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Shout! Factory and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles present benefit screening of Maya The Bee Movie

image003To celebrate the theatrical release of highly anticipated animated feature Maya the Bee Movie, Shout! Factory Kids and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles have teamed up to present a benefit premiere screening of this fun-filled family movie on Saturday, May 2, 2015 at Laemmle’s Music Hall Theater in Beverly Hills. Shout! Factory Kids will donate all ticket proceeds from this benefit screening to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Studio 100 Media, the film’s production company, and Shout! Factory have offered to match the funds raised at this screening as additional donation to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Moreover, Shout! Factory Kids will be bringing a private advanced screening of Maya the Bee Movie to patients and their families at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles before the movie’s May 1st theatrical opening in Los Angeles and New York. Children at CHLA will have the first opportunity to embark on the fantastical cinematic adventure of Maya the Bee Movie by attending a special movie presentation in the CHLA movie screening facilities and through the on-demand entertainment system that is available in each patient room.

The benefit screening of Maya the Bee Movie will begin at 12 noon on Saturday, May 2, 2015 at the Laemmle’s Music Hall Theater in Beverly Hills.  Tickets for the screening event are $9.00. Guests may add an additional contribution upon ticket purchase, with all proceeds benefiting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. You can purchase tickets here.

Already a great box office success in much of the world, MAYA THE BEE MOVIE, based on the well-known children’s novel and popular animated series in Europe, Australia and Asia, offers an immersive cinematic adventure into a spectacular macroscopic world. This highly anticipated animated feature brings to life an enchanting story of a little bee named Maya and her exciting adventure of self-discovery and fantastical fun.

Maya is a little bee with a big heart. She dreams of an exciting life of freedom, fun and adventure – the world is simply far too interesting to stay inside a hive! Her funny attempts to fit in bring her into trouble with the Queen’s narrow-minded royal advisor, Buzzlina. With her best friend Willy, Maya buzzes out into the meadow on an exhilarating adventure of self-discovery.

While most bees believe that other insects should be feared, Maya can’t help but make friends with Flip the charismatic and eccentric grasshopper, Kurt the dung beetle and even Sting, a young hornet. But when the Queen’s royal jelly is stolen, it will take Maya and all of her bug buddies to figure out who did it and how to save the day!

One of the best-known and beloved children’s brands of all-time, the stories of Maya The Bee have been passed down among generations of families for years. Originally a German children’s novel by Waldemar Bonsels, The Adventures of Maya the Bee was published over a hundred years ago in 1912. Since the original publishing, the book has been translated into many other languages and enjoyed by children all over the world. In addition to the book, Maya The Bee is also a comic book series, appeared in various iterations as animated series and now a major animated feature film.

Around the Tubes

It’s a new week, and new week for comics! Tonight we’re talking Marvel and Netflix‘s Daredevil on Graphic Policy Radio. You should listen in. Until then, check out the news you might have missed below.

Around the Tubes

BBC News – Islamic State: Fighting fundamentalism with comic strips – There’s a lot of comics being used.

The Outhousers – WITNESS: Comic Book “Artist” Kurt Busiek Battles the Forces of GamerGate – Good documentation about the absurdity of it all.

Bleeding Cool – Frank Cho Donates $1000 Sale Of Spider-Gwen Art To Domestic Violence Charity – Good on him!


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Comics Alliance – Jupiter’s Circle #1

Toys”R”Us Raises more than $2 million for the Special Olympics

Toys-R-Us-LogoToys”R”Us has announced that it has raised more than $2 million for the Special Olympics. Over an eight-week awareness fundraising program held in stores, customers pledged their support to help children with intellectual and developmental disabilities experience #MyFirstSportsMoment by learning how to hit balls, run bases, take jump shots and more through Special Olympics. One hundred percent of customer donations will be directed to Special Olympics and applied towards the upcoming 2015 World Games, as well as the expansion of the Young Athletes Program around the world. The company also encouraged individuals to share their #MyFirstSportsMoment memories and experiences on social media.

In conjunction with this campaign, the Toys”R”Us Children’s Fund made a $1.25 million commitment to serve as a Games Sponsor of the 2015 Special Olympics World Games, which in just 100 days, will welcome 7,000 athletes and 3,000 coaches representing 177 countries, to Los Angeles, CA from July 25 to August 2. As part of the expanded partnership between Toys”R”Us and Special Olympics, the Toys”R”Us Children’s Fund also awarded a $500,000 grant to the organization to advance its aggressive five-year plan to grow the Young Athletes Program in the U.S. and across the globe, so 2½ to 7 year olds everywhere can build critical physical, cognitive, and sports skills through the power of play.

