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Around the Tubes

It’s new comic book day tomorrow! What are folks excited for? If you’re not sure, you can catch our recommendations tomorrow!

Around the Tubes

CBLDF – Bone Named Among 10 Most Banned Books of 2013! – I guess you can say it got boned by censorship.

Spinoff Online – Paul Bettany Confirms Vision Role in ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’ – Remember when sites said he was Ultron?

Joystiq – Motion-controlled rail shooter Blue Estate coming to Xbox One – Will this video game based on a comic be worth it?

The Hollywood Reporter – WGN America Adapting DC Comics’ ‘Scalped’ – The channel is interesting.

Kotaku – Giant Mecha Erected in Tokyo – Want.


Around the Tubes Reviews

ScienceFiction.com – Captain Marvel #2

CBR – Daredevil #1.50

CBR – Nightcrawler #1

SciFiNow – Zero Hour And Other Stories

Around the Tubes

The weekend is almost here! I can’t wait to do a lot of geeking myself with some creator signings locally and same gaming too!

Around the Tubes

Bleeding Cool – Marvel Announce The Casting Of Patton Oswalt As Agents Of SHIELD’s Agent Eric Koenig – Huh.

ICv2 – Can You Say Ka-Ching? Dept.: ‘The Walking Dead to Get ‘Broadcast Exposure’ – Very nice.

Robot 6 – Kirkman considered killing Rick instead of Shane in ‘The Walking Dead’ – Well that’d be very different.

CBLDF – Barefoot Gen Banned in Japanese City – Sigh.

CBLDF – Indian Cartoonist Receives Death Threats After Criticizing Guru – Double sigh.


Around the Tubes Reviews

Talking Comics – Animal Man #29

CBR – Animal Man #29

Talking Comics – Daredevil #1

Comic Vine – Harley Quinn #4

Talking Comics – Hinterkind Vol. 1: The Waking World

Talking Comics – In The Dark

Comic Vine – Letter 44 #5

Comic Vine – Sex Criminals #5

Comic Vine – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Utrom Empire #3

Comic Vine – Uncanny X-Men #19

Comic Vine – Wolverine & the X-Men #2

Talking Comics – Wonder Woman #29

Around the Tubes

The weekend is here! Who’s seeing Veronica Mars?

Around the Tubes

CBR – Fox Denies “Fantastic Four” Rumors – Hrm.

ICv2 – DC Plans ‘Bombshell’ Covers – Yeah, I don’t see this one going over well.

Collider – Bryan Singer Says X-MEN: APOCALYPSE Will Take Place in the 1980s; New DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Images Released – This could be cool….

CBLDF – Iranian Artists Struggle with Self-Censorship – Very interesting.


Around the Tubes Reviews

CBR – Avengers Undercover #1

Talking Comics – Avengers Undercover #1

CBR – Beasts of Burden: Hunters and Gatherers #1

CBR – Captain Marvel #1

Talking Comics – Coffin Hill #6

Talking Comics – Monster & Madman #1

Talking Comics – Secret Avengers #1

BOOM! Studios Welcomes 2014 as CBLDF’s Newest Corporate Member!

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) has announced that BOOM! Studios has joined the organization as their newest corporate member!

BOOM! Studios Founder and Chief Executive Officer Ross Richie said in a release:

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a vital champion for the rights we as publishers, and our retailer partners depend upon to do business.  We have always believed that their work helps make it possible for the direct market to support the diversity of content we’re able to publish, and we’re pleased to make a meaningful impact in their important worfk with this support.

CBLDF Executive Director Charles Brownstein added:

BOOM! Studios has distinguished itself for its commitment to the direct market by publishing one of the fastest rising and diverse publishing lines in comics.  As CBLDF’s latest corporate member, they are taking a leadership position in helping us protect the freedom to read comics.  We’re thrilled to have them aboard.

BOOM! Studios joins industry leaders Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Dark Horse, DC Entertainment, Discount Comic Book Service, Diamond Comic Distributors, IDW Publishing, Image Comics, Random House, Valiant, and TFAW.com as Corporate Members supporting the CBLDF’s important work of protecting the First Amendment rights of the comics art form and its community of retailers, creators, publishers, librarians, and readers.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the First Amendment rights of the comics art form and its community of retailers, creators, publishers, librarians, and readers. The CBLDF provides legal referrals, representation, advice, assistance, and education in furtherance of these goals.

Make a contribution to this important organization today!


Around the Tubes

It’s new comic book day tomorrow, what’s everyone getting?

Around the Tubes

Mashable – How Batkid Conquered the World, by the Numbers – Interesting read.

CBR – “The Flash” Gets Standalone Pilot, No Backdoor In “Arrow” – I wouldn’t have given it a shot on Arrow, but as a standalone show…

CBLDF – Apple Drops All Issues of Sex Criminals – Still deciding how I feel….


