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Updated: Marvel Announces a New Captain America on The Colbert Report

ColbertshieldContinuing their tour of television shows, Marvel has made a stop at The Colbert Report. Tonight, Colbert (referencing the now infamous issue #21) not only caught America up on what’s up with Captain America, but also had an announcement with the help of Joe Quesada…. after some prompting from the audience that Colbert should take over the role.

Quesada, and Colbert actually talked comics for a bit, a great change from some other television appearances, and handled it with humor, and lots of entertainment.

And the big announcement is……

The next Captain America is Sam Wilson, The Falcon! We also got a first look at Wilson as the new Captain America.

But, with that, there’s a void, and a new Falcon is needed. Quesada felt Colbert could fill the role and did up Colbert as the Falcon courtesy of artist Kristafer Anka (who cryptically hinted about the art last night on Twitter).

This isn’t the first African-American Captain America. Isaiah Bradley was introduced into the Marvel universe in 2003 in Truth: Red, White, & Black, in which a Tuskegee like program was created in an attempt to recreate the super serum that turned Steve Rogers into Captain America.

And here’s a look at the new Cap and Colbert as The Falcon!

IMG_20140716_234844874 IMG_20140716_234814469It looks like Wilson’s new uniform will mix Cap’s and his current Falcon one. It does look like wings still in the arm.


Update: Here’s Marvel’s official release:

Marvel is excited to announce that beginning in November 2014, the title of Captain America will be passed to Sam Wilson, The Falcon, in the pages of All-New Captain America #1 by series writer Rick Remender (Captain America, Uncanny Avengers) and series artist Stuart Immonen (All-New X-Men).


Announced on “The Colbert Report” by Joe Quesada, “Sam Wilson…The Falcon, is the new Captain America.”


Addressing how Sam Wilson will follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, Steve Rogers, Remender says, “Sam wants to lead by example. To help people see their own selfishness and to turn it around. To build better communities, to never forget the little guy.”  Remender continues, “Sam follows his heart and his belief in what the American dream means and how it belongs to everyone.”


The question remains: what happens with the original Captain America, Steve Rogers? Executive Editor Tom Brevoort says, “Steve’s spirit is as willing as ever, but his body is no longer up to the task of being Captain America. So he’ll employ his skills as the new Cap’s remote strategic advisor, running Cap’s missions from his headquarters in Avengers Mansion and providing Sam with technical support and field information from a distance. He’ll also tutor Sam in how to throw the shield, a skill that’s deceptively difficult for the new Cap to master. So Steve will continue to be a vital part of the series moving ahead.”

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Rick Remender and Faux Outrage

About five days ago, the latest faux outrage hit social media. This one was a movement to get writer Rick Remender fired for a scene in Captain America #22 featuring Sam Wilson/Falcon and Jet Black, the daughter of Armin Zola. The rage was over the “fact” that Remender depicted statutory rape, between the two characters… except that’s not what happened in the scene, and the claim was initially made by a website whose main focus is hate towards Remender. But this didn’t stop individuals for calling on Marvel to fire Remender.

Below is the beginning of the scene in question and this blog has a good timeline about the character Jet Black and her age.

jet black sam wilson captain america 22Right there, in the above panel, it’s quite clear that Jet is at least over 23, but that didn’t stop the rage to spin into insanity.

From what I can tell, the outrage began about five days ago from this Tumblr blog Weiner Soldier, a site “living a rick remender hate life.” The site generally is dedicated to how Remender ruined comics for Jackie, a 26 year old that thinks “marvel comics has ruined (their) life.” How has he done so?

2014-07-07_1143That’s a long list of complaints, and while some might be valid, most haven’t had their story lines played out, and much of the “fridging” will be likely undone when Remender’s story arcs wrap up, and the current Cap storyline is leading us into Marvel’s next event AXIS. But, right there, in bullet point #8, the individual admits that Jet is now “23.”

Topsy pegs the hashtag #firerickremender starting at this point, linking to the blog mentioned. While generally, the complaints are that he’s “ruined Captain America” at some point it morphs into his depiction of the alleged statutory rape. This is the earliest mention I’ve found of it:

2014-07-07_1148While the original blog post alluded to it, the rage shifts to a pretty nasty, and unfounded claim. And that lie is repeated:

2014-07-07_1151While this rolls, the actual issue of sex while under the influence of alcohol is ignored, an actual issue one can make an argument about. Unfortunately, the false info made it’s way to the Examiner, a bastion of bad reporting, and that only threw more fuel to the fire. Add in the fact the one committing the “act” is African American, and now you have racial overtones to boot. On top of that, “facts” like sales figures are thrown around in a vacuum and context is left out, like the normal attrition in sales for ongoing comic book series. Don’t let “facts” get in your way people! We’ve got some raging to do!