For many years, the Toys”R”Us Children’s Fund, a public charity affiliated with the company, has directed grants to Special Olympics to support the organization’s Young Athletes Program. Most recently, it provided $1 million to become the first Founding Partner of the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games held in New Jersey, and with an additional $250,000 grant, was also Presenting Sponsor of the Law Enforcement Torch Run Final Leg for those Games.

Congrats Toys”R”Us on doing some good in the world.

eigoMANGA Supports The Troops With The Game Vanguard Princess

Vanguard Princess Screenshot1eigoMANGA has announced that it’s supporting the troops by including its game Vanguard Princess into a fundraising program organized by Operation Supply Drop. Operation Supply Drop is a 501(c)3 military charity supporting active-duty and veteran troops of the United States military and its allies since 2010.

Operation Supply Drop has launched the Indie Ammo Box fundraising program and allowed eigoMANGA to participate and sell Vanguard Princess with a portion of the proceeds being used to support the brave men and women of the United States military and its allies.

indie ammo boxVanguard Princess is an Amazon ten time bestselling PC fighting game that features an all-female cast. The game was originally an independent Japanese game that was later adapted into English in 2011.

eigoMANGA has also donated 15,000 digital copies of Vanguard Princess to Operation Supply Drop. These games will be sent in Operation Supply Drop care packages to soldiers deployed to combat zones or recovering in military hospitals.

Storybundle Launches First Ever Digital Comics Bundle

story-bundle-brandDynamite Entertainment has announced that StoryBundle, a unique literature bundling site known for its support of indie authors, will host – for the first time ever – a comic book bundle promotion that allows readers to purchase almost 100 digital Dynamite comics and graphic novels with “Pay What You Want” purchasing power beginning at $5.00.  A portion of proceeds will be contributed to two very important charitable organizations, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and Girls Write Now. The bundle promotion will begin Wednesday, April 8th, on the website StoryBundle.com.

dynamite-logoStoryBundle will offer a fixed set of Dynamite comic books, graphic novel collections, and art books in a bundle, available only for a limited time. Fans and newcomers will decide their own value for each bundle. Bonus books are unlocked when the purchaser achieves certain bonus thresholds. StoryBundle has already sold hundreds of thousands of books through its popular horror, fantasy, video game and sci-fi book bundles, and for the first time ever, welcomes its huge audience to experience the four-color adventures of Dynamite digital comics.

The Dynamite Bundle includes the following collections, comprising over 2,800 pages of comic book storytelling:

  • Amanda Hocking’s The Hollows: A Hollowland Graphic Novel
  • The Art of Ramona Fradon
  • The Complete Alice in Wonderland
  • Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: War Cry
  • Gail Simone’s Red Sonja Vol. 1: The Queen of Plagues
  • Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure (by Bill Willingham)
  • Legends of Red Sonja
  • Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson: Moon Called Vol. 1
  • Project Superpowers Vol. 1
  • Red Sonja Unchained
  • Red Sonja: She-Devil with a Sword Omnibus Vol. 1
  • The Essential Painkiller Jane
  • Vampirella Vol. 1: Our Lady of Shadows by Nancy A. Collins

In addition to the graphic novel collections and art book, Dynamite will give readers a taste of several new releases with single comic book issues, including:

  • A Game of Thrones #1
  • Bob’s Burgers #1
  • The Damnation of Charlie Wormwood #1 – #5
  • Jungle Girl: Season Three #1
  • Lady Rawhide/Lady Zorro #1
  • Project Superpowers: Blackcross #1
  • Reanimator #1

Part of the proceeds from the first-ever Dynamite StoryBundle promotion will contribute to the charitable organizations Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and Girls Write Now. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the First Amendment rights of the comics art form and its community of retailers, creators, publishers, librarians, and readers. Girls Write Now is the first organization in the country with a writing and mentoring model exclusively for girls, dedicated to providing the guidance, support, and opportunities for underserved high school girls to develop their creative, independent voices, and write their way to a better future.

Cards Against Humanity Launches a STEM education scholarship for women

chi-cards-against-humanity-stem-bsi-photos-201-001This Monday Cards Against Humanity launched their sixth expansion as well as a special new “Science Pack.” The “Science Pack” has 23 new white cards and 7 black cards. What’s really special is that all profits for to a new Cards Against Humanity Science Ambassador Scholarship.

