrets will he find deep in the heart of the Pacific…?

Best-selling writer Brian Wood (The Massive, Rebels) teams with acclaimed artist Sergio Sandoval (Batman, Uncharted) to tell a white-knuckled two-part tale that takes Mono across the world for a hair-raising adventure!


Preview: Brides of Helheim #5

Brides of Helheim #5

Writer: Cullen Bunn
Artist: Joelle Jones with Nick Filardi

The battle between Sigrid and Rikard has ended in the most unexpected of ways. Now, the hunt for Raevil must begin, before the warlock unleashes a wave of terror that will make the Witch War look like a pleasant day in Valhalla!


Preview: Imperium #5 – Joshua Dysart and Scot Eaton Lead Broken Angels in June!

Valiant has released an advance preview of Imperium #5 – the FIRST ISSUE of Broken Angels, a monstrous new story arc from New York Times best-selling writer Joshua Dysart and veteran artist Scot Eaton! On June 3rd, jump on board here with an all-new starting point for the series Comic Vine calls “smart and entertaining, gorgeous yet gruesome” as telekinetic despot Toyo Harada, inhuman robot Mech Major, super-powered terrorist Gravedog and lab-grown alien killing machine Lord Vine-99 deploy for their first field mission…and attempt to recruit a new member more dangerous than all of them combined!

Toyo Harada will create utopia…he just needs the right weapons first! The most powerful man in the world has collected an assembly of monsters, killers, and super-villains…and now he’s set his sights on the last asset his team needs: the renegade scientist called Broken Angel. The only thing standing in his way — an army of enhanced soldiers…guarding a top-secret, highly fortified Project Rising Spirit facility…deep underwater! The impossible heist begins here!

Featuring covers by Kano, Scot Eaton, CAFU, Robert Gill, and Sina Grace, Toyo Harada’s mission to shape the future of humanity – by any means necessary – gains brutal new ally right here!

Cover A by KANO (APR151761)
Cover B by SCOT EATON (APR151762)
Cover C by CAFU (APR151763)
Variant Cover by ROBERT GILL (APR151764)
Variant Cover by SINA GRACE (APR151765)
$3.99 | 32 pages | T+ | On sale JUNE 3 (FOC – 5/11/15)


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