Luckily cooler heads prevailed, and the Twitter fiasco hashtag was hijacked by those who found the whole situation silly. But, this is the latest example of geek rage fueling the internet and driving the reactions from individuals who don’t have the entire story, or outright lied to. Dan Slott was accused of depicting rape in Superior Spider-Man from a site who should know better. That “event” never happened in the comic, and was based on little. JJ Abrams was accused of a hell of a lot of things spurred by the initial casting announcement over Star Wars Episode VII. After more announcements, the movie is the most diverse Star Wars film ever (and one of the most period), and I’m still waiting for people to apologize for their knee-jerk reactions.

In the end, social media has allowed us to connect with each other, and creators more so than any other time before. Unfortunately, it has also allowed for armchair activism that’s misguided, and misplaced. Rape is a serious matter, and to point fingers and rage when there’s nothing to do so about, diminishes actual victims and dilutes a real world problem. When there’s so much to actual rage about, this sort of faux outrage only distracts us…. and drives up clicks for websites.


Update: Please don’t direct anger at the original blog (or any of the Twitter accounts) linked here, or any folks online in general. “Rage” in general just isn’t cool, you just head down the road to being a Red Lantern. Comics are supposed to be fun people! – Brett


Update 2: Comments have been closed before things spiral. What was thrown towards Remender was wrong, and what is spewed back the other way is wrong as well. As one commenter has stated “be better people.” Simple words to live by.

Diamond Select Toys this week: Star Wars, Pulp Fiction, Marvel Select and The Walking Dead!

It’s another big week for Diamond Select Toys, with four items shipping to comic shops across North America! But while one of them is definitely a toy, three are items you’re gonna want in your kitchen! Check out the details below!

Star Wars Boba Fett Magnetic Metal Bottle Opener

Boba Fett? Where? On your brand-new bottle opener, that’s where! Make sure you always have a way to open tasty beverages with this solid metal bottle opener, depicting the portrait of Boba Fett, super-cool bounty hunter extraordinaire! It measures 4 inches long, has magnets on the back and removes bottle caps like Boba Fett captures a bounty — with style! Comes packaged in a collector’s slip case with a full-color wrap. (Item #JAN141922, Suggested Retail Price: $18.00)


Pulp Fiction Jack Rabbit Slim’s Pint Glass

The next movie to get the Reelware treatment from DST is Quentin Tarantino’s groundbreaking film Pulp Fiction! Celebrating the film’s 20th anniversary, DST is taking fans inside the world of the movie with a 16-oz. pint glass from the famous Jack Rabbit Slim’s restaurant. Whether you fill it with a five-dollar milkshake or another tasty beverage, the Jack Rabbit Slim’s logo will always remind you of the first time you watched Vince and Mia do the twist. Packaged in a window box. (Item #MAY142227, SRP: $10.99)


Walking Dead Zombie Heads Silicone Tray

Party like the Governor with this all-new Walking Dead silicone tray! Based on the comic book artwork of Charlie Adlard, this flexible tray can be used to cast up ice, gelatin and even chocolate in the shape of a half-dozen zombie heads, as well as the famous Walking Dead comic book logo! Fill up the fishtank and let the fun begin! (Item #JAN141924, SRP: $15.00)


Marvel Select What If? Captain America Figure

During the epic superhuman Civil War, rivals Captain America and Iron Man fought each other tooth and nail. But what if they had worked together? This 7-inch-scale Marvel Select figure depicts Captain America as he appears on the cover of What If? Civil War #1, wearing a suit of armor designed for him by Tony Stark himself. Cap features 16 points of articulation and includes his trademark shield, a deluxe “blast-off” display base, and a removable display stand. Figure comes packaged in display-ready Select packaging, with spine reference artwork. (Item #FEB142062, SRP $24.99)


Around the Tubes

It’s a new week! Any news out of Phoenix Comicon that got you excited?

Around the Tubes

Bleeding Cool – Guillermo Del Toro And Zak Penn At Work On Pacific Rim 2, Raleigh And Mako Set To Return – Yes please!

Kotaku – ​The Next Disney Infinity Lets You Make Your Own Marvel Video Game – This could be cool.


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Preview: His Greatest Villains Return – Your First Look at Captain America #22!

This July, the final chapter of the saga that started in Dimension Z begins in The Tomorrow Soldier – an epic new story arc kicking off in Captain America #22 by writer Rick Remender and artist Carlos Pacheco! After the Earth-shattering events of last issue, the Super-Soldier Serum within Captain America has been neutralized, reducing him to a feeble old man. After everything he’s already been through, how can Steve Rogers cope with such devastating loss? And can he continue to fulfill his duties as Captain America?

There’s no time for doubt, though, as two of Cap’s greatest foes have emerged from the shadows, their master plan almost complete. The Red Skull and Arnim Zola have reunited to finish the job they started – and not even the Avengers can stop them. The next explosive arc of the series that will have everyone talking begins right here! No fan should miss the explosive Captain America #22 this July!                                   