The new scholarship provides a full-ride for women seeking undergraduate degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

The “Science Pack” is co-authored with Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal’s Zach Weinersmith and Bad Astronomy’s Phil Plait. The pack is available for $10 at CardsAgainstHumanity.com and as of this posting over $196,000 has been raised.

chi-cards-against-humanity-stem-bsi-photos-201-002Similar charity packs released by Cards Against Humanity have raised nearly $2 million for non-profits like the Wikimedia Foundation, the Sunlight Foundation, and DonorsChoose.org, where Cards Against Humanity has funded over 12,500 teacher projects in high-poverty classrooms across the United States.

Scholarship applications will be reviewed by a board of over forty women who hold higher degrees and work professionally in science, including representatives from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Harvard Medical School, the Smithsonian Institution, the Adler Planetarium, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, as well as TED, NSF, Huxley, and Hubble fellows.

Applications will be opened to the public for the fall 2016 school year. Applicants can be in high school or college, and must identify as women in a way that’s significant to them. Recipients of the Cards Against Humanity Science Ambassador Scholarship will receive full tuition coverage for up to four years. Students can sign up to be notified when applications are open at ScienceAmbassadorScholarship.org.

Dynamite Partners with Groupees.com to Benefit the CBLDF

Groupees LogoDynamite Entertainment has announced that Groupees LLC, a unique media and charity bundling site, will host a ten-day comic book bundle promotion that allows fans and curious newcomers to purchase over 80 digital Dynamite comics and graphic novels with “Pay What You Want” purchasing power. A portion of proceeds will be contributed to one of the industry’s most important charitable organizations, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. The bundle promotion will run from Thursday, March 26, through Monday, April 6, on the website Groupees.com.

Through the Groupees program, customers can purchase a bundle of digital comic book and graphic novels for a price they decide. The first tier of exciting digital content is unlocked with the dollar minimum investment, but consumers can double their take by reaching the $5.00 second tier. Dynamite offers a highly desirable batch of comics at the third tier for a $10.00 minimum investment, including the bestselling Dynamite Art of Alex Ross art book.

dynamite-logoFor those who participate in the “Pay What You Want” initiative with considerable support, Dynamite will reward the top ten consumers with special prizes. The Top Prize will see the contributor illustrated on the cover of an upcoming Dynamite comic book, alongside the title character, and the cover will be drawn by superstar artist Jae Lee. The winner will also receive 100 copies of the comic and the original artwork. The second, third, and fourth-highest contributors will be illustrated as characters on one interior page of a Dynamite comic book, while the fifth through tenth-highest contributors will receive a hand-drawn illustration of their favorite Dynamite character, illustrated by Jae Lee. Additionally, top-secret Group Bonuses will be unlocked for all consumers to enjoy when the overall orders reach certain thresholds.

cbldfPart of the proceeds from the first-ever Dynamite Groupees Bundle will contribute to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the First Amendment rights of the comics art form and its community of retailers, creators, publishers, librarians, and readers.

This is the second such service to offer this sort of program, but despite claims, Dynamite isn’t the first to offer a comics bundle to support charity through the service (though it might be the first 10 day bundle). We covered a bundle in February 2014 that featured independent comics and benefited a few charities.

You can catch the full list of what you get below.

The $1.00 Minimum Tier features superhero action, pulp intrigue, Victorian mystery, tough-talkin’ private eyes, and mind-blowing swords-and-sorcery, courtesy of some of the comic industry’s brightest stars: Gail Simone (Batgirl), Alex Ross (Kingdom Come), Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash), Jim Krueger (Earth X), David Liss (Black Panther), and more! This accessible bundle includes:

  • Project Superpowers (Vol. 1) #0 – #7
  • Dawn/Vampirella #1
  • The Spider #1 – #6
  • Chaos! #1 – #6
  • Shaft #1
  • Sherlock Holmes: Moriarty Lives #1 – #5
  • Red Sonja (Vol. 2) #1 – #6
  • Altered States: Red Sonja

The $5.00 Minimum Tier features 48 comics written by the mainstream’s most beloved authors and movie directors, like George R.R. Martin (A Game of Thrones), Quentin Tarantino (Pulp Fiction), Kevin Smith (Clerks), Warren Ellis (Iron Man, Red), Garth Ennis (Punisher), Jim Butcher (Dresden Files), and Nancy A. Collins (Sunglasses After Dark). Also, the Fox cartoon sensation Bob’s Burgers, gaming powerhouse Pathfinder, and rock ‘n roll icon Alice Cooper round out the package, making it worth the additional investment.

