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Review: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders

maxresdefaultDo you like 80’s music? 80’s American Music? Well Hirohiko Araki sure does! And that’s what helped inspire his manga that started in 1982 and is still ongoing. Now, as the title suggests, we’re talking about part 3, ignoring Part 1: Phantom Blood and Part 2: Battle Tendency, and this is merely because the recently released David’s Production of Part 3 is ending soon. It also, at times, appears to be the most popular arc, or at least the most well-known. This part consists of volumes 12 to 28.

So the plot of Jojo’s all happens around the Joestar family, part three centers around Jotaro Kujo, lovingly called Jojo by those around him, grandson to part 2 Joseph Joestar. He’s a delinquent in high school whose story opens with him in jail, saying that his is possessed by an evil spirit. Holly Kujo, his mother, calls for her father, Joseph, to come and help get Jotaro to his senses. Through the altercation, with the help of Joseph’s friend Abdul and his STAND, they are able to make Jotaro understand there is something bigger going on. The evil spirit is actually Jotaro’s stand Star Platinum and it is best known for its screams of ORA! When tragedy hits, he and his crew must travel to Egypt to find and stop the evil Dio! On the way they must fight other stand users hired by Dio to stop them and this leads to both wacky and sad adventures.

The characters, minus a select few, all have Stands.

Jotaro Kujo as stated above is a delinquent who all the girls love. He has a bad attitude, but really he cares a lot. His stand is Star Platinum, named after the Star taro card. Jotaro is a hulking 17 year old who looks like he’s 30. Still he is a pretty stoic great guy, who is crazy strong. Underneath his touch demeanor he really loves his friends and really grows into himself through the journey.

Joseph Joestar is Jotaro’s grandfather and actually the main character of Part 2. His stand is called Hermit Purple which allows him to create vines that he can use to create phantom photos through cameras and also swing from building to building. He is easy going and just a general blast. He has a robot hand and also has the power of Hamon, which is controlled through breathing, it’s also called a Ripple. Altogether though, Joseph is a personal favorite of mine.

Mohammed Avodol, referred to as Abdul, is our calm and centered character from Cairo. His stand is called Magician’s Red. He is also the first character we meet who was born with his stand. He’s pretty cool, though he probably stands out much more later on the more he interacts with characters like Polnareff.

Noriaki Kakyoin is, probably, the character people have seen before. If anyone here has heard of this specific anime, they definitely know of the scene of this guy rolling a cherry in his mouth, rerorerorero echoing in your ears. Besides that he is the same age as Jotaro and actually a schoolmate of his. He is the second person we meet born with a stand, his being Hierophant Green. Kakyoin is also best known for being a bit of a know it all. He joins the group with no real intention, but perhaps to get back at Dio.

Jean Pierre Polnareff is also a familiar character, with his straight pole of a hair style he hails from France. His stand is called Silver Chariot, which fights with a rapier. Polnareff though is serious comic relief, like toilet jokes and ‘I’m better than all of you’ jokes. He joins the team to search for the man who killed his sister, a man with two right hands who may be employed by Dio.

There is one more character but we don’t really meet him till later in the series.

In terms of art style, Hirohiko Araki is very well known for his exaggerated art style and ridiculous ‘Jojo’ poses, however this creates a very nice staple for each new installment. Currently in part three you can already see a dramatic change in art style that continues to adapt with each new Jojo. However in terms of anime animation we have two different sources to look at both a 1993 OVA and the current 2014-2015 David’s Production two season anime. I would say, considering both have drastically different animation styles, that both are good. While the OVA sometimes leaves something to be desired, its monotone colors really speak to me for some reason. It also over exaggerates in a way that isn’t as jarring as the David’s Production. However the new anime has everything in terms of better color and just really works well with Araki’s own style.

