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Preview: An Uncanny Journey Through Time & Space in Your New Look at Uncanny X-Men Annual #1!

This December, spinning directly out of the pages of the blockbuster Uncanny X-Men, superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis teams with critically acclaimed artist Andrea Sorrentino for the oversized Uncanny X-Men Annual #1 – the first in a two-part tale traversing time, space and the Marvel Universe! Unable to fully control her new powers, X-Men member Eva Bell, Codename: Tempus mysteriously disappeared during an X-Men training mission. Though she re-appeared moments later, she had aged many years. Trapped in her own time bubble, Tempus embarked on a journey into the far future of the Marvel Universe. What she witnessed there would change her. How long was she trapped in the future? What horrors did she witness? More importantly, why would she keep it a secret? Peer into the future of the X-Men when Bendis & Sorrentino take you on a ride into the future in the oversized Uncanny X-Men Annual #1 this December – part 1 of The Secret Life of Eva Bell! Then, experience the shocking conclusion in the upcoming All-New X-Men Annual #1, also on sale in December!

Variant Covers by DUSTIN NGUYEN (OCT140892)
FOC – 11/17/14, On-Sale – 12/10/14!


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Brian Michael Bendis & Art Adams Headline Guardians Team-Up #1!

This February, two legendary creators unite for the out-of-this-world Guardians Team-Up #1! Launching directly out of the blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy series comes a brand new ongoing series bringing the breakout characters of the year to the Marvel Universe’s grandest stage for bombastic adventures with Marvel’s heaviest hitters!

Kicking off with a cosmic threat so massive, it’ll take more than just the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop it! Assembled shoulder-to-shoulder with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers, prepare for these two titanic teams to unite like you’ve never seen before. What do you get when you combine the likes of Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Black Widow and Hawkeye? Total destruction! Yet as tensions run high, can these two teams put aside their difference and work together for the greater good?

Get ready for some of the most epic team-ups you’ve ever seen as each Guardians Team-Up story new team-ups from a rotating crew of Marvel’s top-flight talent and a surprising array of Marvel Universe cameos that will have fans clamoring! What happens when Rocket Raccoon meets Deadpool? What about a mean & green throwdown as Gamora and She-Hulk take care of business? How about a team-up with the Children of the Atom as part of the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: The Black Vortex cosmic event? Guardians Team-Up has all that, and more to come!

Be there when the explosive creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Art Adams blast off into the stratosphere as the Guardians of the Galaxy come to rest of the Marvel Universe like never before! Strap in for an adrenaline-fueled thrill ride when Guardians Team-Up #1 explodes into comic shops and digital devices this February!

Art & Cover by ART ADAMS
On Sale in February!

Guardians Team-Up #1 Cover

Review: Uncanny X-Men #26

Uncanny X-Men 26Uncanny X-Men #26 follows up on the fallout regarding the last will and testament of Professor Charles Xavier.  In the last issue we learned that Professor Xavier secretly hid a prodigiously powerful mutant away from the world and his X-Men.  Xavier has left instructions for the X-Men to delicately deal with this mutant as his power levels are extreme enough to threaten human-mutant relations.  In the aftermath of Charles death, the X-Men are now left to deal with this volatile issue.  The trope of Xavier’s dark secrets coming back to haunt the X-Men has been staple of the franchise since the decimation. Where in my opinion it’s becoming a bit overused, it’s definitely a plausible state of affairs because lets face it, this is Charles Xavier we’re talking about. Given his telepathic reach, Xavier has always occupied a unique moral space, having to make nearly god like decisions for the benefit of human and mutant kind.

This issue made me think a lot about the problem of mutant “externalities”  a persistent problem for the X-Men as well as mutant kind.  Despite being the de-facto advocates for mutant kind, it’s an interesting and important fact to recognize that X-Men do not and cannot control all mutants. This was was revealed recently that a rogue mutant (dark beast) was responsible for SHIELD’s rogue sentinels.  SHIELD  by necessity has to be prepared for these externalities. With this in mind it’s very telling how  Scott summer’s  current view of the world is. During the dark reign, mutantkind was endangered and Norman Osborn’s  corrupt regime ruled the day.  Neither is the case now and yet Scott Summer’s is marching mutants new and old down the path of his enigmatic revolution.

This brings us to Triage. The neophyte mutant healer has a moment to shine in this issue questioning the rationale and justification for Scott’s so called revolution. I thought this was the nice stand out moment for his character , as he in  way appears to be speaking to and for the audience. Ever since issue one of this volume I’ve questioned why Scott sees the need for a mutant revolution. Those questions have become more pronounced after SHIELD was shown to not be complicit in the rogue sentinel attacks. The fact that SHIELD has employed mutant liaisons (Exodus in this issue) and the Avengers  have dedicated a squad to mutant human unity should quell most perceptions of a widespread conspiracy against mutants, and yet Scott summers is still leading his faction down a warpath. Triage’s questions are timely and strike to the heart of Scott’s obscure intentions.

