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Preview: Jessica Drew Unleashed! Your First Look at Spider-Woman #1!

This November, launching directly out of Spider-Verse comes a brand-new ongoing series starring the original Spider-Woman! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Spider-Woman #1, the new ongoing series from the critically acclaimed creative team of Dennis Hopeless and Greg Land!

Jessica Drew has been many things – agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., agent of S.W.O.R.D., Avenger and so much more. She’s a hero to her very core, but nothing could prepare her for the multidimensional insanity of Spider-Verse! War has come to anyone with spider powers and they’re being picked off one by one. The supremely powerful Morlun and his twisted family will stop at nothing to eliminate every Spider-Man and every Spider-Woman in every universe.

The key to their survival may rest in the hands of Silk, the newest spider on the block, who’s on the run for her life! Who better to keep her safe than Jessica Drew? An experienced soldier, a fierce combatant, and someone who won’t quit – she’ll lead her spider platoon deep behind enemy lines on a dangerous, universe-spanning adventure if she wants to see tomorrow.

The one and only original Spider-Woman is a woman with a mission, and it will take all of her training if she wants to make it out of Spider-Verse alive. Who lives? Who dies? Find out as an all-new dimension hopping adventure explodes out of the pages of Spider-Verse in November’s Spider-Woman #1!

Art & Cover by GREG LAND
FOC – 10/27/14, On-Sale – 11/19/14


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Preview: The Valiant #2 – The Epic New Series by Lemire, Kindt, and Rivera Continues in January!

Valiant has released an advance preview for The Valiant #2 – the second stunning chapter of the Valiant Next prestige format limited series by New York Times best-selling writers Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt, and Eisner Award-winning artist Paolo Rivera! The year’s most astonishing new adventure ratchets up the stakes on January 21st as Bloodshot is drafted into the eons-old war against mankind’s oldest, darkest enemy!

The Immortal Enemy has crawled out from the black depths of history to destroy this generation’s Geomancer and send Earth back to the Dark Ages! Now…the Eternal Warrior, Ninjak, and Kay McHenry must overcome their worst nightmares before the unlikeliest of white knights rides in to save the day. Will he be enough to battle back the unyielding evil that threatens to plunge the Valiant Universe into the darkness?

Be here on January 21st as the world’s most formidable heroes join a battle ten millennia in the making, only in The Valiant #2 – featuring covers by Paolo Rivera, Jeff Lemire & Matt Kindt, and Francesco Francavilla! An entirely self-contained comics event spotlighting Bloodshot, Eternal Warrior, Geomancer, and a cast of heroes and villains from across the Valiant Universe, The Valiant is a visionary new adventure from three of the greatest creative talents in comics today.

Art and Cover by PAOLO RIVERA (NOV141677)
Interconnecting Variant Cover by JEFF LEMIRE & MATT KINDT (NOV141678)
Variant Cover by FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA (NOV141679)
$3.99 | 32 pages. | T+ | On sale JANUARY 21 (FOC – 12/29/14)


Manifest Destiny—Begins a new chapter

A hit historical fantasy adventure series from Skybound/Image, Manifest Destiny by Chris Dingess and Matthew Roberts sets sail for all-new adventures in its third story arc. Readers new and old will want to hop on board for the journey as the crew explores the uncharted American plains and encounters all manner of monstrous horrors.

In Manifest Destiny #13, the crew ventures deeper into the heartland, the expedition discovers another arch—which can only signal new trouble—and Sacagawea experiences complications with her pregnancy…

Dingess hinted:

With this arc, we’re hoping to provide an answer or two regarding the bigger narrative of Lewis and Clark’s journey, while making readers ask a whole new slew of questions.

Manifest Destiny #13 arrives in stores on 1/21 and can be pre-ordered using Diamond Code NOV140663.


Preview: Valiant Summons Punk Mambo #0 in November!

Oi! Valiant is proud to present an advance preview of Punk Mambo #0 – a sinister new one-shot tale revealing the origin of Valiant’s pogo-punk priestess from comics icon Peter Milligan and rising star Robert Gill! In the tradition of Harbinger #0, Shadowman #0 and X-O Manowar #0, explore the eerie beginnings of New Orleans’ most unorthodox practitioner of the dark arts for the first time anywhere on November 19th!

From a posh girls’ boarding school…to the slimy gutter of the London punk scene…to sniffing voodoo glue in a Louisiana swamp, how did Shadowman’s black magic bon vivant haul herself from the upper crust to the backwater of the Big Easy’s voodoo underground? Punk Mambo is about to head back home to spread some much-needed anarchy in the UK…and confront the ghosts of her past head on! The punks and the voodoo priests she used to know have cleaned themselves up, and she’s a loud, belching ghost from their past, come to break in the new furniture…and break some faces!

Featuring covers by Russell Dauterman, Rian Hughes, and Kalman Andrasofszky, get up close and personal with the back alleys of the Valiant Universe in Punk Mambo #0 – in stores November 19th!

