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Around the Tubes

It’s new comic book day! What’s everyone excited to get this week?

Around the Tubes

Nothing But Comics – Certified?: Paper Sourcing and Comics – Some interesting info.

Gazette – Silver Spring school aids budding comic creators – Very cool!

Kotaku – Now There’s A Mighty Marvel Mobile Multiplayer Brawler – Hrm.

iO9 – The Long And Terrible History Of DC Comics Mistreating Batgirl – Some good comic history.


Around the Tubes Reviews

The Beat – Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #1

Bleeding Cool – Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #1

Nothing But Comics – Harrow County #1 & 2

Comic Vine – Kanan: The Last Padawan #1

Kotaku – The Private Eye

ICv2 – Seraphim: 266613336 Wings TP

Comic Vine – Uncanny Inhumans #0

Preview: The Woods #12

The Woods #12

Author: James Tynion IV
Artist: Michael Dialynas

Adrian has seen what the future can be. Now that the black stone is within his grasp, he wants to do whatever it takes for that future to come true. Sanami, Calder, and the Hunters have problems of their own as they deal with the chaos of the school.


Preview: Southern Bastards #8

Southern Bastards #8

Story By: Jason Aaron
Art By: Jason Latour
Cover By: Jason Latour
Cover Price: $3.50
Digital Price: $2.99
Diamond ID: DEC140763
Published: April 1, 2015

The final chapter in the story of how the worst football player in Craw County rose to become “Coach Boss,” and the terrible bloody price he had to pay along the way. Don’t miss the chilling conclusion of “Gridiron,” the second arc in the seminal southern crime series.


Preview: Looking For Group #1

Looking For Group #1

Ryan Sohmer (w)
Lar deSouza, Hawk, Ryan Dunlavey, Ed Ryzowski (a)
Ty Templeton, Becky Dreisdadt (c)
Fans & retailers, order the cover of your choice!
FC • 48 pages • $4.99 • Teen+

Looking For Group is a hilarious ride through Fantasy and Adventure tropes, set in a reality and time unlike our own. A place where the eating of small children is not necessarily frowned upon; where beings of extraordinary power can destroy entire villages with only “because I could” as an excuse; where magic and adventure are as common place as setting fire to then reanimating a chipmunk into a skeletal minion (it happens more than you’d think); and an epic journey can begin by an accident of fate. With a brand new cover by Industry Veteran Ty Templeton (Batman ’66 Meets The Green Hornet) and bonus stories from the Non-Playable Character and Tiny Dick Adventures spinoffs, see what millions have been talking about online as this long-running webcomic comes to print in monthly comic book format.


Preview: Palmiotti & Brady’s The Big Con Job #2 (of 4)

Palmiotti & Brady’s The Big Con Job #2 (of 4)

Authors: Jimmy Palmiotti & Matt Brady
Artist: Dominike “Domo” Stanton

While Blaze, Poach, Colin, and Hendrix debate whether robbing the Con is worth the risk, we meet two new disgruntled former stars. Madeleine “Maddie” Cannon shares her trailer with a dog on the set of a horrible sci-fi movie, and Jonnie Lao—Zhing Lee of TV’s Lotus Wind series—sits in as an advisor for the remake while hottie actor Billy Benton white-washes his film.


Preview: No Mercy #1

No Mercy #1

Story By: Alex de Campi
Art By: Carla Speed Mcneil
Cover By: Carla Speed Mcneil
Price: $2.99
Diamond ID: FEB150483
Published: April 1, 2015

It was just a trip, before college. Build schools in a Central American village; get to know some of the other freshmen. But after tragedy strikes, a handful of once-privileged US teens must find their way home in a cruel landscape that at best doesn’t like them, and at worst, actively wants to kill them.


Review: Convergence #0

convergence 0 coverWorlds live. Worlds die. And nothing will ever be the same.

Where do worlds go when they die? Crisis, Zero Hour, and Flashpoint all saw characters and timelines suddenly disappear – gone, but far from forgotten. They’re all still there, and they’re fighting for their lives.

The Earthquakes felt round the Multiverse, Superman’s lost days after “Doomed,” the World’s End – all these points will converge as the history of the DCU is spun from a new perspective, the perspective of a mad god and his arrogant child. The biggest story in DC history ties into literally every DC story ever told – and it all begins here.

Kingdom Come, Red Son, Wild West Justice League, Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew – all the worlds you remember can still be found on Telos. Everything matters. Every story matters.

The entire DC Universe, from the dawn of time through The New 52, must fight to survive against a threat that bends the Multiverse to its will. Your favorite characters from every era are all here! But are you going to say hello again just to say goodbye forever? The stakes have never been higher as the heroes you love are brought together and it all starts here with Convergence #0.

