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Aspen Comics at Wondercon!

Hot off the heels of their all-new series launch of Lola XOXO last week, Aspen Comics is gearing up for creator appearances, signings and more events scheduled for this weekend’s WonderCon 2014. Aspen creators Frank Mastromauro, Peter Steigerwald, Vince Hernandez, Mark Roslan, Siya Oum, J.T. Krul, Nei Ruffino, David Wohl, Ale Garza, and Oliver Nome will be appearing throughout the weekend at the Aspen Comics Booth #601.

The publisher will be offering two new comic exclusive releases at their booth this weekend, Lola XOXO #1 (Limited to 500 copies) and Fathom: Kiani #1 (Limited to 200 copies), both of which feature WonderCon 2014 exclusive covers by Siya Oum. Fans can get their copies signed by Oum at the Aspen Comics Booth #601.

Aspen will also be offering a new set of their industry-leading art prints featuring popular, recent cover art by Michael Turner, Siya Oum and Eric “Ebas” Basaldua. Each print is hand-numbered and highly limited.

Fans that visit the Aspen Comics Booth #601 throughout the weekend will also be treated to the publisher’s largest-ever free giveaway, featuring over 25,000 free comics over the course of the con weekend.

On Saturday, Aspen creators will be appearing in the Official Aspen Comics Panel 2014 in Room 208 at 2:30pm to reveal looks at their upcoming new titles including Lola XOXO, Jirni Volume 2, Damsels in Excess, The Zoo Hunters and more. All fans in attendance will receive a free gift courtesy of Aspen Comics, following a special one-on-one Q&A with fans.

Also, on Saturday from 4-5pm, the publisher will be hosting a special “Free Sketch Hour” for fans featuring popular Aspen cover artists Ale Garza and Oliver Nome. Aspen encourages fans to arrive early, as this event will be first come-first serve only.

Editor-in-Chief Vince Hernandez will be holding the Aspen Comics Portfolio Reviews in Room 206B from 1:30-2:30 on all three days of the con, and Aspen strongly encourages those looking to get reviewed to arrive, early as spots are limited to one hour.


Aspen Comics in July 2014


Vince Hernandez – Story / Mirka Andolfo – Art

Five realms. Five princesses. Zero men.

In the land of the Five Realms, the existence of men has long since been evaporated from the hearts and minds of women. Princess Bethany–ruler of Evanfar, the largest and most prominent kingdom, finds herself at the center of a vast conspiracy that could not only threaten her kingdom—but also her life! Journey to a place where magic is abundant, unicorns and ferrets can command armies, and five women struggle to find balance—and power–in an ever-changing fairy tale world!
Creator Vince Hernandez and artist Mirka Andolfo present to you the newest Aspen hit series – DAMSELS IN EXCESS!

DAMSELS IN EXCESS #1 is in stores July 23rd, 2014!

FC 32 pages $3.99 (3.99 digital)

DAMSELS-01a-Andolfo-2x3 DAMSELS-01b-Andolfo-2x3 DAMSELS-01c-RET-Torque-2x3 DAMSELS-01d-RET-Agnes-2x3


JT Krul, Agnes Garbowska, Mark Roslan – Story

Agnes Garbowska, Lori Hanson – art

Michael Turner’s SOULFIRE returns!

Aspen’s first ever SOULFIRE ANNUAL arrives, jam-packed with three all new stories featuring some of the most popular characters in the SOULFIRE universe—and more! Join veteran SOULFIRE writer JT Krul as he presents a young Grace in a world long forgotten, full or dragons and danger! Fan favorite illustrator Agnes Garbowska debuts a new SOULFIRE story all her own, as she handles the writing and art duties in a special tale featuring Grace and several other SOULFIRE favorites! And BubbleGun creator Mark Roslan explodes onto the scene with a futuristic bank robbery that even the magic of Malakai may not be able to stop!

Don’t miss out on the debut of the first ever SOULFIRE ANNUAL #1 in this thrilling oversized issue featuring a re-mastered SOULFIRE cover by series creator Michael Turner and Peter Steigerwald!

SOULFIRE ANNUAL #1 is in stores July 9th, 2014!

FC 48 pages $5.99 (5.99 digital)



J.T. Krul – Story / Marcus To – Art / Beth Sotelo – Colors

The epic second volume of Michael Turner’s SOULFIRE!

