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The Baltimore Batman Struck and Killed

MD BatmanIn 2012, Lenny B. Robinson made national news when he was pulled over by Maryland Montgomery County police for driving his Batmobile without tags. The MCPD even released video of the stop it was such a big thing. The Washington Post has reported that the 51-year-old Robinson was struck and killed by a car.

On Interstate 70, he was struck by a car near Hagerstown, MD after his Batmobile broke down on his way back from a car show in West Virginia. He was experiencing engine trouble and had pulled over with the car “partially in the fast lane.” The Batmobile was struck by a Toyota Camry, which caused the broken down car to hit Robinson. He was pronounced dead at the scene and the driver of the Camry was not injured. So far no charges have been filed, but the crash is under investigation.

Robinson lived outside of Baltimore and after doing well in the cleaning business, he purchased the car and costume and embarked on his journey. Robinson would dress as Batman and drive his Lamborghini “Batmobile” to charity events and visit sick children in hospitals. He was known for giving out superhero paraphernalia to kids to help brighten their day. Robinson worked closely with Hope for Henry, a D.C. organization that helps sick children. His story went viral when the stop in Maryland started to make its way around social networks.

It’s a very sad loss of someone who put a smile on so many faces. Our thoughts are with his friends and family.

Dungeons & Dragons Comics Come to Humble Bundle

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS HUMBLE BUNDLEHumble Bundle, IDW and Hasbro, Inc. are re-teaming for a Dungeons & Dragons-themed comic book bundle. The award-winning publisher has faithfully adapted the iconic fantasy characters of D&D for comic books, and now fans will have the opportunity to pick up the full run in the Dungeons & Dragons Humble Comics Bundle presented by IDW for a limited time.  Customers can name their price for Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt, Vol. 1: Homeland, Dungeons & Dragons: Legends of Baldur’s Gate, Dungeons & Dragons Vol. 1 – Shadowplague, Dungeons & Dragons Volume 2, and Dungeons & Dragons Volume 3.

Those who pay more than the average price will also receive Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt: Neverwinter Tales, Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms Vol. 1, Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms Classics Vol. 1, Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms Classics Vol. 2, and Dungeons & Dragons: Cutter.

Customers who pay $12 or more will receive all of the above plus Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt, Vol. 2: Exile, Dungeons & Dragons Classics Vol. 1, Dungeons & Dragons Classics Vol. 2, Dungeons & Dragons Classics Vol. 3, Dungeons & Dragons Classics Vol. 4, Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms Classics Vol. 3, and Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms Classics Vol. 4.

That’s just for starters as even more books will be added mid-promotion on August 19.

As with all Humble Bundles, customers can choose how their purchase dollars are allocated.  Buyers of the bundle can specify the portion of the purchase price that they want to pay in support of the Hasbro Children’s Fund, which is dedicated to empowering childhood by bringing “the sparkle of Hope, the joy of Play and the power of Service” into the lives of the children who need it the most.

The promotion runs for two weeks and ends Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 11 a.m. Pacific time. Roll your d20 before time runs out!

Join D&D and Magic in Extra Life Charity Gaming Event

dndlogoFor the third year in a row, Dungeons & Dragons is returning to the Extra Life charity gaming event! Members of the team will play the D&D tabletop roleplaying game for 48 hours during Extra Life’s inaugural Tabletop Appreciation Weekend (October 2-4) to help raise funds for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. In addition, the team will return on Extra Life Game Day on November 7 for even more D&D, as it streams digital games like Sword Coast Legends and Neverwinter.

In addition, this year team members from Magic: The Gathering will also join the Extra Life effort with their own team, which will take part in Tabletop Appreciation Weekend.

Help Support a Good Cause!

The money raised through Extra Life goes directly to Children’s Miracle Network Hospital, helping to fund research and training, purchase life-saving equipment, and pay for uncompensated care. CMN hospitals treat every patient that comes through their doors, regardless of the family’s ability to pay. The goal is to help save and improve the lives of as many children as possible, and the funds raised will make it possible for the hospitals to do that!