A major gripe of mine for this issue was the classification of of Matthew Malloy as “Beyond Omega” Admittedly I am a bit of a purist when it comes to all matters of continuity. To my knowledge the designation of an “Omega” mutant meant simply a mutant with unlimited potential, whether realized or not.  Ed Brubaker made this error earlier classifying the mutant Gabriel Summers “Vulcan” as Beyond Omega.  I recall Ed Brubaker eventually admitting this mistake.  With respect to power levels omega  simply denotes a nominal category not a quantification of power.  I really wish Bendis would pay attention to such details.

The pacing of the current arc is a minor gripe of mine,  i feel as though I’m being cajoled to read on, pending further reveals from Xavier’s will. Two issue’s in with more questions asked where the will is concerned seems a bit unfair to me. Maybe I’m impatient.

I was a bit iffy on Kris Anka‘s art but it’s slowly winning me over. There’s almost a Bachalo-esque vibe to it, quirky and enjoyable.

Story: Brian Michael Bendis Art: Kris Anka
Story: 6.5 Art: 8.0 Overall: 7.0 Recommendation: Read

Preview: Star-Lord & Nova vs. Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy #19 – an Original Sin tie-in!

This September, the truth behind Nova, Star-Lord and Thanos’ disappearance continues in Guardians of the Galaxy #19 – a tie-in to Original Sin! New York Times-bestselling creators Brian Michael Bendis and Ed McGuinness bring you the answers fans have been craving –what happened to Richard Rider?! Trapped in a nightmare universe, Star-Lord and Nova fought valiantly against the might of Thanos. Peter Quill and Thanos mysteriously returned without explanation – Nova did not. The true story of their hellish imprisonment has never been told – until today! Gamora demands answers, and she won’t stop until she finds out what happened in the Cancerverse! What pact did Star-Lord make with Thanos to escape such imprisonment? Where is Nova? Find out when the story that has the whole comic industry talking continues in Guardians of the Galaxy #19!

Art & Cover by ED MCGUINNESS
On-Sale – 09/24/14


The Guardians of the Galaxy Face the Planet of the Symbiotes This November!

This November, dare to venture where no hero in the Marvel Universe has ever gone before as the Guardians of the Galaxy find themselves stranded on the home world of the Symbiotes! It all kicks off this November in Planet of the Symbiotes, the newest storyline beginning in Guardians of the Galaxy #21, from blockbuster writer Brian Michael Bendis and Marvel All-New Young Gun artist Valerio Schiti!

Ever since the Symbiote bonded with Flash Thompson, he has wielded it as a force for good, making the Earth a safer place as the hero known as Venom. Only the far reaches of space are a little bit out of his depth – even when he’s packing a crazed alien costume!

With the Venom Symbiote back among its own species, where will it’s allegiances lie? Trapped on a world full of hostile alien parasites, the Guardians of the Galaxy might begin to regret letting Flash Thompson join their team!

Finally reunited once more, will the Guardians of the Galaxy’s first mission back together be their last? Find out this November, as the team are put to the test on a planet of carnivorous aliens in Guardians of the Galaxy #21 – the first issue of Planet of the Symbiotes!



Face to Face With Miles Morales – A First Look at All-New X-Men #32!

Welcome to the All-New X-Men, Miles Morales – hope you survive the experience! Marvel has released a first look at All-New X-Men #32, from superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis and new ongoing artist and Marvel All-New Young Gun Mahmud Asrar! Dimension hopping has become a rite of passage for the X-Men and the All-New X-Men are no exception! Stranded and scattered across the Ultimate Universe, the All-New X-Men must find their way back to each other if they have any hope of finding their way back home! Thankfully, they might get a little help from the one and only Ultimate Spider-Man, Miles Morales! But some of the Ultimate Universe’s heaviest hitting villains might have a thing or two to say about that! Don’t miss the story that will have everyone talking when All-New X-Men #32 swings into comic shops this September!c

ALL-NEW X-MEN #32 (JUL140694)
FOC 8/25/14, ON-SALE 09/17/14


Powers Show Adds Two, Including the Lead

sharlto-copleyThe Playstation Network series Powers has added Sharlto Copley for the lead role. The show is based on the comic book series by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming.

Copley will play Christian Walker, a detective who once had super powers and now works with the law enforcement. His expertise is investigating crimes in the Powers community. Copley is best known for his lead role in District 9, but has also appeared in The A-Team, Elysium, Oldboy and Maleficent.