The Dark Lord Rainier has been defeated, and Malikai—the Samusara, set forth the return of the light. Yet, the return of magic has created problems across the globe, as Grace attempts to bring order to a world devoid of magic for thousands of years. Meanwhile, Rainier, in his endless crusade to rid the world of magic and all that it encompasses, decides the only way to extinguish the light is by fusing both technology and magic in horrific fashion—with terrifying results! Collecting together the sold out Zero issue, as well as issues #1 though #9, plus the rare 10-page Sonia story from Aspen Seasons Winter and the 20-page ‘Resurgence’ story previously only available in the Soulfire: New World Order mini-series, this is 296 pages of everything Soulfire volume 2! And if that’s not enough, we’ll be including a complete covers gallery featuring artwork by such artistic forces as Joe Benitez, Randy Green, Nick Bradshaw and Soulfire creator Michael Turner!! This complete SOULFIRE (vol 2) TPB: DRAGON FALL is a must for any Aspen, Soulfire, Michael Turner, or comic book fan!

SOULFIRE (vol 2) TPB: DRAGON FALL is in stores July 9th, 2014!

FC 296 pages $29.99 TPB



Vince Hernandez – Story / Sana Takeda – Art & Colors

The world of magic has gone dark…

Before the return of the light forever altered the events of the present SOULFIRE universe, a long ago era of flourishing magic enveloped the land as well as SOULFIRE’s preeminent heroine, Grace. Amidst a bloody war between the two dominant races, the Rahtumi and the Sethoru, that endangered both of their existences, an even greater threat soon emerged. It is a malevolent form of magic that threatens to cast a dark shadow over all that is decent and magical by consuming everything in it’s path. And through all of this perilous disorder, Grace attempts to overcome the greatest obstacle she has yet to encounter in her time in Empyrea—the bonds of love. Collecting together the entire sold out SOULFIRE: SHADOW MAGIC mini-series, and fully illustrated by Sana Takeda, this long-awaited trade paperback is a must have addition to everyone’s SOULFIRE collection!

FC 152 pages $14.99

SOULFIRE: SHADOW MAGIC Vol 1 TPB is in stores July 9th, 2014!


JIRNI vol 2 #3

JT Krul – Story / Paolo Pantalena – Art / Brett Smith – Colors

From the depths they ascend…

As Ara continues her voyage across the seas, she comes to discover more about her guide – Captain Boro. Yet, any bonding between the pair is interrupted when an ancient evil rises from the depths, intent on destroying them all! Boro’s men have heard many tales of the fabled mermaids, but when it comes to legends, sometimes the truth is far more terrifying than the myth!

JIRNI vol 2 #3 is in stores July 30th, 2014!

FC 32 pages $3.99 (3.99 digital)



Siya Oum – Story & Art

Aspen’s newest hit series continues!

The Wasteland Trading Company arrives in the town on Sinmora, where they find their fair share of alcohol and debauchery to satisfy their thirst for action. However, as is often the case in the Wasteland, they bite off more than they can chew, as they learn of a place that no merchant has yet to return from alive, a mysterious site that piques Lola’s curiosity—even if the risk of exploration could mean her life!

One of 2014’s most exciting debuts, LOLA XOXO is ready to take you on an incredible adventure unlike any other!

LOLA XOXO #4 is in stores July 16th, 2014!

FC 32 pages $3.99 (3.99 digital)

Lola_XOXO-04abcd-Oum-2x3 Lola_XOXO-04e-Oum-2x3

Preview: All New Executive Assistant: Iris #4


Brian Buccellato – Story / Pasquale Qualano – Pencils / John Starr – Colors

It’s an all-new direction for the Executive Assistant that started it all!

With the clocking ticking and a price on her head, Iris must fight her way through bounty hunters and assassins as she tries to rescue Cherry from kidnappers. Badly outnumbered and outgunned, Iris gets an assist from an unlikely source — a former Executive Assistant who was honor-bound not to interfere.

Aspen is proud to welcome writer Brian Buccellato and penciler Pasquale Qualano to the Iris family! Along with colorist John Starr, this incredible creative team is ready to bring you an ALL NEW EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT IRIS unlike anything you’ve ever seen before!



Review: Lola XOXO #1

LOLA-01a-Reg-Siya-OUMIn the “Wasteland”, Lola, a young woman with a resolve fortified by a lifetime of survival on her own, must journey across the nuclear-decimated United States in order to find the family that was taken from her! As her quest for the truth begins, Lola uncovers the true inhumanity of the Apocalypse, as those who seek to hold power in a new frontier, will do so at all bloody costs‹including her life!