Players can join the D&D team or the Magic team or set-up their own playgroup at home. Players, DMs, and Planeswalkers around the country are encouraged to join either team and contribute to the overall team totals.

Whether you love the classic tabletop games or prefer to take your adventure digital, you can play D&D and contribute to the cause! Try out the new Sword Coast Legends or any of the other D&D video games, such as Neverwinter or classics like Baldur’s Gate. You can also show your support for the D&D team by adding the D&D Twibbon to your Twitter or Facebook profile.

Magic players have many options as well! Whether you’re playing paper Magic: The Gathering, Magic Online, or the recently released (and free) Magic Duels: Origins, all the donations you generate will count towards the Magic team goal!

Earn Reward!

All participating members of the D&D Extra Life team who raise at least $50 and respond to a survey after the event will receive a promotional certificate for use in D&D Adventurers League play. Keep an eye out for announcements of more rewards and previews as we near the event.

Watch Live!

The Dungeons & Dragons game will be broadcasted on the D&D Twitch Channel starting on Friday, October 2 and running until Sunday, October 4.

The Magic: The Gathering team will also be running a 24-hour stream on the Magic Twitch Channel beginning the morning of Saturday, October 3, and concluding the morning of Sunday, October 4. Tune in and play along!

For more information or to join or contribute to the team, visit the Dungeons & Dragons Extra Life page or the Magic: The Gathering Extra Life page.

Kidrobot and Clutter Magazine Announce the Second Annual DTA Dunny Show

Kidrobot and Clutter Magazine are excited to announce the Second Annual DTA Dunny Show. The DTA Dunny show is a group custom show of 20” and 8” Dunnys by a variety of skilled artists. Sales from the show benefit the Designer Toy Awards, helping to finance the awards ceremony.

The show will make it’s return with a host of talented and esteemed artists including: Abell Octovan, Andrea Kang, Artmymind, Brent Nolasco, Charles Rodriguez, Chris Ryniak, Dolly Oblong, fplus, Amanda Louise Spayd, Gary Ham, Gianluca Traina, Ian Ziobrowski/Nugglife, Jenn & Tony Bot, kaNO, Mab Graves, Quiccs, RxSeven, Seymour, Sket One & Jamie Lee Cortez, and Yu Maeda.

There will be an opening reception on January 9th, from 6-9PM, and the exhibit will be on display until February 5th. The Clutter Gallery will have all pieces available for sale in their physical location and on their website. The Clutter Gallery sends out a newsletter to all users who are registered to the Gallery Preview List, which allows the recipients to view and purchase works before the exhibition opening. To register, please visit cluttermagazine.com.

DTA Dunny Show 2

Dynamite Kicks off Third Groupees Bundle

Groupees LogoDynamite Entertainment and Groupees LLC are teaming up for their third book bundle promotion that will once again allow comic fans, and potential new fans, the chance to purchase 70 digital Dynamite comics with “Pay What You Want” purchasing power. The Dynamite Swords, Sandals, and Sorcery! Groupees bundle marks the third time the two companies have worked together. Dynamite and Groupees will also feature – for the first time – a unique “Premium Mystery Box” of high-end collectible items for customers who pledge at the $50 tier or higher with the full digital comics package. A portion of the proceeds will be contributed to one of the industry’s most important charitable organizations, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. The bundle promotion began Tuesday, July 28th.

In the Dynamite Swords, Sandals, and Sorcery! Groupees bundle, customers can purchase a bundle of digital comic book and graphic novels for a price they decide. The first tier of exciting digital content is unlocked with a $1.00 minimum pledge which helps new fans discover some of Dynamite’s best-selling titles including Game of Thrones #1! Fans can increase the title count by pledging at least in the $5.00 tier. Dynamite offers a highly desirable batch of comics at the third tier for a $10.00 minimum pledge or more to help support the Dynamite line of titles. While customers who make a pledge of $50.00 or more will receive not only the digital comics, but also a unique “Premium Mystery Box” of 4 Dynamite Premium Limited Edition Comics MSRP’ing at over $200 sent to the address they provide.