Also joining the series is Michelle Forbes who will play Retro Girl a star of the Powers community. Forbes has appeared in such shows as Star Trek: the Next Generation, 24, Battlestar Galactica, Homicide: Life on the Street, Prison Break, True Blood, The Killing, Orphan Black and more. She has a “comic” connection voicing Circe in the video game DC Universe Online.

The two join a cast that includes Eddie Izzard, Noah Taylor, Susan Heyward, Olesya Rulin, Max Fowler and Adam Godley.

The series is Playstation’s first attempt at scripted programming, something increasingly being added to video game networks.

The series is currently 10 episodes.

Preview: The Truth of Xavier’s Will Revealed in Uncanny X-Men #25 – a Tie-In to Original Sin!

This September, the secrets of the greatest champion for mutant/human relations come to light in the oversized Uncanny X-Men #25 – the shocking finale of The Last Will & Testament of Charles Xavier! Superstar creators Brian Michael Bendis and Chris Bachalo unearth a devastating secret of their former mentor that will send shockwaves through both camps of X-Men! What has Xavier been hiding? A mutant so powerful their very existence was a threat to mutant’s way of life. A destructive force so powerful they would’ve wiped out any chance of a peaceful coexistence between humans and mutants. An unstoppable power now unleashed in the wake of Xavier’s death! Against such overwhelming power, the splintered squads of X-Men must unite if they have any hope of stopping it. And the story of how it came to be will cast a new light on their beloved teacher – and the depths he would go to protect mutant/human relations. Witness Xavier’s final “gift” to his children, but will it be their undoing? Find out when The Last Will & Testament of Charles Xavier comes to its staggering conclusion in Uncanny X-Men #25!

UNCANNY X-MEN #25 (JUN140625)
Art & Cover by CHRIS BACHALO
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Variant by Phantom City Creative (JUN140626)
FOC 8/11/14, ON-SALE 09/03/14


Preview: Iceman Unleashed! A First Look at All-New X-Men #31!

This August, young Bobby Drake has had enough, and he’s letting loose in All-New X-Men #31! Blockbuster writer Brian Michael Bendis welcomes new series artist and Marvel All-New Young Gun Mahmud Asrar for a nail-biting issue that will show the world why Iceman is snow joke! The Future Brotherhood have been defeated, but there’s no rest for the weary – as the All-New X-Men must scramble to come to the aid of a mysterious teen with an unthinkable power!

Meanwhile, for someone who said she doesn’t find him particularly pleasant to be around, X-23 seems to have taken an odd interest in young Angel. But to what end? Plus, don’t miss the heart-stopping last page that will have the everyone talking when All-New X-Men #31 hits comic shops and digital devices this August!

ALL-NEW X-MEN #31 (JUN140691)
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Variant by MIKE DEL MUNDO (JUN140692)
FOC – 08/04/14, On-Sale – 08/27/14


Preview: The Fate of Rich Rider Revealed! A First Look at Guardians of the Galaxy #18!

This August, the burning question will finally be answered as the shocking truth about one of the Marvel Universe’s greatest heroes is revealed in Guardians of the Galaxy #18 – a tie-in to Original Sin! Superstar creators Brian Michael Bendis and Ed McGuinness team for the heart-stopping answer to the question on everyone’s mind:

What happened to Rich Rider?

In an interview with Marvel.com, Bendis said:

We have literally been dropping hints since the Guardians guest-starred in Avengers Assemble. I have known exactly what we were doing with this from the moment I agreed to do the book, but I thought it would be best to slow burn the reveal.

Nova, the Human Rocket – who once burned a bright streak across the Marvel Universe, gone in a flash. Side-by-side with Star-Lord, Richard Rider fought valiantly to save the universe from Thanos. Left sealed in a twisted and horrific version of our own universe, Richard Rider sacrificed everything to save us.

Now, the truth of that sacrifice will finally come to light! Thanos and Star-Lord miraculously reappeared, but Nova was nowhere to be found. The true story about what happened has remained a closely guarded secret between two bitter enemies. Now, thanks to the events of Original Sin, the truth is about to come out!  What happened to Rich Rider in the Cancerverse? How did Star-Lord and Thanos escape their hellish imprisonment?  And most importantly, why did they lie about it?

The explosive last stand of Rich Rider begins when Original Sin comes knocking in Guardians of the Galaxy #18!

Art & Cover by ED MCGUINNESS
75th Anniversary Variant Cover by ALEX ROSS (JUN140623)
75th Anniversary Sketch Variant by ALEX ROSS (JUN140624)
FOC – 08/04/14, On-Sale – 08/27/14


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