So in terms of sound I’m going to mainly focus on the new anime, as there isn’t a whole lot that shines in terms of the OVA. Daiskue Ono voices Jotaro and if you don’t know who that is well, Erwin Smith in Shingeki no Kyojin. We also have Daisuke Hirakawa as Kakyoin, currently known for his role as Rei in Free! We also have Walk Like an Egyptian by The Bangles as the ending theme, which really enforced the importance as well as the fun for this anime. The opening theme is Stand Proud by Jin Hasimoto. Later on in the second season things do change, but the only music that really stands out is Last Train Home by Pat Metheny Group for the ending theme. For the English dub, which is currently in the works from what I’ve seen last, I would say go to the subtitles. This anime, at least personally, only seems to work in its native language. A lot of the dialogue becomes stunted in English that really flows in the Japanese.

This anime is very popular and continues to be one of the most popular ongoing mangas to date. It is violent and has some childish humor, but doesn’t lose its overall story. While completely silly at times, when taking into account Araki’s inspiration, I can’t help but say that this series is a lot of fun. And that’s what it needs to be, fun. Without that this series would be too serious and hard to get through, but it has the right amount of light and dark moments that we as viewers don’t lose track of the meaning. I hope that with the success of Part Three that we will get anime adaptations of the next few parts, as we do have 26 episodes dedicated to the first two parts of the series. This doesn’t mean it doesn’t have problems, there are art issues as well as just general things that weren’t needed in a series like this, and however it doesn’t fully detract from an overall enjoyment level.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders: 8.5/10

Batman v Superman Trailer – Animated Style

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice gets done up in the style of the DC Animated Universe. Very cool!

Movie Review: Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts

batman-unlimited-logoSynopsis – Batman, with the help of the Flash, Green Arrow, Nightwing, and Red Robin, has to try to get to the bottom of the mysterious robotic animals attacking Gotham.

My Take – Just when you thought Batman was getting a bit too grim for kids, DC has come out with a much more family friendly version reminding you at time the 70s Super friends animated show. Luckily for us, the film strikes that perfect balance between being kid friendly yet still accessible & enjoyable to adults. It’s a sign of relieve as recent animated films from DC were so extra violent (which I don’t mind most of the times) that this toned down version still retains the fun element. DC has become increasingly more successful at gearing their content towards adults. Whether it is the gritty world of live action The Dark Knight or the even grittier CW show Arrow, it has all been for the grown ups. We ask though, what about the children? We forget that our favorite heroes are essentially adults wearing tights who admittedly don’t always have to be so dark. We were all kids at some point and were enamored with these fictional characters at one point or another. The ensemble cast chosen for this film can be considered to be a strange pairing.

BatmanUnlimited02For the good guys, you got Batman, Red Robin, Night Wing, Flash, and Green Arrow–who, we’d like to point out, is now referred to as Arrow. Two of those characters aren’t exactly straight from the streets of Gotham. It seems that DC is trying to bring these heroes together in different yet interesting ways, maybe even attempting to match Marvel’s ability to mix it up with no one batting an eye. Another pretty obvious reason to include Flash and Arrow is they both have popular television shows currently airing. Add Batman to the mix and you have DC’s most popular characters at the moment. If there is one thing that the shows have made apparent, it is that crossing into each others worlds is possible and will be occurring more often. It also makes sense that Bruce Wayne and Oliver Queen would be at the same social gatherings since we all know they are both DC’s resident rich guys. The story is pretty simple, not great; it gives everyone something to do but don’t expect any sort of epic – when Gotham is plagued by mysterious crimes committed by an animal-themed villain squad composed of Silverback, Cheetah, Killer Croc and Man-Bat. Batman and other heroes including, Red Robin, Nightwing, Green Arrow and The Flash must band together to stop The Penguin from unveiling his evil plans. Like most of these animated films, the story is very much self-contained. The story plays out like a mystery that is simple enough for kids but at the same time still complicated enough that you won’t know the end game until, well the end. Each villain here is a good foil for our heroes, offering enough of a push back to be considered threats and having a cybernetic animal army is most certainly helpful. Backtracking to the kid-friendly and adult-enjoyable, it has plenty of laughs in there as well. It focuses on things that should be funny for all fans of these characters. Topped off by the running joke that Nightwing isn’t too fond of the Flash’s shenanigans.