75th Anniversary Variant by ALEX ROSS (MAY140842)
75th Anniversary Sketch Variant Also Available (MAY140841)
FOC – 06/09/14, ON-SALE – 07/02/14


Graphic Policy Radio Talks The Winter Soldier with Special Guest Scott Kaufman this Monday!

GP Radio pic MondayThis Monday means a brand new episode of Graphic Policy Radio. It’s Memorial Day, and we have a very special episode with guest Scott Kaufman, who you might know as SEK. The episode airs live, May 26 at 10pm ET.

Memorial Day is when we remember the men and women who died while serving the United States Armed Forces, and we’re spending it discussing Marvel Comics’ Star Spangled veteran who has given his life for his country Captain America.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is still in theaters and the highest grossing film globally of 2014 so far. It tackles the veyr real issues of privacy, the “security state,” civil liberties, and militarization of technology. We’ll be discussing all this and more!

Scott is the proprietor of the AV Club’s Internet Film School and an associate editor at The Raw Story. He also writes for Lawyers, Guns & Money, podcasts, and is an expert on Game of Thrones.

You can listen in live and Tweet us your thoughts, @graphicpolicy!

Toy Stories – Friday May 9th 2014

May the Ninth be with you…..oh, we’re not doing that anymore? Sorry about that. Here’s a few news items from around the toy world.














A picture posted on Facebook, from what looks like a Japanese catalog, shows off some new Hasbro Marvel Legends. We have the mandatory Wolverine (unmasked version), X-Men Storm, Uncanny X-Men Cyclops, Stryfe, maybe the long lost Jubilee, and finally a new Magneto. New versions of Logan, Storm, and Slim are nice but getting Stryfe and Jubilee are welcome surprise. Magneto has been criminally underrepresented in the 6″ scale and seeing a new, modern incarnation in his classic costume is a sight for sore eyes. Maybe a re-deco into his Uncanny and solo series costumes could be included Hasbro? No word yet if this a Con box set or a single figure retail series.

Don't say on your left!

Don’t say on your left!












If you like having money, just avoid looking at anything Hot Toys releases or is going to release. Hot Toys teased another great 1/6th scale figure from Captain America Winter Solider – The Falcon. No release or price point yet, but expect this year and for it to cost in line with the other figures from the film and come loaded with goodies!

Still the law

Still the law












Art Figures is releasing a very exciting new toy later this year. I’ve become very interested in the 3rd party figure industry of late, what with the great Transformers that are out there, and this one makes me want to take the plunge even more. The Heavy Armoured Special Cop will come out this September and set you back $140. Well worth it for a Karl Urban as Judge Dre…. I mean Heavy Armoured  Special Cop figure. This “Not Dreed” features a boat load of goodies. Things like:

- Leather combat jacket
– Leather combat pants
– Combat boots
– Combat gloves
– Bulletproof vest w/Name plate
– Tactical shoulder pads
– Tactical knee pads
– Helmet w/eyeglass
– Gas mask
– Smoke grenade
– Stick grenade w/Holder
– Machine pistol w/Holster
– Clips w/Holder
– Tactical folding knife
– First aid kit
– Gas mask bag

That’s a lot of stuff! The sculpt, paint, and articulation all look solid. If your a huge fan of the movie that this character isn’t from, this would a solid end of the year pick-up. Pre-orders are up now on various sites.


Facebook Fandom Spotlight: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier dominated the box office this past weekend and we’re again given the opportunity to compare the demographics on Facebook with what we know was the audience of the film.

According to reports the film was 65% male. I’ll first compare the gender breakdown with that of Facebook fans and expect an update later with the age breakdown as well.

The fans of the specific term for the film are overwhelmingly male, 86.54% right now. But, when you include the second film and Captain America, that percentage drops to about 70.37%. That’s pretty close to who saw the film.

winter soldier gender 4.7.14



Captain America: The Winter Soldier Has Record Opening

Captain America The Winter SoldierMarvel has another hit on its hand as this weekend’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier had a record April opening with an impressive $96.2 million in North America. That’s 48 percent more than the three day opening for the first film in 2011. That amount is on top of the $207 million it has already made overseas. The first film made a total of $193.9 million internationally and $370.6 million globally. This new film should beat that amount.

The movie cost roughly $170 million to make and $100 million to market, but it looks like the film will have no problem making that amount back and more. The theory is the Avengers film is helping boost the follow up films with an “Avengers Effect” as Thor: The Dark World also saw a similar bump.

Breaking down how well Cap 2 did, it earned $37 million on Friday, 14% more than the Thor sequel and 44% more than the first Cap film. 40% of the film’s earnings came from 3-D screens.

When it comes to demographics, the film was 65% male, and 43% under the age of 25. Audiences enjoyed it giving it an “A” CinemaScore, which is usually an indication the film will have legs due to good worth of mouth and repeat viewings. The film also as a strong 89% rating on Rotten Tomatoes as of this posting.

It’ll be interesting to see if the film gives Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. television series a boost in ther ratings as the show is directly tied into the movie. The next new episode airs this Tuesday.

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