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Action Lab Entertainment in October 2015


Writer(s): Dave Dwonch
Artist Name(s): Anna Lencioni
Cover Artist(s): Anna Lencioni (Regular), Casey Castille (Variant)

After a young boy dies in his taxi cab, Cyrus Perkins must solve the boy’s murder… or be haunted by the spirit trapped in his car! Double Jumpers creator and co-writer of the hit all-ages series Vamplets teams with rising star Anna Lencioni to deliver a supernatural crime noir with a hero like no other: Cyrus Perkins!
Featuring a “70s Movie Poster” Variant cover by renowned poster artist Casey Castille, limited to 2000 copies.

32 pgs./ All Ages / FC $3.99 (reg.) $4.99 (var.)



Writer(s): John J. Perez
Artist Name(s): Marco Maccagni, Bobby Hernandez, Angela Fato
Cover Artist(s): Marco Maccagni

The Justice Department has sent its best Federal Knight to oversee Cayde’s investigation into possible misdeeds at the Archon. Back at the casino Gareth is beginning to wise up to the unsettling truth about his coworkers, all the while Tess spars with her fearsome dragon equal.

32 pgs./ Teen / FC $3.99 (reg.)



Writer(s): Anthony Ruttgaizer
Artist Name(s): Danny Zabbal (art), Fred C Stresing (letters/colors)
Cover Artist(s): Danny Zabbal

Jake offers a lifeline to Cooper that will get him out of trouble with the mafia but Cooper has ideas of his own. It’s Jake vs Odinson: ROUND TWO, but will the US military’s Extrahuman Task Force have a say in the outcome?

32 pgs./ Teen / FC $3.99 (reg.)



Writer(s): Kyle Puttkammer
Artist Name(s): Alex Ogle
Cover Artist(s): Alex Ogle
Alternate cover by Marcus Williams

Midnight is on the hunt, tracking down the mysterious Crow King. Can the claws of justice outwit this fowl villain and uncover his grand scheme?

32 pgs./ All Ages / FC $3.99 (reg.) $4.99 (var.)

MoSC#1_Marcus_alt_PREVIEWS MoSC_cover_#1_previews


Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley
Artist Name(s): Rosy Higgins, Ted Brandt
Cover Artist(s): Rosy Higgins, Ted Brandt

Raven finally has a crew and is ready for cast off when an old friend and his rambunctious daughter come under threat from the town guard. There’s too many to fight and they’re too heavily armed. How will Raven and her crew save one of the only allies they have? Variant cover limited to 2000 copies!

32 pgs./ All Ages / FC $3.99 (reg.) / $4.99 (Var.)



Writer(s): Jeremy Whitley
Artist Name(s): Emily Martin, Brett Grunig
Cover Artist(s): Emily Martin, Brett Grunig

Angoisse Ashe, the oft-forgotten middle sister of the Ashe royal family, is locked in a castle deep in the swamp. Not only is her castle guarded by zombies, but the swamp is full of dangerous hazards. Everything from quicksand to goblins to swamp monsters to…VAMPIRES! But does that give Adrienne pause? Unfortunately not, as she and Bedelia dive head-first into their most dangerous adventure yet! Be sure to pick up this collection and share every moment of this thrilling chapter of the Princeless saga!

32 pgs./ All Ages/ FC $3.99



Writer(s): James F. Wright
Artist Name(s): Jackie Crofts (art), Josh Eckert (colors, lettering)
Cover Artist(s): Jackie Crofts

Fall, Part 5: “Pantry Raids” Poppy and Cassia, the teen masterminds behind the addictive Patty Cake brownies, hoping to better understand their product, violate one of the 10 Crime Commandments: they try their own supply. Also, with this issue we welcome new series colorist/letterer Josh Eckert!

32 pgs./ Teen / FC $3.99 (reg.)