For those who participate in the “Pay What You Want” initiative with considerable support, Dynamite will reward the top 10 contributors with a greater package of Dynamite Premium Limited Edition Comics.

Here is the breakdown:

#1 Contributor – $1,000.00 of Dynamite Premium books (at our MSRP)
#2 Contributor – $800.00 of Dynamite Premium books (at our MSRP)
#3 Contributor – $700.00 of Dynamite Premium books (at our MSRP)
#4 Contributor – $600.00 of Dynamite Premium books (at our MSRP)
#5 Contributor – $500.00 of Dynamite Premium books (at our MSRP)
#6 – #10 Contributors – $400.00 of Dynamite Premium books (at our MSRP)

Additionally, there are several Group Bonuses which will be unlocked for all consumers to enjoy when the overall orders reach certain thresholds regardless of which package you purchase. The first 4 will be revealed with the thresholds as the promotion begins. All fans need to do is check out the bundle to see the Group Bonuses, which will bring the total amount of books to at least 78 should all be “unlocked”.

The $1.00 Minimum Tier features the debut issue of Dynamite’s comic book adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s New York Times Best-selling Game of Thrones series along with the special Swords of Sorrow Chaos Prelude from writer Mairghread Scott and artist Mirka Andolfo in addition to more swashbuckling stories for a total of 13 comics:

  • Game Of Thrones #1
  • Swords Of Sorrow: Chaos Prelude One Shot
  • Thulsa Doom #1 – 4
  • Blackbeard #1 – 6
  • Lord of the Jungle Annual #1

The $5.00 Minimum Tier features 27 additional comics – for a total of 41 comics – by some of the industry’s most beloved creators, like G. Willow Wilson, Erica Schultz, Nancy A. Collins, Frank Cho, and more:

  • Game Of Thrones #2
  • Thunda #1 – 5
  • Warlord Of Mars #0
  • Swords Of Sorrow: Vampirella / Jennifer Blood #1 – 2
  • Swords Of Sorrow: Masquerade/Kato One Shot
  • Swords Of Sorrow: Dejah Thoris/Irene Adler #1 – 2
  • Swords Of Sorrow: Lady Zorro/Black Sparrow One Shot
  • Athena #1 – 4
  • Red Sonja #0
  • Kirby: Genesis – Dragons Bane #1 – 4
  • Jungle Girl: Season Two #1 – 5

Finally, the $10.00 Minimum Tier features an ADDITIONAL 29 comics – for a total of 70 comics – by New York Times Bestselling author Jim Butcher, comic industry legend Ron Marz, fan-favorite creators Gail Simone and Jim Zub:

  • Dejah Thoris #1 – 5
  • John Carter: Warlord Of Mars #1 – 6
  • Red Sonja #36 – 40
  • Pathfinder City of Secrets #1 – 6
  • Swords of Sorrow #1 – 3
  • Dresden Files: Storm Front Volume Two #1 – 4

Part of the proceeds from the Dynamite Swords, Sandals, and Sorcery! Groupees Bundle will contribute to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the First Amendment rights of the comics art form and its community of retailers, creators, publishers, librarians, and readers.

SDCC 2015: Kick it Off with the CBLDF Welcome Party, presented by Image Comics and ComiXology

cbldfKick-off San Diego Comic-Con with comics’ greatest creators at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund’s Comic-Con Welcome Party, sponsored by Image Comics and comiXology with a special gallery display from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. The fun starts at 8:00 p.m. PDT on Thursday, July 24, at the Westgate Hotel, where CBLDF welcomes you to Comic-Con for a night of amazing creators, astonishing artwork, and outstanding exclusives. RSVP here.