Aspen‘s first new series in 2014, Lola XOXO, first got on my radar last year when it was first shown off by the publisher. When I saw the solicitation some months back I immediately got excited. The concept of a girl wandering across a nuclear-decimated United States sounded cool, but when I saw writer/artist Siya Oum‘s art, I immediately got excited.

Check out this cover and tell me you’re not immediately interested. Yes, the art is a bit pinup-ish/sexual at times and outfits don’t quite make sense in a nuclear wasteland, but the art design, and style are impressive. Oum is massively talented.

So I dove into the first issue and immediately I was hooked. The story starts just before the disaster as Lola sets out on a cross-country adventure without her parents, then the “event” happens forcing this young girl to trust a stranger who clearly raises her. Lola though wants to head out and find her parents. It’s clearly what drives her, but she has no idea what awaits in her adventure. It’s a world her new family is shielding her from, in a weird Three Men and a Baby meets Mad Max sort of way.

What we quickly learn in the comic is that Lola can protect herself, no matter what is out there. Though her shorts might be a bit too short, or top a bit too revealing (no nuclear winter?), she’s not a girl in need of a guy to protect her. She shows off her strength, both physically, and mentally in the comic. This is a head strong, and physically strong female lead.

The first issue has a wild west vibe in a post apocalyptic United States. Lola’s journey is just beginning, and I’m ready to see where it goes.

Story and Art: Siya Oum
­Story: 7.75 Art: 8.75 Overall: 8 Recommendation: Buy

Aspen Comics provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

Preview: Lola XOXO #1


Siya Oum ­ Story & Art

Aspen’s newest hit series debuts!

In the “Wasteland”, Lola, a young woman with a resolve fortified by a lifetime of survival on her own, must journey across the nuclear-decimated United States in order to find the family that was taken from her! As her quest for the truth begins, Lola uncovers the true inhumanity of the Apocalypse, as those who seek to hold power in a new frontier, will do so at all bloody costs‹including her life!

Aspen is proud to bring you artist Siya Oum¹s highly anticipated new series! Sure to be one of 2014′s most exciting debuts, LOLA XOXO is ready to take you on an incredible adventure unlike any other!

LOLA XOXO #1 is in stores April 9th, 2014!


Lola XOXO Debuts April 9 from Aspen Comics

Aspen Comics has released an official first look of their brand new property of 2014 (we had an early preview when we interviewed the creator Siya Oum). Lola XOXO was created and illustrated by Oum and debuts April 9th.

The six-issue series unfolds in a dystopian western tale following young firebrand character Lola, who has been raised under the protection of a band of traveling merchants. Despite potential dangers in the “Wasteland,” Lola decides to perilously traverse what’s left of the United States in a desperate—and deadly—search for her parents. Oum discusses her enthusiasm for the project:

It has always been a dream of mine to have my own series. It hasn’t quite hit me. I can’t imagine how I’ll feel when I get the first printed issue in my hands. I feel like everything I’ve ever experienced, everyone I’ve ever cared for has a hand in inspiring the creation of this Lola XOXO. I couldn’t have asked for a better publisher and a better group of friends to guide me through the process. I am forever grateful.


Siya Oum Discusses the Upcoming Lola XOXO

LOLA-01a-Reg-Siya-OUM_1Teased at San Diego Comic Con 2013, Aspen Comics’ all-new series Lola XOXO being written and illustrated by Siya Oum.

We’ve seen the stunning artwork shown off in recent Previews for pre-order, and that added in with interesting teaser text has got us excited to finally get a chance to read the series.

But, that hasn’t stopped us from going to the source, Siya Oum, for an interview about what we might expect from this new series. We also have a lot of the images that has us excited for this new series.

Graphic Policy: So for those that don’t know, can you describe Lola XOXO.

Siya Oum: It’s a story about a young woman growing up in a world many of us are not familiar with. She has to deal with the struggles of growing up and longing for the life she still remembers. Throw in some life and death situations in the wasteland and that’s Lola XOXO.

GP: How’d you come to create the series?

SO: It started a little over three years ago when I was doing some pin-up drawings. I usually have a little backstory for the characters I create, she just happened to stick. I love video games and the two that inspired me the most was Red Dead Redemption and Fallout 3. I started to develop a story around Lola in the wasteland and drew up some sample pages to see how it could all fit.