VENTURE #3 (of 4)

Writer(s): Jay Faerber
Artist Name(s): Jamal Igle (penciller/ Inker) Sébastien Lamirand (Colorist)
Cover Artist(s): Jamal Igle

Venture’s public debut didn’t go as planned, so it’s time for Joe and Reggie to have a heart to heart talk. Meanwhile, something monstrous lurks beneath the Santa Monica Pier.

The brainchild of industry greats, Jay Faerber (Image Comics Copperhead) and Jamal Igle (Supergirl, Action Comics) continue their legendary superhero buddy series.

32 pgs./Teen / FC $3.99 (reg.)

Venture 3


Writer(s): Christopher Mills
Artist Name(s): Rick Burchett
Cover Artist(s): Rick Burchett

The popular noir web series returns to print! It’s not easy being a bad guy, as career criminal “Gravedigger” McCrae knows all too well. First he’s framed for the murder of a mob boss’s daughter, and has to escape from an army of professional killers, unarmed and alone. Then, he’s brought in on a South of the Border arms heist where everything that can go wrong, does. It’s all about hot women and cold cash, in this hardboiled, hard-hitting collection. Collects the three-issue Gravedigger miniseries.

Featuring artwork from Eisner award winning artist Rick Burchett (Batman Adventures, Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether).

96 pgs./ Mature Readers / Grayscale $11.99

HOLY F*CKED #2 (of 4)

Writer(s): Nick Marino
Artist Name(s): Daniel Arruda Massa
Cover Artist(s): Daniel Arruda Massa

We’re serving up a piping hot pile of excitement as a mild-mannered dinner party turns deadly!
Jesus and Satan are hosting Maria and her new lover, Thanatos, over for an evening of camaraderie and conversation. But Thanatos isn’t actually Thanatos… he’s Hercules! And he wants to kill Jesus.
Plus… introducing the righteous might of The New Apostles!

32 pgs./ Mature Readers / FC $3.99 (reg.)



Writer(s): Shawn Gabborin
Artist Name(s): Antonio Ontiveros (Pencils/Inks) and Daniel Morales Olvera (Colors)
Cover Artist(s): Standard Cover: Antonio Ontiveros (Pencils/Inks) and Daniel Morales Olvera (Colors)
Variant Cover: Glenn Lumsden (Pencils/Inks/Colors)

A new story arc, a new locale, a threat from the past. Twenty years ago Camille brought the Puppets to the Bouldeston Institute for Mentally Troubled Tots and Teens… but what has she gotten into since the Puppets returned to the Bodega Bay Inn? When blood starts to spill at the Institute, a young patient named Anthony sets out to find the Puppets, hoping they can stop their former Master’s rampage.
Film and comics collide as the Puppets go toe-to-toe with the human-sized doll, Camille!
tale of revenge!

32 pgs./ Mature Readers/ FC $3.99 (reg.) / $4.99 (Var.)

Puppet_Master_8_Lumsden_Variant SOLICIT RGB Puppet_Master_8_Sketch SOLICIT RGB Puppet_Master_8_Standard SOLICIT RGB


Writer(s): Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist Name(s): Marcelo Salaza (Pencil/Inks), Marcio Freire (Colors)
Cover Artist(s): Standard Cover Marcelo Salaza (Pencil/Inks), Marcio Freire (Colors)
Variant Cover: Amanda Conner(art) Paul Mounts (Colors)

The Full Moon Presents line launches with a bang with superstar writers Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti! Based on the cult film, Trancers is the story of decorated Police Trooper Jack Deth who has travelled from the year 2247 to 1985 Los Angles on a one-way mission to capture a fugitive with the power to transform ordinary people into psychotic killing machines.

32 pgs./ Mature Readers/ FC $3.99 (reg.) / $4.99 (Var.)



Writer(s): TMChu, Dan Mendoza
Artist Name(s): TMChu
Cover Artist(s): TMChu (regular, risqué variant), Dan Mendoza (limited variant), Edward Pun (artist variant)

Zombie Tramp crashes in the remote wilderness and stumbles straight into a lakeside camp, complete with a resident hulking heavy breathing slasher. It’s Necronomicon powered zombie queen vs hatchet wielding psycho killer in a special issue written by regular series artist TMChu!