Batman-Unlimited-Animal-Instincts940x400It is very smart in that way, if the Flash and Nightwing actually met, it realistically shows how the duo would react to each other. They are both roughly the same age in the film but are polar opposites in terms of personality. These small interactions between the cast stay true to the characters, thus creating a fun romp that doesn’t feel forced. There is also a lot of action, with very little violence. Now, that is something hard to accomplish, but necessary when trying to create a family friendly Batman film. Each one of our heroes has a specialty that is used in some way like Flash’s speed or Arrow’s archery skills to complete the task at hand. As he himself will let you know, Batman is Batman, so he is a bad ass, which is really nothing new. We older fans have been spoiled by getting so much content constantly geared toward us, with most of the DC animated films being more mature and serious in nature, so I’m happy to see content being created that embraces the fact there are fans of all ages who deserve content they can watch. These characters are versatile enough for lots of different unique approaches that respect them and provide great storytelling while appealing to different sorts of fans and sensibilities — and if you think Batman just can’t be done exceptionally well in a family friendly way and with more sense of humor, then I suggest you take a gander at Batman: The Brave and the Bold and even the old 1960s live-action TV show. On the whole, ‘Batman Unlimited:  Animal Instincts’ is fun-filled watch which aims to excite the child inside you yet respecting your adult age! Another flag of success for DC animated films.

Overall Rating: 8.2

Director – Butch Lukic
Starring (voices of) – Chris Diamantopoulos, Roger Craig Smith, Travis Willingham
Rated – PG
Run Time – 87 minutes

Spider-Man Gets Animated in 2018

The_Amazing_Spider-ManThe I received notification of a release, the release isn’t exactly working, but it’s being reported all over that Spider-Man will be getting the animated treatment in 2018 courtesy of Sony. The Lego Movie and 21 Jump Street directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller will be writing the treatment for the film.

The film will co-exist with the live-action Spider-Man film that Sony is currently working on with Marvel. Spider-Man franchise vets Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach will produce, along with former Sony Pictures Chairperson Amy Pascal, who will also produce the new live-action Spider-Man film.

The film will reportedly debut July 20, 2018. The live-action reboot will premiere July 28, 2017.


Justice League: Gods & Monsters Coming July 28

1000563530BRDBEAUTY_c81d1a96Witness a divergent reality where the Justice League protects the planet – but answers to no one but themselves. Employing methods of intimidation and fear, this Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman deal brute force in the name of justice. From the creative genius of executive producer Bruce Timm and co-producer Alan Burnett comes an original story where the world’s greatest triumvirate of super heroes has distinctly different origins. Superman was not raised by the Kents in Smallville, the Caped Crusader is not Bruce Wayne, and Wonder Woman is not an Amazon warrior of Themyscira. They are as likely the world’s saviors as Earth’s despotic rulers. When a group of famed scientists experience untimely “accidents,” a government task force follows the trail of clues to the Justice League – but is there a more powerful player operating from the shadows? It’s a high stakes game of intrigue, mystery and action that asks the question: How do you serve justice to those above the law?

With a twist on your favorite Justice League characters, this film is full of thrilling new adventures and jam-packed with a celebrity voice cast which includes Michael C. Hall (Dexter) as Batman, Benjamin Bratt (Law & Order, 24) as Superman, Tamara Taylor (Bones) as Wonder Woman, Paget Brewster (Criminal Minds) as Lois Lane, Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter films, Dig) as Lex Luthor and C. Thomas Howell (E.T., Southland) as Dr. Will Magnus.