Kicking off the April/May event Convergence #0 lays the ground work of the battleworld story that’s set up, as if it’s some sort of secret war that’ll be fought. We find out about the mysterious being behind all of this, as the mystery is uncovered by us the reader, and Superman, who is in the center of it all.

Already there’s some confusion for me as it has a bit to do with the Doomsday storyline and some missing time, but I just ignored that and moved on to see what’s up.

What really drew me, and what will draw me into the numerous serious spinning out of it, is watching the various versions of Superman rendered by artist Ethan Van Sciver. There are lots of iconic moments, some I thought happened in the New 52, but I guess not? All of them rendered solidly by Van Sciver. And that’s the best part of the issue.

The story is a lot of set-up, lots of discussion, and not much else. It’s the moments before the credits role on a film, setting up what’s coming ahead. Is that a bad thing? For a first issue yes, for a zero issue, it’s not so bad. This zero issue is set-up and lets us know what’s to come. That’s its purpose.

Does the Convergence series have potential? Yes, looks like this could be a fun event for fans of DC’s very iconic history. For others, it’ll be mixed. I’m in the middle somewhere as to what I expect. The first issue is drawn out a bit and could have done with more of plot infusion and used some storytelling elements from Archaia’s Tales of Sand, but it did what its goal was. It got me to understand what Convergence will be about. It got me to get a bit excited to see some of the new series, more so than I was at least. So, mission accomplished.

Story: Dan Jurgens, Jeff King Art: Ethan Van Sciver
Story: 7.5 Art: 7.75 Overall: 7.5 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Review: The New 52: Futures End #48

DC-Comics-New-52-Futures-End-48 cover“Eye Am Your Future.”

I read a lot of The New 52: Futures End, but at some point I trailed off. While the story was interesting, the weekly deluge of it all caught up to me as missed issues grew more and more. The New 52: Futures End #48 wraps up the weekly series, sort of (and we’ll get to that). [I know this review begins the same way as Earth 2: World’s End #26, but that’s because my thoughts and experience is similar].

The issue has a hodgepodge of creators listed including writers Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens and Keith Giffen and artists Allan Goldman, Freddie Williams II, Andy Macdonlad, Stephen Thompson and Scott Hanna. That’s a lot of input, and the only spot I think that shows up is with the art which is ok, but nothing spectacular. It’s decent art, but for a huge issue, I expected a bit more.

As someone who hasn’t read the series for quite a while, I was able to hop into the story and get what was going on, so that’s solid. There’s a couple of things I had to think through, but generally I knew what was up. The story is interesting because of that whole wrapping up. I can’t say if it’s satisfying for long-time readers, and it leaves one massive cliffhanger that I wonder how or if it’ll be explored post DC’s next big event Convergence. Potentially it can be very cool, and something I’d check out.

The ending was interesting enough for me to want to go back and see what I missed, it seems like it’s a time-traveling head trip, but standing on its own, the issue is decent, and what stands out is its rather bleak ending. To see a comic end on a somewhat downer (I don’t consider that a spoiler) is interesting, and almost welcome in a weird way. For DC, which I’d consider a bit sunnier than rivals, it’s an odd tone, and one I welcome.

Is this really the End for Futures End? We’ll find out in a few months. This gets me to want to find out what’s next. To be continued in Batman Beyond #1?

Story: Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen Art: Allan Goldman, Freddie Williams II, Andy Macdonald, Stephen Thompson, Scott Hanna
Story: 7.25 Art: 7 Overall: 7.25 Recommendation: Read

DC Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Comixstravaganza Live! this Wednesday at 8pm ET/7pm CST

No Geeky Tales, just Awesome Cool Adventures!

If you love comic books, Star Wars movies, Pop Culture and general awesomeness, then you’ll LOVE Comixstravaganza Live!

Johnny Dellarocca, AKA Big Daddy Cool (Swing Magic, The Magic Cabaret, Diesel Powered Podcast, Tales From The Geek) is the host and producer of Comixstravaganza Live! He his the time-traveling, comic book-loving, Dieselpunk Prophet of Pop Culture!

Comixstravaganza also stars former “geek girls” Tina Veda and “Darth Lee” LeeAnna Player! With weekly news from the Unlockable Characters and Cosplay news with the Cosplay Collective!

PLUS weekly guests and live performance segments!

You can catch the show right here this Wednesday January 7 at 7pm CST.

12-Gauge Comics in June 2015


Writer: Doug Wagner
Artist: Daniel Hillyard
Colorist: Charlie Kirchoff
Cover Artist: Daniel Hillyard with Charlie Kirchoff
$3.99 | 24 pgs. | T+ | On sale June 10th

With power cut to the entire city New Orleans, chaos ensues. Meanwhile, at a local hospital, the Chechen terrorist group known as the Infektsi has their first run-in with ICE agents Cole and Ezra. Bullets fly and the action ramps up while the crescent city burns!


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