Around the Tubes Reviews

CBR – Marvel Knights: X-Men #1

CBR – Rocket Girl #2

Around the Tubes

It’s new comic book day! What’s everyone getting?

Around the Tubes

ICv2 – Another ‘Wolverine’ Movie – Anyone really surprised?

CBR – Apple Blocks “Sex Criminals” #2 on comiXology iOS App – Interesting.

Bleeding Cool – Joshua Hale Fialkov Adapting The Bunker For Lionsgate TV – Probably the best digital series out there right now.

The Mary Sue – Warner Bros. Is Creating A TV Show For DC Comics’ Hourman, Because That’s An Awesome, Well-Known Superhero – Much like Marvel, you just have to hope there’s some plan with this.

Bleeding Cool – Larime Taylor Slams Comikaze And Other Shows For Lack Of Disability Awareness – Good! SDCC had issues. So many have issues.

Kotaku – Wrestling Game Or Greatest Super-Hero Game Ever? – This is amazing.


Around the Tubes Reviews

Comic Vine – Adventures of Superman #28

Big Shiny Robot – Bandette Volume 1: Presto!

CBR – Unity #1

Around the Tubes

The weekend is here! What geeky things are folks doing this weekend?

Around the Tubes

The Beat – Fables ending with issue 150 — UPDATED Fairest ending too – Sad panda.

CBLDF – Chinese Cartoonist Stands Up to Censors – Good.

Bleeding Cool – Charles Soule’s Letter 44 In Talks To Be A Network TV Series – Good luck Charles, hope this happens!

CBR – Potential Legal Challenge Looming Over Kirkman’s “Outcast” – That sucks.


Around the Tubes Reviews

CBR – Cataclysm #0.1

ICv2 – K-ON! High School

Talking Comics – The Raven and The Red Death

Copyright Holder Abuses the System to Censor Speech. Example of Why We Need Reform.

CensorshipPart of my qualms about passing legislation like SOPA or PIPA which would make it easier to make infringement claims was realized this past weekend as video game publisher Wild Game Studios issued a takedown notice to gaming critic TotalBiscuit most likely due to the fact he gave their latest release a negative review. SOPA and PIPA was proposed legislation that would make it easier to take down material or even websites by claiming copyright infringement.

The legislation’s main thrust was providing tools to stop foreign infringing websites from being accessed in the United States and penalizing those websites.  Actions such as seizure, cutting off of funds and stopping of advertising are all methods that would be legal through this legislation.  Some of these techniques are currently being used today in mass seizure of websites by I.C.E. In reality, the legislation would have affected more than just foreign websites, but those within the United States and the language was broad and rife for abuse. The same sort of abuse through the current system we saw this past weekend.

As reported on Kotaku, the CEO of the video game publisher, “Stephane” posted on the Steam forums claiming:

We protected our copyright because Total Biscuit has no right to make advertising revenues with our license.

But, other videos, some even with negative comments, that gained revenue, were left up, showing this particular video was targeted. This is exactly the type of censorship that I feared when new legislation was being discussed. If anything we need legislation protecting individuals and websites from false take down requests including penalties for those that make them.

Recently we received numerous videos from entertainment companies and their press relations asking us to host teasers, trailers and more. When I uploaded them, more than half were blocked due to copyright claims. This claim was later lifted but held for many days. In the future I’ll be less likely to host those videos or promote their products.

In this case the video game publisher relented too. TotalBiscuit and his YouTube channel providers said they were going to pursue legal matters and with the news of the incident a deluge of vitriol was thrown towards the video game publisher which lead to them relenting. “Stephane” commented to Kotaku:

…after seeing all the negative impact today we decided to withdraw our complaint to YouTube.

There is chatter for a new push for SOPA/PIPA like legislation by the US Congress and if it were to be passed, you better believe we’d experience more of the above.

(via Kotaku)

Around the Tubes

The weekend is here! What’s everyone doing to spend the time?

Around the Tubes

The Beat – Detroit Fanfare Comic Con announces harassment policy - Nice to see this publicized.

CBLDF – Cannes Winner Based on Graphic Novel Won’t Play in Idaho – I expect it won’t play in a lot of places.


Around the Tubes Reviews

CBR – Forever Evil: Rogues Rebelllion #1

CBR – Hawkeye #13

Around the Tubes

It’s two more days for me to relax and enjoy geekdom in this long weekend, plus it’s the last day of New York Comic Con!

Around the Tubes

CBLDF – Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere Banned in New Mexico School District – Really!?


Around the Tubes Reviews

Talking Comics – America’s Got Powers #7

Talking Comics – Batgirl #24

Talking Comics – Deadpool #18

Talking Comics – Forever Evil: Arkham War #1


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