Cover B by RIAN HUGHES (SEP141704)
Variant Cover by KALMAN ANDRASOFSZKY (SEP141705)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | ONE-SHOT | T+ | On sale NOVEMBER 19 (FOC – 10/27/14)


Preview: Elephantmen #60

Elephantmen #60

Story By: Richard Starkings
Art By: Axel Medellin
Cover By: Boo Cook
Price: $3.99
Diamond ID: JUN140550
Published: October 22, 2014

Our 60th issue celebrates the Wedding of Obadiah Horn and Sahara.


Preview: Lady Zorro #4

Lady Zorro #4

Alex de Campi (w)
Rey Villegas (a)
Joseph Michael Linsner (c)
FC • 34 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
Joseph Michael Linsner “Art Board” retailer incentive cover

It’s war. In the smoking ruins of what was a thriving Spanish village only a few days before, the Spanish patriots and Chumash warriors prepare to fight a well-trained, well-equipped army of German mercenaries. As the battle begins, Lady Zorro and Hugo gallop off on a last-ditch effort to avert the full-on massacre of the defenders. But the evil German general sees through Lady Zorro’s plan, and has a bullet for all her troubles. This is the end for Alta California as we know it… and Lady Zorro.


Preview: Five Ghosts #13

Five Ghosts #13

Story By: Frank J. Barbiere
Art By: Chris Mooneyham
Cover By: Chris Mooneyham
Cover Price: $3.50
Digital Price: $2.99
Diamond ID: AUG140647
Published: October 22, 2014

BRAND NEW STORY ARC! “MONSTERS & MEN,” Part One The critically acclaimed award-winning series returns! Fabian travels to eastern Europe for an all-new adventure!


Review: Super-Secret Crisis War!: Cow and Chicken One-Shot

On the whole, IDW Publishing has been doing such a lovely job with its licensed properties. The main Super-Secret Crisis War! storyline, mashing together a bunch of Cartoon Network characters in a big, dumb story has been lots of fun. Equally entertaining have been the one-shot releases in between issues focusing on less popular Cartoon Network shows, like Johnny Bravo, Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, and now Cow and Chicken. Through its hilarious, odd fixation on butts, in-your-face characterization, and often lightly grotesque imagery, the Cow and Chicken one-shot succeeds as a funny, weird read.


Writer Jim Zub and artist Jorge Monlongo work in remarkable harmony, collaboratively maintaining solid control over all of the character work. Every panel features subtle differences in how the characters are drawn, offering constantly changing and therefor exciting expression. This comic vibrates with faux-movement, giving readers loads of little details to laugh at. It all just works, from the goofy, bodacious butt of The Red Guy bursting off of the page to every incredibly frustrated face of Chicken.

By this point, the story of these one-shots are quite predictable. A robot sent by villains in the main storyline seeks a challenger and doesn’t really find one. Some dumb or mislead character tries to befriend the robot, which eventually malfunctions at some point. It’s a shame the plots are losing elements of surprise because of this, but really, the plots aren’t that important in all of these one-shots other than the Foster’s one. This Cow and Chicken one-shot is a laugh-out-loud load of bizarre fun that brings up memories of the old cartoon, and at the end of the day, that’s enough.

Story: Jim Zub Art: Jorge Monlongo
Story: 8.0 Art: 8.5 Overall: 8.0 Recommendation: Buy

To check out Matt’s about.me, click here

IDW Publishing provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Review: Godzilla Cataclysm #3

Writer Cullen Bunn and artist Dave Wachter have been doing a wonderful job of crafting an epic, sprawling storyline with Godzilla Cataclysm thus far. The idea of exploring the classic Godzilla monsters as religious deities is a fascinating one that gives great weight and grandiosity to the plot. Additionally, the visuals have established an incredibly compelling ominous and dreary tone. The newest issue, #3, is the weakest yet, thanks to a more slow, plodding pace and some repetition, but it is still another enjoyable chapter of this awesome series.


Much of this issue is filled with dialogue that adds to the overall beat of the religious angle to the monsters. The characters of this comic get more frantic and scared, all of which is interesting despite feeling a little overly reminiscent of past issues. The past of the old-wise-man archetype is teased a bit more, smartly creating an exciting sense of mystery. While there isn’t really any tense build-up, action eventually shows up towards the latter half and excites just like in past issues.

The intimidating, giant monsters still pop off the page and still seem to move thanks to how dynamic the art looks. The colors of the monsters pose big contrast to the typically mute color scheme of the rest of the comic, creating the same neat effect of past issues. Most of the new action is fresh and interesting, this issue focusing on “Megaguirus,” a massive, winged bug with a ton of limbs and an army of smaller buddies backing him up. The flying menaces fill up the pages, and whenever Megaguirus clashes with Mothra, huge, explosive collisions ensue. It’s excellent stuff, even though a few panels look just like work from past issues.

Not enough new ground is touched upon in the latest issue of Godzilla: Cataclysm, but all of the essentials for this series are definitely present.

Story: Cullen Bunn Art: Dave Wachter
Story: 7.5 Art: 8.25 Overall: 7.75 Recommendation: Buy

To check out Matt’s about.me, click here

IDW Publishing provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Marvel Teases Ultimate Universe: The End #1 in Summer 2015


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