Meet great creators: Every year the greatest creators in comics drop in at the CBLDF Welcome Party. Confirmed attendees so far this year include Scott Snyder, Jock, Jeff Lemire, Kieron Gillen, Fábio Moon, Gabriel Bá, Tim Seeley, Ben Acker, Ben Blacker, Jonathan Hickman, Joshua Williamson and even more are expected to drop in over the course of the night.

Get the exclusive goods: The first 200 attendees will receive a free gift bag, with exclusive items from Image Comics, McFarlane Toys, comiXology, and CBLDF. RSVP here.

Smell awesome at the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab/Trading Post: Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab will be debuting their Profanities series, with a selection of limited edition Expletives that will only be available at the CBLDF Welcome Party. Proceeds from every sale at the CBLDF Welcome Party benefit CBLDF.

Get first dibs on CBLDF exclusives: CBLDF has been working hard to put together an exclusive assortment for Comic-Con attendees. We have an all-new tote bag featuring art by the terrific Vanesa R. Del Rey (Hit); an embroidered Comic-Con souvenir patch and new CBLDF t-shirt, both designed by Brian Wood (Starve); and the CBLDF-exclusive variant of Star Trek Green Lantern from IDW Publishing and DC Comics.

Preview the incredible items in CBLDF’s Comic-Con auction: Get a first look at the amazing original art up for grabs at Saturday’s CBLDF Comic-Con Auction, including pieces by Jim Lee, Kelley Jones, Jeff Smith, Matt Kindt, Gilbert Hernandez, J. Scott Campbell, Herb Trimpe, Jeffrey Brown, Greg Ruth, Ray Fawkes, Tyler Crook, and many more.

Get new Neil Gaiman art from Neverwear: Neverwear has an ever-growing line of items based on the works of author Neil Gaiman and is an ardent supporter of CBLDF. Neverwear will support the Fund at the SDCC Welcome Party by premiering “Hope,” a new print by Chris Ridell, along with classic designs by David Mack, Jim Lee, Olivia, and Jouni Koponen. Proceeds from sales at the CBLDF Welcome Party benefit CBLDF.

Come support free speech and experience the best of Comic-Con at the CBLDF Comic-Con Welcome Party, Thursday, July 24, at the Westgate Hotel (1055 Second Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101), from 8:00 – 11:00 PM! This party is FREE for CBLDF Members. Non-members: Suggested $10 – $20 donation at the door, please. You can RSVP here.

Dynamite and StoryBundle Launch the First Ever Bundle of Omnibus Editions

dynamite-logoDynamite Entertainment and StoryBundle have launched a brand-new graphic novel promotion that will allow readers to purchase over 4,000 pages’ worth of digital Dynamite Entertainment stories with “Pay What You Want” purchasing power beginning at $5.00. A portion of proceeds will be contributed to two very important charitable organizations, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and Girls Write Now. The bundle promotion is currently running.

story-bundle-brandStoryBundle will offer a fixed set of Dynamite graphic novel omnibus editions in a bundle, available only for a limited time. Fans and newcomers are empowered to decide their own value for each bundle. Additional books will be unlocked when the purchaser achieves the bonus threshold. StoryBundle has already sold hundreds of thousands of books through its popular horror, fantasy, video game and sci-fi book bundles, and welcomes its huge audience to expand their reading experience to include newly-offered Dynamite digital stories.