Features a variant cover by series creator Dan Mendoza (limited to 2000 copies) a risqué variant cover (limited to 2500 copies), and an artist showcase variant by Edward Pun (limited to 1500 copies).

32 pgs./ Mature Readers/ FC $3.99 (reg.) / $4.99 (Var.)

ZombieTramp_issue16_cover_regular_solicit ZombieTramp_issue16_cover_variant_artist_solicit ZombieTramp_issue16_cover_variant_Mendoza_solicit ZombieTramp_issue16_cover_variant_risque_solicit

Preview: Bloodshot Reborn #5


Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Cover A by RAUL ALLEN (JUN151611)
Cover B by MICO SUAYAN (JUN151612)
QR Voice Variant by JAY FABARES (JUN151613)
Variant Cover by DAVE JOHNSON (JUN151614)
Variant Cover by KANO (JUN151615)
$3.99 US | 32 pages | T+ | ON SALE AUGUST 5


The memories of the thousands of people he killed as Bloodshot aren’t the only things that haunt Ray Garrison. For months now, the specter of the Geomancer and a nightmarish cartoon known as Bloodsquirt have tormented him at every turn. Are they real or a just figment of Bloodshot’s broken psyche? And just who are the other members of the Bloodsquirt’s squad…and what are they planning next? Follow New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire (THE VALIANT) and special guest artist Raul Allen (Hawkeye) down the rabbit hole right here for an essential chapter of the “Colorado” epic!


Preview: Ninjak #6 – Matt Kindt and Raúl Allén Begin The Shadow Wars in August!

Valiant has released an advance preview of Ninjak #6 – the FIRST ISSUE of “The Shadow Wars,” an all-new story arc from writer Matt Kindt and visionary rising star Raúl Allén! Start reading here on August 26th as Ninjak dices his way through the secret leadership of the Shadow Seven one member at time…and confronts four all-new enemies obsessed with bringing down MI-6 by any means necessary!

Ninjak went to Tokyo to destroy the shadowy Weaponeer arms cartel from the inside out, beginning with its secret council of shinobi masters…the Shadow Seven. Now, the world’s top super-spy is cutting his way through the four death-defying members – The Barbe, Fitzy, Fakir, and Sanguine – that stand between him and the one secret that still eludes him… Who really wields the power behind the world’s most powerful terrorist network? Who is the secret seventh member of the Shadow Seven? And what do they want with Colin King?

Then, Ninjak’s essential second feature, The Lost Files, continues in each 40-page issue of “The Shadow Wars!” Beginning in Ninjak #6, Matt Kindt and Eisner-nominated artist Butch Guice reunite to reveal how Colin King and Neville Alcott first met – and the deadly secret Neville has kept from his most valuable field agent! The second act of The Lost Files starts here!

Featuring covers by Mico Suayan, Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic, Dave Johnson, Matt Kindt, and Clayton Henry, Ninjak’s latest mission ratchets up the stakes with an all-new jumping-on point for the series.

Written by MATT KINDT
Cover A by MICO SUAYAN (JUN151601)
Cover C by DAVE JOHNSON (JUN151603)
Character Design Variant by MATT KINDT (JUN151604)
Variant Cover by CLAYTON HENRY (JUN151605)
$3.99 US | 40 pgs. | T+ | On sale AUGUST 26 (FOC – 8/3/15)


Preview: Orbit: Metallica

Orbit: Metallica

Writer: Michael L. Frizell
Art: Jayfri Hashim

Few bands have achieved the success and status afforded the heavy metal pioneers known simply as Metallica. Metallica’s sound, a raw fury few can match, has stood the test of time and placed members James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Dave Mustaine, Cliff Burton, and Kirk Hammett in an exclusive club of artists. Read about the formation of the band in this special issue of Orbit. StormFront Media has announced the release of a biography featuring the original heavy metal band, Metallica, titled Orbit: Metallica.