  • A Game of Thrones #1
  • Vampirella: Feary Tales #1 – #2
  • Warren Ellis’ Project Superpowers: Blackcross #1
  • Garth Ennis’ Jennifer Blood #1 – #3
  • Alice Cooper #1 – #3
  • Bob’s Burgers #1 – #2
  • Army of Darkness (Vol. 3) #1 – #5
  • Purgatori #1 – #4
  • Kevin Smith’s Green Hornet #1 – #10
  • Django/Zorro #1 – #2
  • Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: Storm Front (Vol. 1) #1 – #4
  • Pathfinder #1 – #6
  • Cryptozoic Man #1 – #4
  • Blood Queen Annual 2014

Finally, the $10.00 Minimum Tier features 17 comic books by Bill Willingham (Fables), Jim Starlin (the creator of Thanos from Marvel’s The Avengers), and Tom Clancy (the video game Splinter Cell), as well as the bestselling Dynamite Art of Alex Ross, a 328-page retrospective of the influential painter’s cover artwork and character designs on such characters as Vampirella, Green Hornet, The Bionic Man, the Kirbyverse, Black Terror, and more.

  • Dynamite Art of Alex Ross
  • Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure #1 – #7
  • Dreadstar #1 – #6
  • Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Echoes #1 – #4

Prism Comics announces The Queer Comics Showcase

Prism Comics announces The Queer Comics ShowcasePrism Comics, the leading non-profit organization supporting LGBTQ comics, comics creators and readers, is proud to announce the creation of the Queer Comics Showcase, an annual digital book of information and art promoting LGBTQAI comic art, to be published in June 2015. The project is now open for submissions of titles and advertising space requests.

Prism now has an online form available for you to submit your title for inclusion into the book. Apart from queer content, your series or graphic novel can be included if it is currently available in any public form: print, digital, web-series, mini-comics, strips, etc. If your work is not currently available, they will accept it if it will be publicly released or published before May 2016.

This year’s title submission window will close on May 1, 2015. You can find more information and links to submission forms online.

Every title can be listed for free, with information and sample art in a standard format, single page. However, additional pages can be purchased for story reprints. If you could like to donate original, exclusive art or story pages to the anthology, Prism will give you story reprint pages for free.

An adult-version of the Queer Comics Showcase will be created and published separately.

Display ads and classified may also be purchased by any interested party.

The funds for the creation and selling of this book will help fund the various projects of Prism Comics, a non-profit 501c3 organization committed to supporting queer creators, publishers and fans.  Prism’s projects include the annual Prism Comics Queer Press Grant, redesigning the Prism website and presenting booths and panel appearances at major conventions and events across the U.S.

The CBLDF Presents: Elephantmen: Shots

Image Comics and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) join forces once again to bring readers an Elephantmen one-shot collection in Shots #1, written by Richard Starkings and drawn by Dougie Braithwaite, Ian Churchill, Boo Cook, Shaky Kane, Moritat, Tim Sale, and Dave Sim. The proceeds of this book will go toward helping protect the First Amendment rights of comics creators, publishers, and retailers.

Led by Tim Sale’s nine-page “When the Night Comes,” this special Elephantmen: Shots #1 collects all the Elephantmen strips from Hero Comics, Liberty, and The Thought Bubble Anthology. The collection also features the hard-to-find Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog, and Marine Man crossovers and beautiful covers by J. Scott Campbell and Tim Sale!

All proceeds earned from Elephantmen: Shots #1 will go toward supporting the CBLDF’s important work defending the rights on which our community depends.

In a release Starkings said:

I’m sure I wasn’t the only comic book creator affected by the Charlie Hebdo massacre earlier this year. It was a deeply shocking and terrifying event that sent ripples throughout the cartooning world. It really made me realize the importance of supporting organizations like the CBLDF, who stand vigilant for cartoonists whether there’s a traumatic event capturing our attention or not. I counted up the strips that we’d produced for The Hero Initiative, Thought Bubble and, of course CBLDF’s own Liberty Annual and decided that, rather than do nothing but worry, I could put out a special issue of Elephantmen to benefit the CBLDF. Eric Stephenson at Image Comics agreed and… voila!

Elephantmen: Shots #1 arrives in stores on May 27.

CBLDF PRESENTS Elephantment Shots

Gen Con Names The Julian Center as its 2015 Charity Partner

gen con featuredGen Con has selected The Julian Center as its charity partner for 2015. Each year, Gen Con partners with one charity, local to Indianapolis, hosting events to create donations for the partner organization. Since 1975, The Julian Center supports victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other life crises.

Last year, Gen Con’s programming generated more than $46,000 for the convention’s 2014 Charity Partner, Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana. This donation included a $20,000 donation from convention Co-Sponsor Mayfair Games. Gen Con will serve as host to numerous charity events supporting The Julian Center, including the construction and demolition of a giant “Cardhalla” made of assembled trading cards and a charity auction.

The Julian Center

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