GP: How’d it come to Aspen?

SO: I’ve worked at Aspen for many years now, it was a no brainer for me to pitch it to them. They’ve helped me develop so much as an artist and as a person I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else.

GP: So the story takes place in a nuclear-decimated United States. Can you describe the world a bit? Is there still a government; is it more a bunch of tribes?

SO: The country is filled with tribes and groups of people trying to kick start U.S. Democracy 2.0. The story begins as if it is the birth of the U.S. before the Constitution was written. The conflicts for land and resources also plays an important role in the story.

GP: Do we learn how this world came about? Does that factor into the story itself, or is it just more background flavor?

SO: How the world came about is a major factor as the story progresses.

GP: The solicitation for the first issue has mentions her looking for her family, though the solicit for the second issue seems to take a bit of a detour. Is the search for the family the overarching story, with a bunch of side quests getting her there?

SO: She runs into many obstacles while in search of her family. I’ll leave it at that for now.

GP: You take on the writing and artistic duties for the series. What drew you into doing double duty and tackling both roles?

SO: There’s nothing more artistically satisfying that seeing your creation come to life. Even more so when you can do as much as you can on your own. I’m not against having someone help me in the long run with the writing. I started doing all the duties myself before I could pitch the book. I am fortunate enough for Aspen to allow me the continuation of what I did before pitching them the book.

GP: The series’ main character is the heroine Lola. Why a female lead?

SO: Since I created Lola first, and her backstory afterwards it just seemed natural. I’ve written stories with male leads before, the same way. It helps that I can give a personal perspective as a woman into my lead. It’s my first creator-owned project, any little bit helps.

GP: The solicitation has this a five issue series, can we expect multiple volumes like a lot of Aspen’s series?

SO: I wrote it to be three volumes. I’d love to continue work on Lola XOXO for as long as I am able to.

GP: What else can we expect from you in 2014?

SO: I have some side projects in connection with Lola XOXO I’d like to jump start. For now, my only focus is meeting the deadlines and pushing to do my best work possible. :)

Preview: Bubblegun #5


Mark Roslan – Story / Mike Bowden – Art / Erick Arciniega – Colors / Josh Reed – Lettering

They like the tech, but live for the high stakes!

The BUBBLEGUN team is forced to make an uneasy alliance with their bitter rivals in order to penetrate the Vitafrone headquarters and attack Craine. With the cost of failure being the life of her captive sister, Devyn, along with Asher, the prized cyber-boy, Molli and the team have no room for error. Of course, Craine has his own plan in place—to ensure this is the team’s final mission, once and for all!

Creator and writer Mark Roslan, along with penciler Mike Bowden and colorist David Curiel invite you to take part in what’s sure to become Aspen’s next hit sci-fi, action adventure series, BUBBLEGUN!

BUBBLEGUN #5 is in stores March 26th, 2013!


Preview: Trish Out of Water #5


Vince Hernandez ­ Story / Giuseppe Cafaro ­ Art / Ruben Curto, Studio Parlapa – Colors / Josh Reed – Lettering

The end is here!

Under the surface, Trish discovers the true cost of learning about who, or what, she truly is may be the sacrifice of everything she holds dear, as well as her life! Caught in the middle of an age-old war and a lineage of power she might not escape, Trish must rely on what she¹s learned about what she can do with her abilities in order to survive!

Aspen’s own Vince Hernandez is joined by the artistic talents of Giuseppe Cafaro and Ruben Curto to bring to you Aspen’s newest hit series, TRISH OUT OF WATER!

TRISH OUT OF WATER #5 is in stores March 12th, 2014!


Preview: Fathom: Kiani Vol. 3 #1


Vince Hernandez ­ Story / Giuseppe Cafaro – Art / Wes Hartman – Colors /Josh Reed – Lettering

Kiani has risen!

One of the most powerful figures in the Fathom universe returns for this epic third chapter! Following the tragic events of The Elite Saga and the shattering of her family ties, Kiani has risen above the surface and seemingly disappeared amongst the large expanse of the human population. However, with a power inside her that is capable of changing or destroying–the world’s landscape, her presence can only remain hidden for so long!

Returning writer Vince Hernandez joins forces with Trish Out of Water artist Giuseppe Cafaro to bring you the latest adventures of Fathom’s most fierce and beloved characters. Kiani is back and the world of the Blue will never be the same again!

FATHOM: KIANI vol 3 #1 is in stores March 12th, 2014!



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