The first tier of the all-new Dynamite StoryBundle, unlocked with a minimum purchase, includes the following omnibus editions, and comprises over 1,800 pages of graphic novel storytelling:

  • Jungle Girl Omnibus (collecting the complete Season One and Season Two miniseries)
  • Project Superpowers: Chapter Two Omnibus (collecting issues #0-12 of the series)
  • Vampirella Omnibus Vol. 1 (collecting issues #1-12 of the first series)
  • Red Sonja Omnibus Vol. 2 (collecting issues #19-34 of the first series)
  • Zorro Omnibus (collecting issues #1-12 of the series)
  • Miss Fury Omnibus (collecting issues #1-11 of the series)
  • Twilight Zone Omnibus (comprising issues #1-12 of the series)

The second tier of the Dynamite StoryBundle, unlocked upon reaching a $15.00 threshold, includes the following omnibus editions, increasing the total page count to over 4,000:

  • Mercy Thompson Omnibus (comprising the complete Alpha & Omega: Cry Wolf and Homecoming miniseries)
  • Dean Koontz: Frankenstein, Prodigal Son Omnibus (comprising the complete Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 miniseries)
  • Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files Omnibus (comprising the complete Fool Moon Vol. 1 and Welcome To The Jungle miniseries)
  • Blood Queen Omnibus (comprising the complete Blood Queen and Blood Queen Vs. Dracula miniseries, plus the 2014 Annual)
  • Damsels Omnibus (comprising issues #1-13 of the series)
  • Black Bat Omnibus (comprising issues #1-12 of the series)
  • Dark Shadows Omnibus (comprising issues #1-9 of the series)
  • Sherlock Holmes Omnibus (comprising the complete Trial Of Sherlock Holmes and Morarty Lives miniseries)

Part of the proceeds from the Dynamite StoryBundle promotion will contribute to two charitable organizations, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and Girls Write Now. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the First Amendment rights of the comics art form and its community of retailers, creators, publishers, librarians, and readers. Girls Write Now is the first organization in the country with a writing and mentoring model exclusively for girls, dedicated to providing the guidance, support, and opportunities for underserved high school girls to develop their creative, independent voices, and write their way to a better future.

Humble Bundle Launches Jim Henson Comics Bundle

humble_bundle_jim_hensonThe world of Jim Henson comes to Humble Bundle in a new comics bundle. BOOM! Studios has re-teamed with Humble to offer comics published by its imprint, Archaia, based on some of Henson’s most famous creations including Fraggle Rock, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, and the Eisner award-winning graphic novel Tale of Sand, adapted from one of Henson’s unproduced screenplays.

Noteworthy creators who have contributed include Joshua Dysart, Kate Leth, Nate Cosby, Chris Eliopoulos, Marjorie Liu, Ron Marz, Jeff Parker, Ramón Pérez, former Henson conceptual designer Brian Froud, and many more.

Customers can name their price for Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: The Novelization, Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal: Creation Myths Vol. 1 & 2, Fraggle Rock Classics Vol. 1 & 2, Fraggle Rock Vol. 1 & 2, and Fraggle Rock: Journey To The Everspring #1-4.

Those who pay more than the average price will also receive Jim Henson’s The Musical Monsters of Turkey Hollow, Jim Henson’s The Storyteller Vol. 1, Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: Witches #1-4, Jim Henson’s The Storyteller: The Novelization, and Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: The Novelization.

Customers who pay $2 or more above the average price will receive all of the above plus Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand.

As with all Humble Bundles, customers can choose how their purchase dollars are allocated, between the publisher and charity. The Humble Jim Henson Comics Bundle presented by BOOM! Studios supports The Center for Puppetry Arts, which uses the art form of puppetry as a means to provide educational experiences that encourage creativity, support school-day learning, and provide accessible, hands-on opportunities to participate in arts activities.

The Humble Jim Henson Comics Bundle presented by BOOM! Studios runs for one week only from now until Wednesday, June 17, 2015 at 11 a.m. Pacific time.