Sam Liu (Batman: Year One) directed Justice League: Gods & Monsters from an original story by Bruce Timm (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns) and Co-Producer Alan Burnett (The Batman), who also wrote the screenplay. Executive Producers are Sam Register and Bruce Timm. Benjamin Melniker and Michael Uslan are Co-Executive Producers.

Justice League: Gods & Monsters is out July 28 on video and digitally.

Batman vs. Robin Nightwing Battles Robin

Warner Bros. has released a new clip from their upcoming original animated movie Batman vs. Robin. The clip features Nightwing (voiced by Sean Maher) and Damian/Robin (Stuart Allan) squaring off for a spirited training session.

The film is now available to own via Digital HD, and will be available as a Blu-ray Deluxe Edition, Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD on April 14.

Movie Review: Batman vs. Robin

batman_robin-860x280Synopsis – While Damian Wayne struggles to cope with Batman’s no-killing rule, he soon starts to believe that his destiny lies within a secret society known as, The Court of Owls.

My Take – Like I had mentioned in my earlier reviews, while Marvel has taken a huge leap in the live action center, DC continues to spread its wings on television & animated originals. In this follow up to the Ethan Spaulding directed Son of Batman (2014), son is pitted against father in Jay Oliva’s Batman vs. Robin. Drawing elements from one of my favorite story lines of the New 52 – Batman “Court of Owls”, the film opens with Robin (Stuart Allan) tracking down The Dollmaker to his lair. After Batman (Jason O’Mara) radios Robin warning him not to proceed without backup, Robin ignores his father, and begins to look around. He finds children caged up like animals, and then comes under attack from an army of killer children controlled by The Dollmaker. Robin eventually defeats the brainwashed killers, then as he threatens to kill the defeated and cowering Dollmaker, however, Batman steps in and disarms the situation. Robin feels like Batman is overbearing, but fearing for his son’s safety, Batman tries preventing Robin from going out at night to patrol Gotham.

batrobin-750x400Being young and rebellious, Robin is easily misled by Talon (Jeremy Sisto), The Court of Owls’ assassin. And now batman and Robin are at odds with one another, thanks to the interference of Talon. It’s now up to Batman to prove to his son that Talon & the secret society known as The Court of Owls is only using him. As the society has no rules that prevent them killing criminals, Robin thinks he’s better off with them. There is a line that Batman/Bruce will not cross, but Damien as the new Robin is struggling to fight the choice between Justice and Vengeance.Frankly, I wasn’t a big fan of last year’s Son of Batman, which according to me was one of the weakest DC Animated originals. But luckily Jay Olivia is a man we can trust! The animation is rendered with the same care and attention to detail that we’ve come to expect from WB/DC, and the voice acting was well directed. The story was strong in the first and final thirds, but it felt a little slow during the middle act, although, that small matter is my only issue, with an otherwise perfect animated feature. The film has one of the best fight animated choreographs that I have seen in a long time. Hard-hitting action that doesn’t shy away from the blood and gives you an impression that each punch actually hurts instead of just shrugging it off is a feel the real pain. Every fight sequence is interesting to watch in different ways. There’s also a proper balance along with the drama so there isn’t too much action to make the film devoid of plot, but also not so little so as to make us wish the superhero genre wasn’t just a melodrama.You can get a deep feel in the combat and the impact each blow lands, plus the anguish and intensity from both combatants.

court1-e1421454118592The voice acting of Jason O’ Mara as Bruce/Batman definitely honors the great Kevin Conroy who this time takes the role of his father Thomas Wayne. David McCallum is as good of an Alfred as you can get and I would love to hear him return in future adaptations. While I prefer Neil Patrick Harris as Nightwing, Sean Maher is no slouch, either.The art visuals are very well done and I love the mixture of the gloom showing off Gotham at its darkest. I had to take a step back and go into the comics for a bit because something was throwing me off For one Talon turns good, but the ending left you at why? I wish I could say what exactly happened, but pretty much how they did it will never make Talon a good guy in the animated world. On the whole, ‘Batman Vs Robin’ has entered as one of my favorites in DC animated movie franchise. If you’re a Batman fan, you would definitely be fond of this and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to you, particularly if you happen to be interested in more than just the mainstream live action movies. While fans of the comics may nitpick that this takes liberties with Scott Snyder’s storyline and tweaks aspects of the Court of Owls, well they wont be wrong to do that. Nevertheless, this animated film is very enjoyable and a great thing to pop on when you’re in the mood for some superhero action or just watch it because it has Batman!

