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Fashion Spotlight: Iron Master, and Jaws, and I Have the Triforce

Ript Apparel has three designs for fans of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Iron Master, Jaws, and I Have the Triforce from AtomicRocket, wytrab8, and Olipop will be for sale on October 20, 2014 only!

Iron Master by AtomicRocket

Iron Master

Jaws by wytrab8


I Have the Triforce by Olipop

I Have the Triforce

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We Talk Hot Mess With Black Milk’s Cameron Parker

This past week Black Milk Clothing from a land down under released their newest collection titled Hot Mess.  While it included prints from a lot of different bits of pop culture, a lot of it focused on comics.  We got a chance to talk with Black Milk’s very own Cameron Parker about the new collection.

hot messGraphic Policy: This is the first of your releases without a strong central theme.  How did you choose what was going to be included in this collection?

Black Milk:  Themed releases are actually a very recent thing for us – in the past, very few if any of our collections were consciously themed around one thing! What we normally do, and what we have done for this release, is take a look at the gear we have in the works that we really love (and there’s usually a lot of that!) and figure out which pieces we can have ready in time, and which pieces the community are super keen for right now.

GP Can you talk a little bit about the overall design of the items?

BM:  When we’re looking for images to use in our prints, there are definitely certain things we look out for. The best prints to work with are very high resolution, so we can move them around, zoom in, change them and so on, and they are or can be made to be repetitive. It’s much easier to fit a print to a garment if we can move it and repeat it in ways to ensure the best placement.

the jokerGPThis is not the first collection to include prints of comic book cover or interiors on your clothing.  How do you go about choosing specific images/covers/interiors to be collected and printed?

BM:  It’s a combination of things. The first question we ask is always “is this cool to look at, is it going to resonate with people?”. If we can get a ‘yes’ to that, we move on to more functional criteria like is the image we’ve been provided with high enough resolution, are the colours going to print well, and can the pattern be positioned well onto our garments? Finding the right images to put on our gear is definitely a process.

GP: Harley Quinn is one of the most popular characters in comics that people cosplay as, and your collection includes her as well.  Why do you think that this character is so endearing to so many?  Especially that she is actually a villain in most cases.

BM:  The villains are always the fun ones, though! We love a bit of villainy here at Black Milk – our Joker pieces were very popular too. Harley is a very multi-layered character, especially in some of the newer comics like Injustice, and I think her complex and very over-the-top character really resonates with a lot of people. She’s a lot of fun.


Some feminine Riddlers

GP The Riddler is a little off-the-mark of someone that is considered to be very feminine, yet it influences three of the releases in this collection.  Why did you choose that character?

BM:  The Riddler gear is included because heaps of people in our community asked for it! That’s the great thing about social media, we can ask the people what they want and then, if we can, we’re sometimes able to give it to them.

GP Any more comics related apparel on the way in the future?

BM:  Hopefully! We love working with the iconic images of pop-culture, and would absolutely be interested in creating more comic-book gear.

GPWho plays a better witch – Margaret Hamilton or Emma Watson?

BM:  Personally I think Billie Burke is my kind of witch!

Fashion Spotlight: Dinobot Park, Iron Prime, and Mega Machine

Ript Apparel has three designs today for fans of the Transformers. Dinobot Park and Iron Prime and Mega Machine from AtomicRocket and TeeKetch and Ninjae will be for sale on October 19, 2014 only!

Dinobot Park by AtomicRocket

Dinobot Park

Iron Prime by TeeKetch

Iron Prime

Mega Machine by Ninjae

Mega Machine

Fashion Spotlight: Loki Charms Reprint, Capn’ Ameri-Crunch, and Iron Bran

Ript Apparel has three designs today for fans of Marvel ComicsLoki, Captain America, and Iron Man. Loki Charms Reprint and Capn’ Ameri-Crunch and Iron Bran from AcidFree will be for sale on October 18, 2014 only!

Loki Charms Reprint by AcidFree

Loki Charms Reprint

Capn’ Ameri-Crunch by AcidFree

Capn' Ameri-Crunch

Iron Bran by AcidFree

Iron Bran

Fashion Spotlight: Super Marshmallow Bros., Sons Of Gozer, and Busters

Ript Apparel has three designs for fans of the Ghostbusters! Super Marshmallow Bros., Sons Of Gozer, and Busters from mikehandyart, rbucchioni, and Fernando_Sala will be for sale on October 17, 2014 only!

Super Marshmallow Bros. by mikehandyart

Super Marshmallow Bros.

Sons Of Gozer by rbucchioni

Sons Of Gozer

Busters by Fernando_Sala


Fashion Spotlight: Clash of the Gods, Studio Gojira, and Dogzilla

Ript Apparel has three designs for fans of Godzilla and Kaiju! Clash of the Gods, Studio Gojira, and Dogzilla from Melee_Ninja, pigboom, and stevenlefcourt will be for sale on October 16, 2014 only!

Clash of the Gods by Melee_Ninja

Clash of the Gods

Studio Gojira by pigboom

Studio Gojira

Dogzilla by stevenlefcourt


Fashion Spotlight: Pokemoon, Pika Sake, and Super Effective

Ript Apparel has three designs for fans of Pokemon. Pokemoon, Pika Sake, and Super Effective from Nasken, Yiannis, and B. C. Art & Design will be for sale on October 15, 2014 only!

Pokemoon by Nasken


Pika Sake by Yiannis

Pika Sake

Super Effective by B. C. Art & Design

Super Effective

Black Milk Clothing: Hot Mess

Black Milk Clothing, the Australian based clothing company which focuses on quirky, eccentric and beautiful designs for their clothing is launching their newest release titled Hot Mess.  While previous releases have focused around common themes from comics, science-fiction and fantasy genres, this one is the first to combine them together.  This collection therefore does not contain a strong central theme or concept like the others, have, instead being a catch-all of different inspirations, a hot mess!

Check out some of the comic book related designs below.










Fashion Spotlight: My Neighbor Pyramid, Another Dead Tourist, and Look for the Light

Ript Apparel has three new designs for fans. My Neighbor Pyramid, Another Dead Tourist, and Look for the Light from CreativeOutpouring, and SonicDude242 will be for sale on October 14, 2014 only!

My Neighbor Pyramid by CreativeOutpouring

My Neighbor Pyramid

Another Dead Tourist by SonicDude242

Another Dead Tourist

Look for the Light by SonicDude242

Look for the Light

Fashion Spotlight: Evogrootion, Cool Ship, Bro, and Groot Beer

Ript Apparel has three designs for fans of Guardians of the Galaxy and Groot! Evogrootion and Cool Ship, Bro and Groot Beer from dauntlessds, Melee_Ninja, and Coddesigns will be for sale on October 12, 2014 only!

Evogrootion by dauntlessds

EvogrootionCool Ship, Bro by Melee_Ninja

Cool Ship, Bro

Groot Beer by Coddesigns

Groot Beer

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