Hero Initiative and Dark Horse Comics Unveil The Hellboy 100

The Hero Initiative, the first-ever federally chartered not-for-profit corporation dedicated strictly to helping comic book creators in need, unveiled its latest project today, The Hellboy 100, in collaboration with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola and Dark Horse Comics. To create the Hellboy 100, Dark Horse Comics printed 100+ blank covers of the landmark first issue of Hellboy & The BPRD: 1952, written by Mignola and John Arcudi and featuring the art of Alex Maleev with colors by Dave Stewart. The Hero Initiative then commissioned internationally renowned comic book artists to do an original drawing on each cover, including Gabriel Bá, John Cassaday, Fábio Moon, Eric Powell, Bill Sienkiewicz and Mignola himself. The originals will be auctioned off via eBay.com at the rate of approximately 10 per week for 10 weeks. Both hardcover and softcover editions of a book collecting all the covers will published by Dark Horse Comics in September, 2015.

Full list of contributors to the HELLBOY 100: Rafael Albuquerque; Kristin Allen; Grace Allison; Gabriel Bá; Art Baltazar; John Beatty; Lucy Bellwood; Dan Brereton; Jim Brozman; Dave Bullock; Chris Burnham; Jim Calafiore; Daniel Campos; Giuseppe Camuncoli; Richard Case; John Cassaday; Victor Castro; Ron Chan; Matthew Clark; Wook-Jin Clark; Ryan Cody; Aaron Conley; Clayton Crain; Jason Dennis; Mark dos Santos; Ben Dewey; Rich Ellis; Cat Farris; Max Fiumara; Sebastian Fiumara; Walt Flanagan; Tony Fleecs; Autumn Fredrickson; Jenny Frison ; Agnes Garbowska; Chris Giarrusso; Ben Glendenning; Sina Grace; Jesse Hamm; Gabriel Hardman; James Harren; Fred Hembeck; Christopher Herndon; Phil Hester; Edwin Huang; Chris Ivy; Drew Johnson; Casey Jones; Tom Kelly; Scott Koblish; Scott Kolins; Rich Koslowski; Peter Krause; Andy Kuhn; Steve Kurth; Ken Lashley; Jeff Lemire; Emi Lenox; Francis Manpul; John McCrea; Ted McKeever; Mark McKenna; Shawn McManus; Yehudi Mercado; Rodolfo Migliari; Mike Mignola; Fábio Moon; Albert Morales; Chris Moreno; Marat Mychaels; Todd Nauck; Mike Norton; Mike Oeming; Michael Oppenheimer; Richard Pace; Jeff Parker; Tony Parker; Hanna Nance Partlow; Khoi Pham; Joe Phillips; Whilce Portacio; Eric Powell; Javier Pulido; Gordon Purcell; Tom Raney; Paolo Rivera; Darick Robertson; Tone Rodriguez; Riley Rossmo; Craig Rousseau; Chris Samnee; Hainanu Saulque; Alex Saviuk; Stuart Sayger; Tim Seeley; Bill Sienkiewicz; Andy Smith; Ryan Sook; Aaron Sowd; Ben Templesmith; Ty Templeton; Jim + Aaron Valentino; Nate van Dyke; Michael Walsh; Jonathan Wayshak; Doug Wheatley; Charles Paul Wilson III; Jim Zub; Chrissy Zullo.

Hellboy 100

Gen Con 2015: Mayfair’s Catan: Big Game 2015- Don’t Miss Your Chance at History Again

mayfair-games-logoDuring Gen Con 2013, Mayfair Games set an official Guinness World Record for the largest game of Catan ever played. Over 900 folks played in the same game of Catan in a feat never duplicated since- until now.

Join Mayfair Games for the second Big Game this year at Gen Con 2015, where they will try to break their own record from 2013. All proceeds will go to the official Gen Con charity, the Julian Center so in addition to making history, you’ll be supporting a fantastic cause.

So come live the dream. Don’t let history pass you by for a second time- you need to see the Big Game to believe it- and what’s better than watching a game? Playing it.

The Big Game will be held at the White River Ballroom in the J.W. Marriott hotel, 7:00 pm Friday, July 31st. Don’t miss your chance to register for the Big Game using event code: BGM1576923.

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