Preview: Psycho Bonkers #3


Vince Hernandez – Story / Adam Archer – Art / Colors – Federico Blee

Crack the speed barrier wide open in this thrilling new adventure that redefines what it means to go full throttle! Shine’s team reaches the third leg of the Super Bonk Rally, and their competition heats up as the desire for triumph means the racers will stop at nothing to reach victory lane—including the death of their fellow drivers! Meanwhile, discover the truth behind Shine’s ascension towards the top, and what sacrifices she had to endure in order to make her dream a reality! Told in a series of five legs within the race of all races—the Super Bonk Rally, this five-issue mini-series will span amazing landscapes and death-defying terrain, as these racers go completely Psycho Bonkers!

PSYCHO BONKERS #3 is in stores July 22nd, 2015!


Preview: Escape from New York #8

Escape from New York #8

Author: Christopher Sebela
Artist: Diego Barreto

Snake’s adventure in Siberia comes to a dramatic conclusion as he takes on the strange masked figure from his past.


The Valiant 25th Anniversary Convention Tour Adds New Dates for Summer and Beyond – Beginning at StocktonCon 2015!

VALIANT_25th-Anniversary-Con-Tour_Art-by-Michael-WalshValiant has announced an all-new series of dates for the Valiant 25th Anniversary Convention Tour – extending Valiant’s year-long celebration of 25 years of the largest independent universe in comics with new appearances in cities across the country! Kicking off at StocktonCon 2015 in Stockton, CA on August 8th, the next leg of Valiant’s comic book roadshow will be coming soon to fans at Alamo City Comic Con 2015 in San Antonio, TX, Rose City Comic Con 2015 in Portland, OR, Baltimore Comic Con 2015 in Baltimore, MD, and New York Comic Con 2015 in New York, NY…with many more major appearances anywhere and everywhere in between!

With exclusive convention-only swag and giveaways, creator signings, panels and programming, and more, get the inside track on what’s next for Valiant’s award-winning superhero universe at a convention near you! From Divinity to Book of Death and Bloodshot Reborn to Wrath of the Eternal Warrior, Valiant is bringing its biggest, best and brightest to fans across the country, beginning this August:

Saturday, August 8th – Sunday, August 9th:

Stockton Arena
Stockton, CA

Friday, September 11th – Sunday, September 13th:
Alamo City Comic Con

Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center
San Antonio, TX

Saturday, September 19th – Sunday, September 20th:
Rose City Comic Con

Oregon Convention Center
Portland, OR

Friday, September 25th – Sunday, September 27th:
Baltimore Comic-Con

Baltimore Convention Center
Baltimore, MD

Saturday, October 3rd – Sunday, October 4th:
Alternative Press Expo

San Jose Convention Center
San Jose, CA

Thursday, October 8th – Sunday, October 11th:
New York Comic Con

Javits Convention Center
New York, NY

Saturday, October 17th – Sunday, October 18th:
Buffalo Comicon

The Buffalo Niagara Convention Center
Buffalo, NY

Saturday, October 24th
Pittsburgh Comic & Collectibles Show

New Dimension Comics
Pittsburgh, PA

Friday, November 13th – Sunday, November 15th:
NC Comicon
Durham Convention Center
Durham, NC

Saturday, November 21st – Sunday, November 22nd:
New Jersey Comic Expo

New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center
New Jersey, NJ
The second leg of the Valiant 25th Anniversary Convention Tour officially kicks off next week at StocktonCon 2015 in Stockton, CA – and we’re bringing a boatload of giveaways and merchandise to kick things off! From Saturday, August 8th through Sunday, August 9th, join Valiant at Booth #45/46 inside the Stockton Arena and find out why Valiant is the best reviewed publisher in comics today with a complete collection of volume one trade paperbacks – each intro-priced at just $9.99!

Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #48

STK677598“Rat on the run”

This month its high-octane right out the gate as our beloved “heroes in a half shell” are under siege in their subterranean lair. The Stockman Swarm is closing in hot and fast and it’s getting dire. Leonardo, being the fearless leader that he’s always been, orders his brother and father to leave the quarters immediately. Since the swarms primary target is Splinter, the main priority is protecting the comatose body of their fallen brother Donetello above all else.

Raphael and Splinter make it quick to get out of dodge with Leo, while Mikey remains behind to protect his brother. Mikey assumes the battle ready when a robot Donetello (Metalhead) tells him there is no way they can remain there despite the damage to his real body. Donnie.. er Metalhead wants to keep all communications encrypted so he utilizes codenames: Kirbyfan01 (a nod to the late great King of Comic Books, Jack Kirby) and Duz_Machines 84 (recalling the creation date of the Ninja Turtles themselves). This was just a cool little in joke to long time comic fans like myself that I enjoyed greatly.

Continuing on with the action, we see two members of the police transporting the incarcerated Hun. Detective Lewis explains to her partner there is a lot of concern as he is a particularly dangerous individual. She warns him they need to keep their eyes open. Having said that, at that very moment the transport becomes under attack! A small band of Meta Mutants free Hun from his human captors and form an uneasy alliance with him. This will spell bad luck for the Turtles for sure.

tmnt48bMeanwhile, The Shredder is planning his next move as he plans to double cross Baxter Stockman once he outlives his usefulness. (Who couldn’t see that one coming?) All the pieces are soon to be in place for the ultimate revenge and Shredder wants a front row seat to the ultimate destruction of Hamato Yoshi and his green offspring. He intends to finish it once and for all.

Things are looking more dire by the second for Splinter and the Turtles as they leap from the frying pan of their sewer lair to the fire of the harbor. They fight off a mega horde of mousers and flybots to no avail as they are controlled by Stockman’s neural link and there seems to be an almost endless supply of them.

The remainder of the issue is the Turtles making their harrowing escape from certain doom and preparing for what’s to come.

Overall: While I didn’t enjoy this issue quite as much as last month’s, it was still pretty good overall. I loved the banter between Mikey and Donnie as his “Robo Bro”. Also seeing the Shredder of old back in rare form was a great sight. I know things are building and it’s so palpable you can taste it, I just wish we got a bigger piece this time around. Plus that retro style cover below is just freaking rad!

Story: Kevin Eastman Art: Mateus Santolouco
Story: 7 Art: 7.5 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation: Read

IDW Publishing provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Around the Tubes

The first day of Gen Con is done, and the team there and Boston Comic Con are gearing up for fun weekends of geeking! What’s everyone else doing to pass the time away and relax?

While you contemplate that, here’s some news you can use to pass the time away.

Around the Tubes

The Outhousers – CBR Willing to Publish Literally Anything; Takes Bendis Joke as “Hint” of Second Iron Man Series – Bwahahahaha

ICv2 – Z-Man Parent Buys Plaid Hat – Mazel Tov!

AV Club – What’s it like to be a top Magic: The Gathering player? – I could have gone pro…

Tech Times – Patrick Osborne Will Direct The Film Adaption Of Graphic Novel ‘Battling Boy’ – Can’t wait for this film.

GamePolitics – Consumers complain to FCC about ‘data caps’ – Good!

Preview: George Pérez’s Sirens: Pen & Ink #1

George Pérez’s Sirens: Pen & Ink #1

Writer: George Pérez
Artist: George Pérez

Perfect for fans who want to look “behind the scenes” of making comics, the Pen & Ink series features artwork from highly skilled illustrators stripped down to their inks in the original artboard dimensions of 11” x 17”—or, in this case, and for the first time in a Pen & Ink book, stripped down to the pencils alongside inked and lettered pages. Get a detailed look at the making of George Pérez’s Sirens #1 from one of the industry’s greatest masters.


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