Overall Rating: 9.5

Director – Jay Oliva
Starring (voices of) – Stuart Allan, Troy Baker, Kevin Conroy
Rated – PG13
Run Time – 82 minutes

Movie Review : Home (2015)

Home-Banner2Synopsis – Oh, an alien on the run from his own people, lands on Earth and makes friends with the adventurous Tip, who is on a quest of her own.

My Take – Dreamworks Animation has been in a downfall for a while now, sparing How to Train Your Dragon series, every film from the studio have failed in exciting the audience & the critics alike. Frankly, compared to what Disney has been churning out (except Frozen of course), Dreamworks have been providing us quality films especially the unfairly rejected  Rise of the Guardians (2012) and Turbo (2013). Even the much anticipated Penguins of Madagascar (2014) couldn’t repeat the magic of the trilogy, OK I agree that movie wasn’t good. Between all this commotion, they have another film releasing with literally no hype or hullah, despite the presence of some known stars in it. The story follows Oh (Jim Parsons best known as Sheldon from The Big Bank Theory) – a disastrously clumsy member of the Boov race led by Smek (Steve Martin), who come to earth and displace its human population in order to make the planet their own hiding place. The Boov, best known for their cowardly attributes, are on the run from a formidable-looking enemy, but when Oh invites everyone to his house-warming party, he accidentally sends the E-Invite to the entire galaxy. Becoming public enemy #1, Oh goes on the run from his own people, hoping to find escape in Antarctica, after fantasizing about a group hug with a bunch of penguins! However, Oh bumps into Tip (Rihanna), a young girl who has managed to elude the Boov invaders whilst searching for her mother (Jennifer Lopez).

H9NQKThe two social misfits team up, and through their amazing adventures, discover the meaning of finding Home. The opening ten minutes of Home promise a fantastic premise which is utterly engrossing – the idea that the human population could so easily be ejected from their own home into a land of ice cream and picket fences, whilst the invading alien force sets up shop is genius. A truly sci-fi animation caper would be greatly appreciated across all ages, and the scope for imagination is enormous. However, where the story journeys to is a little flat in comparison, relying on a typical buddy-road-trip formula with added modifications – such as a car completely transformed by items you would find in a grocery story (there is even a lottery-ticket dispenser, how awesome would that be?). I was fortunate enough to see a early screening of this film and I was quite surprised! The film is a delight to watch! There were so many laugh out loud moments thanks to the slapstick comedy which is just pitch-perfect! Some of the characters are excellently developed – in particular Captain Smek (voiced by the legend Steve Martin), whose firm leadership of the Boov people is undermined by his ridiculous fascination with human artifacts (such as bubble-wrap and a wheel-barrow). Jim Parsons delivers a wonderful vocal-performance as Oh, in particular a scene where he involuntarily dances along to human pop-music, which proves Dreamworks can still provide animated gold. Color is used with splendid ferociousness, especially the Boov who change color when feeling different emotions.

vihdoinkotonaThe visual depth is not only great to watch, it also adds pathos to their characters in an ingenious way.The music will appeal to the younger generations, and acts as a sales pitch for both Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez, whose songs populate the movie like an everlasting bubble machine of pop-tastic ooze. Although, on balance, the original music which is provided by Lorne Balfe creates some entrancing and moving moments in the film, with its enriched emotive score. The voice acting is overall great; Parsons is as geeky here as he is as Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory, while Steve Martin is hilarious. What surprised me most, is Rihanna; I hope she gets more voice acting rolls in the future. This is one big name star with a lot of promise in this field. Jennifer Lopez doesn’t have much to do. I think everyone with a family and even adults need to get up and see this movie. The morals are good; there is such a thing about being too positive or negative, you have to balance the two, take a chance and have some faith and hope. I learned a thing or two from this film, you could too. On the whole, Home is a wonderfully imaginative and genuinely funny film which proves Dreamworks can still compete in the razor-sharp leagues of animation. While the plot may at times seem cliched, this is still a hugely enjoyable family film that lands a lot of laughs, and boasts a bunch of bubbly & colorful brilliance.

Overall Rating – 7.5/10

Director – Tim Johnson
Starring (voice of) – Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin
Rated –  PG
Run Time  – 94 minutes

Review: Dangan Ronpa the Animation

Featured image

Kids killing kids? A crazy talking bear that wants you to feel… Disbear? Well count me in. Now if you didn’t know, a game series called Dangan Ronpa (Trigger Happy Havoc, Goodbye Despair, etc.), that soon got a first game anime adaptation. Trigger Happy Havoc was turned into an animated series that took what was probably 30 hours of gameplay into 12 episode of very sort of cardboard cutout characters. The anime was produced by Lerche and directed by Seiji Kishi, who is perhaps best known for his other game to anime adaptation Persona 4.

So the basic story plot is that Naegi Makoto has been accepted to Hope’s Peak Academy, where only those of Super Duper High school Level citizens may go, and he has been accepted under Super Duper High school Level Luckster. There you can truly succeed, but only if you’re a SDHL When he goes to the school entrance he enters and then promptly passes out. When he awakens he is within a classroom and told to go to the school auditorium where he is greeted with the irritated and equally confused faces of his classmates. They are then confronted by a talking stuffed bear, Monokuma, who wants them to proceed into a life of mutual killing and despair. At first all the students disagree and refuse to partake, but slowly murder begins to stain the halls of Hope’s Peak.

The characters we meet are all with a Super Duper title that makes them different from the others, from Super Duper High school Heir to S.D.H.L. Oracle. This makes for an interesting dynamic because all have vastly different backgrounds that sort of all get left out in the anime comparatively to the game. So I’m only going to focus on three of the characters, two protagonists, a jerk, and our antagonist.

First of is Naegi Makoto, SDHL Lucky student. He describes himself as pretty average and he pretty much is. He has a good heart and wants to get to know the people he’s stuck with, as well as conquer over despair. Thought the show he remains a vigilant reminder that there is still good within the ruined world. Nagei also serves to solve a majority of the cases as he’s the only one who ‘connects’ with everyone and is able to see all sides of things.

Kyoko Kirigiri is our SDHL ????. Yes, I know, what does that mean? Well, it’s a wait and find out tactic that the writers used for us to care for our calm collected character. She is mysterious and doesn’t even recall what her talent is, but she knows she has one. Kirigiri trusts Naegi to make the right choice, often realizing that he is solving the cases. She also is attempting to unravel the mystery behind Hope’s Peak and why they’ve all been trapped there.

Next is Byakuya Togami, SDHL Heir, who will take over the Togami business and essentially run the world. He literally is a huge jerk to everyone because they’re like peasants to him. He’s sort of just there to be a douche and being a minor support for Naegi, who he thinks will be of use to him later on. I’m only including him because… Well every anime needs a sort of mean and pointless character. He derails a lot to be like ‘look at me and my money’ but also helps in the possible future for the rest of the cast.

Then finally there’s Monokuma! Our antagonist who wants to bring despair to every living creature and also bring about the tragedy or The Worst, Most Despair-Inducing Incident in the History of Mankind. It’s insinuated that this incident would cause despair to ravage the land. He acts as the principle of Hope’s Peak and hopes to bring the students mutual life of killings to a start. He makes sure that all the students follow the rules as well as sets up bribes to get what he wants started.

The animation in comparison to the game is, well I suppose, and upgrade? There isn’t any actual animation as they only have sort of cardboard cut outs of the characters, so it was nice to see them move fluidly in the anime. While it does lose a lot of the harsher lines that the game had in terms of design for each individual character it isn’t that bothersome either? Honestly, it’s a clean animation that doesn’t really amaze or detract from the source material. There is also the still strange choice to this day from both game and animation, which is making all of the blood a very annoying pink, which in terms of like censorship it’d make some sense, but it just felt hokey and out of place to me as a viewer.

Sound wise considering there is no current dub of the animation the sub is actually quite good. All the Japanese voice actors returned for the animation and that includes Megumi Ogata, best known for her role as Shinji Ikari in Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Akira Ishida, best known for Kaworu Nagisa from NGE as well. The music was composed by Masafumi Takada, best known for his work in the video game No More Heroes. The opening theme is called Never Say Never by TKDzZb and is a pretty alright track but not really outstanding. There are currently dubs of the first two games released for the PS Vita, if you’d prefer to go to the source game material, and it’s alright. The dubbed games has mostly newcomers with far and few veterans. Still the dub is possibly a good place to start if the game is more what you’d want to try.

While this anime was a pretty popular subject little less than a year ago, it’s a pretty okay show. It’s not outstanding and doesn’t really breakdown a lot of barriers or do anything necessarily new in terms of storytelling or animation, but it doesn’t go overboard and alienate the viewers. I found it to be a pretty fun anime to pass the time with, but overall still preferred the games in term of overall content. It’s worth a watch if you’re just looking to have a pretty easy going time. I may have a different reaction to some of the topics within the anime, so it may not be for everyone, but I found it to be pretty approachable. We are also still receiving sequels to the game which currently means there will be more content out, as well as possibly more anime adaptions.

Dangan Ronpa: 6.5/10

Stranger Comics’ The Untamed Lands Sean Bean

The StrangerBased on the graphic novel, Stranger Comics has posted a pitch animatic done by Film Roman for The Untamed Animated TV series. The piece is not final animation, but a rough sketch which gives an idea of the cinematic mood that the series will have and it features voiceover by actor Sean Bean. The story, a dark vengeance saga set within a brutal fantasy world is about a dead man who makes a deal with the devil to harvest the seven souls of his betrayers, and is based on the seven issue comic book series by Stranger Comics president Sebastian A. Jones and illustrated by Peter Bergting.

The show will be directed by Alex Soto and produced by Film Roman’s general manger Dana Booton alongside Lloyd Levin and Andrew Cosby with Andrew Sugerman and creator Jones. Tomm Coker provided the concept art for the show, which can be seen in the animatic, keeping the gritty “Frazetta Western” mood and tone of the comic series.

Bean always seems to die in brilliant fashion, in this series he actually gets a chance to come back and settle the score.

For those unfamiliar with the story:

Would you damn yourself to save the ones you love? Hidden within the Desert of the Dying Tree lies a town run by ruthless killers, a growing cancer upon the vast and volatile fantasy world of Asunda. Some say it’s a watering hole for the devil. For one man, it’s a second chance at revenge… and a last chance at redemption.

A man with no name has returned to the brutal Town of Oasis. A mysterious Stranger whose violent past haunts his every footstep. It’s been ten years since his wife and child were on the verge of turning him from wickedness, but they were murdered and so was he. Now, the Stranger has been released from Hell to reap the seven souls responsible. But having little recollection of his former life, the Stranger is lost in a sea of faded memories, glimpses of the life that was taken from him coming back in broken shards as he leaves a bloody trail.

Conflict arises when lust for his lover steers him from his path of vengeance, and hate is tempered by the young orphan Niobe, who reminds him of his daughter. She acts as his conscience and ultimately his only hope for salvation.

Check out the animation below!

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